Reuters/Washington Post Publish Evidence of Obama Spying on Trump Campaign and Unmasking Americans…

Reuters/Washington Post Puts a Slice of Kushner Cheese on Russian Nothingburger and simultaneously prove the Obama Administration was spying on the Trump campaign.

The extent of the U.S. media’s straw-grasping is boundless, but this one is going to backfire. HOPEFULLY.  For the most recent example consider the Washington Post and Reuters claiming President Trump’s son-in-law Jared Kushner participating in a proposal to set up a back-channel with Russia for communication after the November 8th election.

Firstly, Reuters and The Washington Post are idiots in their claimed “exclusive” bombast, etc.  UPI reported on the nothingburger back-channel Russian construct on April 3rd.  This “breaking” news is old news, and old nothingburger news at that.

Of course President-elect Trump’s staff would consider a back-channel set up for communications with Russian government officials in November and December 2016, just about everyone with a tinge of common sense was saying that exact construct was needed.


Well, you must remember the atmosphere after the November 8th election during the time period being discussed.  President Obama, in close coordination with his U.S. media allies, was filling the airwaves with toxic anti-Russian narratives in an explicit attempt to make any structural positive relationship between the pending Trump administration and Russia impossible.

[ALSO – Insert your memory card for CIA Director John Brennan’s recent timeline of his Russian contacts as related to congress here]  Watch from 10:30 to around 15:00 (prompted):


Eventually, to give some optical reasoning for the conspiracy theme, this entire fiasco known as the ‘muh Russian conspiracy’ led to President Obama sanctioning Russia and kicking 35 Russian diplomats out of the U.S.    Though in the past five months not a single shred of evidence showing what Russia ever did to “interfere in the election” has ever surfaced.

Allow me to provide an example:  If you’ve ever heard the term “Russia hacked the election“, ask yourself (or others): what exactly did Russia hack?…  {{{crickets}}}  The assertion is a catch-phrase soundbite, albeit a ridiculously silly one at that.

Even within John Brennan’s most recent testimony to congress, he couldn’t outline a single relevant example of factual interference; he only explained “possibilities” and various “scenarios of concern” the intelligence community were certain existed, but the certainty only goes as far as their concern – not the factual evidence.  The intelligence community was most certainly concerned.

To provide cover for the December 29th Russian Sanctions (which was actually a necessary narrative construct by President Obama), the intelligence community published a Joint Analysis Report put together by the CIA (Brennan), ODNI (Clapper), FBI (Comey) and NSA (Mike Rogers) –Reminder HERE

The report noted the NSA (Rogers) did not have the same degree of confidence in the content as Brennan, Clapper and Comey.  Notice, not coincidentally, that Brennan, Clapper and Comey are gone and Mike Rogers is still running the NSA.

The Joint Analysis Report was widely rebuked by almost everyone who looked at it.  Again, remember the conclusion of the report was that RT (Russian TV) was promoting propaganda, and there were Russian profile social media accounts pushing anti-Clinton memes on the internet.    THAT’S IT.  Reminder:


The “Russian Malicious Cyber Activity – Joint Analysis Report” (full pdf below) is pure nonsense.  It outlines nothing more than vague and disingenuous typical hacking activity that is no more substantive than any other hacking report on any other foreign actor.

This might as well be a report blaming Nigerian fraud phone solicitors for targeting U.S. phone numbers.  DUH!  Just because your grandma didn’t actually win that Nigerian national lottery doesn’t mean the Nigerian Mafioso are targeting your employer to hold you accountable for her portion of the bill.

This FBI report is, well, quite simply, pure horse-pucky.

However, what the report does well is using ridiculous technical terminology to describe innocuous common activity.   Example: “ATPT29” is Olaf, the round faced chubby guy probably working from his kitchen table; and “ATPT28” is his unemployed socially isolated buddy living in Mom’s basement down the street.

This paragraph is priceless in it’s humorous and disengenuous gobblespeak:

Both groups have historically targeted government organizations, think tanks, universities, and corporations around the world. APT29 has been observed crafting targeted spearphishing campaigns leveraging web links to a malicious dropper; once executed, the code delivers Remote Access Tools (RATs) and evades detection using a range of techniques.

APT28 is known for leveraging domains that closely mimic those of targeted organizations and tricking potential victims into entering legitimate credentials. APT28 actors relied heavily on shortened URLs in their spearphishing email campaigns. Once APT28 and APT29 have access to victims, both groups exfiltrate and analyze information to gain intelligence value.

