President Trump Weekly Address – June 23rd 2017

President Donald Trump delivers the weekly address for June 23rd 2017:

[Transcript]  My fellow Americans,

Millions of families across our nation are suffering under the disaster known as Obamacare. Traveling throughout our country over the last two years, I have met so many of these wonderful Americans, and I have never forgotten their stories.

In Wisconsin, I recently met a proud Veteran and his wife – Michael and Tammy Kushman. When they were forced onto Obamacare and the exchange in 2015, they thought they would be able to keep their doctor-but they couldn’t. They thought they would be able to keep their plan – but they weren’t allowed. They were told their premiums would go down – but instead, they soared by 120 percent upward. It was one Obamacare lie after another. Today, the Kushmans spend $1,400 dollars a month on health insurance – nearly one-fourth of their entire net monthly income.

On the same visit, I met another family, Robert and Sarah Stoll. Robert is a volunteer captain for his local fire department. After their Obamacare premiums nearly doubled, they needed extra money and Sarah had no choice but to leave retirement to pay their bills. But this new income meant they were no longer eligible for the tax credit they had once received, and the federal government actually forced them to repay thousands and thousands of dollars.

These families and so many others are victims of a catastrophic law that is wreaking havoc on our healthcare system and our families.

Democrats in Congress created this calamity and now, if we don’t act, millions more Americans will be hurt by Obamacare’s deepening death spiral.

Americans were promised lower premiums, more choices, and better access. Instead, premiums have doubled nationwide – and insurers are still fleeing the market that Obamacare has nearly destroyed. Americans in nearly one-third of all counties have only one insurer to choose from on the exchanges – and many markets may soon have no insurers at all. It really is a disaster.

The American people are calling out for relief, and my administration is determined to provide it – and we are working with Congress to get a bill to my desk so we can rescue Americans from this catastrophe.

As families across the nation continue to suffer under this law, I only hope that Democrats in Congress will have the political courage to help fix what we know to be a catastrophic situation – a total disaster – that they have created. To be part of the solution, instead of obstructing – always obstructing – change, blocking reform, and doubling-down on Obamacare’s failure.

But no matter what, my Administration will never stop fighting for you – and for the healthcare system that you deserve. We’ll get it done. Even if we don’t have any help from the Democrats, we’ll get it done.

Thank you, God bless you, and God bless America.

[Transcript Link]

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41 Responses to President Trump Weekly Address – June 23rd 2017

  1. redtreesquirrel says:

    Dear Senators Cruz, Johnson, Paul and Lee,

    Please think about something other than your future campaigns for the presidency. People need relief from this horrible Healthcare Law, and FAST. Vote YES.


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    • fleporeblog says:

      redtreesquirrel I read this article below. My question would be can any of the 3 suggestions get passed through reconciliation? Item one alone would drop premiums down dramatically. I am in no way defending the 4 amigos but I do recall that the House Freedom Caucus holding out caused a much better bill to be crafted and passed. I am hoping the same occurs here.

      From the article linked above:

      Senate health-care bill holdouts need to push for 3 key changes

      1) Instant elimination of essential benefit requirements

      The top reason Obamacare has failed to keep insurance premiums down is simple: the ACA requires insurance companies to provide more expensive plans filled with so-called “essential benefits.” These plans cost more because they provide more; insurance companies have no incentive to reduce fees because no one can offer scaled down plans at lower prices.

      2) Replace pre-existing condition coverage requirements with massive risk pool system

      It’s estimated that the sickest 5 percent of Americans are responsible for more than 50 percent of our annual health care spending. And that leads to the second biggest reason health coverage prices are rising out of control under Obamacare. The Affordable Care Act put these people with pre-existing conditions in our general insurance pool and made the insurance companies cover them at the same average premium costs as everyone else.

      This may sound compassionate, but it was effectively quite mean especially for the rest of us who are relatively much more healthy. As long as insurance companies are required to cover the most expensive patients at the same premium prices as healthy people, those costs will continue to be passed on to everyone else at a rate that’s unaffordable.

      3) Reduce, not expand, subsidies that inflate insurance premium prices

      Whether you call them tax credits or outright subsidies, when the government spends money to help people buy insurance plans, insurance companies have a powerful incentive to keep prices higher. That’s exactly what Obamacare has done and exactly what the current GOP Senate bill continues and even expands in some ways.

