Laura Ingraham Tamps Down Speculation of Her Joining the White House Communications Team…

Laura Ingraham joined Fox and Friends this morning and tamped down speculation about her joining the White House in a communications capacity.

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121 Responses to Laura Ingraham Tamps Down Speculation of Her Joining the White House Communications Team…

  1. TheTorch says:

    Not surprised.

    I reckon this job is hers if she really wanted it.

    I think the problem is she does not want to give up her radio gig and other things.

    She would make a good addition in my opinion, but I can’t see it happening.

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    • Well I got off the Laura train when she promoted Trump/Cruz and Cruz/Trump. She has some good qualities but also an agenda. I’ll let Trump be Trump.

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      • peachteachr says:

        I think Laura will express his plans with understanding and strength and…grace with intelligent pushback. I’d like to see her there.

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      • Ned says:

        I Was also disappointed in her endorsing Cruz. Honestly wasn’t unstable Glenn Beck enough to not want Cruz? It was like the three stooges, Crux, Beck and Levin. We were with Trump form day one – no career politicians!

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      • Benson II says:

        She has a reporter mentality. Speculation, opinion and controversy is her bread and butter. Trump doesn’t need that kind of mentality in the White House. There’s enough unspoken agenda’s going on as it is.


  2. Chuck Finley says:

    Yeah, she’s out. Sounds like she would prefer a Bannon-type role.

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  3. snaggletooths says:

    Doubt she be chosen just don’t think she would be a good fit at all.

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    • kimosaabe says:

      Not in agreement


    • xyzlatin says:

      I totally agree. What is needed is people who will push the President’s agenda 100%. Since the inauguration that has not included Laura Ingraham or Ann Coulter. Ingraham’s site often criticizes the president so eventually I had to stop going there. Not that no one should criticize him, but wait until the battle is finished, not while it is still on. In these vital first months, Trump has needed support, not prima donnas like Laura and Ann nitpicking like nagging wives.

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    • Ned says:

      Laura likes to EXPLAIN things. She’s not combative.
      Someone like Ann Coulter would set their hair on fire.
      THAT would be something. She’s combative and gets to the point.
      Of late though she doesn’t seem to understand the FIGHT Trump has in getting his agenda done. BOTH sides are fighting him and she’s DEMANDING more done. It’t not helpful.

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  4. Peter says:

    Unsure who but I’d like to see someone who can just pound on congress, daily calling them weak knees , no leadership and the pansy party. Someone who masters the press and has been in a position of power, proven leadership, say like a speaker of the house in prior years – giving us like the first house majority in 40 years.

    Laura turns on trump, who happens to be the only captain in charge. Trump is the only fighter who can tear through the false narrative. I have a hard time seeing how that breaks through.

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    • fleporeblog says:

      Sean did exactly that today!

      Folks nothing happens by chance! There was a reason that one of the two Skype questions came from Kentucky. The topic was about coal versus tech jobs. However, the reporter asked about the relationship between the current Governor, Bevin and our President. That was done on purpose. There is GREAT admiration between the two of them. Poor Mitch is dying a slow death! Don’t dare have Bevin run against Mitch in the same year our President is up for reelection. Mitch will be primaried! I have NO DOUBT in the world it would happen!

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      • libertysc2016 says:

        I would love to see that happen and McConnell knows that lies ahead. It might not be enough to get Mitch moving, but we might see some progress on health care. It would be nice to have a man like Bevin in the Senate defending Trump and dealing with the Dems.

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      • rashamon says:

        A triumph to anticipate! One always needs something to look forward to.

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      • I loved the question during the briefing about KN-tikee. Seah thought he said Connecticut. Later it became clear the reporter was trying to say Kentucky. As someone who tries to speak other languages, I can verify that what syllable you put the accent on can be the difference between understanding or complete bafflement! Then, in German you have to stress consonants. In Italian, OTOH, you MUST get the vowels right!

        So hard! But fun!

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  5. fleporeblog says:

    This woman is such a know it all! I would reverse the narrative to be 10% about Russia and 90% about the President’s agenda. No sh…t Sherlock! The problem is once you start asking the prostitutes to provide questions, they will dictate the direction of the conversation. Unless no questions are allowed and you walk off after speaking about the President’s agenda.

