“About Last Night” – Fired Philadelphia Journalist, Colleen Campbell, Upset After Video Goes Viral…

We don’t normally share these stories, but there’s so many layers to it -including warnings about how everything you do and say has the potential to be recorded and forever alter your life- well, it deserves some attention/discussion.

Play stupid games, ya win stupid prizes.

Journalist Colleen Campbell called work at PHL 17 to tell her boss why she was unable to come to work. [It is unknown whether she told her boss she was in jail.] Ms. Campbell was surprised to discover she was fired.

There was video. “Video, what video”? She protested.

In the aftermath of the still rolling out consequences she is now sharing feelings of being “ruined”; sound familiar.

Here’s the video. (Warning, salty language alert):


[The police officer showed a remarkable amount of restraint. God Bless our police.]

Terrible behavior you say? ….Oh, but it gets worse.

(PhillyMag.Com) According to a police statement about the incident, shortly after the calm, cool, and collected cop who responded to the scene led her away in cuffs and the video stopped, Campbell, a recent Temple University graduate, allegedly assaulted him. Police say that she kicked him repeatedly and also kicked the doors and windows of a police car.

Police say that there are additional charges pending against Campbell, including simple assault, terroristic threats, hindering apprehension, and failure to disperse.

Two of the charges Campbell faces are third-degree felonies. She has been released on her own recognizance, meaning she didn’t have to fork over any bail money. (read more)


New York Post Article HERE

PhillyMag Article HERE

Philly Mag Interview With Ms. Campbell is HERE

Original Video is HERE

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464 Responses to “About Last Night” – Fired Philadelphia Journalist, Colleen Campbell, Upset After Video Goes Viral…

  1. We NEED DJT! says:

    Hats off to the police officer…I want to knock her flat on her a$$ speaking like that. Glad she has been fired and hope she is ruined. This has to happen people….the disrespect today is so out of hand that I can’t believe how low society is this day and time. If I was the boyfriend or whoever he was…I would have just said, cuff her and take her, I’m not going to stand around be associated with a woman like that. In the 2nd video where it isn’t edited, the bf actually goes up to the camera man taping and wanting to blame the camera is causing her to freak out like this and making it worse. NOPE, not going to buy that, she is in her true element showing the world what she is!

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  2. alohahawk says:

    Katy Perry’s team is already hard at work writing a hit song celebrating the bravery of this ill-spirit possessed young woman:

    Three big men on a little girl
    Take away her rights to make her point
    Silenced by ‘THE MAN’ she gets locked up
    Where is her justice… WHERE IS HER JUSTICE

    ITS ALL TRUMPS FAULT (repeat 18x)

    Sadly, this perky little demon spawn will be celebrated by the ANTIFA-tards….


  3. SafeSpace says:

    Hell hath no fury like a libtard chick scorned….

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  4. joshua says:

    this woman will never get raped. she also will never get a job or a husband. she should go join ISIS


  5. I found her wiki: https://www.everipedia.com/colleen-campbell-1/ – she has no history of this behavior, strange..


    • BigMamaTEA says:

      Well, but in that link you posted Mahbod, she finally admits to “having 5 drinks, including two shots an hour before the show started, and some earlier in the day.”


      • BigMamaTEA says:

        Oh, and I thought I cursed when home alone watching congressional hearings!!!!!! She used some phrases, I don’t think I’ve ever heard before. {whoa!}


  6. It’s amazing, puzzling, and disturbing that this attractive young woman with a budding career and her whole life ahead of her would be so full of this kind of venom.

    The demeanor of the guy she’s with implies that he’s seen her behave this way before. But as far as dealing with it goes, he’s completely paralyzed.

    Liked by 1 person

  7. Wow!!! Am I glad they didn’t cell phones with video when I was young stupid,
    Alcohol can make a fool out of anybody.The more you drink the smarter you get….so you think.

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  8. Eric says:

    Gender EQUALITY……


  9. Battle Ready says:

    I can’t believe she eats with that potty mouth!! Good job parents!!


  10. pursang says:

    I see a long life with many, many cats for this girl.

    Liked by 1 person

  11. I suppose everyone at one point in their life has uttered a few curse words. If you strive to never use this kind of language it’s not going to be right at the tip of your tongue.. I hardly believe that such a long list of curse words would roll off someone’s tongue so naturally, except they regularly speak that way “somewhere”. I guess there can be a price to pay, when you gather up a long list of bad words and keep them in very close range within your vocabulary. I guess having a potty mouth in the privacy of your own home, isn’t as safe or harmless as Colleen Campbell might have thought. Surely her parents told her when she was young, to not curse and to avoid cursing? Too bad for Colleen that she never listened to good advice. Guess she thought, I’m an adult now, I am over 18 and I can talk anyway that I want. Yes, you sure can Colleen, and now you can reap the consequences of your stubborn defience to wise counsel.


  12. brian hanlon says:

    This is the most entertaining thing I’ve seen in quite awhile.How appropriate,especially the way
    Phila.tv news media have such an anti police attitude,like most large cities.I guess that pretty
    much leaves out nun school for this blathering moron.Plus,the nuns can hold their liquor a lot
    better than this lightweight.


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