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Multinational Corporations and The Export of American Wealth…

To understand the larger objectives of the global and financial elite it is important to understand the three-decade global financial construct they seek to protect. Global financial exploitation of national markets: ♦Multinational corporations purchase controlling interests in various national elements … Continue reading

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Sean Spicer White House Press Briefing – Audio and Transcript…

White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer delivers the press beating for Monday July 17th.  Audio and Transcript: [Transcript] 2:32 P.M. EDT – MR. SPICER: Sorry I’m a little late. ♦ Q Good to see you. ♦ Q We miss you, … Continue reading

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Critically Important – U.S. Trade Representative Robert Lighthizer Releases NAFTA Objectives – Documented Outline pdf…

Earlier today USTR Robert Lighthizer released President Trump’s NAFTA Objectives outline to congress and the American people.  The NAFTA renegotiations are scheduled to begin in August. The bilateral trade negotiations with the EU (European Union), S.E.A.N. (Southeast Asian Nations), China, … Continue reading

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Full Throttled MAGA – President Trump Kicks Off “Made In America” Week (video)…

President Trump delivers opening remarks to celebrate Made in The USA manufacturing week, a presidential initiative.

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Cowboy Up – President Trump Wears His Made In America Commemorative Cowboy Hat…

Many of you might remember the origin of this hat.  – DECEMBER 2016 –  The first-edition Texas cattleman’s style Trump cowboy hat made by the American Hat Company in Texas. During the first day of Trump’s ‘Made in America’ initiative … Continue reading

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Top Democrats Begin Positioning to Take Credit For Trump’s NAFTA Renegotiation….

We figured sooner or later this was going to happen.  For three decades both Republicans and Democrats, the professional UniParty lobbyist benefactors, have sold-out America’s middle class wealth to multinational corporations and multinational banks. All U.S. trade policy, especially the … Continue reading

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Minnesota – Woman Calls 911 To Report Disturbance, Shot and Killed By Responding Police…

A strange and sketchy story out of Minnesota as a 40-year-old Australian woman named Justine Damond called police for a disturbance behind her home.  She met the police around 11:30pm in her pajamas.  While talking to the two responding officers … Continue reading

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