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  6. Guy K. says:

    Half the time Laura seems like she’s with us, and half the time she seems like a negative concern troll who’s too influenced by the Beltway bubble in which she resides.

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    • YvonneMarie says:


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    • flova says:

      Yeah, half-measures avail us nothing when fighting the leftist terrorists who now apparently have no problem when one of their own tries to assassinate Republicans and leaves 5 shot up bodies on a baseball field. And then the next day encourage even more violence against the right and blame those fighting for their lives.

      The time for these Laura Ingram types is way over. We need millions of regular Joes and Janes getting beat up standing up for our President and interrupting assassination plays. I don’t see Laura out with the Trump supporters going up against antifa, do you?

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    • SonFlower says:

      Well said. That sums her up.

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  7. citizen817 says:

    I think Newt would be a good fit, if he could tone himself down a hair. He knows how to cut through the “noise” that Congress shows themselves to be.


    • Guy K. says:

      Half the time Newt seems like he’s with us, and half the time he seems like a negative concern troll who’s too influenced by the Beltway bubble in which he resides.

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      • ECM says:

        This might be true, but I think we can trust him to stay on message if for some bizarre reason he took that job (which will never happen).

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        • Ned says:

          Newt gave his NAFTA. Newt is NOT in Trump inner circle for anything. His political career is over. Let him write kiddie books with his latest wife and occasionally give his views which fluctuate. We need some young blood in there too. Steve Miller is sharp but might be a step down for him.


      • law4lifeblog says:

        Forget it…he’s mine bing to Arne with his hideous, helmet-headed wife.


    • NewOrleans says:

      Newt’s wife, Callista, has been nominated to be the next American ambassador to the Vatican. He’ll be moving to Rome with her, obviously, so he’s out of the running for any job at the White House.

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      • janc1955 says:

        I like Newt most of the time. Callista makes me cringe for some reason. And it’s only her appearance, since I don’t think I’ve ever heard her speak.

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        • Ned says:

          There is something creepy about her. She tries to act like a little girl. I know Newt isn’t a pedophile but the relationship reminds me of that for some reason. There is something weird about them. I can’t quite put into words what bothers me about Callista.

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  8. SR says:

    This job needs a low profile, boring and who can talk point to point. Not a personal opinion provider. Sarah is good.

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  9. gary says:

    I think should would be AWESOME in the position, BUT, she would have to sit down with TRUMP and for 1 hour or 2 hours, really try to connect together. Either the connection is there or not, and it is something both of them would have to be very honest about.

    Trump respects candor and honesty from others, because then he can see where the person could be the best fix in his administration .

    Trump would have to ask questions about how she feels Sean is doing, his pro’s and con’s, and Trump’s other spokespeople. And then ask Laura how she would handle the press , and get her suggestions, and could she stand to be in a room full of Liberals trying to tear her apart.

    Also, Laura would have to put her radio show on hold, and other things, and she has a family, and moving to D.C. close to WH is stressful.

    Trump can be very demanding, and he will be blunt if she screws up, can she take it, or will she fold.

    She would have to be very prepared, and figure out how to master being Trump’s Go To spokes-person, to get the Reps on her side, and work to make the Dems to re-think their positions as they look towards 2018-2020 elections.

    I’m not sure I would take the job if I was Laura, but she would be good at it, because she is like Trump, she doesn’t want to FAIL, and will do what it takes to win.

    She shouldn’t decide until she talks to Trump for 1-2 hours and it either clicks or it doesn’t.


    • peachteachr says:

      There are rumors that she wants to run for the Senate in Va. This job would increase her profile.


      • I think she has already dropped that idea. There was a weekend a few weeks ago, when she went exploring. I got the impression that she didn’t find what she needed to find. Virginia is one of our oldest states – their politics must be extremely complex!

        It’s the oldest colony. In 1607, the London Company established the Colony of Virginia as the first permanent New World English colony.