These groups use this information to craft highly targeted spearphishing campaigns. These actors set up operational infrastructure to obfuscate their source infrastructure, host domains and malware for targeting organizations, establish command and control nodes, and harvest credentials and other valuable information from their targets.

(*note the emphasis I placed in the quote) All that nonsense is saying is a general explanation for how hacking, any hacking, is generally carried out.  This entire FBI report is nothing more than a generalized, albeit techno-worded, explanation for how Nigerians, Indians, or in this case Russians, attempt to gain your email passwords etc., nothing more.  (read report)

Again, for emphasis: That’s the source evidence of the JAR for the “vast Russian conspiracy”: Russian TV news and social media bots pushing frog memes interfered with the 2016 U.S. election resultThat’s their conclusion.

Yes, that’s the entire final analysis within the report that led to the expulsion of 35 Russian unimportant nobody diplomats – all created to push a narrative, and only created to push a narrative.  The goal of the narrative was to undermine the election results and paint the upcoming Trump administration into a corner as it related to Russia and Vladimir Putin.

That’s the backdrop for the earlier April UPI story (link here) and that’s the environment created by President Obama where the Trump Transition team was considering a back-channel way to talk to the Russians without all of the Obama-Manufactured-Anxiety causing friction.

And here is today’s slice of Kushner Cheese for the Nothingburger.  NOTE THE DISCLAIMER customarily pushed way down into the weeds of the article:

REUTERS – […] After the Nov. 8 election, Kushner and Flynn also discussed with Kislyak the idea of creating a back channel between Trump and Russian President Vladimir Putin that could have bypassed diplomats and intelligence agencies, two of the sources said. Reuters was unable to determine how those discussions were conducted or exactly when they took place.

Reuters was first to report last week that a proposal for a back channel was discussed between Flynn and Kislyak as Trump prepared to take office. The Washington Post was first to report on Friday that Kushner participated in that conversation.

[…] FBI scrutiny of Kushner began when intelligence reports of Flynn’s contacts with Russians included mentions of U.S. citizens, whose names were redacted because of U.S. privacy laws. This prompted [FBI/Comey] investigators to ask U.S. intelligence agencies to reveal the names of the Americans, the current U.S. law enforcement official said.

Kushner’s was one of the names that was revealed, the official said, prompting a closer look at the president’s son-in-law’s dealings with Kislyak and other Russians.

FBI investigators are examining whether Russians suggested to Kushner or other Trump aides that relaxing economic sanctions would allow Russian banks to offer financing to people with ties to Trump, said the current U.S. law enforcement official.

The head of Russian state-owned Vnesheconombank, Sergei Nikolaevich Gorkov, a trained intelligence officer whom Putin appointed, met Kushner at Trump Tower in December. The bank is under U.S. sanctions and was implicated in a 2015 espionage case in which one of its New York executives pleaded guilty to spying and was jailed.

The bank said in a statement in March that it had met with Kushner along with other representatives of U.S. banks and business as part of preparing a new corporate strategy.

Officials familiar with intelligence on contacts between the Russians and Trump advisers said that so far they have not seen evidence of any wrongdoing or collusion between the Trump camp and the Kremlin.  Moreover, they said, nothing found so far indicates that Trump authorized, or was even aware of, the contacts.

There may not have been anything improper about the contacts, the current law enforcement official stressed(link)

Pay attention to this part: “[…] FBI scrutiny of Kushner began when intelligence reports of Flynn’s contacts with Russians included mentions of U.S. citizens, whose names were redacted because of U.S. privacy laws. This prompted [FBI/Comey] investigators to ask U.S. intelligence agencies to reveal the names of the Americans, the current U.S. law enforcement official said.

Reflect back on CIA Director John Brennan’s testimony to congress and reread that paragraph broken into two parts and combined with the Brennan testimony:

….FBI scrutiny of Kushner began when intelligence reports of Flynn’s contacts with Russians included mentions of U.S. citizens, whose names were redacted because of U.S. privacy laws….

That’s exactly what Director Brennan said happened.  The CIA intercepted the communications around the Russian officials attempting to gain access to the Trump circle because no-one in the Russian government knew anything about Trump’s positions.