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        • thesavvyinvester says:

          Outstanding link RTS… Avik Roy is the man when it comes to serious health care analysis. On the 4 Amigos. I was blessed to be part of a large aerospace firm years ago wherein projects with high visibility and criticality to my employer and the customer also demanded success of said project, it could not fail. Along the way their were hiccups, corrective actions ensued, efforts doubled etc that item was fixed, as we continued to move on towards the goal of certification, the ceremony to denote the certification, which often included cake and coffee. Along the way, for those of us in the trenches, if you did your job well you were often celebrated at the team level with a bonus gift of $100 to the restaurant of your choice, often chosen was Ruth Chris’s. That was in Public Now if it was bad news, if you screwed up, that was In private. The 4 Amigo’s are violating the good news in public bad news in private rule in business IMHO. They are airing the laundry before the project is complete. Hunker down, get what you want in close doors and celebrate the victory at the signing. It is no time for them to be grandstanding and not being team players. If I did that in private business and talked smack about the project to the media, I’d be fired. Granted that is the way business roles and not government, but you get my point. It is time to the 4 Amigos to role up their sleeves, go back to work, and be quiet about it.

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          • redtreesquirrel says:


            I agree the 4 amigos are showboating. Cruz and Paul ran against Trump in the Primary, and here is their payback, sort of thing. Lee is a NeverTrumper, and Ron Johnson is probably filling in for Scott Walker in his revenge against Trump. These men show themselves to be more interested in their careers than the people they are supposed to represent.


      • Charles says:

        Agreed. I’d like to see these discussed and I’d like to see Manchin raise some Democrat votes for these improvements.

        I’d like see these affirmatively included in one of the 3 steps.

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      • LEET says:

        I would LOVE to see the elimination of the “essential benefits” as it is one of the more pernicious aspect of obamacare and it grinds me to no end, who the hell is the federal government to tell me what is an “essential benefit” to my families health insurance plan. The compromised SCOTUS went along with the scam too! HOWEVER, it is on this aspect of obamacare the whole stinking scam rests. The “essential benefits” is loading the plans with things most people will NEVER use, i.e. abortion coverage, transgender surgery, substance abuse and rehab coverage, etc. The scammers and designers of obamacare knew all along that if you force insurance buyers to overpay for stuff they don’t need and WILL NOT EVER USE, that money will subsidize other people’s insurance premiums!

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      • I used to work in the medical field, I was first an EMT, then Paramedic, then a cardiac tech, side job of surgery scheduler for an OB/Gyn. I was pre-hospital, then ER, then up on a cardiac floor, then in a doctor’s office working, Why do I mention this…
        1)As an EMT/& Medic, I saw and took care of many that had no insurance, as per the law then: whether you were able to pay or not you were served and cared for.
        2)Also as working the above, I took care of many illegals, that had medicaid even as much 25 years ago. I saw many patients that flew in from differant countries that had no cash but came in for specific types of care, Whether for dialysis, brain surgery, back surgery etc. all these patients were cared for with either NO or very little repayment for services rendered.
        3)Many medicaid patients had a co-pay that was required, even if it was $3.00, many did not pay even that.
        If they had regular insurance, many did not pay their co-pays even if it was for $15. or $20.00, or the hospital bill when their insurance could only cover 80% of what was believed cost, so if you had a $1000.00 bill 80% should be $800.00 but insurance companies would pay for an example $$400. leaving you to pay $600 and yet -you only paid $200.00
        4)As a surgery scheduler, I had to be very-very careful with my and the doctors documentation in order to get “pre-approval for any type of care-especially surgery. Now, even after getting the approval, many insurance companies would play games, so we had to re-certify, re-explain ( costing time and money on our part) and no matter how clear the justification, there were times we were not paid for the services by the insurance company.
        5)One time our office was moved, we informed medicaid/medicare 6 months prior to the move, we filed all pertinent documentation about the move, we still had to take care of our patients, after rebuttal and rebuttal and refilling we finally got reimbursed for 60% of our surgeries performed TWO YEARS LATER!, we lost over 40% of our time, money etc.
        NOW, as much as I agree with tort reform, and I agree with better competition especially across state lines for medical companies, but we also DID have that. As a city employee (NYC FireDept division EMS) My medical coverage was GHI (Group Health Incorp.) now they are in many states and have been, I have doctors that accept GHI in NY, FL, PA, and elsewhere for over 25 years…so with the above said…
        Summary, we have ALWAYS covered people whether they have insurance or not, we have lost money because patients did not pay their part, we did have “across state lines,,,Oh! and, about pre-existing, we also had patients if their pre-existing did not flare up for 6 months or better we would document that so they COULD have insurance at not a high rate, so, yeah, there was that too.
        Where am I going with all this… (apologies for the long missive) What I am stating is there were basically three major problems with our health care system before the ACA and that was 1)Patients did not pay their due (what was agreed upon even if on “free care”). 2) Medical Malpractice insurance was so high that a doctor had to see no less than 17 patients a day to break even. 3)Insurance companies played games and did NOT pay what was promised to pay
        Insurance companies had ALL the power, WE NEEDED TO DRAW THAT POWER BACK, we needed to hold THEM accountable, they were over charging and under performing! instead the ACA empowered them even more and they made out like bandits while STILL not serving the people. And people, illegals, immigrants took advantage of our system. (sorry this was so long, I could give so many examples it is not funny, I tried to make it breif, but Insurance companies were and still are the MAIN problem)!

