President Trump Joint Press Conference With Klaus Iohannis of Romania – 2:45pm Livestream…

President Trump is holding a joint presser with Romanian President Klaus Iohannis (Yo-HAHN-iss) at 2:45pm in the Rose Garden. The U.S. media is filled with collective rage and have worked themselves into a frenzy as they wait to question President Trump about yesterday’s Comey testimony.

UPDATE: Video Added

WH Livestream LinkAlternate Livestream #1Alternate Livestream #2

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247 Responses to President Trump Joint Press Conference With Klaus Iohannis of Romania – 2:45pm Livestream…

  1. weneedmorerules says:

    Best President Ever. Awesome presser. Day after Comey PDT right out there in their faces. They will never understand him. Therefore, they will keep losing.

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    • maiingankwe says:

      Off topic, but when I read your avatar name, I couldn’t help but laugh and remember one of my best friend’s remarks. He’s always telling me I have too many rules. Well, he says that to all of us, and a lot of times just states, too many damn rules.

      I’m not laughing at you, I was just hoping to get a smile. And I completely agree with your post, the msm and his enemies don’t understand our President and they never will, and it’s so simple, he’s for the people, it’s why we love him.

      Hope you have a beautiful day.

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  2. Ron says:

    The God Emperor’s powers have no dwindled, I see. He was in full force mode today, vast swaths of the main stream media destroyed with the flick of a hand, the dangle of a carrot.

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  3. SR says:

    I did not understand President saying he is fine with under oath and he said I said. It may give rats and fake MSM talking points that president needs to give testimony or issue subpoena.


    • fedback says:

      Comey undermined Mueller’s investigation when he revealed it to be a deliberate political setup

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      • 6x47 says:

        Boom, exactly.

        There are (were?) two separate counterintelligence investigations: The “Pee dossier” and another of alleged Russian cyber warfare. The two have been deliberately conflated to imply that the Trump campaign is somehow involved with Russian hacking – which it is not.

        President Trump is now completely justified in canceling the special counsel appointment since it has been revealed as an engineered controversy.

        Even if he does decide to keep the special counsel Mueller needs to recuse himself as he is BFF with Comey.

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      • VegasGuy says:

        That said, I found it interesting that in the June 7 hearing…..

        Sen. Harris asks Rosenstein if he would provide a letter to Robert Meuller that would indicate he has complete independent authority to run his investigation.

        Rosenstein stated that Mueller cannot be fired by the President. But…… Mueller can be “fired” by Rosenstein….Interesting IMO.

        Sen. Harris wanted Mueller given total independent authority without oversight. Then following Comey’s testimony on June 8, it becomes a potential issue as to whether or not Mueller is even going to be needed ongoing.

        Surely the FBI can complete a Russian “interference” investigation I would think.

        Sessions should unrecuse himself, take control of this fiasco, & let Trump get on with his agenda.


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      • doofusdawg says:

        Comey is a boy scout… Mueller was appointed to give Comey cover… Chickens comin home to roost.

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        • Aguila2011 says:

          Comey is no Boy Scout. He only wants you and everyone else to “think” he is a Boy Scout. He doesn’t even know the meaning. He is a political hack who should have been fired on day one. That was Trump’s mistake, unless part of the bigger plan to take down Clinton, Lynch, et al of the Deep State.


          • Mike says:

            Comey is a weasel.


          • EternalVigilanc3 says:

            Enough! Yes Comey should of been fired on day one. I agree with you. Also, agree Comey is no boyscout. Yes Comey himself and MSM crafted the boyscout image, an apolitical person.

            Please use critical thinking and not emotion. What do you think would of happened if Comey was fired on “day one”? Do you not recall all of the talking points at that time? Would the firing add more fuel to the talking points or would the firing just be a whisper?

            It would have been a mistake by our President if he had fired the “boy scout” on day one.

            Also I did notice you Capitalized “Boy Scout” then proceeded to say “Trump” not President, POTUS, or PDJT. My conclusion is that either that you are still suffering Conservative Battered Syndrome or you are just LARPing. Based on your pic I would bet you are a LARPer. smh…


    • James F says:

      Trump only said he would testify under oath to that single statement not open himself to a fishing expedition.

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    • Sherlock says:

      That’s precisely why you don’t answer ridiculous questions like that. He has counsel, use him.


      • dbobway says:

        Our President got himself a lawyer!