  10. Athena the Warrior says:

    I still think Sarah Huckabee Sanders does a great job of getting the information out concisely while not letting the press push their hostile agenda. I think she’s been very effective.

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  11. MIKE says:

    I like Laura, just not as press secretary. And she needs to get both feet on board the Trumptrain, instead of hanging on the grabrail with one hand. She acts like someone better will come along in this lifetime, to lead this nation out of liberal hell. Trump is many prayers answered. Everyone else just reeks of nasty swamp water.

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  12. Rickster says:

    If you want to see some major beat downs get the Sherriff! For a more mundane approach Sarah does the job.


  13. Donna in Oregon says:

    I look at the spokeswoman for the State Dept. Heather Nauert. She is very good. Someone like Heather would be nice. She handles her press briefings very well.

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    • Marc says:

      Nauert is another one stolen from Fox News. Trump sees who he thinks would fit in well with his MAGA admin and they abandon the sinking ship of FNC to serve the country.

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  14. Sayit2016 says:

    I think..and this is just my opinion…we need someone quick on their feet, clever, with a sense of humor and the right amount of push back. There is a woman that I know in private business, a self made multi millionaire that excels in this- she has a way to shut nonsense down, get to the heart of the matter, give a verbal elbow up nose bleed thump so quick people never see it coming, all with being so polite and professional. It is uncanny…I mean seriously.. it is an art form. She commands respect she never has to demand it. I have seen gown men try and get the better of didn’t end well….THAT is the kind of person we need.

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  15. Pam says:

    I got a little irritated when she started telling POTUS what he needs to focus on. Kilmeade was right, you can’t control the questions you are asked. Just judging by her comments, she doesn’t seem to want the job anyways. I say give it to Sarah Huckabee Sanders. I think she’s earned it.

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  16. sundance says:

    Sheryl Attkisson. 😀

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  17. NJF says:

    Not sure why Sarah wouldn’t get it automatically.

    She did very well the few times she filled in.

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  18. Good. I think the best Press Secs are those that are a) never themselves the story, b) bore you into oblivion, and of course c) know their stuff. Ingraham would fail 2 out of 3.

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    • KBR says:

      Laura has a voice/tone that I find grating.

      I am not sure but I seem to be picking up on a personality flaw. IMO. She either thinks too much of herself/her own opinions and that comes through in her voice…or she thinks too little of herself and overcompensates to extreme.

      In either case, I think she would be a disaster at loyally putting forward the opinions of her boss, the POTUS. I think she would prefer to speak her own opinions rather than say “I have not been briefed on that (I do not know)” about anything. I have never heard her admit to not knowing, never known her to not have an answer, right or wrong.

      She is too opinionated, IMO, and finds her opinions superior to that of President Trump far too often.

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  19. gary says:

    From my perspective Sean and Sarah are ok, they don’t have TV presence, and seem like more “shy types”.

    Laura can be very combative, and she has TV presence, and she has lots of experience in dealing with people, from her radio show, and other venues.

    Also, I can see Laura learning about the “prey”, the liberal journalists in the room, and can probably come up with interesting ways that get them in line.

    She has a sense of humor, and is willing to call a spade a spade.

    It depends how Trump and her communicate, she might want to make the press conference setting different, and suggest something Trump is open too. Like she can do the opening, and have big screen in background, with people in the admin in conference, and turn to them for some answers. Or conference with Trump on the big screen, and TRUMP could act intimidating and put the press in their place with HUMOR! 🙂

    Lot’s of ways to present the press conference in NEW way that gets the message out, LOUD and CLEAR.

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  20. Albertus Magnus says:

    Sarah would be great. Sheryl would be great. Spicer also did great.

    Laura and Hannity are great commentators but have NO BUSINESS being press spokesman for ANYONE else.

    Press Secretaries need to be NONAMES who know the issues, how to convey the PRESIDENT’S message and to toss BS right back as necessary.

    People who aren’t happy with Spicer are, for the most part, those who will not be happy with ANY press secretary who doesn’t pitch vitrol at any press person that asks a question that is unfriendly.

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  21. Southpaw says:

    Why do you have to tell them who is speaking for the President? Whoever shows up is who you get.