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        • fleporeblog says:

          Not long enough! I am currently a NYC employee in the DOE. I have GHI which is now Emblem Health. My wife and daughter reside in Jacksonville, FL and my insurance is accepted their. My heart goes out to those that aren’t lucky to have health insurance through their job. It sounds like an other disaster.

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        • Patch1 says:

          Well said. Well documented examples! I know of a situation where a psych counselor provides care to poor people who are using Medicaid but that same counselor can’t afford health Care insurance. A sad day in America. Maybe we need the stats on how many people are paying the tax penalty because they can’t afford the premiums? Maybe it’s more than 23 million people? Or maybe Dem and Rep senators need to be taken off the ACA exemption and placed on ACA coverage to get the message?


    • Running Fast says:

      Amazingly people know the game now. ANY Republican who votes against this bill must be removed from office. Ignore MSM tales this WILL get passed.

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      • Here is praying, so much needs to be done, and we are tired of the GOPe excuses, it is not all the democrats fault for not working with them. For Pete’s sake they do have the majority!


  2. Minnie says:

    We, the Deplorables, love you, Mr. President 🇺🇸❤️🇺🇸

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  3. WSB says:

    Drudge has a poll asking how the last 6 months have been with PDJT. Upper right hand. Go vote!

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  4. Trumpismine says:

    This man is my hope (President Trump)

    The Last Refuge is my strenght

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  5. calbear84 says:

    I really hate this law. If I saw J. Gruber walking down the street, I’d probably slap the grin off his face. I also hope and pray that fixing this mess doesn’t harm our POTUS politically.


  6. Paul Keller says:

    Libs drive me nuts. Do you want people to lose their health care? They don’t have healthcare they have a bill, inflicted by idiots who don’t have a clue.

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  7. georgiafl says:

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  8. georgiafl says:

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  9. georgiafl says:

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  10. georgiafl says:

    Says it all:

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  11. John Joseph says:

    What still amazes me is: I believe this guy when he says things …I am a supporter but it makes me feel more confident when I hear him talk that he means what he says and wants to get it done

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  12. Wayne says:

    I don’t claim to be very smart . The way I see it, if this passes without any dims then it certainly is just like I are only different. I think a classy move would be for it to be handled in two steps 1 repeal oboma care 100% 2 invite dims to help establish a real policy that is fair and open / chances are dims won’t get on board but at least the nation will know what obstructionism is/ then put up best possible law for people without all government bullcrap riding on the people and businesses . I’m so sick of the globalist and socialist I could bite the head of a chicken off.


  13. rashamon says:

    Tired of revamping the same-old, same-old? How about looking into some successful models, Congress? Oklahoma Surgery Center has been putting the pressure on other providers for 15 years by undercutting prices with all the goodies included such as airfare of out-of-staters, medications, rehab and the little details that get itemized as “extras” by other hospitals.

    Also, with kudos to a Treeper who published this a few days ago, this checklist makes sense as it is rather similar to insurance policies prior to all the rules and regulations since The Great Society was introduced mid-60s: The Bill To Permanently Fix Health Care For All in [Market-Ticker…

    If anything, President Trump is pragmatic, so cutting billions from our healthcare Medicaid and Medicare expenditures by requiring diabetic patients to conform to eating standards in order to get treatment sounds legitimate to me. Maybe our Congresscritters should read up on the details that send costs skyrocketing such as lobbyists, markups on drugs and prescribed minimum benefits required but unsuitable to the person.

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  14. Patch1 says:

    Has anyone thought of checking the stats from IRS on how many opted to pay the tax penalty rather than procure insurance? Isn’t that an indicator of those who can’t afford health insurance or oppose the ACA? Is that number as high as the 12 million people on ACA?


  15. JLG 🇺🇸 says:

    Our President is a true champion for all Americans. It is so evident in the weekly addresses. 🇺🇸


  16. Mike diamond says:

    Obama never cared ! Just look how he treated our good friend Israel! Thank God president Trump is in the white house! Obama care is a nightmare !


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