CNN’s Gloriously, Embarrassingly, Horrible and Terribly Bad Day – Reporting on: “An Extinction Level Event”…

Yesterday the news production staff at CNN were having a bad day.  A horribly, terribly, gloriously and embarrassingly bad day.

Many people, myself included, have just stopped watching the train wreck media circle the drain amid their need to oppose anything, everything, Trump.  CNN executives wake up in the morning knowing Trump has done something terrible, they just don’t know what it is yet. Oy, how this ideological perspective is challenging to maintain.

The anti-Trump outlook relies heavily on the desperate production staff who are increasingly verklempt in their desperate efforts to find new ways to present the same tired narrative.

Fraught with the reality of a diminishing quality of Russian trumpet, their collective production anxiety cannot help but show on the faces of the hosts and CNN proletariat.

However, yesterday was an especially challenging day.

The day began with CNN having to find a way, some way, any way, to support candidate H. Pickles Clinton amid her vast international Russian and Macedonian right-wing DNC conspiracy theory.

Here’s a taste:


Oh, but the day just got worser and worser.

The clock ticked ever closer to the 3:00pm hour when President Trump was anticipated to announce withdrawing the U.S. from the Paris Climate ‘Non-Binding’ Treaty.

How was CNN going to convey the impending collapse of the civilized world that was now a certainty?

One quick look at the screen tells you all you need to know…

Yes, CNN actually proclaimed “Mass Extinction In Natural World” was now a certainty as the end of the world is nigh.

As you gather your family together to organize how to place the bathtub into the closet and create your urgent survival shelter, it is worth remembering CNN is actually, and historically, the official media outlet for the projected worldview of a progressive U.S. State Department.


…not from a need to calm any nerves, but rather from realizing your inability to stop yourself from passing out laughing.

Oh – My – God.  My stomach has not hurt this bad since that time we decided to try a marijuana cigarette right before seeing that no-name Sam Kinison.   From that day forward every time I saw a Sally Struthers commercial it was really hard not to pee.


Nothing is funnier than when someone points out a “truism” amid the accepted custom.

Candidate Donald Trump has done this.

We saw him do it to Megyn Kelly.  She never recovered.

CNN continued:



… Oh noes, I gotta pee again.

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217 Responses to CNN’s Gloriously, Embarrassingly, Horrible and Terribly Bad Day – Reporting on: “An Extinction Level Event”…

  1. Joe S says:

    And, there was this episode of “as the muh Russian conspiracy turns” with Erin Burnett and Dana Rohrabacher. Even Erin Burnett could hardly keep a straight face as she tried to “make it real.”

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    • SharkFL says:

      Click for the smug, self-assured, arrogant looks and eye rolls from Erin Burnett. Stay for the logic beatdown and brick wall of reality coming from Dana. Great link.

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    • Fleporeblog says:

      That was absolutely great and I love the way he through John McCain right under the bus!

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      • KBR says:

        I so agree!
        We the people need to take this matter on.

        Petitions to the White House to get CNN out of all public venues would be a start. It certainly crosses all state lines, even international lines!

        Their ranting lies about the end of the world via getting out of Paris agreement, and their deliberate showing to children all over of the Griffin monstrosity affects ALL OUR CHILDREN. And because they are in venues that parents cannot control we have standing.

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      • G. Combs says:

        It will allow the Progressives to COMPLETELY rewrite the Constitution!

        See: Publius Huldah on Dangers of “Convention of States” (COS) or Article V Convention – YouTube

        Or READ:


    • Sentient says:

      Wow. Just wow. Does that ugly b**** ever stop smirking? She has Rohrbacher on and spends the whole time talking over him. And people pay for cable TV? I don’t get it.

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  2. setup2100 says:

    You know SD that if other people would not talk about CNN no one would know they exist. You even said you do not watch that crap so why would you waste your valuable time and space on this blog talking about them. No ONE cares and the only exposure CNN gets is other media sources talking about them. The more bezar they act is a tactic to get exposure from other sources. Don’t play their game. JMO

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    • Texanfree says:

      Completely disagree! Keep mocking them, Sundance. Mock, Mock, Mock! Continue to show them for the hypocritical and horrible people they are and keep laughing!

