President Trump Signs Veterans Affairs Accountability Act…

Today President Trump delivered on a promise to provide accountability within the Veterans Affairs department.  Together with VA Secretary David Shulkin, President Trump signs the VA Accountability and Whistle-blower Protection act.

Retired Sargent Michael Verardo gives a personal testimonial and introduces Secretary Schulkin.


Secretary Shulkin explains the goals and objectives and introduces President Trump.


President Trump delivers his remarks and signs the Veterans Affairs Accountability Act.


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86 Responses to President Trump Signs Veterans Affairs Accountability Act…

  1. I hope that this leads to some real, positive, and substantial changes to the VA and its culture. Root out the unwilling and incompetent, and reward those who deliver the quality care our vets were promised.

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    • Sounds like the administration has had to go to rather extraordinary measures to clean up this end if the swamp. The fact that this is surprising, tells me that Obama must have taken a special interest in rotting out the VA while appearing not to have done so. Bet he left a lot of booby traps and time bombs.

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      • MaineCoon says:

        Obama deserted our veterans any way he could – while in active service and retired. So nterrible what has happened to our vets for decades.

        Thank all of you who served.

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      • As much as I believe Obama did no good in regards to solving any problems in the VA, I also believe that the roots of the problems preceded even him. Once these people manage to get themselves jnto jobs at the VA (ir eksewhere in the Civil Service sector? It becomes nearly impossible to remove them, no matter how badly they behave or perform.

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        • G. Combs says:

          You can thank John F. Kennedy, the Progressive ‘Hero’

          Executive Order 10988 was a presidential executive order issued by President John F. Kennedy on January 17, 1962. It recognized the right of federal employees to collective bargaining. This executive order was a breakthrough for public sector workers allowing them to organize and get ‘special privileges’ that has lead to the ‘Fire-Proof’ Civil Service we have today.

          Here’s Why It’s All But Impossible To Fire A Fed

          Federal workers are far more likely to be audited by the IRS or get arrested for drunk driving than they are to be fired from the civil service payroll for poor performance or misconduct.

          The odds are one-in-175 for the IRS audit and one-in-200 for the drunk driving arrest, while the odds for a fed to be fired in a given year are one-in-500, according to the Government Accountability Office.[…]

          Private sector workers face just the opposite situation. They have a roughly one-in-77 chance of being involuntarily terminated — the Bureau of Labor Statistics doesn’t distinguish between fires and layoffs — in a given month.[…]

          for example, recently reported Environmental Protection Agency officials let an employee convicted of stealing thousands of dollars worth of equipment from the EPA back to work after a 30-day suspension. Another EPA employee was convicted of sneaking marijuana and marijuana pipes into a federal facility, but went back to work after a 21-day suspension.[…]

          Federal workers have enjoyed incredible job security for a long time, thank to layers of bureaucracy, complicated employment laws, well-funded and politically powerful government unions, and multiple incentives against firing anyone, former federal personnel officials told TheDCNF.[…]

          Timed to end this PRIVILEGED CLASS!

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  2. Lynnielu says:

    The picture of our President touching that veteran’s face brought tears to my eyes. I’m sharing it with everyone.

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  3. Tee says:

    Sargent Verardo’s remarks were heart wrenching. So pleased this crucial legislation has been passed. Thank God for our veterans!

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  4. Sylvia Avery says:

    Wait, what? I thought PDJT was too distracted by Muh Russia to do anything, and he hasn’t had any legislation passed. I know this as an article of faith because I hear it innumerable times each and every day in the MSM.

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  5. fleporeblog says:

    This is so HUGE! The other day one of our treeper’s shared a story that had me crying and ready to kill someone the other day. It was about a veteran that got such terrible care that lead him to be infected with MRSA (if I am not mistaken) because of the poor care. She had to visit him with protective gear so not to be infected. I don’t know if the vet has passed. All the other Treepers that responded hoped he would move on so that the pain and suffering would end. I completely concurred with that and have been praying that our Lord has taken him into heaven where he belongs.

    The EO our President signed weeks ago, coupled with this bill signed today will hopefully allow our veterans to get the care they deserve because some of these rotten apples may be afraid of being reported and losing their damn jobs!