  22. whoseyore says:

    How about Monica Crowley?

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  23. Classically Delicious says:

    The press are buffoons. Personally, I’d rather see one of their own up there who is actually kept in the dark regarding the real issues Trump is working on. Why not someone like Kanye West?


    • gary says:

      Using your idea, about about Tim Allen! 🙂

      He got fired from his show for being too conservative on his tv show, and he is a comedian and seems thoughtful. Nobody on SNL could spoof him, and get away with it, I don’t think.

      I can even see Tim Allen being a host on SNL and maybe even reversing he show’s lib direction for just ONE SHOW, it could be funny, then SNL returns to regular lib leaning show the next week.


  24. El Torito says:

    Laura is too involved with her own personal crap, I would stop listening to the pressers if she got it, but I think DJT is well aware of her doing everything to advance her own interests, which happen to be herself. She is always 1 second from resting b/tch face too. I am a big fan of Palin, but she is wayyyy too shtick for my blood. pressers and Mama Grizzly speak don’t mix in my brain at all. Coulter is too unstable, untrustworthy now. I would be happy if they’d leave Ms. Huck in the spot.

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  25. FelineFine says:

    Would love for there NOT to be any press briefings, period. Every afternoon, the spokesperson comes out and explains what the President has accomplished that day and what’s in store for the following day. That’s it! No repetitive, moronic questions from the insane media. Exactly what does listening to these idiots accomplish?

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  26. Jimmy Jack says:

    Man would I love to see Michael Malice do this. He is BRUTAL. A total savage.


  27. Nchadwick says:

    After seeing Tyrus’s take on the White House Briefing… he would be GREAT

    LOVE THE 2 Question.. response..

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  28. deplorablegracie says:

    I like Tammy Bruce. I always listen to what she has to say

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  29. gary says:

    Great comments.

    Maybe Trump can have 10/15 people come in a do a press conference on mock stage, and see which one is the most effective, and good on their feet.

    So have audition night , and offer 1 million dollar salary for one year gig with free living expenses and other perks, with option to re-new. Make it like the apprentice show, and Trump doing the classic “your fired” or “you got the gig, congrats”.

    Just a funny way to look at the process and have fun with it.


    • lastinillinois says:

      Or better yet, since Pres Trump is very adept at entertaining, keep 12 or 15 different people on a rotating schedule.

      And don’t ever announce who’s turn it might be that particular day.

      As a matter of fact, he should ask Wasserman-Schlitz to be one of the 15.
      And then never use her.


  30. litenmaus says:

    I think Sarah Palin would make a marvelous Press Spokesperson. I mean that in the most sincere way. Quick on her feet, witty, politically woke, msm immunized and versed in radio, internet and cable news broadcasting. We know Sarah can put a smack down on the best of ’em and I think she’d do a great job.

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    • lastinillinois says:

      I love Sarah Palin, I also think she would be great.

      Perhaps her opening salvo to the press could be something like:
      “Hello, for those of you who don’t know me my name is Sarah Palin I was recently very nearly your Vice President.
      “Oh, and I can see Russia bombing john McCain’s friends from Assad’s house.”

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  31. KBR says:

    Michael Miller. Unfortunately he is too valuable elsewhere, and this would be a demotion for someone with his superior skills.

    Still, I would love a Miller-type at that podium: no nonsense and smart as a whip.
    “Asked and answered, next question?”

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  32. Scott says:

    Mark Steyn. The guy is brilliant, quick-witted, and has many quips to cut to the bone.

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  33. john says:

    Don’t know if anyone has nominated Newt…..Just for the sheer entertainment value…..I would have to take time off work for the press briefings.

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  34. janc1955 says:

    I vote for untelevised daily briefings, and a weekly, biweekly, or monthly televised briefing with a surprise guest press secretary for the day, who would be chosen from the large and expanding group of quick witted conservative talking heads, radio personalities, bloggers, and assorted others with a very sharp edge to them. NO nice guys or gals. Fearless.


  35. E C says:

    There’s a BIG difference between knowing what should be done and the execution of the plan in the real world.

    I’ll give an exhibit A and B in the sports world ( sorry ladies).