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      • ladypenquin says:

        True, of all things the Left cannot abide, it’s being mocked. So continue on.

        Anyone notice how Jake Tapper always looks constipated these days?

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    • Charlie says:

      CNN is spewed across thousands of flat screens across airports, bars and hospitals worldwide. “Play their game”??? It’s know you’re enemy.

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      • WSB says:

        That should be the first thing to change. Clear Channel attempted back in 2012, but I don’t know how well they succeeded.

        Many thanks, SD for the Kinison bit…!!!! Sally Struthers didn’t realize she would kill her brand as an actress and cement it in a sandpit with flies. LOL!

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    • SafeSpace says:

      Sorry, setup2100: Both CNN and MSNBC are enjoying higher ratings amongst millennial-aged viewers since Trump was elected. Let the mocking continue unchecked!

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    • LH says:

      even if nobody buys CNN at home, they are ubiquitous in public. at the gym, in the airport, in every waiting room, there they are. Yack! So itś good to be trained to laugh.

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    • fleporeblog says:

      You are so wrong! I have forwarded that interview with Senator Rand Paul to people on the left and told them the truth was finally spoken on the channel of the devil. Rand Paul absolutely hit that interview out of the park. Just listen to the common sense about how India and Russia would be able to increase their carbon footprint by 50%. He made their messiah, Barry from Hawaii, out to be what we all know, a bastard that wanted to destroy the US. In the future, Americans will study the difference between Barry’s 8 years in comparison to our Lion’s 8 years. They will be able to see the difference between death to America and glorification of America. In a 16 year period, the country went to hell and as close as one can be to heaven.

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    • Tegan says:

      No, it’s just too darn much fun watching the little lemmings walk off the cliff!


    • KBR says:

      ^Date in fine print: April 9, 1997, in case you missed that.

      Warming Didn’t happen. So the terminology changed yet again to CYA for theso-called weatherman-now called “scientists”-

      Global cooling>Global warming>Global any-change

      Folks this extremist alarmist climate-change 💩 has gone on far too long.

      Leftwinger human-climatechange idiots have been ranting too long.

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    • ladypenquin says:

      And I can testify the penguins are still around. There are endangered species, but that’s caused by overzealous fishing in the food supply waters for penguins. We’re not all heartless, hate the earth people. Not at all. Quite conservation minded, but I know a scam when I see one, and the hoax of global warming/climate change is strictly to control the people and steal the money – placing power in the hands of a chosen few…

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      • Deb says:

        Yes, the people who have bought into the global carbon tax scan are gullible. It’s why so many young people are Democrats, youth lacks experience and so they are easily fooled. Then many of them wise up and become conservatives.

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    • L. says:

      Elleb77, I have a few copies of old Time magazines. I have a great one from January 31, 1977. I just took a photo of it, but now I have to figure out how to link it on here! It is called the Big Freeze! Seriously! We were supposed to have a mini ice age according to scientists back in the 1970’s! I am grateful our beautiful earth isn’t as fragile as scientists and Time magazine continually reports! The Good Lord is in charge! Thanks be to God!!! MAGA

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    • trumpedinillinois says:

      Cannot like it enough. I’m stealing it and posting on The_Donald at Reddit. Thanks.

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    • ladypenquin says:

      Anything France, Germany, and the EU are for should be something we’re against. Socialism is a fascist, progressive fatal disease.

      Perfectly logical thinking. Nothing they’ve done has bettered the world in the past century, including two world wars which killed off two generations of young men.

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  3. NJF says:

    SD stop having so much fun!


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  4. georgiafl says:

    Political Agenda Narrative/Propaganda minus Facts/Evidence/Common Sense = CNN (and Time)

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  5. missmarple2 says:

    Late to the thread, but I am going to place this here, anyway.

    I graduated from college with a degree in geology in 1975. One of the courses I took was geomorphology and climatology (both in one course as climatology wasn’t such a big deal back then). In 1975, our studies were all about the coming downturn in temperatures and how far the temperatures would fall. Most of the cause was attributed to a lack of solar activity, although there were a few papers blaming the COLD on man-made causes (aerosol cans, coal-fired power plants, automobile exhaust). You will notice these are now the exact same things being blamed for causing global warming.