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    • burnett044 says:

      that was my post about my vet buddy…just to update you he is being sent to his home today….his wife hd a hospital bed moved in and she will take care of him as he dies at home…he will be on morphine and adivan for pain…he is unable to eat and is in a coma type state now……..I will be sitting with him this week end….I have talked to him and his wife about all the wonderful thoughts and prayer you great Treepers have shared for him…thank you

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      • fleporeblog says:

        burnette044 I have been looking for it the past 1/2 hour. I never had a chance to respond that night but you are an ANGEL in my eyes. I consider myself lucky to have read that post that evening. Thank you for keeping us posted.

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        • redlegleader68 says:

          You know what guys? Some of you saw my post yesterday in the general daily thread that my company had eliminated my position quite unexpectedly. Mrs. RedLeg and I were completely caught off guard. My point is, I need to find a new job so why not look at the VA? If I can get in there, maybe –just maybe– I can in some small way help PDJT enforce the very necessary upgrades.

          Whadda think??

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      • God bless burnett044…my heart is completely broken and torn apart for you all. God’s strength and mercy….i am so sorry i didnt see ur original post. God bless you all 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸💖💕💖🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

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        • burnett044 says:

          grace ,,thank you

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          • 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸💖💕💖🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸 😘😘😘
            3’s: The Father The Son and The Holy Spirit, Amen 💖💕💖

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          • 💖💖💖💖💖💖🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸
            burnett044, i am sitting listening to this song after i lit a candle for your Vet buddy, his wife and you. I said a prayer as i lit the candle. I hope this song gives you all peace and comfort.

            I told crossthread42 a few days ago, in dealing with his wife’s memory loss of knowing him after a stroke, that there is no shame in crying, there is honor in tears. I have no doubt you are a tough strong guy, again there is honor in tears, it is a great stress reliever, and then you can re-goup to stay strong for yourself and your friends.

            We want you to be well also thru this heartbreaking ordeal. Take great care of yourself. God’s love and peace be with you all💖 my love and prayers for you all. Blessings upon blessings 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸💖💖💖🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

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            • burnett044 says:

              Grace ,,,thank you so much…your kindness is indeed a blessing…
              I just left my buddies side about 30 min. ago.I spent all day talking to him ..his wife and some family have come and much tears..I have not been able to shed many tears since Vietnam…sort of messed up my emotions I guess…but I am glad I am strong for my buddy and his wife…thanks again to you and all the Treeper for your kindess

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              • God bless you burnett044, I can only understand, moreso only imagine, up unto the point that a civilian can, not having experienced what you all did and still do.

                Just know you all are on my heart and will be forever more. You are a true blessing, God’s light, for us, for your friend and for his wife & no doubt others.

                May He continue to heap blessings on you for both your grace and courage. We stand on the line with you in whatever capcity we can.
                My love and blessings always

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                • burnett044 says:

                  Grace…thank you….in a way when I place my hand on his heart aand one on his forhead lean over and speak into his ear about times we had together..I find and peace in that and it seems to calm him as well…in his coma may seem silly to talk to him but I know his spirit hears me..and that is my blessing

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                • Oh, no, it is not silly at all!!!! Before I even read the end of your post, I was going to tell you that he hears you! That is wonderful what you are doing!!💖🇺🇸💖

                  The fact that it calms your buddy as well as yourself, just indictes he hears you. Keep talking, keep sharing stories, his delight is in that and will be in his memories when he goes, then all memories will be present when he meets Jesus and God.

                  Whatever you do once he is gone, keep looking up, his angel will come to you. As difficult as this time is keep pressing into the Father and Trust Him, He will keep sending you signs.
                  These are the angel wings right after my dad passed. Appeared over the cottage I had taken them to.

                  This my mums angel outside our house. Honestly they keep coming. Wherever you go your buddy will be with you, keep talking to him even then 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸💖💕💖🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

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      • The prayers will be all weekend long and beyond. Reach out if you need us, I am shattered and grateful all at the same time for you all. God’s mercy and strength and unending love 🇺🇸💖💕🇺🇸

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      • wodiej says:

        I did not see the original post. I am sending my prayers as well.