…This prompted [FBI/Comey] investigators to ask U.S. intelligence agencies to reveal the names of the Americans, the current U.S. law enforcement official said…

That is also what Brennan said.  Brennan said he gave the raw intelligence to the FBI (James Comey) and to the White House (Susan Rice) and it was then out of his hands.  The FBI (Comey) then asked the NSA (Rogers) to reveal the names.  Brennan then briefed the gang-of-eight in congress.

Additionally, if Jared Kushner -as the WaPo claims- discussed setting up a “secret channel” of communication with Kysliak in December 2016 then common sense would tell you they didn’t have one prior to the election on Nov 8th. {{poof}} …there goes the ‘vast Russian conspiracy.

Aside from proving the Obama administration was specifically using James Comey to spy on the Trump campaign – So what if team Trump, or Candidate Trump, or President-Elect Trump, wanted a way to talk privately with representatives of the Russian government?  That’s politics.  That’s the same for every country, not just exclusive to Russia.

If anything the fact that President Obama’s political intelligence gathering operatives were spying on the Trump campaign to identify such communication, and then unmasking them to the political opposition, is evidence of the need for such communication channels….

What this Reuters and Washington Post story actually does is prove the Obama Administration was spying on the Trump campaign.  That’s the explosive angle to the story.

It’s not the nothingburger report that Jared or anyone else was trying to set up communication lines that matters – the real story is Reuters and the Washington Post proving that Obama was spying on conversations about setting up those lines of communication.

*”Когда луна попадает в глаза, как большой пирог с пиццей”…

(*When the moon hits your eye like a big pizza pie that’s Amore’)


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430 Responses to Reuters/Washington Post Publish Evidence of Obama Spying on Trump Campaign and Unmasking Americans…

  1. Apfelcobbler says:

    Gowdy got to the matter, (starting at ~1:50) and then Lets it DROP. He gives a rattled Brennan an out by asking about the “last day” and he could have backed up rephrased with “last week” to really trap Brennan, but he didn’t. He let it go. Brennan later rephrased “clarified” that response when they resumed after the break.


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  2. Howie says:

    What if NSA has turned all digital communications systems in to …..

    How does an EPIRB work?
    406 MHz EPIRBs work with the Cospas-Sarsat polar orbiting satellite system, giving true global coverage. There is an alert delay of about 45 minutes dependant on when the satellites come into view on the horizon.

    The satellite can determine the position of your EPIRB to within 5km (3 miles). The coded message identifies the exact vessel to which the EPIRB is registered. This information allows the rescue services to eliminate false alerts and launch an appropriate rescue.

    GPS-enabled EPIRBs have a built-in transmitter which will typically alert the rescue services within 3 minutes and to a positional accuracy of +/- 50 metres (updated every 20 minutes) given a clear view skywards.

    Some EPIRBs also have a secondary distress transmitter. This transmits on 121.5 MHz and is used for “homing” purposes. When the rescue services get close, this allows them to direction find on the signal. Some EPIRBs also have a high brightness LED flashing light that aids final visual location. EPIRB PLB

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  3. Howie says:

    Call your friends and post your life on your hand held ……EPIR….I mean cellphone.

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    • Howie says:

      NSA Data Mining: How It Works
      PRISM, XKeyscore, and plenty more classified information about the National Security Agency’s vast surveillance program has been dragged into the light since Edward Snowden began his leaks in May. How much data is there? How does the government sort through it? What are they learning about you? Here’s our guide to the NSA’s data-mining.

      Morons Shine Laser At News Helicopter Get Exactly What’s Coming To Them

      Why You Should Never Squash A House Centipede

      Here’s How Car Maintenance Costs Increase With Mileage
      By Joe Pappalardo
      Sep 11, 2013

      Most people were introduced to the arcane world of data mining when National Security Agency contractor Edward Snowden allegedly leaked classified documents that detail how the U.S. government uses the technique to track terrorists. The security breach revealed that the government gathers billions of pieces of data—phone calls, emails, photos, and videos—from Google, Facebook, Microsoft, and other communications giants, then combs through the information for leads on national security threats. The disclosure caused a global uproar over the sanctity of privacy, the need for security, and the perils of government secrecy. People rightfully have been concerned about where the government gets the data—from all of us—but equal attention has not been paid to what it actually does with it. Here’s a guide to big-data mining, NSA-style.