    I worked in the coal industry for a while and then married and stayed home to raise children. During that time I didn’t read much professionally and was generally consumed with dealing with toddlers.

    Imagine my confusion when a neighbor asked me about global warming. (Thhis was on a day when the temperature hit 100 in Indiana.) She cited some Time magazine article and then started talking about sheep going blind in South America. I thought “What, what? did some big scientific discovery happen?”

    I came home confused and started paying more attention. Here is my conclusion:

    The whole idea was to make money. When the fear was a new Ice Age, all that happened was that coal and oil companies became more valuable. The people manufacturing the climate scare decided they were never going to make money THAT way, so they switched to trashing energy companies and making money off alternative energy by influencing the government to promote green energy and penalize the use of traditional energy. Hence multi-millioniaire Al Gore, Solyndra, and those hideous windmills all over northern Indiana.

    It’s al about money.

    I would like to pinpoint the exact date that they changed the emphasis, and I would like to know who was in on it.

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    • To me, it is just another scam like the war on “Big Tobacco”. Where did all the outrage against Big Tobacco” go? Now it’s silence…. because no one is smoking?? Children no longer picking up the habit?? Nope, smoking still happening, cigarette sales still happening.
      The tobacco settlement gives government and its lawyers hundreds of millions , billions, of dollars. Where does the money go? To pay for health care for cancer patients? Dream on. Even liberal PBS did a follow up to show that the bulk of the money spent on things totally unrelated (general revenue).
      It is a tried and true method, put a pretty name on a scam to steal money from people, and they will willingly give up their freedom and livelihood.

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      • KBR says:

        I followed the news, and analyzed report after report. The chemistry and biochemistry, the testing on animals, the actual and extremely unscientific methodologies used in experiments.
        The utter hiding of pertinent facts about nicotine and tobacco plants.

        People are still shocked to discover that “Nicotinamide” is merely fake, synthetic nicotine.
        Why? Because “nicotinamide” is a “B” vitimin, something we “need”. Niacin. But fake-nicotine causes major and immediate side effects, skin flushes headaches. Nicotine in very small doses does not cause those side effects. Yet articles are out there saying that the human brain cell has “specific receptors” created especially for the manmade fake-nicotine! And that the God-made nicotine abundant in the tobacco plant and in far lesser amounts in some other plants “takes up the receptor that was made for the (man-made) nicotinamide!” (You cannot make this 💩up)

        Think about it. God made a receptor for a fake somethng that man would create and not for what he himself created. Now THAT’s science!

        Now tobacco has been crossbred with another plant, specifically to produce nicotine without admitting to producing nicotine. Because this crossbred plant has a new name unassociated with (horrors!) tobacco, producers can take the nicotine and call that something new too, (but the chemical formula is the SAME.) All this to make MEDICINES that use nicotine to good purposes, without admitting they use it, and without admitting that nicotine even has any GOOD purpose.

        Dates back to a feud between a former Secretary of HEW (now HHS) and a tobacco company owner. Hated each other. The SHEW upon receiving office, used it to try to destroy his enemy by destroying tobacco produce. The SHEW was Koop. His enemy was Reynolds. The science was deliberately bogus.

        Smoking is bad b/c inhaling smoke is bad, b/c other additives are nowadays deliberately put in there, and b/c OVERDOSES of nicotine ARE poisonous to cells.

        (Of course massive overdoses of anything at all are poisonous,even H2O.)

        I don’t promote smoking. I just promote TRUTH.

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      • An American says:

        Always, could the real problem with tobacco be all the chemicals that are used to stop blue mold, bugs, etc.? All those chemicals get absorbed by the plant. In days of old, before chemicals, was cancer and all the other related ills from tobacco observed? Is pure organic grown tobacco bad? Makes one wonder.


        • Dixie says:

          In olden times, a tobacco warehouse was the best smell in the world. My Dad smelled wonderful when he came home after working in a tobacco warehouse all day.


