A Cultural Progressive Contemplates Terrorism…

Apparently Jodi Picoult is a New York Times best selling author.

Apparently there’s another edition of “The Grinch That Stole Christmas” where The Grinch is committed to the slaughter of The Whooville Who’s.

We shall make an earnest effort to locate that version.

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227 Responses to A Cultural Progressive Contemplates Terrorism…

  1. Alison says:

    She already blocked me !!! For telling her she should let adults comment on real world issues 😂😂😂😂😊

    Guess it’s time to ‘review’ her most recent novel on Amazon!!

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  2. sobriquet4u says:

    Jodi’s weird circle of logic is an insult to anyone who has lost a love one to terrorism. Stealing Christmas is a far cry from slaughtering innocent people. Her level of ignorance astounds me.

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  3. In the Dr Suess book the Grinch doesn’t KILL anybody. The comparison is completely and totally ridiculous. What an idiot.

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  4. big bad mike says:

    75 years since the Battle of Midway. 73 years since Saipan and D-Day this week. It’s not going to be easy to defeat the Kamikaze Leftists, but Victory will be ours and fairly won. When we see the libs going to seppuku classes, we know we are almost there.

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  5. Southpaw says:

    Ban green eggs and ham said Sam I am. It is not halal said Jamal.

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  6. 17CatsInTN says:

    The cognitive disconnect between reality and wishful thinking is truly astounding. They are literally insane. They think like the little engine that could.

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  7. Neural says:

    People like her are the reason thousands upon thousands of violent criminals walk free in the streets of America today looking for their next victim.

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  8. AAA Triple says:

    I would like her and Katy Perry to lead by example and go there without their bodyguards to give them hugs and kisses, then we’ll talk! Otherwise they can shut th hell up!

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  9. keebler AC says:

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  10. keebler AC says:

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  11. keebler AC says:

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    • Alligator Gar says:

      She probably doesn’t believe in Christ. She’s probably one of those “enlightened” lefties who blasphemously call Our G_D “your fantasy sky daddy.”

      Lord, give me strength against these monsters! Amen.

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  12. Brant says:

    The way I buy books (99% non fiction) is must be written before major events. One of the most well known is a book on JFK published the summer of 1963. The last bibliographical notation is a memo from April 1963. After November, they asked the author if he wanted to add a few more chapters. He said, No. The idea being it was pristine to before Dallas. Other books I have are books written between the wars when it was The Great War. Books on Russia before 1917. Books in Cuba before Castro. I also like old Atlases when countries had different names. I like to find old school text books. I especially like older autobiographies or biographies. I pretty much don’t touch anything written after about 1990. My personal library has several 1,000 books.

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  13. woohoowee says:

    Dear Jodi – Before you go sharing your love with the terrorists there’s something you should know: You aren’t Cindi Lou Who Who Was No More Than Two to terrorists. No, no, you are Max. With a hijab on your head. And lots of lashings. And when you get that heavy load you’re pulling back to the tip top of the cliff you’ll find your bag is full of severed heads, including Cindi Lou Who Who Was No More Than Two’s.

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  14. Frank says:

    There’s really nothing to gain by attempting any communication with people like that. She’s too stupid to reach. Close the lines of communication and throttle-up the Trump Train.

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  15. keebler AC says:


  16. Bull Durham says:

    So 4% of the cops in England have guns. The well-trained Armed Police took 50 rounds to drop three guys of fairly large size. And they hit one citizen by errant fire.

    If the unarmed police had guns and better training, the incident would have been over at the bridge.
    In fact, if all the police had guns and better training, it might not have occurred at all.
    Better yet, if some of the citizens out for a stroll had guns and were trained for such incidents, the cops wouldn’t have been needed.

    Just call the coroner and three body bags.

    Guns save lives. The more guns in the hands of trained owners, the less crime and violence.

