Senator John McCain Undergoes “Minimally Invasive Craniotomy”?…

|THIS TEXT = TWO INCHES| (or 5cm) and that’s the size of the blood clot removed from the brain of Senator John McCain during a “routine annual physical”.

Whiskey Tango Foxtrot.  The removal of the skull is not “minimally invasive” and the procedure to discover a brain clot is not conducted during a “routine annual physical”.

80-year-old Senator John McCain had brain surgery to remove a blood clot the width of your three middle fingers.   The incurious media is astounding. Selling a statement that brain surgery is “minimally invasive” and was part of a “routine annual physical” is just silly.

No idea why, but it’s just sketchy…

Suspicious cat remains suspicious.

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702 Responses to Senator John McCain Undergoes “Minimally Invasive Craniotomy”?…

  1. Katie says:

    I used to be completely addicted to Dr. Pepper. I would have 2-3 a day. I then had a brain biopsy in 2014 and the day after my surgery, my mom brought me a can of Dr. Pepper. I took a sip and set it back down. I couldn’t finish it and to this day, Dr. Pepper just doesn’t taste the same to me.

    I’m not saying that McCain is going to have a complete personality change from this, but maybe something will flip in his head and he won’t be so terrible… maybe?

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  2. KPomeroy says:

    Blood clot may have been why he’s seeing red.

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  3. impala says:

    While I wouldn’t give McCain the time of day if I had an armful of watches, I hope that he recovers and I also hope that this political career is over. This may be the wake up call that he needs to cause him to want to spend more time with family as opposed to screwing up the country. I’m really trying to be nice here – it’s kinda working but I better stop typing before I slip back into my usual train of thought regarding Swamp critters..

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  4. ray76 says:

    Might explain his dazed mumbling behavior at the Comey hearing.

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  5. JoeThePimpernel says:

    We were THIS CLOSE!

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  6. Jim Peters says:

    He may well have decided to accept defeat, withdraw quietly into the shadows and retire, gifting his seat to a Trump nominee – and hoping that in exchange, Trump won’t bother to go after him.

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  7. Alison says:

    I don’t care if he recovers or not.

    What I DO care about is AZ making a quick decision about replacing him because many Americans are being held hostage to failing expensive Obamacare thanks to Senators like McCain who foisted it on us.

    The period for selecting next year’s plans is only months away. If the GOP dithers on this, they are sinking our form of govt. how dies Rule if Law work when Congress is not?

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    • Mr. Morris says:

      Alison, John McCain did not foist Obamacare on us. That was the magnificent bait and switch artists in the Democratic Party. Obama, VP Biden, Eziekal Emmanuel, Jonathan Gruber, Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid and everyDemocratic Senator at the time voted to impose Obamacare. They said “You can keep your Doctor, Keep your insurance and a family of 4 would save $2,500. Per year. That was a lie.

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      • dayallaxeded says:

        But it’s the dayum RINO uniparty cadres that’re preventing the repeal. We the people need every legies vote we can get to repeal/replace <0-don't-care and there's virtually no hope at all that any Demonrat will vote in favor of anything that is for "we the people." Rethugnicans may vote for the current bill solely out of fear of their constituents getting out the pitchforks, rails, and tar!


  8. triper57 says:

    Does John require a commission to be appointed to determine his fitness to be a Senator? Good possibility.

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  9. Sanders Martin says:

    My dad had something very similar at age 79. Dad was never the same again. This will not be a simple recovery. Why don’t these old folks in congress just go home and enjoy the years they have left? The world will survive without their “wisdom and experience” guiding the way.

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    • louche9 says:

      “Why don’t these old folks in congress just go home and enjoy the years they have left?” Because they are inveterate egomaniacs, addicted to power. As a member of Congress, EVERYthing is paid for. The lifers haven’t paid for their own meals for 30 years. They have primo healthcare. Anyone there for more than one term long ago stopped thinking of himself as a steward of anything, and began looking at himself as a deal-making keeper of the keys to the kingdom, for those willing to pay. Senators have made fortunes pedaling access. Almost anyone will take their calls. Giving up money, celebrity and power to push grandkids on a swing is not in their DNA.