        • Yes, An American, people knew tobacco was bad right from the time it was discovered here in the New World and brought back to the Old World, Europe. Some of the verbal attacks on tobacco were due to it being new, some probably b/c of fears that it would compete with an existing product, and some b/c use made users sick at first.

          Later, cigarettes were called “cancer sticks.” My mother showed me how bad smoking and inhaling was be puffing on one of her cigs and blowing the smoke through a handkerchief – the first puff before and the second after inhaling. She never stopped smoking, by the way.

          from Sept 1969:- Phil Harris, Smoke, smoke, smoke that cigarette!


      • TheLastDemocrat says:

        Where did that tobacco settlement money go?

        Well, I benefited form some of it, in some research funding I had for a couple years.


      • Your Tour Guide says:

        The tobacco settlement, the war against industry, the gun control/ anti NRA
        battles are basically one and the same. The Dems saw who was funding
        the opposition, and set out to destroy the money stream. The old mob
        trick: destroy their livelyhood.


    • H.R. says:

      Here ya go, missmarple2.

      June 23, 1988. James Hansen and Sen. Timothy Wirth.

      (They held the hearing on the statistically hottest day in June and Sen. Wirth, I believe it was, opened the windows in the hearing room so the room would be uncomfortably hot and humid.)

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    • velvetfoot says:

      “I would like to pinpoint the exact date that they changed the emphasis, and I would like to know who was in on it.”
      I like that a lot.

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    • fleporeblog says:

      From the article linked above:

      So . . . You think you know quite a bit about Obama and his band of thieves. Read on and see just how little you know.All of this comes together in the last part… a must read.

      This is an interesting story put together from various articles and TV shows by the British Times paper. It shows what Obama and his friends are really all about. It’s not hope and change, it is money.

      If the bill passes, it is estimated that over 10 TRILLION dollars each year will be traded on the CXX exchange. At a commission rate of only 4 percent, the exchange would earn close to 400 billion dollars to split between its owners, all Obama cronies. At a 2 percent rate, Goldman Sachs would also rake in 200 billion dollars each year.

      But don’t forget SHOREBANK. With 10 trillion dollars flowing though its accounts, the bank will earn close to 40 billion dollars in interest each year for its owners (more Obama cronies), without even breaking a sweat.

      It is estimated Al Gore alone will probably rake in 15 billion dollars just in the first year. Of course, Obama’s “commissions” will be held in trust for him at the Joyce Foundation. They are estimated to be over 8 billion dollars by the time he leaves office in 2013, if the bill passes this year. Of course, these commissions will continue to be paid for the rest of his life.

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  6. dave says:

    Poor, poor Fake Crapper!

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  7. Angry Dumbo says:

    Just don’t watch them and they lose all of their power. I actively look away when subjected to CNN in a public place. Good thing is you rarely see it anymore.

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  8. Texanfree says:

    I once thought ignoring them was effective. No longer. I’m all in on the new “Fight Fire With Fire,” idea. Mock them, laugh at them, sue them when justified, and this can be done without sacrificing dignity. Turn the “Rules for Radicals,” on the hypocrites.

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    • ladypenquin says:

      You have to fight back. Our own naivete and complacency let them gain the upper hand. Evil Never Sleeps… and neither can we.

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    • Deb says:

      The key is cold anger. When we react calmly and simply speak truth, we gain the upper hand. The only argument they have left is that we are crazy hot heads. When we counter their lies with cold anger and truth, they have no way to win

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  9. The Raven says:

    The key words that cued me into this whole thing being a scam were “Settled Science”. I hold a MS in Anthropology and grew up around REAL scientists…there is no such thing as “Settled Science”.

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  10. OldGreyGuy says:

    I did not write this, I saw this some time ago and kept it. It still holds true.

