Judiciary Committee Sends Letter of Inquiry to Former Attorney General Loretta Lynch…

The leaders of the Senate Judiciary Committee, Chairman Chuck Grassley and ranking member Dianne Feinstein, have officially launched an investigation into former Attorney General Loretta Lynch.  Their inquiry surrounds Lynch assuring the Hillary Clinton campaign that the FBI probe into Clinton’s emails wouldn’t go too far.

(Via Politico) The Judiciary panel announced Friday it had sent letters to Lynch and other officials — the opening bid in what Chairman Chuck Grassley (R-Iowa) said last week would be separate investigations into the firing of former FBI Director James Comey and whether the Obama administration attempted to influence FBI investigations. (more)

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251 Responses to Judiciary Committee Sends Letter of Inquiry to Former Attorney General Loretta Lynch…

  1. Troublemaker10 says:

    Eight people in the room for classified briefing…..three leaks within eight hours. They should be able to find the leaker faster than it takes to play a game of Clue. Why aren’t they investigating this?

    Gowdy Wants to Know Who Leaked Coats’ Testimony

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    • YvonneMarie says:

      Is he for real? 😶

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    • Sherlock says:

      No one from the administration should appear at any more hearings until the committee gives up the leaker. It’s a joke. And, DOJ, let’s start an investigation of this specific leak, interview ’em all, get their phone records, run ’em through the mill. None of these creeps can keep a secret, and commit felonies with impunity. I wouldn’t be surprised if 4 or 5 people leaked this one, all rushing to be the first. Just a bunch of crooks.

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    • WSB says:

      This is infuriating. Take the other six, unles it IS Schifty, to the shed and let them know they will do time unless they come clean. WTH?

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  2. mantaplagi says:

    Mark Steyn nails the whole “MacNuffin” hunt in this article.

    In as much as you can nail nothing with a non-existent nail and a fake hammer.


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  3. SR says:

    Where is Obama, his comment or tweet and his involvement about latest email development? I heard buck stops at him or he is also learning with us.

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  4. ladysforest says:

    To exonerate all parties. “We looked at it all very carefully, and all parties are completely in the clear.” Done. It is how they launder their dirty deeds. They come out of the investigation Lilly white, while Trump et al are smeared with ever more “leaks” and innuendo.

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    • Deplorable_Vespucciland says:

      Oh, but we welcome the limelight.


    • whoseyore says:

      Agree, I would much prefer the DOJ get their own special counsel going for this. There is potential criminality in this one, so would be legit. Unlike the current Mueller case.


      • G. Combs says:

        “…I would much prefer the DOJ get their own special counsel going for this….”

        That is not needed. AG Session can do what the heck he wants with this.

        THINK Deflection, DIVERSION AND Sun Tzu when you look at this whole mess.

        “Be extremely subtle, even to the point of formlessness. Be extremely mysterious, even to the point of soundlessness. Thereby you can be the director of the opponent’s fate.” ~ Sun Tzu

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        • Donna in Oregon says:

          Totally get what you’re saying G. Combs. Nice references too 🙂

          This is almost as good as The Apprentice. Actually, great idea….the first year of the Trump Era should be called Political Apprentice. President Trump is treating the Swamp like contestants. So funny….

          Wonder who is going to survive the elimination process? Hilarious. All the flair and drama of a Trump production. Exception: The American Media complex is so sub par the public squalor they create is making it too stressful and dangerous.


  5. LBB says:

    Item #3- Just a note – Amanda Renteria once was an aide to Feinstein .

    Prior to running for office, Renteria served as Chief of Staff to Senator
    Debbie Stabenow from 2008 to 2013 — she was the first Latina Chief of
    Staff in the Senate. Before that, she served as Legislative Director
    for Senator Stabenow (2004 – 2007); and before that as an aide to Senator
    Dianne Feinstein.

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  6. MVW says:

    Everyone in America knows that justice is two tiered. There is tongue lashing for the untouchables while they virtue signal about taking ‘responsibility’ which means zero, indeed, it means the opposite in ‘1984’ fashion.

    For the serfs, justice means heavy punishment of the heavy handed kind, maximum penalty.

    Loretta Lynch, Jim Comey, Hillary Clinton, John Podesta, Bill Clinton will get away with every crime known to mankind and will skate even when everyone knows.

    That is “Man’s” metered justice. God’s justice will be different. And it won’t be 72 virgins and rivers of honey. I am satisfied with what God will do.

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    • Sherlock says:

      I like this. The dems will swoon and gasp, of course, but I seem to remember when Ken Starr was running the Bill Clinton investigation, that his motives and conservative connections ruthlessly attacked,about every 2 minutes, to the point that one would have thought that his name was “Ken Richard Mellon Scaife Starr”, so often was that connection drawn sputtered by the media and democrats.

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  7. Dakotacav says:

    As to Item 3) — Feinstein might possibly have an axe to grind with the Obama crowd. Her longtime political consultant Kam Kuwata was discovered dead in his home, two weeks after the 2008 Democratic National Convention. Kuwata was a key convention organizer.

    Rumor has it that he observed some strange behavior involving Obama and heavy drug use before his speeches / appearances, along with other sordid details unknown to me. Rumor also has it that he shared some of that with Feinstein, and when he turned up dead, she has ever since been suspicious about the circumstances of his death of a “heart attack” This is rumor and innuendo, but I have to admit that when she first mentioned Lynch immediately after Comey’s congressional testimony, I wondered if she was thinking about her close friend and consultant, dead now for nine years…

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    • starfcker says:

      Yeah, BUT….. I’m enjoying this. All the frogs are in the pot of water, and the temperature keeps ticking up a degree at a time. They keep looking at each other, and pledging their loyalty to, well they aren’t quite sure, but they need to stay loyal, right? Even to the point of p
      creating serious legal problems for themselves, right? Because….um..because, it would be … maybe…xenophobic? racist?… it would be bad to rat out your comrads, right? But this water is getting SERIOUSLY hot. Who jumps out first? Did Debbie just jump?

