2017 UK Special Election – Open Discussion Thread…

The level of media gaslighting, specifically surrounding exit polling and the predictions of vote tabulations, tonight in the U.K. is almost on par to the election night 2016 coverage in the U.S. As such, don’t be surprised if actual results end with a level of similar disconnect.

The big unknown is oddly the removal of UKip as a political party.  In essence, post Brexit, Nigel Farage’s UKip party of nationalistically aligned rag-tag misfits dissolved.  That’s a group of approximately 15% of the voting base.

Absent of UKip some, probably most, of the High-Info UKipers will vote toward the Conservative party; however, there will be some Lo-Info UKipers (‘punters‘ per se’) who will vote toward the Labour party.


RSBN is also broadcasting a livestream:

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327 Responses to 2017 UK Special Election – Open Discussion Thread…

  1. severance23 says:

    The right wing tide is most certainly not receding, and the so-called setbacks in Europe are down to the intricacies of the voting systems in the various countries. I believe that only Donald Trump could’ve done what he did in the U.S. by taking the Republican nomination and winning the presidency – no one else could’ve pulled that off, and that just shows the magnificence of his achievement.

    In the U.K. party leaders are usually chosen by the paid-up members of the particular party, although the Tories haven’t let their members choose for a dozen years now (May was chosen by the Conservative MPs in Parliament). The European models of elections usually mean that a Marine le Pen or a Geert Wilders are squeezed out in the end, no matter their initial popularity. This can’t last in Europe as the populations get more frustrated with globalism and the islamification of Europe – the right wing tide has barely started to rise yet.

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  2. Ozzie says:

    They call for trump in the streets of London, tells it all. Like saying ” I don’t want to die”.

    We are being killed by our governments, handcuffed from dealing with lawless behavior as the Muslims grow in numbers. We are told “sit still” while the black lives matter crowd, tells us we need to die. Americans are now “civilized”, means packaged to be burned.
    Political correctness is a drug used to suppress our instincts for rejection. A cancer is being grafted into our civilization but, we can’t fight back.
    Trump either gets the job done, or another, more violent leader will rise. Maybe that’s the plan all along, a dictator or hmm ” world ruler”?

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  3. Pam says:


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