President Trump – Comey Conversation: “I did not make recordings”…

I think everyone already knew the original Trump statement was directed at FBI Director James Comey’s leaking to the New York Times the content of a private conversation that took place in the White House on January 27th.

♦ The private Green Room dinner that FBI Director James Comey attended with President Trump was January 27th, just about a week after the inauguration. This is the meeting where, according to Comey – as later leaked to the New York Times, President Trump asked for “loyalty”.

♦ Trump fired Comey on Tuesday May 9th.

♦ The New York Times wrote their “Loyalty” article on Thursday May 11th.  With leaked details of the private dinner meeting between President Trump and Director Comey.

♦ President Trump tweeted about possible “Tapes” on Friday May 12th.

♦ Supposedly, according to his testimony, Comey gave his friend Daniel Richman the “loyalty memo” to leak on Tuesday May 16th. And later told congress the intent was to spur a special prosecutor.  However, the larger probability is this was a strategic justification by Comey -in hindsight- trying to obfuscate his earlier leaking of information.

♦ Asst. Attorney General Rod Rosenstein appointed Robert Mueller on Wednesday May 17th.  Obviously there was more than a few days of internal discussion about the appointment; and yes, Comey would have known about it from his FBI leadership sources.

♦ Friday May 19th Rod Rosenstein testifies to congress about his support for Comey’s firing.

Now, think it through.  In perspective, and knowing Comey never requested a special counsel himself; and knowing there’s no “there” there amid the vast Russian conspiracy nonsense; Robert Mueller is currently more of a threat to James Comey than he is to President Trump.

James Comey’s carefully presented admissions to congress, including his leaking and his motivation therein, is Machiavellian Comey positioning to undermine the special counsel – and bait his opposition into removing it.

Secondly, in the abstract, the mention of Loretta Lynch and the “matter” comments were entirely arbitrary, out of place, and generally unneeded in the framework of Comey’s testimony.

James Comey brought up the issue of Loretta Lynch because he wanted it brought up; and he wanted it brought up in public testimony to fuel media and ensure it was present in the minds of the public.

Political Comey also wanted to expand on the comments in the closed briefing; and he also planned on getting that closed briefing discussion into the bloodstream of his opposition (Carter/Hannity fell for it) because it benefits his intentions.

Again, think it through.

Comey briefed the same intelligence committee behind those closed doors twice, over three months, about President Trump never being under investigation.  THAT never leaked.  However, two leaks (so far) came out of his closed door briefing: one about AG Sessions (Mayfair Hotel), and the second about Loretta Lynch (as Sara Carter outlines).

Those leaks were scripted.  James Comey wanted those leaks.  James Comey and the political DC apparatus behind the entire undermining of President Trump’s administration were/are playing this out.



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252 Responses to President Trump – Comey Conversation: “I did not make recordings”…

  1. gamecock123 says:

    Dammmmnnn.. Trump got the FBI director to sing and tap dance like a monkey at a carnival…with just one tweet. Hahaha. I don’t get headaches nor bored watching swamp rats snared in Trump’s traps. I love it. I want more of it. To me that’s great thing. Trump! Trump! Trump! USA! USA! USA!

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  2. MaineCoon says:

    P45s CoS: “we haven’t heard from Comey lately.”

    P45: “Tweeting ‘no tapes’……he’ll be at NYT before sundown.”

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  3. MVW says:

    Trump has the left wingnuts and media clowns running after Boris the Squirrel, up and down the trees. I saw a squirrel tease a hawk like that one day. Kept the hawk busy for a long time (must have been a juvenile hawk), you should have seen all the futile feathers and air.

    The difference is that the hawk was smarter, eventually, than our wingnuts because it finally gave up.

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  4. whoseyore says:

    I know I shouldn’t do this, but I just caroused Breitbart and fellow Treepers, the tide is turning. The Left is coming unraveled! Hallelujah! I have a feeling that this is going to continue and pick up speed as it goes. The Republicans eyes are being opened. President Trump is for real and so are his supporters. They realize they need to fall in or fall out for good.

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  5. Aintree77 says:

    Rather than admit that Trump made a clever ambiguous tweet to rattle Comey, several low information lefties are accusing POTUS of lying. They are so blinded by their hate they can’t even accurately read a short tweet. They see what they want to see.

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  6. FrenchNail says:

    When the President dropped the word tapes, I think he was sending a not so subtle message to Comey and al. I have seen a youtube video of a guy who was an Insider in the Clinton administration at one point and who, back in September before Comey reopens the Hillary’s investigation, talked about a tape he had heard of a meeting with Comey, Lynch, Rice, Podesta and 3 other people. This meeting would have taken place in August after the Comey July refusal to refer for prosecution and was talking about how to mitigate Hillary’s server and email problems. They would have decided to implement a strategy called rope-a-dope, namely fueling the fire and then shutting it down days before the elections, which is exactly what Comey did

    He says that the FBI has been after that tape big time.

    If this is for real, all these players would be in the trouble of their life.

    When I heard of this in the context of Trump suddenly saying “you better hope that there is no tapes of these meeting”, it rung double entendre to me.

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  7. It would seem based on SD’s analysis that Mueller is investigating Comey and could possibly recommend an indictment for the illegal leaks. But Mueller is BFF with Comey. Why would Mueller betray his friend?

    Could it be that the evidence out of Comey’s FBI office, including any “tapes” were handed to Mueller by a white hat in the DOJ (Sessions, or possibly Rosenstein)? And that the preponderance of evidence has left Mueller no choice but to bring charges against Comey?

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  8. sha44ss says:

    “I did not make, or do not have, any such recordings”……does not mean someone else didn’t or someone else has!

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