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    • pjb535i says:

      Try telling an opioid addict to quit taking their drug of choice. Addiction to power is no less problematic – and perhaps even more so.

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    • pjb535i says:

      Try telling an opioid addict to quit taking their drug of choice. Addiction to power is no less problematic – and perhaps even more so.


    • sejmon says:

      They are addict to monies/power…..some of them as him, Peters, Boot and most members of Congress are haters of Russia and any others nation who do not like globalism & warmongering..


    • Brian L says:

      Because clinical studies have shown that political power is more addictive than cocaine. He needs his fix.


  10. Sylvia Avery says:

    Does anyone know anything about what the law is on this? What happens if a Senator is unable to serve?

    For example, when President Reagan was in the hospital recovering from the gunshot wound, they had to sort of tapdance a bit to make it legal to have VP Bush in charge, IIRC.

    I’m curious if Arizona has any sort of laws about what if a Senator can’t serve. I mean, what if McCain needs like six months off? Or what if he is physically unable to serve but won’t retire? Good grief, what a mess.

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  11. rashamon says:

    Any procedure that is going to “save” McCain is going to be very invasive. As in brain transplant. I believe there is a doctor in Italy looking for candidates.

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  12. JAS says:

    I will never wish bad things on the ill, not my nature. I hope he recovers as much as an 80year old can recover from things like these.

    The thing that bothers me is the obfuscation. First it was eye surgery. That changed to minimally invasive brain surgery. That to remove a 5cm “blood clot”, which is now being biopsied.

    The hospital is not commenting. This all from McCain’s office. Does anyone here see where this is going?

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  13. The Boss says:

    I wonder what treatments would be offered a citizen of the EU with McCain’s? The Liverpool Express? A visit from one of their many Dr. Kevorkian’s?

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  14. wyntre says:

    This doctor has been tweeting up a storm about the insanity of media’s description of McCain’s diagnosis. Here are a few:

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  15. WeThePeople2016 says:

    I posted this earlier on the Presidential thread. I think this condition on McCain is more serious than they are saying. According to the Mayo Clinic who did the surgery, it takes months to recover and you may never fully recover. If that’s the case, McCain needs to resign so the GOP Gov. of AZ can appoint a replacement according to that state’s law. There is too much at stake for the country to wait for him to recover. Someone posted earlier today that Dr. Milton Wolf is sounding the alarm that this is serious. Go read his Twitter account.

    Here is the Mayo Clinic – please read and share your thoughts:

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    • JAS says:

      McCain’s was not a hematoma, which denotes liquid blood outside the vessels. His was a called a “clot” which by it’s nature is coagulated. Those two call for completely different procedures. But having a clot biopsied? I always thought that only tissues were biopsied….

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      • you are absolutely right….pathology being done on “tissue” that probably caused the bleeding. I had a hematoma in breast that was referred as a” resolving” hematoma after a dog bite.I finally made them biopsy as cancer.


    • chick20112011 says:

      I’m surprised he wasn’t treated at Barrows Neurological Center in Phx. They used to be the best for Neuro Care.


  16. Phil aka Felipe says:

    This is what the Mayo Clinic docs actually found as the cause for the need for McCain to have brain surgery.

    The surgical team estimated it has been in Mr. McCain’s head since approximately June 16, 2015.

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  17. chojun says:

    Sundance, the answer is actually pretty simple. McCain is a critically important member of the swamp. Were it any other member of Congress, the media would begin a messaging campaign questioning the health and capacity and ability to serve of the member in question. In this case, it’s completely off the radar for obvious reasons.

