Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross Deconstructs Oppositional Paris Climate Treaty Talking Points….

Commerce Secretary Wilbur “Wilburine” Ross deconstructs the progressive talking points surrounding the insufferable Paris Climate Treaty and explains how President Trump’s withdrawal benefits the U.S. economic interests.


Commerce Secretary Ross, Treasury Secretary Mnuchin and Trade Representative Robert Lighthizer are empowered and positioned to create dynamic U.S. economic growth.

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182 Responses to Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross Deconstructs Oppositional Paris Climate Treaty Talking Points….

  1. kimosaabe says:

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  2. Linda says:

    OMG…..So sick of Juan on “The Five”…Journalist of the Year or not….get rid of him!! Ready to turn off Fox!! And maybe everyone can catch up on reading all about “geoengineering” in relation to the Paris Accord.

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    • wheatietoo says:

      I know.
      Cannot stand to watch Juan Williamson…so I always click it off immediately when he starts talking.

      Did I hear Kimberly right?
      Pres Trump called her?

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    • Annie says:

      he was almost unhinged tonite…unbearable!!!!!!!!!!!


    • TakeBackOurRepublic says:

      Juan is like fingernails on a chalkboard.

      Check out this link about a real cause of man made climate change


    • John Adair says:

      Haven’t watched “The Five” since mid-year 2016. From what I see and hear from conservatives who do watch there is apparently nothing worthwhile that I’ve missed.

      If y’all have precious time to waste on “BLATHER” then more power to ya, personally, those are hours, minutes and seconds of my life I cannot afford to waste and can’t ever get back.


  3. During the campaign, President Trump promised to use “horrible people. People you wouldn’t want to have dinner with. The best negotiators” to represent our interests in negotiations with foreign countries. That is precisely what he is doing.

    God bless our President and his horrible, ferocious, pugnacious, America-First “little friends!”

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  4. Another day, another win. It just goes on and on, can’t somebody tell him that we are not used to this? Day after day.

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  5. Swedishmeatball says:

    Who cares if these losers quit Trump’s economic board. Maybe that was Trump’s plan, to show Americans who the sell outs really are! Wilbur said, there are so many more people who want to be on this board. Doesn’t Neal listen to Wilbur’s answers? How many different ways can he ask Wilbur the same question???

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    • nuthinmuffin says:

      yes, let us remember what having jeff immelt, ge ceo, on obama’s “jobs” council produced. no jobs, but his award was that ge paid ZERO corporate taxes that year and no one even flinched

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      • RogerThat says:

        Which makes one believe that Musk and Eisner were on the board for similar reasons. In it only for themselves.

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        • carolinerh says:

          The interesting party is that Musk built his business on our money and none of his own. Unfortunately they cost of his vehicles is enormous and not worth it because so far each one has had problems and even led to the death of a driver due to false promises! Make him pay back the millions he owes us NOW! and get his rear out of any administration because he only in for the PA because of the money he would make and what it would cost America. So leave the board and we would even appreciate it that we take all your assets to pay us back and you go live in one of the many countries in the PA. We need repayment, you fool, and not your stupid comments and lack of common sense.


  6. Disgusted says:

    Is he now on CNN? Had I not remembered him from way back when I once watched Fox religiously, I would assome he was another CNN agitator taking the time away from people’s days he doesn’t deserve to be talking with.

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  7. millwright says:

    Kudos to Commerce Secretary Ross ! Thanks to President Trump much of the world that formerly viewed the U.S. wealth ( and American workers’ productivity) as their piggy bank have just been disabused ( or abused in the left’s opinion ) of that fantasy. ! IOW, time for so many governments we’ve supported for decades to shed their infantile knickers !


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  8. M.A. says:

    I haven’t tuned into the NeverTrumper, snotty Cavuto since the primaries. Thanks for reminding me why. MAGA !

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  9. TakeBackOurRepublic says:

    Secretary Ross mentioned something that the MSM isn’t covering and that’s that our “pull out” doesn’t officially take affect until the day after the 2020 election. WTH? Was this an intentional strategy in the event Trump won the election which was a concern when Obama entered the US into the agreement?


    • cwf60 says:

      There is no enforcement mechanism in the Paris accord, so why can we not do what every other country is doing and ignore it? I understand our 3 trillion dollars will be missed, but that is the cost of putting America first.


    • carolinerh says:

      Ah, but Trump told them no more of our money but we will take theirs when they have to buy our products that they cannot manufacture or buy elsewhere. None has paid anything, that is ZERO while O gave them 1 billion of our hard earned money. Just like O did for Iran. Anything to destroy us but nothing will work, so let them cry, whine and continue down the stupid road.


  10. conradca says:

    Tyrant Obama the Liar should have submitted this agreement to the senate for ratification if he wanted it to last longer than his reign.


  11. This is an instructional video correct? “How to appear calm when having one’s ass handed to one”


  12. America First!

    Way to go Trump, Wilbur, and Company. I’m one Proud and Happy American 👍👍

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  13. cwf60 says:

    This is an excellent article, written several years ago, with the reasons 31000 scientists reject the global warming agenda. After reading this article, everyone will understand why the proponents of this hoax have slilenced dissent to their agenda. Very interesting read.

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