June 21st – 2017 Presidential Politics – Trump Administration Day #153

In an effort to keep the Daily Open Thread a little more open topic we are going to start a new daily thread for “Presidential Politics”. Please use this thread to post anything relating to the Donald Trump Administration and Presidency.


This thread will refresh daily and appear above the Open Discussion Thread.

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1,363 Responses to June 21st – 2017 Presidential Politics – Trump Administration Day #153

  1. Patriot1783 says:

    Saw this article yesterday…..another leftist professor ranting and ruination of a once great college. Travesty what is happening to these higher institutions of learning such as Trinity, Harvard, Yale, Wesleyan to name a few. Parents need to pull their kids out and and alumnae stop donating before anything will ever begin to change;
    Language alert:

    Now today, surprise, surprise:



  2. Apfelcobbler says:

    Jeh Johnson is up now with Gowdy in live coverage of Senate Committee:

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    • trumpthepress says:

      Gowdy – (paraphrase) – “Why did the DNC not turn over the server that was hacked in the summer?” I can answer – because it was all a sham about the Russian “hacking”. Podesta – password = password. Taxpayer money on this waste of time. Crazy.

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    • youme says:

      Professor Calls Whites ‘Inhuman A**holes,’ Tells Blacks to ‘Let Them F*cking Die’

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      • Lucille says:

        Perhaps if this professor could tell us…if all whites are “inhuman a**holes”, how is it that he’s still alive. Whites are still the majority in the U.S. Whites have a lot of pistols, shotguns, rifles and a multitude of other weapons, both antique and modern.

        Those personages who act inhuman don’t care about preserving life…torture and killing is the m.o. So how is it, professor, that your *** hasn’t been offed?

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        • tazz2293 says:


          I request that none of my tax paid monies go to fund any blacks on welfare, going to college, dying in hospitals.

          If you want me to die than I can want you to die.


          • Lucille says:

            This professor has absolutely no conception of how whites restrain themselves each day in spite of being called every name in the book, being accused of heinous crimes, being compared to the worst mass murderers in history, and forced to pay salaries to people who hate us and would kill us if they dared. If it weren’t for the good whites who believe in the law, who follow their faiths’ requirements to live lives of worth and dignity, who have compassion for the sick and the economically needy, who give to charity, who pay their bills, who work and support their families, this professor would be living under an overpass and eating out of alley garbage cans.

            He has no interest in the law; he has no faith, no dignity, no compassion, no care for the less fortunate. In a word, he’s a loser with a big paycheck which he doesn’t deserve, and is a person who takes joy in destroying the minds of his students with his filthy blather. The lowest of the low. AND I’M SICK OF IT!

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            • Lucille says:

              While I’m at it…perhaps a nice little sojourn in a North Korean prison getting the Nork treatment would be in order to give him some proper perspective. But then, he’d probably still believe we forced the Norks into their tyranny/dictatorship. So it’d still be all our fault.

              Yeah, more than sick of it.

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        • Chuck Roast says:

          A reverse Uncle Tom.


    • Wiggyky says:

      I refuse to call any member of the Congressional Black Caucus Americans. They are more like Anti-American Communist Traitors. They have no Honesty, Ethics, Integrity or Respect. All they want is to suck off the government’s teat for them and their constituents. When they start acting like Patriotic Americans I may reconsider.

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  3. nwtex says:

    Condition Update: Rep. Steve Scalise
    June 21, 2017

    June 21, 2017, Noon

    Congressman Steve Scalise continues to make good progress. He is now listed in fair condition and is beginning an extended period of healing and rehabilitation.


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    • K2P2 Ribbing says:

      Okay?? I’m not sure why you think this is funny! Road rage is never funny!

      On a side note, this is just a hop, skip, and a jump down the road from where I grew up. I know the place well, and yeah, from most directions into this town, there’s narrow roads with no good place to pass. I’m just glad it’s not anyone I know! Whew! Close call!

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    • Jim in TN says:

      What ever happened to ‘Drive Friendly’?

      Is it still the norm, are the signs still up, or is that just a blast from Texas’ past?


  4. Justified

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  5. Raffaella says:

    Alan Dershowitz: ‘Corrupt motive’ is a slippery slope as the criterion for prosecuting a president

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  6. NJF says:

    I’m thinking hubby and I should retire to Texas.