    In Arizona, McCain’s next replacement is likely to be a conservative member of the Tea Caucus. For that reason John McCain will need to languish in the senate for as long as possible as far as the swamp is concerned.

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  18. Killdozer says:

    This guy is such a evil pos ,it will be good to see him with rubbing heads with ted ken

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  19. KBR says:

    The idiocy of claiming “routine” physical and “eye surgery” in the first place shows that we are not being told the truth.
    If he is already dead, would we even be told that? Sheesh.

    “The family” will be consulted?
    “After biopsy”

    More likely the Uniparty will be consulting how best to spin this anti-Trump style, and how long it can be kept under wraps that McCain is unable to return to Senate.

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  20. Donna in Oregon says:

    Swamp is dropping one-by-one.

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  21. Old Lady says:

    Didn’t McConnell postpone the vote indefinitely? He knows what’s going on.

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  22. WeThePeople2016 says:

    Something else that I remember. Wasn’t McCain out of the country the week of July 4th? I could have sworn that a Treeper posted an article with pictures that he was in Pakistan or some country like that. If anyone can find it, please post it. Thanks.

    The reason I ask is that he has been flying all over the place, and I would think that the cabin pressure has to affect his “tumor” or whatever it is in some way, and probably not for the better.

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  23. WeThePeople2016 says:

    If McCain is out for months, this will not only affect the Healthcare vote, it will hold up other critical votes in the Senate as well such as the budget, infrastructure, tax reform etc. This is a very serious situation.

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    • cheryl says:

      We need every Republican vote. McCain needs to be replaced now.

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    • indiana08 says:

      But think of all the meetings with his ISIS buddies McCain will miss. Don’t be so sure McCain would go along with anything that would have been up for a vote. He’s a liberal who only calls himself a Republican.

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      • bolshevict says:

        And think of all the OTHER types of meetings McCain goes to….I bet Tony Podesta sends him a nice big box of flowers. And Miss Lindsay must just be BESIDE herself!


    • LafnH2O says:

      He can then “Travel” unencumbered.
      Not to mention … Delay! Delay! Delay!
      RBG and her “Cat naps” haven’t impeded the SCOTUS… one lol bit!!
      “Don’t bother him… he’s convalescing!
      Definately, Not out and about chatting up the bad guys… that’s for sure… “For Reals!” /s


  24. Landslide says:

    Posted last night: Where is Hillary’s doctor?? Maybe he can administer one of his miraculous injections then heave McCain into a van and get him to the Senate in the nick of time to cast his vote. 😛😷🤕

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  25. Phil aka Felipe says:

    John McCain is 80 years old? He’s had melanoma surgeries before. Melanoma is the most dangerous and deadly form of skin cancer. With his age and history with this cancer, I doubt the prognosis is good.


  26. Southern Son says:

    The Surgical opening of the
    skull of a Dead Fetus, to Ease Delivery.
    This is according to Google via smart phone.
    Now I understand McTraitor better, since the Clot didn’t just arrive at 5cm.


  27. md070264 says:

    Maybe he will get some oxygen to his brain now.


  28. Robert G says:

    Looks as though the Senate may undergo a McCainiotomy. Bon voyage, Johnny!

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  29. Donna in Oregon says:

    It’s mean to laugh, but when your brain surgeon says operating on your brain is a minimally invasive procedure….

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  30. sysconfig says:

    He should have gone to one of Isis advanced medical friends..they would have started at the neckline and go straight across..and relieve the rest of the body from head weight pressure..It beats the Aztecs just making small holes using volcanic glass..The Isis is more permanet -albeit-radical procdure. They are light years a head of us obviously.


  31. CarolynH says:

    This is on the same side as his melanoma surgery in 2000.

    More than 60% of all Stage IV melanoma patients will develop brain metastases at some point but certain factors can increase that risk: The primary tumor was on the head, neck, trunk, or abdomen. The primary tumor was ulcerated or deep or invasive. The melanoma was unresectable Stage III or Stage IV when diagnosed.

