Sunday Talks: Kellyanne Conway Interview Via Media Buzz…

Kellyanne Conway appearance on Fox News Media Buzz with Howard Kurtz to discuss the media and President Trump.

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21 Responses to Sunday Talks: Kellyanne Conway Interview Via Media Buzz…

  1. KBR says:

    “Because media loves to cover this stuff” says Kurtz as the excuse why media is not covering anything but themselves.

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  2. I could not do it. These “people” are insufferable ……….

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  3. mikebrezzze says:

    Howie the putz!

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  4. hpushkin says:

    Why did I watch this video just now? (Kellyanne.) I am annoyed with myself. But I know better, I always turn the teevee off when Howie comes on. I should not have watched.

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  5. Sayit2016 says:

    I find it very interesting that certain media outlets can not ( or pretend not to know ) how to connect the dots between actual journalism and fake news. What is the standard for what is considered GOOD journalism? What is a fair watermark ? Curiously, they pretend not to know the difference.

    Have none of them even asked themselves– what is fair reporting? What issues actually effect the PEOPLE. Why is it it important that what is reported is factual ? What information is vital to the People ? Further, why does the President think what they are doing is dishonest? Is he is anyway correct ?

    What happened to who,when,what,where, why ? This are the basic moorings of journalism. Journalism 101 if you will. I am not a journalist and even I know this.

    Why is there no self introspection involved here? The mind truly boggles.

    Last thought… if a so called journalist refuses to report on who, when , what , where, why…can they really call them selves a journalist ? If they are not a “journalist” why should anyone take them seriously ?

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    • Top_10 says:

      They are willfully suspending/distorting reality to usher in an alternate one to inject as much of the lie into the moment, the moment that it happens and going forward. It really can’t be anything other than the media et al trying to control our minds for the benefit of the outcome. The fact they are lying proves the benefit is not for we the people.

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    • carrierh says:

      Today’s MSM is not the real 4th estate but a group of bought and paid for idiots that are paid to declare their idiocy and ignorance. They keep chewing on the same issue(s) and they are long past dead and gone as not real in any case. However, they do not have anything else and so they get easily insulted by the truth. Snowflakes, liars, brainwashed, and useless. We need to set up a REAL 4th Estate which gives true news without selecting whatever. They can’t stand that he tweets and keeping us informed, and as one female reporter said, that is their jobs to tell us whatever. Sorry, they are sooo wrong and stupid and overpaid.

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  6. Howie says:

    Two babblers babbling at each other. Get em out.

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  7. Craig Dominik says:

    The people representing the President are getting much better on the political talk shows. Just watch Rience Priebus on Chris Wallace (Priebus did a great job representing the President). One reason for their better performances is they (the people representing the President) know that the old rules governing interviews no longer apply. The media have an agenda to take down the President by lying and being unscrupulous. Knowing the agenda makes you better prepared.

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  8. Marc says:

    Both Wallace and Kurtz are swamp guardians. Kurtz is always quick to legitimize the MSM’s anti-Trump tirades. I try to avoid Fox completely until nighttime. The only ones I even consider watching regularly are Watters, Lou Dobbs, and Tucker.

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    • snarkybeach says:

      Kurtz occasionally attempts to hide his bias but the surrogates he gives air time to bash our president non-stop. I find him more tolerable than Chrissy Wallace, though.

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  9. Jim Acosta complains that DJT ANSWERED a question about CNN. If he had refused to answer then Jim Acosta would have said the President is holding out on the press. The best thing about this whole S**tshow is that regular Americans are finally seeing MSM for what they are, liars and hustlers.

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  10. JustSomeInputFromAz says:

    Good job Kellyanne!

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  11. Mike diamond says:

    Kellyann is right on,if I ever go to Poland I will tell the polish people CNN is !!! The polish people know CNN is fake news!


  12. She did a great job batting back these dumb ass questions. It still made me cringe the whole time though. She looks better too, dressing nice and her makeup is clean and more flattering to her. Everyone is stepping up their game repping our President.

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    • sturmudgeon says:

      I understand your ‘appearance’ comment… for myself… I don’t care much what they look like (that is the ‘media’ approach.. I really only care what they articulate!


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