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      • burnett044….I have not been on the threads much this week and I inquired if anyone saw an update. M. Mueller let me know your buddy had passed. I am so sorry I didn’t offer my condolences then. My heart is broken for you all, except in knowing that your buddy is with our Father, and is now out of pain.

        I kept up my prayers thruout this whole time, and when I was paddle boarding on Sunday and Monday I spent my entire time out there thinking of you, he and his wife, and just praying constantly. God was sending me signs your buddy was safe and perhaps had passed or at least that His guiding comforting Grace was protecting you all. The sky was magical has been for several days, I attributed all that to the Glory of your buddy being with the Father, and your grace in standing watch over him, you are a soldiers soldier….I am not sure which branch of military you were in, so please take the designation to cover all military, if I knew I would use the correct terminology.

        I set off early a.m. Sunday to a glorious sunrise and played the same Here Now (Madness) song I shared with you all the way to the lake. It was my way of watching over you and being with you in your time of need.

        God bless you burnett044, my prayers for comfort will continue for you all for your loss of your great buddy…..remember, keep looking up, keep pressing in and always reach out to us, even though I feel I failed you, you never left my thoughts for a moment. Blessings, Georgia Grace.

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  6. In the first video our veteran spoke of a servant’s heart which lead to an epiphany for me. Watching Secretary Shulkin speak I was struck that he is a man with a servant’s heart. He truly wants to build the VA system that our armed forces deserves and that is why he will be successful. Our President also has a servant’s heart, so important for our Nation. Its about the welfare of America & Americans not about his aggrandizement or enrichment like the Obama’s & the Clintons. May God watch over our President & his cabinets and by his grace MAGA.

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    • Fe says:

      Amen, spot on.

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    • smiley says:

      Hero ❤

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    • Jlwary says:

      This is a great statement and reflects the wishes in my own heart. DJT is a blessing from God. I feel like he is a messenger to remind the faithful to continue on with hope, and to inspire those who may have succumbed to hopelessness to find their faith again. I am SO Happy that GOD is being put at the forefront. If there is one thing I have been truly sad about is the loss of morality in the greater masses. God Bless.

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      • wodiej says:

        Amen! A near tragic accident several years ago finally convinced me that if I just put things in God’s hands, I won’t get off track. It’s difficult as humans to do this. But I have seen time and time again how my life has become better because of it. A friend told me once, 95% of our problems are caused by the choices we make. The choices WE make. Let God make them, He wants to.

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  7. Fe says:

    Is there a LOVE option here? The picture of DJT touching the veteran’s face never fails to move me. It’s worth a million words.

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  8. TONYA PARNELL says:


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  9. Nunya Bidness says:

    Pres, Obama called the Act “mean” and “heartless” as it reversed policies he fought to maintain during his tenure.

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  10. Merit Systems Protection Board = oxymoron.

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  11. Wee2low says:

    Great job POTUS! More MAGA! I know this is a great step in the right direction, but IMHO the VA needs to be abolished and the funds redirected to a voucher system using our private hospital infrastructure. As we all know the inherent problem with the VA is it’s a government program. The VA can never be successful as long unaccountable public sector union employees and unelected bureaucrats run it. Let the private hospitals compete for the vouchers.

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    • fleporeblog says:

      He is trying to do exactly what you wrote but Democrats seem to be fighting it!

      From the article linked above:

      The Veterans Affairs Department is one of a few civilian agencies that received a multi-billion dollar budget boost from President Donald Trump. The president proposed $186.5 billion for the department in fiscal 2018, an increase of $6.4 billion or 3.6 percent over 2017.

      Most of the additional funding will go toward health care, with $3.5 billion in mandatory funds for the VA Choice Program, as well as a 7.1 percent spending boost to the Veteran Health Administration to continue health care access improvements.

      “[The budget] appears to delay the foundation of Choice 2.0 and increased non-VA care without a plan yet that’s been given to us,” said Rep. Tim Walz (D-Minn.), the committee’s ranking member.