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  7. psadie says:

    I LOVE THIS…haaaaaaa.

    — DEM OPERATIVE QUOTE OF THE DAY: โ€œWe no longer have a party caucus capable of riding this wave. We have 80-year-old leaders and 90-year-old ranking members. This isnโ€™t a party. Itโ€™s a giant assisted living center. Complete with field trips, gym, dining room and attendants.โ€

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    • Tegan says:

      They love the good life, the numerous staffers at their beck and call, all the limelight and special treatment, the many little perks….but, especially the recognition and superficial respect they would dearly miss if retired.

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  8. Michael says:

    Where P Trump to shut down all these “investigations” all hell would break loose.

    What if he said “you guys have been ‘investigating” for months and months so July 1 you put up or shut up and if you got nothin I will shut you down July 4th.”

    Now of course it would be said SC was getting close and that is why P Trump shut it down but he can tweet back;

    fugetaboutit! you have had all this time and only proven ya got nuthin!
    END IT!

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  9. So he is really not a Canadian.

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  10. psadie says:

    Why is DHS/Kelly still allowing Obama’s Catch and Release at the border…border agents are complaining about the rise of illegals crossing? WTH?


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    • nonniemae says:

      I also read that article. I came to this post to make sure it was linked. Please read the article. Border Patrol officers are named and quoted. This needs to be stopped.

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      • Kaco says:

        Did you see Kelly on video saying they are only going after criminals? He said they aren’t raiding packing plants and stuff. They should at least stop the border crossings.

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  11. Tampa, FL city council just voted to keep the confederate statues at city hall.

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  12. Pam says:


  13. Lucille says:

    If you don’t subscribe to the White House daily email, here’s the link….


    Reading it each morning gives a person not only the President’s schedule, but reaffirms that President Donald J. Trump is one of the greatest Presidents since the various Founders served their terms as our Chief Executive. Not only is President Trump holding all kinds of domestic meetings, rallies, and official visits with foreign dignitaries, but he’s also accomplishing so very much in spite of not having his party as a total and daily support system plus having the opposition party actively seeking his demise.

    We are so blessed!

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    • Tegan says:

      I enjoy reading every day and find it very informative of all the outreach happening. People are quick to criticize Ivank’s (unpaid!) role, but she is responsible for making many, if not most, if these group sessions happen.


  14. Pam says:

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  15. Howie says:

    Safari Plan in effect in Baltimoron

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    • joninmd22 says:

      Just another day in charm city. Notice the police don’t appear to engage. No one wants to be targeted by a witch hunting states prosecutor.

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  16. NJF says:

    Laugh for the day.

    My libral friend sent it to me, perhaps she’s turning?

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  17. Pam says:

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  18. woohoowee says:

    FBI may be getting warm:

    FBI: Virginia Gunman Visited Bernie Sanders’ Office Prior to Shooting


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  19. Pam says:

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  20. Pam says:

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  21. Minnie says:

    Lou Dobbs’ question of the day:

    Is the GOP beginning to understand that President Trump is their greatest asset in the 2018 elections?

    Well, if after Handel’s win they don’t, they never will!!

    OUR ๐Ÿฆ 5-0

    Any questions?


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  22. Minnie says:


    Holder wants to be the new face of the democrat party and is considering run for president in 2020.

    Hahahaha, I double dog dare him ๐Ÿ˜‚

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  23. Pam says:

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  24. Pam says:

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  25. Oldschool says:

    Just watching lou dobbs. He had guy from judicial watch who said Hillary still has top secret clearance and can still access classified information. Can any of our legal eagles here speak to why that is and can’t Trump revoke that?


  26. kp3ace says:

    Sundance, please delete comments from me today. I guess I can’t walk and chew gum at the same time.
    kp3ace, thanks!


  27. BAMAFan says:

    Texas judge finds couple innocent of satanic child abuse after they spent 21 YEARS IN PRISON.


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  28. jeans2nd says:

    Remember in March when T-Rex said Assad’s future would be decided by the Syrian people?

    30 Mar 2017 “Tillerson says Assad’s fate to be decided by Syrian people”

    Love it when a plan comes together.

    Today – “Franceโ€™s Macron says Assad removal no longer necessary”

    Follow the Leader, kids.