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  17. vicschick says:

    It never ceases to amaze me that these people live in the same country I do. Didn’t ANY of them watch those planes hit the towers? Didn’t any of them watch those precious souls jump to their death from those burning buildings? It is an image I will never be able to wipe out of my mind. And then, going to see that sacred ground after that happened was an experience that moved me deeply and I wept at the fence around the giant hole in the ground. And to think America elected just 7 short years later a man by the name of Barack Hussein Obama who had more questions than answers about who he was and what his intentions were. Liberalism is truly a mental disorder……straight up! Their virtue signaling disgusts me to the core,

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  18. Fhokencougie says:

    My brother told me when he saw building two get stabbed by the first plane that he heard, but did not listen to the announcement on the intercom stating that all was well and nothing to see here. As he started his way down the 74th floor staircase of Bld1 the other plane filled with poor souls and total losers at the helm flew into his building. He never heard or even felt the plane hit the building on his way down the stairs. I called Dad from my desk and woke him up only to hear him breakdown as he turned on the news. I flew in from Atlanta landing at Newark and watched the spot smoldering of non-steel burning flames from the air as we circled in. I still have his business card with the WTC 74th floor east address on it in my wallet. There were a whole bunch of Who’s singing after the smoke settled but I guess nobody listened to the lyrics.

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    • Fhokencougie says:

      I just found it odd that he post above mine was about the towers. I never saw it as I wrote mine(s) and I can’t say that I’ve ever really talked about my personal experience. Sorry, just an observation. I’ve been a lurker for many years (like the start) and hardly ever post.

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    • LKA in LA says:

      God bless you and your family Fhokencougie.

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    • keebler AC says:

      I’m so sorry to hear you and father had to go thru that. My heart fills with tears. This is why President Trump is working so hard and against so much headwind to make sure Americans are as safe as possible. May God watch over your brother, keep him forever close to you and your dad where time and space matters not, and may people like Jodi P who write La La Land trash for profit fall on their lousy book reviews.

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    • Tegan says:

      Family member worked on 67th floor…same thing. Was told to stay at desk…grabbed purse and told the person next to her to start down stairs…couldn’t talk anyone else to follow. She survived…no one else did. Ironically, she was in the previous Port Authority building that was attacked, and that was the factor to make to start down the stairs.

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  19. Curry Worsham says:

    I found the other version of The Grinch That Stole Christmas.
    If by Grinch you mean radical Islamic terrorist.
    If by Whoville you mean Berlin.
    If by Whos you mean innocent people of Berlin shopping at a Christmas village.

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  20. The battle is exposed before us daily.

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  21. rumpole2 says:

    The Truth About the London Bridge Attack
    Paul Joseph Watson

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  22. keebler AC says:

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    • keebler AC says:

      Jodi is encouraging abused wives to return to their violent husbands to be abused again, on the fallacy that being nice and loving will heal their ways. Every therapist will tell you this is bad advice and dangerous.

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  23. JoD says:

    And you thought that Debbie Wishiwasawomen Schultz was the only one wearing that it’s so greasy and tightly curled but at least I don’t have to comb it hair!

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  24. azcatsclaw says:

    This infantile tweet is a revealing and scary insight into how these lefties think (or don’t think).

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    • Realist says:

      The LEFTARDS have no BRAIN and no SHAME and absolutely no idea what HYPOCRISY could possibly even mean they do not THINK they merely EMOTE and often STUPIDLY, CRIMINALLY and VIOLENTLY.


  25. Harry Lime says:

    Kayla Mueller was what jumped immediately to mind when seeing this moron’s tweet. Maybe Jodi Picoult should talk to the friends and family of Kayla Mueller who was forced to give her captors hugs and kisses and love (and much, much worse) before they were finished with her and executed her without thinking twice…

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  26. fangdog says:

    The more the Libtards expose their convoluted mind-think, the more aware people become of the severity. It is not a question rehabilitation or reformation, but a question of defeating them to the point of harmless insignificance.

    Obviously, we can’t shoot them, so the next best thing is ignoring them and removing them from having any power of influence. It is impossible to isolate them physically, but they can overtime be isolated psychologically and made void of any center of influence adversely affecting the wellbeing of America. This takes time and patience, but really there is no other choice. I am optimistic it is happening little by little each and everyday.


  27. rjcylon says:

    I think we are at a point where we are deciding what kind of values we will have as a country. The SJW, highly political progressive values that seemed to be winning have been stopped in their tracks by Trump’s winning the White House, as well as republicans dominating government from local to national seats. The democrats didn’t just lose, the progressive ideology itself has lost. And a lot of the people who pushed that agenda are going to get some sobering wake up calls.

    For a long time we have given celebrities and “artists” lots and lots of money, and have tried to ignore when they say things that go against our values. This led up to Kathy Griffin thinking it would be ok for her to do what she did. But she learned otherwise, real quick.

    I’ve never heard of this author before, but she chose to publicly tell the world that she does not share civilized values. She is probably going to regret the tweet as she suffers financially and publicly. This has been building for a long time. We are tired of keeping quiet while the supposedly “influential people” trash our values and our country. Long story short–saying this stuff is not publicly acceptable. Is it LEGAL? Of course! And so is the natural pushback.