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    • The problem is that there are specialized needs for post traumatic care and traumatic amputation that the VA does excel at. Having the private option for more routine care including all the maladies of aging would keep the VA honest, they would have to be equal or better or patients will choose another option.

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  12. Jimbroh says:

    Wow. I am so proud of our president. Maga

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  13. getfitnow says:

    It is amazing how many truly revolutionary changes President Trump is making in the government.

    So needed…so logical…so effective…so efficient!

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  14. fleporeblog says:

    Here is another great Veterans bill coming down the pipeline. House passed it and now it is off to the Senate.

    From the article linked above:

    The House of Representatives were all for Rep. Steve Knight’s (R-Palmdale) No Hero Left Untreated Act when they vote unanimously in favor of it Tuesday.

    Under the legislation, known as H.R. 1162, veterans would be able to get treatment for post-traumatic stress, traumatic brain injury, military sexual trauma, chronic pain and opiate addiction.

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  15. Carolyn says:

    Pete Hegstech has been trying to get this passed for years. Obama kept vetoing the bill. Pete is who originally got the ball rolling, found congressmen willing to help and he helped white tge legislation, which takes the power away from unions where poor work and incompetence is concerned.

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  16. herdgadfly says:

    The VA Accountability and Whistle-blower Protection Act. So what makes VA employees “whistle-blowers” and all other anti-administration federal workers “leakers?” I am not trying to be a smarty, I just know that most federal employees are liberal and I’m sure that they will do nothing to endanger their pension and that includes VA bureaucrats.


    • Cee says:

      herdgadfly wrote
      “I just know that most federal employees are liberal and I’m sure that they will do nothing to endanger their pension and that includes VA bureaucrats. ”

      If an employee witnessed fraud, abuse etc. he could call the OIG Hotline and report it, with the promise that the investigation would remain confidential. It did not work as promised and the employee was harassed by the administration, forcing him to quit. The solution was to coordinate complaints with a large group of staff members and Veterans while alerting Washington DC, the press and by scheduling protests with the Veterans. This method was usually very successful and no individual employee was targeted.

      The VA Accountability and Whistle-blower Protection Act is a positive step in the right direction.


  17. Donna in Oregon says:

    At long last! Let the firings begin….


  18. haditwgov says:

    I just teared up…so very long overdue.

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  19. starfcker says:

    If you want to put a model of accountability into Federal bureaucracies the VA is a perfect place to start. The gains that can be made in a fairly short time by abolishing the nonsense of not being able to get rid of non-performing employees will be clear to all, fairly quickly. I don’t know what target two would be, but I’m sure the idea is to march through all of the departments one by one and cut the herd of deadwood. No need to worry about the mildly lazy or inefficient. Just go straight for the bad apples. Kind of like the approach to Illegal immigration . Bad apples first. Well done mr. President. Well done mr. Secretary


  20. Kerry Gimbel says:

    I must say I’m a retired Federal employee and I can tell you there are more non libs in the civil service than you think. But then I didn’t work near DC

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  21. Kerry Gimbel says:

    Need to remember a lot of vets go right into civil service after they serve.

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  22. M33 says:

    How DARE Russia makes sure our vets get good health care and reliable service!


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  23. IndiaMaria says:

    Sec. Shulkin is THE HEAT !! A real hero, busy beaver on behalf of our Greatest Heroes. World Class Care. Great choice by our BRILLIANT President for VA Secretary.

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  24. Blaine Robinson says:

    I’m sure this is a step in the right direction. But it doesn’t do anything to make new rules and laws and not follow up to make sure there is accountability for non compliance!


  25. thesavvyinvester says:

    Did you see Marcus Latrell on the Dias, wow I didn’t know he was involved, does any Treepers have any details on his involvement? Again I have blurry screen, We are so proud of our Vets and President Trump and for all he has done for our vets in such a short time. God Bless him and his team making all this happen!

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  26. TexasDude says:

    Earlier today I was going to post the link this WaPo “article” and state that it’s a bunch of nothing on my FB page

    However, I realized that it just does not matter. WaPo will say Trump went back in time and killed Jesus.

    These people are not just unhinged partisans, but seditious.



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