    Matt Millen in football and Mark Jackson in basketball. Both had nice voices and made you believe they knew their sports in and out so giving them the reins to the Lions and Warriors seemed like brilliant ideas. Both turned out to be disasters. Millen ran the team into the ground, Jackson couldn’t get along with management or run a staff and the next guy won them a championship.

    Be wary of the know it all types.


  36. Texian says:

    Being Press Secretary is now more easy than ever. Any Treeper could handle it..

    CNN: “What about Russia interfering with the election..”

    Treeper: Bullshit.. next..

    [insert next fake news outlet here]: But, but, but..

    Treeper: Bullshit.. next..

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  37. Bert Darrell says:

    Laura is not (IMO) the type of person who would enjoy daily confrontations with the rabid, dishonest press. The environment of her radio/TV programs is more controlled and flexible because it is largely a one-way delivery and she discuses topics she and her crew choose with individuals she selects.

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  38. TwoLaine says:

    For the 9,999th time.

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  39. scott467 says:

    Laura Ingraham Tamps Down Speculation of Her Joining the White House Communications Team…


    If the president wants to improve the Communications team, he needs to hire people who are NOT Beltway denizens.

    It’s as simple as that.

    I have nothing against Laura Ingraham, I’m sure she’s a wonderful person. But every time I see her on TV, I am reminded that she is as detached from reality as nearly everyone else who runs in those circles, the only difference is that she is ostensibly on ‘our side’.

    Like Peggy Noonan. Another wonderful person, who comes across like an aristocrat from the Victorian era. She’s a wonderful person, no doubt. But she has no clue, whatsoever, about what regular Americans are dealing with or struggling with, because that’s not her world, anymore than it’s Laura Ingraham’s world.

    If the president wants to communicate with “the People”, then HIRE some of “the People” to do the communicating. People who actually KNOW regular Americans.

    Because the people who run our country know regular Americans the same way I know celebrities. If I ever see them at all, it’s on TV.


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  40. jupitercomm says:

    I’ll be surprised if she doesn’t join eventually. The door stays open & it’s a big decision.


  41. steve1234 says:

    Privacy is every Americans right. Freedom of speech and freedom of the internet,. We must keep the internet free from the government. Stop the Government from spying on everybody, we have a constitutional right to our privacy. Use the search engine that does not change its results for political reasons and respects your privacy, just good old fashion results that are not tracked. they have there own search results and don’t use other search engines data, Have a great day


  42. RJ says:

    We’re at a crossroads in history and time is of the essence. The founders sacrificed everything, i.e., their fortunes and their lives. Sorry, but Laura isn’t cut of the same cloth. A nice lady by all accounts, but not willing to sacrifice the comfortable life for that of service to our country.


    • jupitercomm says:

      That’s incredibly unfair. She may with good reason believe she’s more useful on the air, which is separate from whether or not she’s right in believing so. After all, had Thomas Paine joined Washington’s army he might not have had time to write Common Sense…


    • crepelady says:

      Plus, if you listen to her radio show she is a single mom with three adopted kids, all under 11, that keep her busy on her off hours from radio/tv. The nanny thing in her absence is not a good thing for little children. She is their mother first, as it should be.


  43. Archie says:

    Let’s get one thing straight. Limbaugh, Hannity, Fox, Coulter, Levin, Savage, Ingraham, et al all presided over the worst republican showing in federal elections for 200 years. They were the ‘spokesmen’ and the ‘intellectual leaders’ for a generation of ordinary republicans and they utterly failed. The situation continued to deteriorate from 1988 to 2016 when it took the unusual ‘republican’ candidate Trump to win.
    That whole crowd enriched themselves over the years at your expense.
    Even now I doubt any of them understand modern politics and economics as espoused by this website.
    So, they are not welcome in the Trump administration as far as I am concerned.

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  44. mtc says:

    Love Sharyl. What about James Rosen, Jesse Watters, or Harris Faulkner?


  45. micscottmd says:

    Can’t control the questions, but can control the answers. Newt was great at saying what he wanted and iqnoring the question. Message gets out.


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