    If AGW were really a “Thing,” HERE’S what the world would look like now:

    Civil air travel would be heavily rationed, relegated to “essential purposes only.”
    Gasoline rationing would be much tighter than that enjoyed in WWII. Most driving discouraged.
    Corporations and individuals would receive massive tax incentives for “telecommuting.”
    Gigantic tariffs would discourage all overseas manufacturing and international shipping.
    It would be THE LAW that all thermostats be set at no more than 60 degrees F. (15.5C)
    All commercial buildings would be ordered to go dark at sunset by law. No outdoor lighting.
    Food would be strictly rationed according to nutrient groups and calories allotted per person.
    Home hydroponic kits and home gardening and chicken raising would be essential to eat well.
    Personal consumption of all goods across the board would be minimized as an act of PATRIOTISM.
    Priority One would be the construction of next-generation nuclear power plants;
    Nearly everyone would work from home . . . and live in the dark except for tiny personal LED’s.
    Electricity, heating oil and gas, even wood and wood pellets would be strictly rationed and equitably distributed . . .
    And–wait for it–the U.S. Government would have to downsize by 3/4!

    That’s if this was a REAL and SERIOUS crisis, and the science meant we COULD “fix it.”

    See any of that happening? Riiiiight. And that’s where the B.S. meter went clang-clang-clang for me!

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    • SafeSpace says:

      OldGreyGuy: You left out one key point in your otherwise-accurate list: If AGW were a fact, the limousine liberals would have exemptions allowing them to continue flying their Gulfstream G500s to ski resorts and exclusive Caribbean islands, where their modest 15,000 SF getaway homes would be conditioned to a constant 74 degrees year-round, the lights would blaze deep into the night to accommodate their chi-chi dinner and cocktail parties, and their bank accounts would be bulging from their transfer of American wealth into their globalist coffers.

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      • Michael says:

        You forgot those wealthy folk who have oversized AC systems so they can enjoy a wood burning fireplace in the heat of summer. Yes I have in fact witnessed this activity.

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  11. scotsgrits says:

    But the science is settled…ALL conventional wisdom agrees ( with manmade global warming.) Wait.. isn’t this the same arguments that the Inquisition used on Gallileo ? How did that play out?

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  12. scotsgrits says:

    But the science is settled…ALL conventional wisdom agrees ( with manmade global warming.) Wait.. isn’t this the same arguments that the Inquisition used on Gallileo ? How did that play out?


  13. TakeBackOurRepublic says:

    We’ve been brow beat to believe that the “man made climate change is a fact based on science” hysteria for about 30 years now. Sen. Rand Paul did a beautiful job of debunking that BS in the interview with Fake Jake. I just wish Sen. Paul would’ve clarified the true intentions of this accord: a US redistribution of wealth and loss of sovereignty through control similar to the the construct of control over Europe by the unelected bureaucrats of the EU. The Paris Accord intends to be the ultimate arm in NWO control.

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  14. dbobway says:

    Sam the man Kinison destroyed PC before it was ever recognized. Son of a minister and he was one for a short time himself.
    Yesterday was a victory by words only. Yet a victory that everybody will hear, for and against the greatest con in Human History. All the lying media will have to go out and defend fiction. I know so many people some family and friends that buy into all this nonsense. Since the media hasn’t been reporting one thing Trump is accomplishing, yesterday was a “nucular” bomb of truth, in the middle of their narrative of life they live by daily.

    There are 60 million people waking up this morning, seeing their “faux” world crumbling.

    I wake up every morning witnessing my “real” world crumbling for the psychotic greed of a few.

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  15. SafeSpace says:

    Try to imagine the snowflake reaction if the late Sam Kinison was still alive, and did one of his typical shows on a college campus today ….

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  16. JAS says:

    Gotta love the ignorance of the last bullet point on the coral reef and islands like the Marshall’s disappearing!

    That shows complete ignorance about the formation of those islands. Those very low in the water islands are called atolls. they are part of a string of land masses called archipelagos. Their origin is volcanic. A volcano on the ocean floor erupts, the lava piles onto itself and rises from the ocean floor and eventually breaks the surface creating a volcanic island. Coral attaches and grows on the volcanic rock and has nothing to do with the creation of the island.

    As the earth crust moves, the source of the island creation fuel (magma/lava) moves with it. The older islands lose the connection to the source and a new island begins to form some distance away. Over thousands and thousands of years the oldest islands with no connection to the volcano are eroded by wind and wave until all that is left is an atoll, a ring of land with a beautiful blue water hole in the middle.

