Sarah Sanders White House Press Briefing – July 19th…

White House Deputy Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders held an off-camera news briefing at the White House on Wednesday, July 19:


Transcript will be available later tonight at this link.

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8 Responses to Sarah Sanders White House Press Briefing – July 19th…

  1. theresanne says:

    The open hostility of the press is unbelievable. Off-camera briefings were supposed to defuse the choleric atmosphere but instead the unhinged “reporters” seem to have adapted their hatred and vitriol to this new situation. They are vile. Who in their right mind could bear to listen to them?

    Next step should be print out statements from the White House. No opportunity for reporters to spew their maniacal conspiracy theories to representatives of the Trump administration. They have gone too far.

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  2. Abster says:

    I don’t really understand why they think they need cameras?

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    • Sylvia Avery says:

      I guess so they can preen, and posture, and try to look clever and cunning so that when they get the footage to CNN or whatever they can show it over and over, gloating over how smart their little news popsie is and in a larger sense how wonderful their news organization is. They really stuck it to the man this time! Cackle cackle shriek!!!

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  3. hillbilly4 says:

    Ah yes, the power of the ‘Camera’ – it has destroyed lives. Just a few: Fr. Corapi, Dan Rather, Jim Bakker, Megyn Kelly, Katie Couric, Brian Williams, etc, The allure of the Camera is temptation itself. Rank and file reporters are not immune to the seductive pull of having one’s few-moments of notoriety among mere humans. It is a social disease for which there appears to be no cure.

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  4. cbjoasurf says:

    Personally, I’d rather just have a daily statement from the White House detailing progress on issues that matter to the American People. I don’t do the MSM any more, including FOX, all they do is propagandize and spew usually adversely slanted views anyway. If I could get all of my cable “a la carte” I would and, then, probably only the cartoon network which would be at the same intellectual level as cable news anyway!

    The MSM is only attempting to undermine the Trump presidency and if it were up to me there’d be no reason for the press to be in the White House, they could just go to the White House web site same as the rest of us for their daily briefing.

    Jus’ my take.

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  5. visage13 says:

    My goodness who cares if the President stays in town or not. I dislike these losers asking questions more and more each day. And the Putin non story is pathetic. They knew about this since the G20 summit and sat on it. I loved Sarah fighting back at them.

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  6. Duke Blitz says:

    I think the moderator doesn’t help by taking non relevant gotcha questions. Just tell them “that’s not relevant, next question” then move on. Or give each 1 yes or no question. Who listens anyway, we turned all TV news off many years ago……


  7. Houdini-the-terrible says:

    Sarah’s doing a great job


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