Parallel Policies? Parallel Administration? Mike Pence Remarks To U.S. CoC at “Invest In America” Summit…

Something appears to be happening within the administration that is currently impossible to define with regard to intent of construct. For the sake of my own internal disposition, and to ensure a geographic distance from sharp things, a modicum of levity is necessarily required.  Cue suspicious cats:

Unfortunately, it’s too early (not fully developed pixels) to see the picture, but there appears to be an intentionally constructed parallel set of administrative policies that almost gives the appearance of a paralleling administration. It should be emphasized the construct herein is not necessarily definable as good or bad; it’s just simply too early.

It begins with Vice President Mike Pence delivering a speech at the Invest in America Summit today, which is primarily a gathering of the largest lobbying group in Washington DC via The U.S. Chamber of Commerce.  No single lobbying organization has done more to advance global trade interests and diminish the U.S. manufacturing economy than the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, and its president Tom Donohue.

Simultaneous to this event, Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin was on Capitol Hill testifying to the Senate Banking Committee, and appears to have recently accepted the premise that the U.S. banking system is institutionally too big to fail, and more alarmingly too big to reform.

First, the Summit remarks:

[Transcript] 12:17 P.M. EDT – THE VICE PRESIDENT: Well, thank you, Tom Donohue. Thank you all for that warm welcome.

And on behalf of President Trump, let me just say thank you to Tom Donohue for your decades of tireless advocacy for business in America. Would you all join me in showing your appreciation for Tom Donohue’s years of leadership for American free enterprise? (Applause.)

It’s an honor for me to be back at the United States Chamber of Commerce, the leading voice for American industry for more than 100 years, and to have the privilege to participate in this Invest in America Summit.

I bring greetings this morning from a champion of American workers and of American free enterprise — the 45th President of the United States of America, President Donald Trump. (Applause.)

From the very first day of this administration, President Trump has been fighting to restore jobs and opportunities for the forgotten men and women of this country.

And whatever Washington, D.C. may be focused on at any given time, rest assured, President Donald Trump will never stop fighting for the issues that matter most to the American people — good jobs, safe streets, and a boundless American future. (Applause.)

But I’m here today with a very specific message to all of those that are gathered here, on behalf of the President, it’s my pleasure to announce: America is open for business. (Applause.)

It’s great to be with you all today. I’m especially honored to be joined by two friends who were job creators in their prior life and now they’re leading two of the great states of America — Governor Doug Ducey and Governor Matt Bevin of Arizona and Kentucky respectively. Thank you for being with us today. Thanks for being such great, great leaders. (Applause.)

I’m also grateful to have with us so many American and international business leaders, and representatives of nearly 40 nations across the wider world. On behalf of President Trump and the American people, thank you for all that each of you do to strengthen the bonds of commerce and friendship between our land and yours.

From factories to finance, from real estate to retail, your nations, your businesses recognize that investing in America means investing in success — for you and for us.

And as you know, placing a bet on America is really no bet at all. It’s a prudent, safe, and smart decision, and one that will reap rewards for many years to come.

The advantages of investing in the American economy are really too numerous to count. They include our unparalleled system of capital, the quality and caliber of our workforce, and, of course, the entrepreneurial spirit that fuels the economic engine of the most powerful economy in the world.

For all these reasons, and so many more, today foreign direct investment in America tops a stunning $3.1 trillion. No other nation in the world even comes close.

The benefits of foreign investment, either from firms headquartered overseas or in domestic businesses with majority foreign ownership, are felt in American communities large and small.

You know I saw it firsthand, as Tom mentioned, back when I was Governor of the state of Indiana. My former Secretary of Commerce, Victor Smith, is with us here today, and he can attest that foreign investment means jobs and opportunities for people all across our state and all across America.

In our case in 2014, over 170,000 Hoosiers worked at foreign-owned companies, and the billions of dollars invested in our economy by international businesses contributed to Indiana’s reputation as a great place to live and work and raise a family.

The truth is America as a whole is better off.

All told, foreign investment is responsible for more than 6.3 million American jobs — $57 billion in research and development in every field and industry and $425 billion in annual American exports.

So let me just say on behalf of President Trump, thank you to all of the nations that are represented here for your businesses playing such an indispensable role in the prosperity of the United States of America. (Applause.)

Your investment in our nation is vital to the American people, and ultimately it’s a win-win for both of us. But we’re here today because the truth is that we have a tremendous opportunity for growth in America.

And rest assured, President Donald Trump is firmly committed to renewing America’s reputation as the best place in the world to make an investment and the premier investment destination on Earth.