        • Sherlock says:

          One answer simply begets another set-up question from the jackals in the media. Next week, that same twerpy “never-Trump” reporter (after helpful consultation with the dems on some congressional committee or other) will return with: “Mr. President, Senator X says he would welcome your testimony immediately before the (fill in name of committee here). Will you agree to do that immediately, and if not, why not?” Just watch.
          Answering such questions is not productive at all.

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          • Katherine McCoun says:

            True. They are never satisfied as they are not after truth. They are after scandal, ratings, click bait, drama, personal fame, corporate profits, to be a hero to the left and a to win a political battle for the left. Truth is not on the agenda at all.

            Its been Russia, Russia, Russia and that easily morphs to obstruction which then will morph to …whatever. Doesn’t matter. They will make it up if they have too. Never over with them and never ends.


          • No because I’m busy.


          • dbobway says:

            We have to keep them busy.

            All of our focus has to be to the voter.

            The President fuels us with the truth.

            The voter becomes the most important element to freedom and moving forward to a free market.


    • You don’t issue a supboena to the president, The president is your boss.

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  4. kate says:

    I have prayed to keep President Trump safe and have prayed more than I ever had in my life time for our country, thank you all patriots who have done the same because it seems that prayers really work.

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    • Joe Blow says:

      They do. Keep praying!

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    • maiingankwe says:

      I know I’ve never prayed for a president before, but when I do for our President Trump and his family, it just feels good. It feels right.

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      • Alexsandra says:

        Yes. Likewise, I cannot recall ever praying for a President before. But I felt led almost daily and sometimes several times a day to pray for President Trump even from the beginnings of the campaign. As I repeated on another thread today, and have repeated before, the prayer I feel led to pray most often is very scriptural:

        Lord, let their evil words and schemes boomerang back on their own heads, and let them fall into the traps they themselves have set. Praise God, Who answers prayer.

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        • Sylvia Avery says:

          THIS! I have never prayed more than once or twice for a President before. I was so worried about what BO was doing to our country I tried to pray for him for guidance, but it was like banging my head against a wall and I quickly quit.

          I was so unnerved by the prospect of our country, the last best hope for freedom on the planet, circling the drain that I started praying for Trump during the election. Every day. It was the one thing I could do, so I did it. And then it became routine.

          I probably got it from you, but I pray the same prayer that no weapons formed against PDJT will prosper and that their evil wor boomerangs back upon them. God answers prayer.

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      • Kaco says:

        I honestly do not recall praying for an election, nor for a President and his family and people before. I had never believed in a President like this before, for one, and I suppose the last one I would have done so for would have been Reagan but I was a teenager then and not so much into politics.

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    • mcclainra says:

      We the same. Never a day goes by that we don’t pray for our country and our president and his family.

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  5. carterzest says:

    This was a beautiful presser. Trump is not playing.

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  6. Joe Blow says:

    Not sure which gives me more pleasure—seeing how well President Trump gets along with other world leaders & the mutual respect they share, or watching the looks on said leaders’ faces when he bats around the fake stream media like used-up tennis balls.

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    • Ron says:

      They all know how it feels. We’re all just getting clued into how they work because of Trump, but if you know anything about anything else the MSM reports on, you’ll see they do this all the time, on every subject… so likely do it with other leaders as well.

      I know a little bit about Egyptology, the news reports you usually hear are so off it’s comical. I was a big fan of Michael Jackson, most of what was printed about him was completely made up, if you were a fan you knew these things but the general public just heard salicious things that weren’t true and had no basis in fact. Etc. Etc.

      So we know they’re all full of crap because we follow President Trump closely and know when they’re lying (90% of the time)… just imagine how they’re doing the same thing to everyone else they’re reporting about, and everything else they’re reporting about.

      I’m sure it’s worse with President Trump because of the hatred, but the President of Romania probably gets 70% fake coverage, etc.

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    • Pam says:

      I agree totally. I was very impressed with the Romanian president. I just listened to the Q & A part of the joint presser because I had missed it. He took the American media to task in a very polite way and made them look so stupid.

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  7. rsanchez1990 says:

    It’s the master at work, folks. If the media insists on messing with the bull, they’ll keep getting the horns.

    Just cover him fairly, that’s all he wants. They don’t have to be Trump boosters/cheerleaders, but stopping with all the “gotchas” and the straight up lies will go a long way towards setting up a good relationship between the media and the President/the people.