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  28. tytanshammer says:

    Love without boundaries and process is not love, it’s emotion and worse yet, enablement. This is a season where people are coming to terms with the fact that their cultural leaders dysfunction actually is having an impact on the life and death of others. I don’t think these stars know their peril, because breaking that illusion at this dangerous time can be lethal to their careers. This could really be reaching a tipping point in the near future.

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  29. rumpole2 says:

    A more Apt Dr Seuss reference…

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    • Last night the reference, the video sequence Sundance was looking for regarding his statement..about the“The Grinch That Stole Christmas” where The Grinch is committed to the slaughter of The Whooville Who’s. We shall make an earnest effort to locate that Sundance, this is the video version of what I believe you are trying to locate. It is a short video regarding the “whos in “Hear We Are” is about the Whoville, “who’s” that will be slaughtered by having hot oil poured on them. They are scared and want to save themselves and be heard!! Horton the Elephant encourages them to yell, speak up, scream so they will be heard outside of their flower they live in. This is from the Dr. Seuse Book, Horton The Elephant Hears a Who—“We are Hear” ..Great example of how we should behave. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MoOwbXap6LM

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  30. 813.52 says:

    With apologies to Dr. Seuss . . .

    I do not like

    Would you like them
    On your street?

    I would not like them
    On my street
    I would not like them
    Where folks meet
    I would not like them
    Here or there
    I would not like them

    I do not want them
    On a plane
    I do not want them
    On a train
    I do not want them
    In a crowd
    I wish that they
    Were not allowed

    Would you like them
    In a mall?
    Or in a music
    Concert hall?

    I do not want them
    In a mall
    A bus, a store
    A Concert hall
    I do not want them
    Here at all

    I do not want them
    Near a school
    I do not want them
    As a rule

    I would like them
    On the moon
    They will have planes
    To get there soon

    There’s nothing there
    But rocks and stone
    I’m sure they would
    Feel right at home!

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  31. Bull Durham says:

    A few points of fact about the PLA at Tiananmen.

    They, the soldiers, were firebombed at Tiananmen and many were slaughtered 3 miles west at Muxidi Rail Station. This enraged the troops that eventually confronted the crowds. This was when things turned very bad. It was the breaking point of the soldiers.

    Workers and some students had gotten guns and rage exploded.

    The big Army unit was from Hebei, not Inner Mongolia or NE China. The 27th Army was used to moved the students from the Square. They had the most battle experience in Korea, and had less connection with Beijing. The actually Square did not have any killings. The clearing of the students was at 3-4 am, arranged in negotiations. All the violence had transpired earlier mostly along Chang’an Avenue, the main wide road you see the tanks the next day.

    There were at first units of Army that refused to touch the students. But workers had come to Beijing and this was an economic protest that got colored (the first US-Mi6 color revolution) as a democracy movement. That was not what motivated the students. They had waited for the fruits of the capitalist program and the economy was not doing well in ’88 and ’89. From January on they fashioned protests over jobs for graduates.

    They also protested the Elders pushing out Premier Zhao Ziyang.

    The total dead of students is thought now, by the US State Dept. to be under 400. The numbers of thousands was not verifiable. The notion that there was such a slaughter is easy considering the half million or so at times in the Square, especially during the massive hunger strike. But it remains propaganda.

    The tragedy was a clash of old men, ideologues, a massive student base led and misled by provocateurs, workers who had no rights coming to confront power, and the stupidity of a few who decided they had to act with the military. Thus, a shame on the nation that the Party still cannot face.

    There is plenty of evidence that the CIA and Mi6 were in among the crowds and had their assets agitating. Some brag about it. Operation Yellowbird was put into action immediately to get the student leaders out of the Mainland and into Hong Kong, still a British colony in ’89. In fact, Triads were used as part of the underground railroad taking student leaders to HK.


  32. LM says:


    What personal cost is there to your forgiving those who have killed other people’s children and shattered the lives of those you do not know?

    I will answer this for you, as I would for a child. Think of it as a precautionary tale that might balance out your interpretation of the lessons of Whoville.

    The cost of extending love and open doors to those who want to kill everyone who is not them might one day reach your doorstep. Will you let them in and offer your life and the lives of your loved ones (if you have any)….or is your love limited to opening the doors to allow them access only to other people’s children?