    More time passes, more erosion happens and eventually the atoll becomes a reef, totally submerged.

    This whole process HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH CLIMATE CHANGE or rising sea levels:).

    It’s all a hoax!

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  17. ctmom says:

    How is it only OUR emissions cause doom and gloom? If Trump had joined the agreement and China and India kept up their pace, the sea levels would stay the same?

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  18. Aqua says:

    Sam Kineson gave us some great laughs. Thanks for including this and giving us all a good chuckle. Rand Paul gave an excellent interview here. He is very smart, and I like how he isn’t afraid to take on stupid lefties who pretend to know more than they do. Boy, Jake was really overreaching- not a reporter at all. This is what CNN spews lately–sheesh.

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  19. Richard McEwen says:

    Okay, I’ve been doing a lot of research over the past few years. Maybe I’ve failed to mention it to you, but I think it’s now time to reveal to the world the impending crisis.

    We all know what happens when our car tires wear unevenly. The ride gets rough and we have to have our tires balanced in order to restore an equilibrium to the rotation of our wheels.

    For centuries mankind has been transferring weighty metals (iron, gold, silver, copper, etc), fluids (water, oil, etc) and minerals (granite, marble, salt, etc) from scattered locations throughout the world to concentrated locations – the centers of human occupation. Add to it the weight of mankind itself (and estimated 7.5 billion), and you have a formula for disaster. The world is rapidly becoming out of balance. And, as with a tire on a car that is out of balance, the spinning globe will soon begin to wobble – causing it to veer out of orbit and drift into the endless darkness of space.

    There is now little doubt that Global Wobbling is man made, and our only chance at survival is if we put everything back where we got it. (After we tax it, of course.)

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  20. magatrump says:

    Obama was a disaster for our country. Thank God the American People elected President Trump. Cnn are a bunch of fools. Sam Kinson is excellent and Rand Paul did a superb job.

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  21. MVW says:

    Scientists gotta eat.

    I remember in the late 1960’s Scientific American had a cover story on the hypothesis that CO2 was important to the earth being warm. I read it and was unimpressed. A lot of hand waving and speculation, thought no more about it. The big worry was when would the glaciation phase of the ice age start (glacier advancement is the dominant part of the ice age cycle, the warm phase we are have been in now for the last 10k years and should be ending is the short part of the cycle).

    Anyway, the CO2 hypothesis was resurrected in the 1980’s like bellbottoms in 1960’s fashion, a recycled fashion to get people to spend money to keep up, like wide ties, thin ties, plaids, flowers, checks, ad nauseam.

    So, I decided to read the actual science articles coming out. What I found was that I would read a paper and get to the science paper’s end only to fine every paper had incorporated the same global warming narrative, even when it had nothing to do with the actual paper or the results. This was the narrative:

    Narrative: Science was settled and the earth was warming from human generated CO2.

    For instance, settled science would claim we knew the ins and outs of CO2 into the atmosphere, what created the balance, and why CO2 was going up (narrative was humans). So, I am reading the paper, and the authors are reporting that the entire balance calculations were way off, totally, because fresh water flows into the ocean were wrong. They were wrong because underground streams were more than the surface streams and CO2 carried by these underground steams were not properly accounted for, and therefore, significantly, CO2 was wrong in the balance calculations.

    (Immediately one would think, wow, the science sure wasn’t settled before, I wonder how they knew humans were the cause of CO2 levels going up if the balance calculations were wrong?)

    But in the paper conclusion, the narrative never changed. Yet, there would be a statement to the effect that the science was unchanged, the earth was warming from CO2 increasing and humans were the cause.

    Ok, so that was one paper. But the problem was that paper after paper came out with one major realization after another, still, the narrative never changed.

    At that point, I realized that the scientists needed to publish, they needed funding, and the editors of these journals were acting as gatekeepers, and requiring the boiler plate narrative in the paper conclusion section.

    Then Climate Gate email scandal came out and confirmed the gatekeeping, something strongly suspected by honest open minded people that were reading these papers.