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    • Ron says:

      These people cannot read others well. I agree with you, he doesn’t want cheerleaders, look how he gives interviews to people he knows doesn’t like him. They believe he’s got thin skin. He has thick skin! He’s taken everything, and still standing stronger than ever. He has Rhino skin.

      The proof? They started making fun of his hair in the early 80’s. He didn’t change one damn strand. He took their ridicule and made it an asset. It’s like in Judo, use your opponents momentum as your own.

      MSM too stupid to realize that. They want interviews? If they’d treat him a little more fair they’d be interviewing him right now.

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  8. bertdilbert says:

    Reporter: “And you seem to be hinting that there are recordings of those conversations.”

    Trump: “I’m not hinting anything. I’ll tell you about it over a very short period of time….Oh, you’re going to be very disappointed when you hear the answer. Don’t worry.”

    I like the way Trump took a swipe at the news media while keeping them guessing. If the tapes exist, the media will be negative and if there are no tapes, the media will be negative.

    So regardless of the outcome of the tapes, expect days of negativity surrounding it with 6 panel pundits taking swings at Trump at the legal implications of having/not having tapes and how this will lead to impeachment.

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  9. Kaco says:

    Hannity had Circa News on last night, and they said a lot of stuff will be going down soon. I can’t wait, we’ve all been praying for justice!

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  10. rumpole2 says:



  11. rumpole2 says:


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  12. cyn3wulf says:

    It’s interesting, isn’t it, that for all the supposed interest of our media in our standing in the community of nations, they show absolutely no interest in the actual matter at hand, no interest in our relationship with Romania, unless prodded (John, do you have a question for the president (Iohannis)). It’s downright embarrassing. #NotMyMedia

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  13. lawton says:

    The other head of state finds it pretty funny how Trump handles the lefty press when asked about tapes. lol

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  14. Rick says:

    I have to go back to the story that PDJT told us during the campaign. Remember when he said that when he was a young man and he came off too strong and too course in certain situations his father, Fred Trump used to say, “Donald, you have to smooth out the lumps in the road”.

    I sense that inside of the political upheaval that has been thrown his way by the media, (unprecedented by the way), that almost daily the MSM continues with a FAKE NEWS narrative even when facts prove otherwise. We can see that the President is getting his boots on the ground and feeling more comfortable with each passing week.

    This alone has to scare the crap out of the Deep State and Media. He has not been weakened, he is not losing faith and he is not cowering to any opposition. In fact, just the opposite. Where the media thought that they would break this man down, make him cower and resign in defeat. He has accomplished the impossible. Crushing the Clinton and Obama machines was a feat that no other Republican could have accomplished. He continues by breaking Hollywood down, Kathy Griffin being the latest fool to take a hit. His supporters are becoming more energized with each passing day. It’s called WINNING! He told us about it, and we see it now.

    Finally, he just broke down the biggest 6’8″ dummy of all. A man that headed up the World’s leading LE agency. Made him cower like the lying, leaking sycophant that he was. A political hack, that was appointed not because of a LE upbringing, but because he was an Attorney that accepted PAY for PLAY rather than the rule of Law. (everything Clinton).

    His presser today exhibited a hight degree of self-confidence and an unwavering to commit to continue with his agenda. Jonathan Karl is an ABC fool who was put in his place straight up by the President. The rest of the Jackals want to know if there is a tape. The President left them all hanging and howling like rabid dogs. “in due time.” LOL!

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    • Sean Supsky says:

      Rick, good post and good observations.

      Methinks that soon, President Trump will not be so nicey to the lying media at pressers.

      Yeah, he shall be a gentleman about it, but he will slay them.

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  15. WeThePeople2016 says:

    James Comey is going to make millions on a book deal soon. He is going to talk about his brush with death with a serial rapist. Do you know what that is about? He hid in the closet with his brother when the serial rapist was in his house when he was a senior in high school. I know this because he went to the same high school as my husband and my husband told me about this story! He also said that Comey was a loner in High School and kept to himself. Also, because Comey was so tall, the coaches kept trying to get him to play sports, and he would not do it.

    Here is the article supporting what I just told you.

    FBI nominee Comey was held captive as a Bergen teen


  16. JeremyJohn says:

    Thid is the president trump we are proud of. he tskes the fight head on Woll Gop ever learn?