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  8. Michael says:

    Nothing burger.
    Wake me if any subpoenas are served – unless Gowdy is involved, then let me sleep.

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  9. kiskiminetas says:

    It is to be expected and logical that the Uniparty would cover their own. There will be the dog and pony show act by the Judiciary Committee but as has been said nothing will come of it. We have seen it happen over and over again. They having partaken at the trough of wealth from donors, globalists and others who line their pockets are drunk with power. As such they disdain the electorate and give lip service to them.

    Therefore we must stay loyal too and Trust DT. He is the reason we are here and our belief in him must not waver. Stand strong, believe what Sundance says and stay committed to going the distance with him and Donald Trump. Never give up this battle. MAGA!

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  10. NJF says:

    Did I miss something, I thought the email about Lynch was fake????????


  11. Troublemaker10 says:

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  12. WSB says:

    Diane is still upset, rightfully so, that Brennan and the CIA hacked her own files. I would be furious.

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  13. Brant says:

    How about a diet coke drinking game. A sip at each “take the 5th”. What’s the over and under on number of cases consumed?


  14. Tim Tarr says:

    So there’s a story now that Comey is about to drop a bombshell. Funny how that happens right after POTUS says he didn’t record or doesn’t have any recordings. That statement wasn’t “under oath” so could later say I lied to draw the son of lies out. Even more interesting is would have been more straight forward to say “I’m not aware of any recordings”

    Even more interesting is this letter to Ms Lynch. Notice a specific question about “contact” with Ms. Schultz and others. That “not letting email investigation get out of control” email. Sure is funny but Ms Schultz was making demands about a laptop being returned and conquenses for not doing so.

    Could it be Sessions DOJ is doing plenty of work and about to drop the real bomb. Not one of those inert meh Russian thingy’s.

    Starting to get real close to timeline for indictments so trials can start and get all the dirt out by Oct ’18.

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    • David says:

      PRESIDENT TRUMP/SESSONS WILL HAVE GRAND JURY INVESTIGATIONS; it’s the only way… Congressional Committees are just for show.

      Left/Globalist/Elitist/Media wants to DESTROY PRESIDENT TRUMP AND FAMILY AT ALL COST along with the United States and its Constitution. “GRAND JURY INVESTIGATIONS WILL STOP THIS IMMEDIATELY” THIS IS THE ONLY WAY!

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    • Paul Killinger says:

      So far the only “bombs” being dropped by Comey have been on himself.

      Another sterling Obama appointee!

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  15. Sam says:

    Ho hum. Another investigation that will go on for years and eventually shut dow after carefully not finding anything. Congress is a joke.

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  16. wodiej says:

    I urge everyone to pray daily for this administration and for all corrupt actions and individuals to be brought to justice. Thank you God.

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  17. Paul Killinger says:

    Only reason this letter could go out in the first place is Sen Grassley has so much seniority, the Uni-Party Republicans who contol the Senate couldn’t stop him.


  18. benzy says:

    Please, Treepers, don’t be fooled by this three card monte game being played. THIS entire operation of looking into former Attorney General Loretta Lynch is NOT to find any wrongdoing on her part. Read carefully between the lines… it even states (slightly obliquely) that the goal is to end the speculation that she might have done anything untoward, illegal or unethical. They will spend months “investigating” (since when has spending five minutes making a mini-speech been considered questioning a witness?) and millions of OUR tax dollars and in the end, they will conclude that after “thorough and complete investigation we find no evidence of any wrongdoing on the part of former Attorney General Lynch”. You can take THAT to the bank!


  19. JoAnn Leichliter says:

    I am unsure what either of these investigations is all about. President Trump fired FBI Director James Comey? So what? He serves at the President’s discretion, as Comey himself pointed out.
    Attorney General Loretta Lynch intruded in some way on an FBI criminal investigation? Is the FBI not the creature of the Department of Justice?
    Viewed from various perspectives, either of these actions might seem distasteful, but neither seems to be illegal.
    If I am wrong, please educate me. Really.


  20. Dale Fontana says:

    At first blush, I would be elated if this Senate committee were to actually succeed in holding these criminal gangsters accountable for anything. Unfortunately, my cynicism is on hyperdrive and I don’t believe anything will come of this or anything else these bastards have done over the years. I have said that the absolute biggest crisis facing America today is complete institutional malfeasance. Absolutely nothing works as designed and no one is held accountable for the most flagrant actions imaginable and at the highest levels. The only people who get punished are the scapegoats like our servicemen rotting in prison (here) by our own hand, or border patrol heroes who are in jail for shooting armed drug dealers in self defense. Even if some miracle occurred and the Senate actually did want justice, it would take a decade or more to bring every moron in the last administration to justice. By then we’ll be dead broke.


  21. Donna in Oregon says:

    When Diane Feinstein’s outrage is examined it is a nothingburger. Her outrage leads to nowhere. Worthless. Nada. Nothing.

    Feinstein slams report clearing CIA of spying on Senate
    BY MARIO TRUJILLO – 01/27/15 12:11 PM EST

    Democratic Sen. Feinstein suggests some leaked info came from the White House
    Published July 24, 2012 Associated Press


  22. Big Jake says:

    Kabuki Theater. Gotta’ distract the peasants with beer and circuses.


  23. Mike diamond says:

    Loretta and comey deserve prison time!


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