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  32. ken says:

    john mcshames brain issue made me think of Mr. Gumby in Monty Pythons flying Circus

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  33. triper57 says:

    Yes, just removed his only 2 functioning brain cells.

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  34. cohibadad says:

    Sounds like a simple chronic subdural hematoma drained by twist drill which is about 1/4 inch. Easy recovery. Not a big deal.


    • triper57 says:

      Blood clot different than a fresh bleed – which what a hematoma is there Dr Cohibadad. That clot could have come from somewhere else and lodged where it was found.

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      • My baby brother had a hematoma removed from the top of his head, when he was about six months old. IIRC, it was about one inch across. You could see it under the skin. Scared the sh!t out of my parents, as you can imagine. Mom felt guilty because she thought at first that it was a burn from an ash on the cigarette she was smoking.

        He is 63 years old now and just got an AA degree in auto repair. Whole family came for the graduation. So, you just never know . .. .

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      • cohibadad says:

        blood clot is a general term. Hematomas are termed acute, subacute and chronic. A fresh bleed would be an acute hematoma. Chronic subdural hematomas are very common and could be found in someone with a routine physical and McCains history if he complained of headache for instance. An asymptomatic chronic subdural hematoma in that location would not be unusual and a treatment of simply twist drill with light suction drainage is quick, safe and recovery is very fast. It could be something completely different as you suggest, but as I’ve explained, the simplest explanation “Occam’s Razor”, is good enough in this case.


      • cohibadad says:

        Any opening of the cranium is called a craniotomy, a window into the cranium. As I’ve said in another comment, it could be something completely different and we are being lied to about the nature of the problem, but the simplest explanation “Occam’s Razor”, i.e chronic subdural hematoma probably found incidentally small and asymptomatic drained with simple small incision and twist drill with external bag and light suction drainage, would completely explain the statement about McCain.


        • I beg to differ, the eyebrow reference was repeated & is quite specific as to the type of crainiotomy. Perhaps we will get more indformation to follow.

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          • cohibadad says:

            Could be, but any incision in the forehead frontal region to hide it would be placed along the eyebrow, whether for a tumor or a simple chronic subdural hematoma drainage. Once again, it could be a grand conspiracy or it could simply be a drainage of a chronic subdural hematoma, which happen all the time, and I haven’t seen anything to say it isn’t the simplest explanation.


          • cohibadad says:

            Looks like you were exactly correct. There is no cure for glioblastomas, clear margins or no.


    • Conditions Treated with Supraorbital Eyebrow Craniotomy

      Metastatic Brain Tumor

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  35. triper57 says:

    If McCain can open his eyes they will wheel him in and out of the Senate and punch the vote button until he dies. Remember Thurmon and Byrd.

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  36. Daniel says:

    There’s a reason why the power-players in both parties are aging. The new players are disposable and brainless and lack the ability to lead. They were installed into office PRECISELY for that reason. The old guard are the last of those with political talent and they must be preserved because some of these new people are likely and easily tempted to do the right things and have most likely avoided being trapped by blackmailers and so they are not so easily controlled or predicted.

    They have an important “Obamacare 2.0” vote coming up and they want to ensure it passes. Getting rid of bad law is even harder than installing bad law as it seems.

    The controlling entities are probably the same [types] who control the entertainment media industry. Originality and talent are risky and expensive so they avoid letting those people in. And aside from Trump and a few others, the big club and others have been quite successful. The problem? Lack of independence means they can only follow orders and embarrass themselves and their parties if challenged into a leadership role.

    Paul Ryan is a critical example of a robotic automaton actor who doesn’t seem to be able to manage his image properly. He is clearly following orders and destroying his image and reputation in the process. He has no real talent. McCain must live because whatever replaces him will not get the job done they want done. They can’t trust the bots they put into office.

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  37. William Ford says:

    Maybe Sen McCain will be able to think more rationally after this surgery.