Since day one, President Trump has taken decisive action to strengthen the American economy and extend our competitive edge. This President has signed more bills to slash red tape than any President in American history. Before this administration, only one President had ever signed a Congressional Review Act measure — President Trump has already used that legislation 14 different times.

He’s used what is known as the Congressional Review Act to repeal overreaching, unnecessary, and harmful regulations ranging from the Department of the Interior, the Department of Labor, the SEC, the Federal Communications Commission, Occupational Safety and Health Administration, and more. It’s been a restoration of common sense in regulations in America.

And beyond that legislation, President Trump has ordered every agency in Washington, D.C. to find two regulations to get rid of before they issue any new regulations on American businesses and American free enterprise. (Applause.)

Overall, this President has already eliminated rules and mandates that would have cost our economy as much as $18 billion every single year. And the President’s leadership doesn’t start there.

He’s been rolling back the ban on offshore drilling. He’s put the Clean Power Plan on a path to extinction. President Trump recently approved the Keystone and Dakota pipelines what will create thousands of American jobs and strengthen America’s energy future. (Applause.)

And President Trump is keeping his promise to repeal and replace Obamacare, and to end its burden on businesses and give the American people finally the quality of healthcare that they deserve.

The President’s leadership has made a tremendous impact on our economy, and we’re just getting started.

Since the start of this year, businesses from across this country and across the wider world have created more than 700,000 American jobs. Company after company all across this nation are making record investments in American workers and in America’s future — billions of dollars and tens of thousands of jobs.

This represents nothing short than a vote of confidence in the President’s agenda. And make no mistake about it, we’ve only just begun.

If you take nothing else from what I say today, know this: President Donald Trump is committed to signing the most significant and consequential tax relief in American history, releasing the boundless potential of the American economy. (Applause.)

As Secretary Mnuchin said just a few weeks back, the President’s plan will strengthen the American economy and create untold opportunities of investment from across the wider world.

We’re going to cut taxes across the board for working families, small businesses, and family farms. We’re also going to put more money in the American people’s pockets — and make the tax code simpler, flatter, and fairer for everyone.

But when it comes to business, like all of you gathered here, President Trump’s tax plan will give you more incentive to invest in America than ever before. Our administration under President Trump’s leadership is going to fight to cut the corporate tax rate in America to 15 percent and make America competitive — American businesses competitive again with businesses all over the world. (Applause.)

He’ll end the outdated policy of worldwide taxation and enact a territorial system in its place. And President Trump will make sure that our businesses can finally bring back the trillions of dollars that are locked overseas and invest them in American workers and America’s future.

The bottom line is that President Trump’s tax plan will strengthen our economy and strengthen our reputation as the best place to invest and the best place to do business anywhere in the world.

The same is true of the rest of our agenda. In case you hadn’t noticed, the American people elected a builder to be President of the United States, and President Donald Trump is going to rebuild the infrastructure of America. (Applause.)

The President is committed to make historic investments in our infrastructure to ensure that our businesses and yours have the best roads, the best bridges, the best airports, and the best future possible.

The truth is that every dollar we invest in infrastructure is a dollar we invest in America’s future, and we look forward to leveraging the expertise of other nations, including many of you here today. We have much to learn from one another in areas we can work together to strengthen the infrastructure of this great nation and our great economy.

And President Trump, I can assure you, has a deep appreciation for the role that international trade plays in enriching the American economy and opening doors of opportunity to the American people.

But as the President has made clear, too many of America’s established trade relationships don’t fulfill the stated goal of being a win-win agreement for both sides. In fact, in far too many cases, as the President has observed, America has been on the losing side of its trade deals.

The President has placed a high priority on fostering trade relationships that are free and fair; trade relationships that don’t work for one party simply don’t work at all.

And under the President’s leadership, our administration will continue to work with all of our trading partners on a bilateral basis to roll back the policies that put American businesses at a disadvantage. We’re going to work to break down barriers to investment. We’re going to work to create a truly level playing field for companies on both sides so we can prosper together. (Applause.)

The agreement announced last week between America and China is actually a model of what President Trump will continue to achieve. It opens the path to greater commerce by breaking down barriers to trade and investment in beef, biotechnology, energy, financial services, and more.

It was an important accomplishment. I’m confident this agreement will be the first of many — not only with China but with nations across the wider world.

In fact, just last month I traveled to the Asia Pacific on the President’s behalf to promote our economic relationships with South Korea, Japan, Indonesia, and Australia. And at the President’s direction, together with Japanese Deputy Prime Minister Taro Aso, I had the privilege of announcing a new U.S.-Japan Economic Dialogue.

We look forward to this dialogue, to seeing it progress, and to exploring ways that we can begin similar discussions with other nations around the world, including many of those gathered here.