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    • Your Tour Guide says:

      Poor, poor (rich)woman. Dripping with jewelry, reeking of trust
      fund wealth, living in absurdly pricey, historic, tastefully furnished,
      antique cluttered homes . Apt to appear in glossy home furnishing
      mags after their “cottages” ( poor things, they’re slumming it in
      only 4000+ square feet) are renovated to a “T”. At roughly the cost
      of the an emerging 3rd world nation’s economy.

      Poor, poor (rich) woman. Always attending meaningful events, front
      and center. Always getting mention in local news society pages.
      On the committee at the hospital for the “Poor People’s Benefit
      Cotillion”. Hubby’s a surgeon, wifey doesn’t work. So she does
      meaningful. The hospital workers get to read all about all the
      meaningful in their company newsletter. None have ever
      attended, or have been asked to attend the cotillion.

      Poor, poor,( rich) woman. Shedding tears for the one she
      volunteered for, made calls for. She’s at all the city comission,
      county comission, planning, democrat party meetings. Even
      when the kids were at home. The au pair could take care of
      them while others, who’s lives were being affected by the
      politician’s decisions couldn’t. No baby sitter, unable to take
      off work. Because they weren’t a poor, poor, (rich) woman.

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  29. duchess01 says:

    WHAT’S HAPPENING – 06/21/2017


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  30. patrickhenrycensored says:

    Nancy’s Botoxic after Assoff loss.
    But the dims biggest cash cow is unlikely to be pastured.

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  31. duchess01 says:

    BY IWB ยท JUNE 21, 2017


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  32. Just ran across some pretty interesting info from a long-time commenter at BB – Mortimer Snurd – would need a bit of research to verify but he/she has been very reliable in the past:

    “Crowd Strike is the technology company that set up and managed the DNC servers. They also issued a report last fall claiming they had proof the Russians hacked those DNC servers.
    Today I learned a couple fun facts:
    – Dec 29, 2016 Obozo kicked all Russian diplomats out …. based solely on that Crowd Strike claim.
    – Jan 11, 2017 Crowd Strike retracted their claim of proof
    Guess what happened between Dec 29 and 1-11-17?
    Crowd Strike had a scheduled IPO on Wall Street taking the company public.
    The point is, Crowd Strike knew they lied but sat on a retraction for months until AFTER they raise over $100 million via their stock offering.”

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  33. duchess01 says:

    Trump Was Right: New Study Reveals Up to 5.7 Million Illegals Voted in Election
    Posted by Boris Badenov on June 21, 2017 at 11:50am


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  34. yucki says:

    Let’s stop Brussels! – English subtitles

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  35. yucki says:

    Sweden: โ€˜We cannot continue in this directionโ€™ โ€“ Swedish police spots surge in ‘vulnerable areas’

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  36. Oldschool says:

    KAC was on Hannity tonight. Great response to russia question, “they are focused on Russia, we are focused on America”

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  37. http://twitchy.com/brettt-3136/2017/06/21/california-court-drops-nearly-all-charges-against-pair-behind-undercover-planned-parenthood-videos/

    As Twitchy reported in March, prosecutors in California charged David Daleiden and Sandra Merritt of the Center for Medical Progress with 15 felony counts related to their undercover videotaping that exposed the gruesome methods Planned Parenthood used to preserve organs from aborted babies, as well as some haggling over the prices of those baby parts.

    On Wednesday, LifeNews reported that the San Francisco Superior Court had dismissed 14 of the 15 felony charges.
    The San Francisco Superior Court on Wednesday dismissed 14 of 15 criminal counts but the pair are still charged with one count of conspiracy to invade privacy. However the court dismissed the charges with leave to amend โ€” meaning Becerra could re-file the charges with additional supposed evidence against the pair.


  38. http://wgme.com/news/local/man-dead-after-explosion-in-lincoln
    Wednesday, June 21st 2017

    LINCOLN (WGME) โ€“ A man is dead after an explosion in Lincoln.
    It happened Wednesday on Stanhope Mill Road.
    A state police bomb squad is on the scene.
    A reporter with our affiliate WVII says he was told by officials that bomb supplies were bought online, and exploded as the man was building the device.
    The officials say a woman ran from the home saying he blew up.


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