Senator Bob Corker Full of Praise for President Trump’s International Trip…

Suspicious cat remains increasingly suspicious whenever a sketchy GOPe member presents public praise.  From Senator Bob Corker:

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149 Responses to Senator Bob Corker Full of Praise for President Trump’s International Trip…

  1. dalethorn says:

    “I am confident we can reassert U.S. leadership….”

    That’s a good start, senator. Keep focused.

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    • Frank says:

      Don’t be fooled. I’m represented by Senator Corker and he is a snake. I tried and tried to reach his office during the first big immigration push by Democrats and GOPe. He was very difficult to even find and my phone call urging opposition to open borders was curtly and disdainfully received by his staff. A real shockeroo at that time,

      My advice on Senator Bob Corker: DON’T “take him in oh tender woman.” (Or man)!


      • Tom W says:

        He and “Lame” Alexander are my Senators too. I don’t donate to the Tennessee or National Party because of them. Both organizations support these two RINOs every election. Not me. I abstain every election with them because I’m sure not going to vote for a Democrat.
        Would someone in the Alexander and Corker organization care to give a Top 5 list of what these two have accomplished for the American people in their careers?
        Alexander has been a government official forever. Take your pensions and leave us alone Lamar!


  2. Warrior1 says:

    Corker? I dont think so.


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