  38. Bazza McKenzie says:

    What is ISIS going to do for a CIC if McCain is invalided?

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  39. Jean says:

    Congress’s superior healthcare plan must include brain scans.

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  40. Donna in Oregon says:

    How is a melanoma brain tumor diagnosed?

    It’s diagnosed by brain imaging studies, such as CT and MRI. MRI is a better study with higher sensitivity and specificity. Sometimes, the initial presentation is intracerebral hemorrhages, as these tumors are more likely to bleed, and neurosurgeons may find the tumor when evacuating the blood clot.

    From article: Jimmy Carter’s melanoma spread to brain not uncommon, doctor says


  41. Chuck says:

    McCain knows where all these investigations are going. Just like Hillary knew. He is getting his a$$ out of there.

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  42. Theo West says:

    All his lies clogged up in his brain, and the media is covering for him.

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  43. sickconservative says:

    The scarecrow but really don’t think he will ever had a brain.
    Just go away now!


  44. Sylvia Avery says:

    Updated information at the NYT. Title of articles is McCain’s Surgery May Be More Serious Than Thought, Experts Say.

    NYT talked to a neurologist about the procedure. Generally, if there are no complications and nothing malignant on the pathology report he might be back in a few weeks. But there are issues given his age, and medical history, that could impact this.

    Treepers have covered a lot of the same ground, and we’re not even neurosurgeons (well, maybe we are–how would I know?) but essentially it is a bigger deal than they tried to pass this off as.

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  45. Ted says:

    Gag order on the doctors. Makes perfect sense. Must be much worse than anything being released by McCain’s family/staff. Expect more surgeries.

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  46. llyod says:

    I wish someone would expose Mccain as the liar and fraud he is since he earned the moniker songbird


  47. GrandeMe says:

    It took me years of complaining, dozens of complex blood tests, a diagnosis of “possible” hypothyroidism, to FINALLY get a ultra sound of the lymph nodes in my throat (because I had extreme pain when swallowing food) to discover I have a 2.1cm nodule on my thyroid! Thank God the biopsy is OK – but, and here is the important part – we have EXCELLENT PRIVATE INSURANCE, and in spite of this it was a years long cluster to find a simple thyroid nodule – when my blood-work indicated hypothyroid?
    How did they find this clot in McCain? It is kind of LARGE. Very large actually.

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  48. MaineCoon says:

    Here’s an excerpts from CRS: “Recalls of Legislators And the Removal Of Members of Congress From Office”.


    Under the United States Constitution and congressional practice, Members of Congress may have
    their services ended prior to the normal expiration of their constitutionally established terms of
    office by their resignation or death, or by action of the house of Congress in which they are a
    Member by way of an “expulsion,” or by a finding that in accepting a subsequent “incompatible”
    public office, the Member would be deemed to have vacated his congressional seat.”

    “Administrative and Judicial Decisions on State Recall Laws

    State attorneys general, as well as state judicial bodies, when considering the merits of the issue
    of a proposed recall of a Member of Congress under state provisions have consistently found that
    such recall is neither provided for, permitted by, nor is it consistent with the provisions of the U.S.

    Under this section, many states are discussed, but AZ isn’t one of them.

    “Constitutional Amendment; Pro and Con

    From U.S. Supreme Court rulings and explanations regarding terms and qualifications of
    Members of Congress, as well as from several state judicial rulings and attorneys general
    opinions, it would appear that for a recall provision to be enforceable against a Member of
    Congress a constitutional amendment authorizing such a recall procedure would need to be
    adopted by the requisite number of states. Although there have been some calls for a
    constitutional amendment authorizing national “referenda” or “initiatives,” there has not been
    significant movement for a national recall provision.”


  49. StormyeyesC says:

    article says he went home so I doubt it was too big a deal article may be wrong about craniotomy?


  50. Wisc says:

    Maybe the leaking will stop.


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