President Trump and our administration, I can assure you, will work tirelessly to ensure that our trade policies with all of trade partners are mutually beneficial and that they maximize the opportunity for investment in America.

Thanks to the leadership of President Donald Trump, there simply is no better time to invest in America and no better time for you to attend this summit.

Our President has already taken decisive action to renew America’s promise as a land of opportunity and prosperity. And in the days and weeks ahead, we will continue to work tirelessly to enact our agenda to make the strongest economy in the world stronger still.

So today I say with confidence that with your continued help, with your innovation and with your industry, the companies that are represented here today, along with the leadership of President Donald Trump, I know the best days for America and all of her friends across the world are yet to come.

Thank you. God bless you all and God bless the United States of America. (Applause.)

END – 12:31 P.M. EDT

Video available on FACEBOOK

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446 Responses to Parallel Policies? Parallel Administration? Mike Pence Remarks To U.S. CoC at “Invest In America” Summit…

  1. mot2grls says:

    President Trump trusts our VP, I trust our VP.

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    • Lulu says:

      How do we know. My guess is the only people in the WH he trusts are Ivanka, Jared, his private security ano possibly bannon

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    • Wink says:

      Me, too.


    • judyw says:

      I wish I could but I never have….just something I can’t explain and it doesn’t go away as time moves forward.

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    • “Only a fool learns from his own mistakes. The wise man learns from the mistakes of others.”

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      • Oncefired says:

        I don’t Trust Pence, especially with all this talk of forcing Trump out so Pence can take over. The Allure of Power Corrupts! When Trump announced his run, I ran everything through my head and listened carefully to him….Why would a Billionaire want such a Crap job when he can live comfortably, He talked about how corrupt and bad of shape the Country has became…My Conclusion was Trump did this with the best Intent and Complete Patriotism, He was tired of what he was watching and actually cares about the real Americans or the Deplorables, not to mention what would the Country look like that his Children and Grandchildren would have to experience! Trump did this because he genuinely thought he could fix things, he knew ahead of time the flack he was going to take from the Swamp-Dwellers! Don’t get me wrong on Pence, I think he is a good man, but the allure of power is something he might not be able to pass up, so he might make the decision that with all the Abuse Trump is taking that a President Pence might be to good to pass up. Especially with the Elites, Lobbyists, Deep state and Swamp-Dwellers whispering in his ear! I think we are at a very tenuous time when Trump has to be very careful who he trusts, especially with all the leaks. I Can Say That Even Though it Seems Everybody in Washington is Against President Trump and Things Look Bleak, I Have No Doubt that Trump has a Plan and is Ready to Exact Revenge and Surprise a Whole Lot of the Scum that is Washington!

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    • If I’m President Trump, I’m watching Pence like a hawk. I’d replace him in a split-second if I suspected him of any disloyalty or allegiance to the USCOC pimp, Tom Donohue.

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  2. TreeperInTraining says:

    Yes, Sundance. It feels like a purposefully created parallel administration.

    Looky here. The sane administration.

    Looky there. Not so much.

    That Pence announced the formation of his PAC yesterday makes it even more sinister.. but I’m one of those paranoid, loony broads. Lol

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  3. SPMI says:

    “The Pence half is undermining the Trump half.”

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  4. Lulu says:

    Pence all to often acts like he’s the future president sort of like Hillary did

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  5. pixilush says:

    I never trusted totally Pence. He was always a good boy in the Congress, building his career. When push came to shove, in Indiana, he buckled to the homo lobby. He supported Cruz, and he is too silent now, as if he doesn’t want to be tarnished being too close to Trump.
    This is why Trump should have selected a VP, the commies would have feared more than him.

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  6. golfmann says:

    everything in his speech seems good to me…
    I see no undermining at all (on the surface)

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  7. jeans2nd says:

    This may rest more on one’s interpretations of words.
    We want to trade with the world. We just want a level playing field for everyone, and everyone playing by the same rules.

    IOW, cats on the wrestling team should not be wrestling with a lion who just today identified as cat.

    Treasury’s Mnuchin: ‘We do not support breaking up banks’
    “the Trump administration does not support separating investment and commercial banks”
    “We do not support a separation of banks from investment banks.”
    ” they have a differentiated set of rules and regulations for smaller, less complex institutions and bigger, more complex institutions.”

    Treasury Secretary says Trump has approved new bank regulator
    “head of the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency…”
    “Joseph Otting, who formerly worked as a banking executive at OneWest bank, which Mnuchin once headed, is believed to be the favorite for the position”


    • mariner says:

      I’ll just pick one.

      Trump explicitly promised the reinstatement of Glass-Steagall, which separated investment and commercial banks.