      The Information Landscape

      Just how much data do we produce? A recent study by IBM estimates that humanity creates 2.5 quintillion bytes of data every day. (If these data bytes were pennies laid out flat, they would blanket the earth five times.) That total includes stored information—photos, videos, social-media posts, word-processing files, phone-call records, financial records, and results from science experiments—and data that normally exists for mere moments, such as phone-call content and Skype chats.

      Veins of Useful Information

      The concept behind the NSA’s data-mining operation is that this digital information can be analyzed to establish connections between people, and these links can generate investigative leads. But in order to examine data, it has to be collected—from everyone. As the data-mining saying goes: To find a needle in a haystack, you first need to build a haystack.

      Data Has to Be Tagged Before It’s Bagged

      Data mining relies on metadata tags that enable algorithms to identify connections. Metadata is data about data—for example, the names and sizes of files on your computer. In the digital world, the label placed on data is called a tag. Tagging data is a necessary first step to data mining because it enables analysts (or the software they use) to classify and organize the information so it can be searched and processed. Tagging also enables analysts to parse the information without examining the contents. This is an important legal point in NSA data mining because the communications of U.S. citizens and lawful permanent resident aliens cannot be examined without a warrant. Metadata on a tag has no such protection, so analysts can use it to identify suspicious behavior without fear of breaking the law.

      Finding Patterns in the Noise

      The data-analysis firm IDC estimates that only 3 percent of the information in the digital universe is tagged when it’s created, so the NSA has a sophisticated software program that puts billions of metadata markers on the info it collects. These tags are the backbone of any system that makes links among different kinds of data—such as video, documents, and phone records. For example, data mining could call attention to a suspect on a watch list who downloads terrorist propaganda, visits bomb-making websites, and buys a pressure cooker. (This pattern matches the behavior of the Tsarnaev brothers, who are accused of planting bombs at the Boston Marathon.) This tactic assumes terrorists have well-defined data profiles—something many security experts doubt.

      Open Source and Top Secret

      The NSA has been a big promoter of software that can manage vast databases. One of these programs is called Accumulo, and while there is no direct evidence that it is being used in the effort to monitor global communications, it was designed precisely for tagging billions of pieces of unorganized, disparate data. The secretive agency’s custom tool, which is based on Google programming, is actually open-source. This year a company called Sqrrl commercialized it and hopes the healthcare and finance industries will use it to manage their own big-data sets.

      The Miners: Who Does What

      The NSA, home to the federal government’s codemakers and code-breakers, is authorized to snoop on foreign communications. The agency also collects a vast amount of data—trillions of pieces of communication generated by people across the globe. The NSA does not chase the crooks, terrorists, and spies it identifies; it sifts information on behalf of other government players such as the Pentagon, CIA, and FBI. Here are the basic steps: To start, one of 11 judges on a secret Foreign Intelligence Surveillance (FISA) Court accepts an application from a government agency to authorize a search of data collected by the NSA. Once authorized—and most applications are—data-mining requests first go to the FBI’s Electronic Communications Surveillance Unit (ECSU), according to PowerPoint slides taken by Snowden. This is a legal safeguard—FBI agents review the request to ensure no U.S. citizens are targets. The ECSU passes appropriate requests to the FBI Data Intercept Technology Unit, which obtains the information from Internet company servers and then passes it to the NSA to be examined with data-mining programs. (Many communications companies have denied they open their servers to the NSA; federal officials claim they cooperate. As of press time, it’s not clear who is correct.) The NSA then passes relevant information to the government agency that requested it.

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    • Joe S says:

      EPIRB=Emergency Position Indicating Radio Beacon.

      Each EPIRB has a unique identifier so that when an epirb is activated, the owner of it is known to the, USCG, coastguard.


  4. navysquid says:

    Some thoughts on all of this kabuki theater:
    1. Prior to Nov 8th, one could run a Google or Lexis-Nexis search and find possibly the words Trump and Russians in maybe 2-3 articles if that…

    2. Prior to Nov 8th, one could run a Google or Lexis-Nexis search and find possibly the words Hillary – Comey – election – Trump in hundreds of articles…meaning this is where the Dems were focused

    3. As already stated by Sundance, Kushner looking to set up back channel comms means there were NONE prior to that!! Why set something up if you already have back channel comms???