  17. Anne says:

    Trump will travel to Poland, affirm NATO alliance

    President Trump will travel to Poland this summer ahead of the G20 Summit in Germany for a bilateral meeting with the Polish president.

    The White House announced the upcoming trip in a Friday afternoon statement. While he did not announce dates, White House press secretary Sean Spicer said the event is meant to “reaffirm America’s steadfast commitment to one of our closest European allies and emphasize the administration’s priority of strengthening NATO’s collective defense.”

    The announcement comes hours after Trump affirmed America to NATO’s mutual defense provision, referred to as Article 5, amid criticism that he did not specifically do so during his last trip abroad.


  18. WeThePeople2016 says:

    IMHO, I believe there are tapes of their conversations. I don’t know how or who did the recording, but I believe they exist. Trump doesn’t make moves like that (referring to his May 12th tweet regarding possible tapes) unless he has concrete evidence. That has not been his style in the past. He has something and he is keeping it close to his chest. Also, when he told the reporter today that you are not going to be happy (referring to possibility of tapes existing,) I take that to mean that the tapes do exist. If there were no tapes, the media would be happy, because then they want to do a he said/he said, Trump vs. Comey scenario. Also, they would so love to get Trump under oath. Notice that he suggested testifying before Mueller. However, if there ARE tapes, it will prove that Trump has been telling the truth all along, and the media will NOT be happy, which is what Trump was referring to today. Just my 2 cents.

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    • Lion2017 says:

      I was thinking the same thing. The media won’t be happy because the tapes will be favorable for the President & not so much for their agenda!


    • I haven’t a clue if recordings exist, but would sure like to hear them if they do. Media would be disappointed if they didn’t, because they believe Comey and therefore assume “tapes” would support his story.


      • WeThePeople2016 says:

        The first question by the reporter today to Trump was “isn’t it your words against his.” They love the he said/he said narrative so they can go after Trump saying he is lying and Comey is telling the truth. The media would not like it if there are tapes that exist that proves that Trump has been telling the truth all along and that Comey is lying. That would not fit their narrative to go after Trump.


    • Why would the Pres. be put under oath by Mueller, he is not under any investigation. He needs to fire Mueller. There is nothing to investigate, and Mueller is another deep state rat.

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      • WeThePeople2016 says:

        He should not be put under oath to testify, because he has not done anything wrong. That is what the reporter suggested today to Trump, if he would be willing to testify before Mueller. The media thinks that would/could bring Trump down.


      • Presidents can neither hire nor fire a Special Counsel (under current law), otherwise they could not undertake investigations with sufficient independence. Deputy AG Rosenstein selected Mueller, and now could only fire him for cause.

        We have no idea what Mueller specifically plans to investigate, as he is still gathering staff. He will be required to file a report. Remember, Ken Starr started out investigating Whitewater, but ended up at Monica Lewinsky. Hard to predict where Mueller’s work will terminate.

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    • Sean Supsky says:

      I’ll see your 2 cents, and I’ll raise you 2 cents…

      Would it not be glorious if there are indeed tapes?

      What would also be funny, is if they are considered classified.

      *Being as how these tapes are classified and can blow a hole clean through your entire narrative, do you really want to take that chance? Do you feel lucky? Well, do ya, punk?*

      *Note, this is President Trump channeling Dirty Harry (the movie, not the villain that used to be in congress)

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  19. SeekerOfTruth says:

    Trump punishes NY Times for debunked Russia story

    WASHINGTON – A New York Times reporter was relegated to the back row of a White House press conference on Friday, one day after fired FBI Director James Comey said a bombshell report about Russia by the major newspaper was “not true.”

    Peter Baker, the Times’ chief White House Correspondent, found a placard bearing his publication’s name among the seats furthest away from President Trump during a joint press conference with Romanian President Klaus Iohannis in the Rose Garden.

    Despite Trump’s frequent criticism of the outlet, the Times has been in the first few rows of every press conference the president has held since taking office.

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  20. JAS says:

    Hannity et al just “wrote” the indictment on Comey the Weasel with extensive luxury of detail. WOW!


  21. G. Combs says:

    I think it is about time to use Roberts Rules of Order at this Pressers.

    OFF TOPIC! Next question please.


  22. Have to share this perspective….
    Dropping the Hammer on Comey…Brilliant!


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