    This is what the ideologues do, they corrupt the science ‘for a good cause’. It stinks to high heaven. And $ trillions (were) in their hands. But the problem is that the reality of whether or not humans are significant is cast in doubt by their narrative corruption. Smoke blowing corrupts the case right or wrong, the conclusions can’t be trusted because it is obvious to honest people that the conclusions have been doctored.

    Trump did the right thing, he bypassed the scam and smoke blowing and went to solid ground, that this ‘Accord’ was so one-sided that science or not, the ‘Accord’ had to be rejected.

    It still leaves the science question. And it still leaves open what to do?

    I have my opinion, it basically is that the hypothesis is so tenuous, science so complicated, equations that can’t be truly solved real world, and the ‘what to do’ economically is onerous at the moment, that it is best to wait. For instance, Fusion power which I have posted about, is near term. Fusion power blows the CO2 issue out of the water once it happens.

    Bottom line, ideologues have coopted the science, and tragically extorted the scientists by threatening their careers, you can see it in the papers. These ideologues are a combination of scam artists and human haters. Not seekers of truth or those that care what is real.

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    • MVW says:

      Wow, how did I get in the wrong thread? Lack of situational awareness caught me.

      I know, I’ll ask Hillary how to handle the explanation of my mistake.

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      • KBR says:

        Right thread!
        Any expose’ that concerns how science has been co-opted by $ and politicians-in-charge with ulterior motives is righteous and belongs here!

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    • KBR says:

      When my daughter was in grade school, she was terribly worried about humans and how we would cause the end of earth. (Fears put into her head in school.)

      She told me her concerns while we were on a picnic:

      I said: “Oooh! Look at all those ants on our picnic blanket! Lets get up and shake ’em off!”

      Which we did. On the way home, I told her that our picnic blanket was kinda like earth, that if ever too many humans started to mess up earth, God Himself would shake them off. “God is in control,” I said, “not puny humans.”

      “So God might shake us off the earth?” asked my daughter, with big eyes.

      “Well, maybe, if humans ever get too bad. But, remember that we did not kill the ants, but just managed to shake them onto their proper place, back with all their little feet on the ground.
      Honey, I believe God will help humans the same way as we did those ants: He will get our “feet back on the ground.” And i pray that He will stop all the human pride about pretending humans can destroy this earth that God has made.”

      (“Getting one’s feet back onthe ground” was a phrase often used in our household about flights of fantasy, so she “got it.” )

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      • TheLastDemocrat says:

        The truth is the schools are engineered to make a break between what you and your daughter, so that when she gets to college, your views will have no influence.

        My elementary school age kids come home worried about fat in their diet, and about me wasting water by running the water while brushing my teeth.

        Then, the next day, they teach the kids that our nervous system works by myelination – fat sheeth along nerve axon to make it transmit faster – and they teach the water cycle – water goes here and there, then comes back – so how do I “waste” it?

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      • mikeyboo says:

        Great way to explain things to your daughter. You sound like you were probably a great pop.

        Liked by 1 person

      • maiingankwe says:

        Now that was a beautiful analogy. Well done. I loved it, especially the “…gently on the ground.” part. You really do have a way with words.


    • maiingankwe says:

      I think I’ve missed your posts on fusion power. Dang it! I was so enjoying the one you just wrote though.

      Would you by chance have any articles laying around that you liked on fusion power and would like to share the links? If not, I can easily look it up, but I thought I might save some time if I went through you. It sounds like you already know which the good ones are. However, if I find some that I think you’ll like I will send your way too.


  22. fgmorley says:

    Rand Paul did a journeyman job (barely) of putting Jake Tapper down, but he is still playing the politics of the whole argument. There is no evidence that man is causing global warming, global cooling, climate change, or any other crap-ass problem—except for being around to experience life as it exists on this planet. And that, my friends, is the problem for the leftist/marxist anti-human anti-life anti-progress ideologues and authoritarians. They want to place you and me in chains or better yet just murder us because we want to live our lives without them being in charge; Without them telling us how high to jump; Without them picking our pockets of the few dineros or shekels or dollars that we manage to eke out to keep our families alive. Communism and marxism is so alive and well in this nation it is truly a tragedy. What our fathers/mothers and grandfathers/mothers fought against has taken over most of our culture, our national pride, our entertainment, such as it is, and our children’s minds.

    Liked by 3 people

  23. shadowcole says:

    Doesn’t Fake Tapper know that not everything you read on the internet is true?

    Liked by 1 person

    • KBR says:

      Fake Tapper is merely selective about what he chooses to read (if he bothers to read) and to believe (if he bothers to believe.)
      Fake Tapper is a finger-puppet who cannot think nor move his 👀 for reading without his owner-operator’s finger up his bottomparts.

      Liked by 1 person

      • Tegan says:

        Surely some of these talking head puppets MUST know they are being used as tools…and not really reaping the huge profits their puppet masters are. Surely! And yet, they go on TV day after day parroting utter nonsense. Have they sold their souls? Is critical thinking totally removed from their brains? I’m somewhat serious about this…it truly defies my imagination.

        Liked by 1 person

        • KBR says:

          My thinking: To your first question yes, second question no.

          My reasoning: The selling of one’s soul eventually causes much angst to the seller. With no critical thinking left there would be no angst to delight the soul-buyer who revels in human angst.

          Liked by 1 person

        • mikeyboo says:

          They make a lot of money. I don’t think they actually give a rep about “truth” or anything else -except whatever keeps those dollars rolling into their wallets.

          Liked by 1 person

  24. burnett044 says:

    I know few folks that love and enjoy nature and all in it like i do….what a blessing….but I will not allow fear and panic and lies to rule me …common sense works best for me..
    the globalist want control and fear is a tool to control…..think for ya self…

    Liked by 1 person

  25. calbear84 says:

    “Science consequences”…yeah thanks for clarifying that CNN. I thought it was just a bunch of made up baloney!

    Liked by 2 people

  26. blessdog says:

    Not typically a huge fan of Rand Paul – but he’s right on the money here, and i suspect, precisely articulating the President’s mindset and policy…a strong and thoughtful rebuke of tapper’s deep state babble…

    Liked by 3 people

  27. Doing a bit of unrelated research and came upon this astounding web page:

    Apologies if this info has already been posted. Remember how “everybody except two countries” have signed the agreement? UN says 147 countries have “ratified” out of “197 parties to the convention.”

    You wouldn’t think they’d make up something as fact checkable as this, but they did!

    Liked by 2 people

  28. Oh, and I’m proud to report that Switzerland has not “ratified.” Though somebody did “sign” something.

    Liked by 1 person

  29. Watcher says:

    Who gets taxed for the next volcano eruption?

    Liked by 2 people

  30. Stringy theory says:

    OMG! Tears of laughter running down my cheeks after reading this piece. Fun. I’m having so much fun.

    Liked by 1 person

  31. TomRWorc,Ma,USA says:

    Liked by 1 person

  32. Mike diamond says:

    Jake tapper??? The dude does not have a clue! Ron Paul is very smart! All Jake does is tap! And tap and tap to a radical liberal drum ! Proof CNN is fake news!

    Liked by 1 person

  33. maiingankwe says:

    Thank you ever so much for including that clip of Sam Kinison. It was brilliantly funny. I was laughing so hard I woke my pup-pup from their naps. One even tried to sniff my phone while watching me and the clip. It was like they were watching a tennis match, me and then the phone, me and then the phone, which of course made me laugh harder.

    Now that they both got their ears scratched they’re back to napping 😴.

    Thank you. I miss Sam Kinison, he was what a comedian is supposed to be…FUNNY!


  34. v4ni11ista says:

    Old Mother Nature makes, as a feature,
    way more CO2 than us.
    Bogs, termites and volcanoes are just a few examples
    of how Mom spews gas out her butt.

    They start with the theory that carbon traps heat,
    But must include ‘forcing’ to melt the ice sheets,

    Which are, by the way, growing, instead
    of melting like Al Gore’s religion once said.

    They mess with the data and color chart schemes
    To make it look hotter than it really seems.

    While record snow and record cold
    kill the lambs in the sheepfold,

    all they blather on about
    is record heat and record drought,

    Which must be news to the poor farmers
    whose crops are frozen ‘cuz it’s getting warmer.


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