    4. July 5th James Comey testifies. Everyone with a security clearance or has had one KNOWS on this day that Comey has revealed himself a Swamp Dweller protecting HRC. On a daily, if not hourly basis, one is reminded by screen savers on computers, signs all around your SCIF, and the VERY emails you send you are prompted to ask if this is the classification you want to send and asks you to enter the recipients and will flag you if they are NOT authorized to receive said reports / documents. For him to sit up there and blatantly LIE before the nation and the millions that have held or currently hold clearances made me want to hurl! He should have been fired on Day One of PDJT’s Admin…but I trust him for the timing.

    5. Collusion is not always a crime…dirty? yes. MSM is using to confuse the mindless sheep…

    6. We have to thank an intrepid local reporter here in Phoenix who happened to be in the right place at the right time to capture Lynch on the private side of the airport meeting with Bill Clinton. Surprised he has not been Arkancied for starting much of this ball rolling…

    7. Every lie is eventually revealed and we are seeing the MSM / Dems backpedal on several stories they have been pushing as truth as more information cuts away from their “truth” about PDJT i.e. impeachment, Comey was deceived, Comey this, Comey that, Susan Rice, Farkas, etc

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    • mimbler says:

      Yes, every lie is eventually revealed, but the lofo voters only see the lies in the headlines, the retractions are small and deep into the the articles.

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  5. WeThePeople2016 says:

    It looks to me like the WP, Reuters, and N.Y. Slimes are running out of stories to publish that they had to go back and dust this one off. They just want the headlines and the biased liberal media, including FOX, are ready and eager to run with just the headlines and act as if it were fact. This is all going to blow up in their faces at some point, hopefully soon.

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  6. allangen says:

    The left has no evidence, only lies and innuendo, yet they shriek endlessly as if there was an actual scandal unfolding. The right uncovers real evidence of Obama spying illegally on U.S. citizens and political opponents, and the left wing press is not interested. We all know the game. The low information voters know only what the commie media tells them and has no knowledge of what is covered up or hidden.
    I don’t know about you, but I’m getting tired of playing this game. The left makes groundless charges and we all scramble to defend ourselves as if the charges had any merit. That is playing their game and playing into their hands. Charge them with being crooks, liars, and charlatans and let them defend themselves. We also have to find a mechanism to provide the stories they won’t tell in a professional, unbiased fashion, to independents and moderate democrats who would have misgivings about all the crap that is being shoveled their way if they knew the truth.

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  7. US says:

    ‘The FBI (Comey) then asked the NSA (Rogers) to reveal the names.’ It seems to me that Admiral Rogers has to go too. Drain the swamp.

    Still unanswered is the question of who killed Seth Rich.

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  8. CharterOakie says:

    Pretty sure that Col. Klink and Sgt. Schultz are involved in this controversy, in which case:

    “Wenn der Mond dein Auge wie eine grosse Pizza trifft…das ist die Liebe!”

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  9. jeans2nd says:

    Might one not assume that Kisylak, at the very least, was speaking on an encrypted phone and using email encryption?

    Russia now knows what Russia did not know before – the U.S. has, indeed, decrypted at least some Russian communications.

    Russia will now implement new encryption methods. Our SIGINT guys will be back to square one.

    Please convince me the previous administration’s people are not working for the other side.
    Nevermind. Would not believe you anyway.

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  10. recoverydotgod says:

    “What this Reuters and Washington Post story actually does is prove the Obama Administration was spying on the Trump campaign. That’s the explosive angle to the story.”

    This reminds me of…

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  11. jeans2nd says:

    Listening to this exchange with Gowdy and Brennan (below) offers a great deal of insight into Brennan’s actions. Brennan fed the info to Comey, knowing full well what Comey would do with that info. It also leaves a great many obvious questions unanswered. (It also allows Gowdy to show Brennan to be the id10t that Brennan is.)

    Since the Wash Post, NY Times, Reuters, and the remaining Fake News have exposed so much classified info already, why does POTUS not just declassify all this info, and allow the American people to know what exactly has been going on in The Swamp, and by whom? What purpose could it possibly serve now to keep it remaining classified?

    Sunlight really is the best disinfectant. The U.S. will be destabilized after The Swamp has finished with their destruction of Our POTUS. Why not get it over with, declassify now, and end this endless nightmare of Very Fake News? Take a few of the Swamp Dwellers down in the process, as well.

    Declassifying would negate the Democrat’s current narrative in their push towards the 2018 elections. The Uniparty would be exposed for exactly what it is. The guilty Swamp Creatures would be eliminated, and replaced, hopefully, by some real Americans. And perhaps POTUS could get on with the business of running this country, and installing Our America First policies.


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