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      • jeans2nd says:

        It would appear the POTUS wants to give the smaller, hometown banks a fairer chance at competing with the big banks, yet not completely break up the bigger banks. Something that has not yet been tried.

        Meanwhile, Elizabeth Warren is pushing her own bill, which NO ONE supports.

        “President Donald Trump’s economic team has said it is considering a modern version of the 1933 Glass-Steagall Act—a partially repealed law that would force the largest U.S. banks to break themselves apart if it were still in effect.”

        Republican Platform Under Trump Backs Glass-Steagall’s Return
        The platform also embraces Trump’s America-first stance on international trade.

        ““We are supporting the small banks and Main Street. We talk about legislation that affects, you know, some of the mistakes made in repealing Glass-Steagall and some of the mistakes made in imposing Dodd-Frank. The platform reflects those things”

        “The platform draft that was approved also called for Republicans to “advance legislation that brings transparency and accountability to the Federal Reserve, the Federal Open Market Committee, and the Federal Reserve’s dealing with foreign banks.” It called for an annual audit of the Fed and backed legislation calling for study of “metallic basis” for value of U.S. currency.”

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    • daughnworks247 says:

      Wait a minute – I thought Trump specifically added language to Convention platform to include a new Glass-Steagall

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  8. Andy Smith says:

    I don’t like the venue, but I suppose he can’t ignore them. The content of the speech sounded like standard Trump stuff. Trump and Pence seem to be on the same page. Trump always gives his enemies more compliments than they deserve and Pence is just doing the same with Tom Cotton. I wouldn’t make too much of it yet. I think we are just nervous because the deep state is trying to impeach Trump and make Pence the president. It would be a shame if they managed to divide us against Pence when he hasn’t done anything wrong.

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    • kpm58 says:

      You first have to get them to listen.
      Didn’t President Trump ask the question of why the Civil War could have been prevented?

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    • El Torito says:

      Perfectly stated Andy! We are not used to witnessing good sportsmanship.

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    • Weeper says:

      Hi Andy – I copied my post from page 1…,speaks to what you’re saying.

      OK…I’m just a lady with an iPad, but I come here to learn from the “Poster in Chief”….Sundance. Thank you!!

      The cats are out, so we need to keep our radar on….

      The Swamp is very deep, and there are many, many, creatures that need to be dealt with…..what if the strategy is to keep “some of them” pacified, for the time being, while he deals with the others? Having to fight ’em all at the same time would be tough….

      Carry On!!!
      MAGA!!! 🦁🚂📢🌳

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    • distracted2 says:

      Trust but verify. That said, my spidey senses have been working overtime since day one. He is a chameleon…and that is not a good thing.

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  9. 5haircut says:

    I think we are so used to President Trump with his totally positive push to Make America Great that we’ve forgotten all the wrestling and haggling behind the scenes that it takes to secure top rate deals. He knows what kind of traitorous bums he is dealing with, but the big picture (The Art Of The Deal). can’t be done in one or two moves. Our President is playing chess with people who know the game. When they get comfortable and think they have him in a trap suddenly the bright light of reality will expose them for who they are where the game really sets – 1 move to checkmate! These people have an agenda and the President knows where they are going. That fact alone is half of the game. Bringing them out in the daylight is all that is needed!

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  10. El Torito says:

    Regarding the Pence PAC, it is being explained as “provide resources for the vice president to actually support 2018 candidates who are supportive of the president’s agenda.” I buy it. It may be that DJT has signaled to Pence that he (DJT) is one and done.

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    • lubyankafh says:

      I don’t know about the one-and-done, i do strongly suspect that Trump is going to back Hugely – Pro-trump candidates in the next elections…the next several elections..

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      • El Torito says:

        I don’t know either 🙂 Just letting my imagination float in the breeze…Hey after the silence from the GOP over this past week, who can blame DJT and Pence for going big to find Pro Trump GOP candidates?


      • zaq123 says:

        And there’s the rub. Since this started, Pres Trump has been able to “out” so many of the lying, RINO, Establishment, Leftist, Socialist, and American hating politicians, with more to go. But, the people still send them back, expecting a different result….INSANITY.

        Paul Ryan has not done ONE thing to improve anything. If the information is correct, the majority of his money comes from outside his district. Are the people of his district so insulated and isolated from what has been going on in this country for the last 30 years, that they can’t see him, for who he is? One person responded that the Dem’s in his district are the ones that keep him in office. That makes no sense to me.

        At the end of the day, Pence doesn’t need a PAC with a chest full of money. DC has been exposed for what it really is and the only way the place changes is if there’s a complete changing of the guard for the very large majority of incumbents. Just my $.02.

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    • So, it’s for travel, and venue-renting, expenses, and stuff?


    • M. