President Donald Trump Speech To U.S. Department of Transportation…

Right Back To Making America Great Again – Delivering remarks at the U.S. Transportation Department, President Trump outlines the goal to solve “one of the biggest obstacles to creating this new and desperately-needed infrastructure – and that is the painfully slow, costly and time-consuming process for getting permits and approvals to build.”

President Trump said the White House is moving ahead with “massive permit reform” and setting up a new council to help project managers navigate bureaucratic hurdles. “This Council will also improve transparency by creating a new online dashboard allowing everyone to easily track major projects through every stage of the approval process.”

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74 Responses to President Donald Trump Speech To U.S. Department of Transportation…

  1. sundance says:

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  2. sundance says:

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    • CharterOakie says:

      Reminds me of when President Reagan picked up the massive binders or stacks of paper forming the budget and dropped them disdainfully with a thud onto a nearby surface during a speech in the House. Similar effect, and very effective in making the point.

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  3. sundance says:

    I absolutely love this…

    That’s OUR President…

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    • R-C says:

      Exactly right!

      President Trump is speaking about the “Inter-County Connector”, which was built by the uber-liberal/communist Montgomery County, MD. (I used to live there, when it was being touted and built.)

      This roadway project took on the ‘feel’ of a fable. “Site of the Inter-County Connector!”, the signs crowed. But you never saw any workers; no heavy equipment–just the signs. For years. And years. And years.

      Everyone was shocked when they finally broke ground (and 20 years is about right!).

      I left shortly after it was finished. I drove it once–it would have been a great boon to my commute. But I stayed away, because after the ‘grace period’, the communists made it a toll road. Go figure.

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      • auscitizenmom says:

        Maybe the tolls were needed to pay for the books of papers that Trump showed. 🙄 I mean, $24,000 dollars a page is a lot of money.

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      • joninmd22 says:

        It’s barely traveled and almost a complete waste of money. As a toll road you need an easy pass transponder and people do not use it. It was more than 20 years as planning started in the late 80’s if I recall.

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        • MIKE says:

          It is getting more use each day. Was on it this A.M., one of our trucks broke down on it. State road 200, the ICC, is the only road in Md. that is not bomb cratered out. Some fun facts; Been in the planning books since the late 1940’s or early 1950’s; was not supposed to be a toll road; for every acre of its’ footprint, One acre of “protected” wetland had to be created in some other part of the two counties it traverses. jon is right; if you do not PURCHASE a transponder, you can use the road, they will send you a bill for the toll in the mail, along with a $20.00 “processing fee”. And the Liberal progressives consider this as one of their “crowning acheivements”! So that is a half- century of red tape delay and dilly-dallying to build an expressway that spans two small counties, one being a sanctuary county. All other roadways and bridges in Md. are the worst I’ve ever seen. Our president is 100% correct, but any action he takes will not stop Maryland from their own stupidity. Yes I will move as soon as the boss and myself can retire.

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        • R-C says:

          Yep. I lived there (Gaithersburg) when it was announced; went away for several years, and lived in Germantown when it was finally built. I drove it once, during the ‘grace period’, and when the tolls went into effect, I refused to touch it. Then I moved away. Thank God.


    • Linda says:

      Wow, just wow! That explains in a nice little soundbite why our country is falling apart.

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    • Dr T says:

      Well he’s been through this type of useless senseless process tons of times himself as a builder and knows personally the waste of money and time it costs . This scene reminds me a lot of Atlas Shrugged. Even the setting . Love how he does this with easy American spirit!!! Can do way.

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    • quintrillion says:

      This is 8 minute video of the governors, mayors, etc that were in the meeting prior to this speech. They go around the table and introduce themselves. Great ending on this too.

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  4. james23 says:

    Greatest deregulator in modern American history, is our President Trump!
    so glad we elected him

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  5. TONYA PARNELL says:


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  6. Katie says:

    I love this man.

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  7. Bull Durham says:

    He can’t be stopped when he acts as the Leader.
    There is so much to do and his vision is spot on.
    His daily agenda should be “Lead”.

    How did it take them 4 months to get to the basics?

    This is Babe Ruth hitting home runs in Yankee Stadium.

    Trump was born to do this—MAGA.

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    • R-C says:

      “How did it take four months to get to the basics?”

      You seem to imply that running the federal government is ‘easy’. You seem to imply that turning around the MESS that is our out-of-control federal government should be completed in the snap of one’s fingers. I dunno…perhaps you’re even implying that Mr. Trump is lazy.

      I don’t agree with you. I’ve been in, and around, that mess of a government for years. Bureaucrats abound. Silly rules everywhere you look. And you might have noticed that most of them are pulling against this administration.

      As for me? I have PATIENCE. I also have trust in my president (for a big change). Mr. Trump is fighting on a dozen fronts, simultaneously. And he’s whipping them, bit by bit.

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    • progpoker says:

      And the Swamp’s daily agenda should be “Get outta the Way!”.

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  8. Disgusted says:

    Please no more “councils” and “committees” or “overseers”. That’s just more of the same! Maybe not in the beginning, but the new “members” will see their positions as a pathway to tell people what to do just like they always have, and that’s how we got where we are today!

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    • M33 says:

      He can’t do it all himself. He is a delegator.

      How would suggest Trump do it, then?

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    • Sloth1963 says:

      No more Czars either. I’m sick of those guys


    • cyn3wulf says:

      You seem to be missing the fact that these councils are made up of local leaders who actually get things accomplished rather than federal bureaucrats whose job it is to look like they are accomplishing something while actually working to inhibit any forward progress. I see this as giving states and local governments more of their voice and power back.

      Everything he does is based on doing an end run around Washington and taking it directly to who is concerned with the matter at hand. Foreign nations? Let’s go actually talk to the leaders of those nations. Energy? Let’s go actually talk to those in the business of providing it. Infrastructure? Let’s go talk to those who are responsible for building and maintaining it. Even when the topic is under the federal umbrella, he goes and talks to the people who will be responsible for implementing whatever it is. He gets an idea of what they actually need, what their concerns are, what they are capable of doing, etc, and their words don’t fall on deaf ears.

      Ideally, congress would be doing this, but their job seems to be more about getting elected and amassing power; perhaps this changed somewhat when Senators started to be voted in rather than appointed by their respective states. In any event, they’re not doing it, so Trump is.

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      • Lindenlee says:

        Makes me wonder about the “public-private” partnerships, and how much “private” does the project need to circumvent the odious, racist, expensive, indolence-producing DAVIS-BACON Act. That whole law needs to be brought down, and give the taxpayers good work for their money. DAVIS-BACON is why you see one man working and 5 standing around, doing nothing, at three times the normal wage for work on non-medical projects.

        He needs to make that a precondition for this work going to union labor. Make Trumpka and his odious ilk roll over and beg for it!

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  9. KBR says:

    Being able to track the project through the approval process will show exactly where things get the most bogged down. Hopefully there will be a way to report it that gets real results when it takes years to get through a certain approval that should take weeks..

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  10. helmhood says:

    In honor of President Trump’s unrelenting drive to push ahead in the face of opposition:

    When the wolves come and hunt me down
    I will face them all and stand my ground

    Hold on tight a little longer
    What don’t kill ya makes ya stronger
    Get back up, ’cause it’s a hard love

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  11. blessdog says:

    the master BUILDER at work!!


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  12. chojun says:

    Interesting is the idea that the regulatory agencies will be penalized/punished somehow if they don’t get the infrastructure approvals out in a timely manner.

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  13. The Boss says:

    Remember when nobody from LIUNA would be caught dead at a GOP event? They were once the exclusive property of the dem-whore-pigs. Now….well lookie here!

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    • G. Combs says:

      Union Members woke-up and saw their jobs walking away. Here in North Carolina, most contractors are Hispanics. I hear a lot of complaining about foreigners taking jobs in construction, hospitality and IT.

      When it is YOUR job that is taken or your buddys’ or relatives you wake-up real fast.


  14. This initiative will be the nearest and dearest to POTUSs’ heart. I hope he has the time of his life!

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  15. Orygun says:

    A sign goes up saying “Work Zone Fines Double” and then nothing is the rally cry of the socialists. Everyone gets a cut and when they are done there is no money left for the actual project.

    Money was allocated by the Feds to replace the septic tanks in my neighborhood because of health hazards. The city sat on the money until the deadline when they would have to pay it back and then went to the homeowners for the money to do the project. They had used all the money on studies and Engineering and when it came time to build there was no money. if they passed the deadline they would have to pay the government back and they was no money to do that either.
    In other words, the city took the money and just used it to enrich themselves and didn’t worry about the sewers until they had to pay it back. The US taxpayer was swindled again.

    I worked on the last bits of the Interstate system in Oregon when I got out of the Navy and we built highway as fast as we could swing sledgehammers. It went quick and it still looks good. We had real tough inspectors and if the contractor did a poor job he had to tear it up and start over. What we did in a year would take this State ten years now. There is no incentive to finish anything and I think there is a lot of wink and nod going on.

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  16. JoD says:


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  17. StateSovereigntyNationalUnion says:

    The left with support by the SJW movement is right now in the process of weaponizing approvals for infrastructure projects in America. Take pipelines: FERC is the lead agency coordinating all approvals including environmental assessments and is actually decent (not great) at this job. Opposition is targeting weak links in Federal agency, State and local approval processes to add volumes of public comment that must be responded to and also attacking legitimate project approvals via the courts to stonewall development. This movement is attacking all projects, even those that would not otherwise be controversial. They are actually automating the process of public comment and distributing links via social media.

    I’m not sure what the solution is because State and local approvals are part of the process. A task force that would drill into the weeds on approvals from EPA, Interior, Army Corp, etc. and streamline would help although this has been done in past. I don’t know how you pass legislation to penalize public comment. It is a tricky problem. Perhaps someone here has suggestions?

    Thank God for Trump. RINOs would talk about this at length and end up doing nothing.

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    • unconqueredone says:

      “I don’t know how you pass legislation to penalize public comment. It is a tricky problem. Perhaps someone here has suggestions?”

      Shorten the time for public comment, allow for the grouping of comments and allow addressing them in batches. An example would be the form-letter response you get when you contact your elected officials- the drop down of the subject matter limits the grouping and seems to automatically generate at least part of the response.


    • Require every public commenter to prove STANDING.

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      • G. Combs says:

        “Require every public commenter to prove STANDING.”

        OHHHHhhhh, that is a GOOD ONE!

        Here is the ‘precedent’ set by a SJW Judge.

        This one still makes me see RED!

        Human testing lawsuit dismissed; Court lacks jurisdiction to hear case against EPA

        So the EPA and its researchers are free to violate all the rules of human experimentation — and no one can do anything about it.

        We can prove that EPA conducted illegal experiments, lied to the study subjects and committed assault and battery on its human guinea pigs.

        It’s unfortunate that Judge Anthony Trenga opted to hide behind a disputable procedural technicality to avoid adjudicating these facts.

        Judge Trenga’s ruling means that no third party can stop illegal human experimentation by government researchers. While his ruling leaves open the door for human subjects to challenge the legality of the experiments, how could they if they are being lied to? […]

        Teenager died in 1996 government-funded air pollution experiment at Univ. Rochester; University now using diabetics as air pollution guinea pigs (Same Univ. Rochester hospital (Strong Memorial Hospital) used my Mom as guinea pig for Radiation and Chemo experiments in the late 1960s, early 1970s and killed her. Also Strong killed my girl friend’s and boy friend’s moms that same year. And yes that hospital literally killed all three of those women!)

        We can now say that government-sponsored air pollution experiments have killed more people than any recent air pollution.

        In April 1996, a 19-year old University of Rochester student died while earning $150 as a guinea pig in an air pollution experiment. She was apparently overdosed with lidocaine during a bronchoscopy. The research was funded by the U.S. National Institute of Environmental Health Science (NIEHS).

        The University of Rochester has apparently gotten over the death of Haiyan “Nicole” Wan and has moved on to testing concentrated air pollution particles on diabetics via funding from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency.[…]


  18. unconqueredone says:

    The un-elected judiciary are salivating at the opportunity to put one form of hold or another on each project. Judicial activism is going to be an issue here, unless I miss my guess.


    • PreNanny says:

      it is OBSTRUCTION not judicial or activism.
      Any and all people with judicial powers that abuse that power need to be fired and have their pensions revoked. Git er done Atty General Sessions restore the judicial branch.

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      • G. Combs says:

        “it is OBSTRUCTION not judicial or activism.
        Any and all people with judicial powers that abuse that power…”

        NEED to be TRIED under the Color of the Law and SENTENCED. This is fines, jail time up to and including the death penalty.

        IFFFfff another terrorist attack happens in the USA and can be linked to the 9th Circuit Court’s ruling negating President Trump’s ban, then HANG’EM ALL HIGH!!!

        Deprivation Of Rights Under Color Of Law | Department of Justice
        TITLE 18, U.S.C., SECTION 242

        Section 242 of Title 18 makes it a crime for a person acting under color of any law to willfully deprive a person of a right or privilege protected by the Constitution or laws of the United States.

        For the purpose of Section 242, acts under “color of law” include acts not only done by federal, state, or local officials within the their lawful authority, but also acts done beyond the bounds of that official’s lawful authority, if the acts are done while the official is purporting to or pretending to act in the performance of his/her official duties[…]

        It is not necessary that the crime be motivated by animus toward the race, color, religion, sex, handicap, familial status or national origin of the victim.

        The offense is punishable by a range of imprisonment up to a life term, or the death penalty, depending upon the circumstances of the crime, and the resulting injury, if any.[…]


    • BigMamaTEA says:

      Of course it is. My President EXPECTS it.


  19. Donna in Oregon says:

    President Trump is doing a fantastic job! I can’t wait. If the States try any of their shakedowns President Trump’s plan will be all over them. Ah, the smell of Federal audits first thing in the morning! Perp walks. Love it! The Trump admin knows exactly how the game is played.

    Trump supporters will see hired Trolls a plenty over this one 🙂 Trillions of dollars at stake, folks, trillions!

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  20. blognificentbee says:

    My whole career has been as a Project Manager/Permit/Red-tape expeditor. Basically guiding commercial & home builders through local, county and state bureaucracies. We created a lot of schedules and flow charts just like the one the President referenced during his speech. I made a good living for many years as the amount of red tape just keeping multiplying.

    As a skyscraper builder, POTUS must have experienced unspeakable numbers of delays and paid for people like me just for a single permit – and the higher up the food chain the permit needs to go (i.e. federal) the more time and money it takes- it exponentially explodes! If he can fix this, I will believe that he actually can walk on water (ha ha).

    The government/public employees union and the engineering/architecture lobbies are going to fight this BIGLY. We will win – because we just keep winning!!

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    • PreNanny says:

      Perhaps they will fire their lobbyists and get to work?
      No work for whiners the rest of us will be happy to cash the checks.

      Thank you to everyone who voted for Donald John TRUMP.

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    • Even BETTER:
      Mid-and-Small Communities in “Working America” approve fast.
      Big Cities in “Liberal Land” don’t.
      Pay-for-Speed: First approved gets the $.

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  21. Janice says:

    Trump Train!

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  22. BigMamaTEA says:

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  23. BigMamaTEA says:

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  24. anthohmy says:

    This was excellent and so very hope-full.


    Require ALL State and Local approvals to be completed – forbidding federal funding of any of these approvals and inspections – PRIOR to the start of any federal approvals.

    Red States and non-city Communities in flyover country will blast through approvals, and consume available funding.

    Blue States will either abandon their socialist-obstructionist practices or learn the hard way that they’ll be funding their own projects – if any ever get approved.


  26. A1 Cars says:

    Agree, he is doing an excellent job. We’re in transport and I love to do this exactly they way he explained.


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