Reason #855 Why Secretary Tillerson Rightly Has No Respect for State Dept. Correspondents…

Today during the State Department briefing a typical media correspondent showcases their condescending arrogance. Watch this exchange between Spokesperson Heather Nauert and a reporter.


The initial remarks about Otto Warmbier’s release are HERE.  The actual State Dept. statement following his death is below:

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200 Responses to Reason #855 Why Secretary Tillerson Rightly Has No Respect for State Dept. Correspondents…

  1. bfgreek says:

    Typical lowlife punk reporter. So sick of these miscreants! Where was the questioning of BHO’s do-nothing policies to get our citizens back home?! MSM douchebaggery at its finest.

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  2. Aintree77 says:

    I’m sure Heather’s colleagues told her she did a good job dealing with the bottom feeding “reporter.”
    It’s difficult for a Trump spokesperson to remain calm and also deal with these persistent nagging Dem agitators that play loose with the facts and distort the truth. It only further proves Trump’s decision to go the transcript route for these briefings and even reduce the number because several Dem agitator reporters always try to embarrass or upset the person leading the briefing.

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  3. Tillerson must run for president!


  4. we300 says:

    The irony is (intentionally, IMHO) missed by the idiot reporter, naturally. “Where was the outrage?!” the virtue signaling reporter asks. Hey, asshat, President Trump was so “outraged” by Otto’s situation, he got him out of North Korea and brought him home to his family.

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    • not2worryluv says:

      Where was the outrage that Obama and HRC did NOTHING to get Otto or for that matter any Americans held by hostile countries back home?

      Iran got Billions of our tax payer $$ and we got nothing in return.

      Let’s investigate the Obama/Clinton cabal with Iran/Russia.

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    • CountryclassVulgarian says:

      Yes they should have come up with a hashtag. THAT Would have satisfied the outrage seekers.
      Remember the cow’s outrage in her hashtag over the Nigerian school girls? Remember the girls were released right after the hashtag outrage? Me neither.

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    • Jennie says:

      Perfectly stated! Like

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  5. Mike diamond says:

    A low life reporter ! Causing more grief to the family and all of us! If not for president trump, Otto would have died in north Korea ! This reporter has no respect!!!

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  6. Barbara Willams says:

    Bottom feeder. They never know what’s going on at the top.

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  7. dana says:

    partisan fool. did he carp about outrage when obama’s state department lied that 4 american deaths in benghazi were because of a video?


  8. dayallaxeded says:

    Who is the progzigandist pretending to be a WH or DoS correspondent in the banner clip? I really want to know who he is and what seditious/treasonous organization he was deployed by, so I’ll know who the enemies are. Not that I don’t know that all MSM are “enemedia”; but this is a particularly heinous kind of stupid, seditious, partisan scumbaggery.

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  9. Michael says:

    The sad thing is the questions were not about informing, but about framing an image of indifference. So sad.


  10. Aguila2011 says:

    I am in agreement that the so-called “reporter” was a complete douche in the way he approached Heather in the press session.

    And I have sympathy for the Warmbier family.

    But I still have to shake my head in wonder and ask “If this kid was so damn smart, what the hell was he doing in NKor in the first place?” There are already Americans being held captive, the State Dept. has warnings to Americans not to “go there” but he chooses to anyway. Not so bright in my book, or his sense of entitlement and privilege got the better of him and reality bit him in the ass.


  11. zaq123 says:

    Of the many things the media do not understand is, that men like Tillerson have no time for the BS. They made it to where they are/were, because they were competent, able to make tough decisions that they themselves were responsible for. Tillerson is not some sycophant, politician, bureaucrat or diplomat that uses double talk, where he doesn’t actually say anything of importance, or use committees to make decisions, so he can blame them later.

    And they’re not used to it, since they, themselves are no different than any politician, bureaucrat or diplomat.


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