Treasury Secretary Mnuchin Testifies To House Appropriations Committee on Budget, Finance and Debt Ceiling…

Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin testified yesterday to the House Appropriations Committee discussing the FY 2018 budget, the current state of federal finance and the need to increase the budget ceiling.

Most of Mnuchin’s testimony focused on the bigger and more broad economic issues including: the federal budget, tax reform, spending, the debt ceiling, and the need to focus on GDP growth.


Secretary Mnuchin also describes the current state of the trade team’s conversations with multiple international partners and how they are responding positively to the engagements of Mnuchin, Secretary Ross (Commerce) and U.S. Trade Representative Lighthizer.

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25 Responses to Treasury Secretary Mnuchin Testifies To House Appropriations Committee on Budget, Finance and Debt Ceiling…

  1. sundance says:

    Cue the video to approx 19:45 to hear Mnuching discuss the “banking reform”.

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  2. The reps don’t know what they are talking about. They’re literally reading scripts.

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  3. SandraOpines says:

    Mnuchin is another Trump cabinet member that I could listen to all day long. Man he is sharp!

    I did the FF thru the questions since the congress critters annoy me. 😀

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  4. tigsmom says:

    Mrs. Herrera-Butler, set up the question for Secretary Mnuchin, She’s my local Rep, and took untold amounts of criticism from the lefty locals with her first unborn baby plagued with Potter Syndrome (no kidneys). The ugliness was directed at her Fed healthcare program that wouldn’t be available to “normal” people.

    She is a shining Red light in a sea of Blue. Clark County bucks the norm in WA State.

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    • maiingankwe says:

      The hate was also displayed in the comments section below the article. My goodness, talk about being uninformed, and when someone has the decency to explain a part of it, they just repeat again.

      One was adamant we spend far too much on babies that may or may not survive or an Elder who they believe is simply a waste since they will die soon enough. Oh, and since the baby doesn’t smile as of yet, they thought that was simply enough reason that any medical procedure was simply wasted on the child. Sheesh, and they think they are the compassionate ones? I sure as heck didn’t see it with the comments displayed there.

      So sorry you live with so many mindless fools, but at least there are still some smart ones scattered about such as yourself.

      Thank you for sharing the article with us. I am so happy their baby is thriving and I wouldn’t doubt if she is running around as I type. I wish the best for them and their future.

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    • A2 says:

      Thank you Tigsmom, did not know who that Lady was. She teed it up perfectly. Smart Lady, and Sec Mnuchin it that ball for a hole in one.

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    • Janice says:

      Hmmm maybe I should leave Pierce for Clark? We have land grabbing Reichert who still hasn’t stood for Trump!


  5. A2 says:

    Very informative. Thank you for posting this hearing. Mr Mnuchin and I are on the same page so it made it top shelf in my book, but he is stellar in getting the planks stacked up.

    I actually enjoyed the questions, especially those reps worried about their state subsidies in tax reform, also the TPP promoting reps who can not or will not understand that bilateral trade is a better economic policy.

    The moment, as you indicated Sundance, was the question on banking reform when Sec Mnuchin lit up the room like a firecracker with as he put it, the advertisement for the coming reports on banks. The enthusiasm was palpable.

    What a winner for the US. I spent my Typhoon morning listening to the international financial news. All the business/ financial services interviewees were solid on the US economy and policy under this administration.

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  6. starfcker says:

    I understood the logic in every answer Mnuchin gave. No dodging. No weasel words. Impressive guy.

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  7. anthohmy says:

    Quigley: “…and you’d want it before August. Why do both of those matter?”

    Who let him sit in that chair if he doesn’t know the answer to that question?

    “You talked about preferring it to be in August, but theoretically it could be later. Do you have an estimated date the Treasury is projecting that the extraordinary measures will be exhausted?”

    Somebody should tell him about the 20 Trillion dollar national debt.

    They might become exhausted working with a skeleton crew after another six months or so, unless it turns out Congress having one empty meaningless hearing after another while not acting on nominations to unfilled positions will result in a more efficient less costly government and they will never need to fill the positions again.


    “You got sixteen seconds left”


    A couple of weeks ago I noticed Pocahontas excels at running the clock by asking outraged questions and interrupting every attempt at an answer with more outrage while never letting the person answer.

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  8. Daniel says:

    I’d like to see the welfare states of New York and California stop using federal money to fund their socialist programs.

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  9. velvetfoot says:

    In other news, Mnuchin has executive producer credits on “Wonderwoman”. I get a kick when that happens. He’s had a few hits.

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  10. LibertyVibe says:

    I’m sure MSM, and the SJW’s think budgets are “racist”.


  11. mikeyboo says:

    Good grief! Sec’y Mnuchin actually talks straight and uses words regular people can understand-and yet he works for the government. This miracle can only be a sign of the end times.
    I was unfamiliar with Sec’y Mnuchin prior to his selection by Pres Trump. Based on this video, he is a great choice.


  12. Abster says:

    I love listening to Secretary Mnuchin. He is brilliant.


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