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Top Five Facts and Examples Showcasing Comey’s Political Motives…

After watching James Comey and crew (Brennan, Yates, Clapper, etc.) testify for more than 11 months (July ’16 through June ’17), hopefully we don’t have to see any of their faces broadcasting false narratives on TV again.  That said, here’s … Continue reading

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NSA Leaker Appears in Court – Denied Bail, Tells Mom To Use “Chelsea Manning” Media Defense Strategy…

The leaker of classified NSA documents, Reality Leigh Winner appeared in court today in Augusta Georgia.  She was denied bail as prosecutors provided the judge with evidence in the case including Ms. Winner writing about burning down the White House … Continue reading

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2017 UK Special Election – Open Discussion Thread…

The level of media gaslighting, specifically surrounding exit polling and the predictions of vote tabulations, tonight in the U.K. is almost on par to the election night 2016 coverage in the U.S. As such, don’t be surprised if actual results … Continue reading

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Irony – James Comey’s Concern About Lying Exposes Months-long Lying of Democrat Leadership…

During fired FBI Director James Comey’s testimony today he justified his need to write “memos” after meetings with President Trump because he held concerns that President Trump would lie about their meetings. However, in citing this reasoning, and later delivering … Continue reading

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President Trump Speech to Faith and Freedom Coalition Conference…

Earlier today President Trump delivered remarks to the Faith and Freedom Coalition during their conference in Washington DC.

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Marco Rubio Questions James Comey – The Curiously Unidirectional Leaks…

Senator Marco Rubio questions fired FBI Director James Comey and discovers President Trump doesn’t know the politically correct order of operations when approaching a request to get beyond hyper-partisan politicized investigative nonsense; which led to Comey instructing Trump orbit how … Continue reading

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President Trump Attorney Marc Kasowitz Press Statement – 1:30pm EDT Livestream..

President Trump’s attorney is scheduled to deliver a statement after James Comey’s testimony today in congress.  The presser is scheduled to take place at the National Press Club.  All networks carrying and two livestreams below: UPDATE: Video Added [TRANSCRIPT] “Contrary … Continue reading

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