    Your judgment as to what constitues love for the rest of us, who cherish and desire to protect those we love and not their would be murderers, will never be accepted or valued as anything other than the vile, hypocritical, verbal excrement that it is, and which typifies the left.

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    • TatonkaWoman says:

      LM: you perfectly put into words what I was feeling as they showed a clip from the Manchester concert/lovefest on our local news tonight. Focused on how it was all about love.


    • Guy-Blanc Déploré says:

      Wow. Very concise and well written. Applause.


  33. EveryDayWoman says:

    That’s why it’s no exaggeration that liberalism is a mental disorder. They TESLLY believe in their parallel universe that behind dead is better than being accused of racism.


  34. Ace says:

    If we could make these people believe that we were ultra enviromentalists who wanted to do everything to save the planet, they’d be on CNN tomorrow screaming that the earth must be destroyed.


  35. zephyrbreeze says:

    Since God is love, and God isn’t stopping the terrorists, I’m thinking that if God knows it doesn’t work, maybe it’s a “tell” that progs should move on from that idea. OR

    Someone like Jodi should pay for and test her own idea of how to spread love to the Jihadis.
    They will NEVER learn.


    • LM says:


      Our God is love, but in His love He also rained down destruction upon Sodom and Gomorrah, called Nehemiah to build a wall, blessed David with the ability to kill and defeat Israel’s enemies… to protect His people.

      Love is not blanket acceptance of and enablement of evil at the expense of the innocent.

      Love stands against evil and conquers it.

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      • Alligator Gar says:

        I think people conflate love with permissiveness. “Tough love” might beat the living snot out of a rebellious teenage son. “Tough love” might send the rebellious teenage daughter to live in the rural countryside with a maiden aunt or grandmother who will sort the youngster out. But those are love in the Biblical sense. Love can mean dealing pain when necessary.

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  36. zephyrbreeze says:

    Has anyone used the word “infantile” yet?

    She is delusional and infantile.

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  37. DEREK says:

    She, won’t mention her name and would never buy her book, is of the Obama ilk -lie to everyone and have no understanding of the evil they commit and the harm they do to young innocent minds.

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    • Tegan says:

      Oh I think Obama understands fully, doesn’t care one iota and is playing it for his own gain. Unfortunately people like her are just ignorant fools do most likely truly believe what they tweet.

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  38. bitterlyclinging says:

    David Dinkins (D), former Mayor of NYC when conditions in NYC were rapidly approaching their most abysmal, was famous for his statement “Let a million flowers bloom”
    After 8 years of the Obama presidency, Buraq Hussein Obama, a man who developed his social skills inhaling the last draughts of ‘Good Bud’ off the underside of the ceiling of the ‘Choom Wagon’, millions of various other species of flowers bloomed all over America.

    From David Burge (Iowahawk) after the Ariane Grande concert bombing


  39. Steve in Lewes says:

    When people like this Jodi person, Kathy Griffin, and all the other POS’s begin by example of showing love towards our President, I might pay a little attention; until then shut your trap!

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  40. bob says:

    what she doesn’t understand, and probably never will, is the Grinch wasn’t trying to force people to believe what he believes. Muslims understand love. their belief system is different from ours. They know our system and reject it. No amount of love will change that if they are not willing to change. We are in a battle of ideology. Christian are willing to let people believe what they want. Muslims are not. And they will not stop until you either accept their way or you’re dead. Liberals either don’t want to accept this or are not able to.

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    • Realist says:

      Also of course Islam alone amongst religions not only ALLOWS but actually ENCOURAGES its cult members to LIE to the KAFIRS to PROTECT or far more INSIDIOUSLY to PROMOTE Islam.They even have a name for it TAQIYYA for Sunnis and KITMAN for the Shia . So you really cannot believe a single thing a Muslim tells you.


  41. jmclever says:

    The idea put forth in fiction like Beauty and the Beast and the Grinch is just that: fiction. in real life evil persists until someone stands up to it.


  42. Padric says:

    Why am I not surprised that a liberal looks to a children’s book on how to deal with complex issues…and manages to take away the entirely wrong message…from a children’s book.

    *headdesk headdesk headdesk*

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  43. Patriot Lady says:

    And as with Kathy Griffin, I “shall make an earnest effort” to decide if Jodi Picoult requires a psychiatrist or an exorcist.


  44. Buck Turgidson says:

    Hey Jody you dumbass we don’t live in Whoville. Good grief.


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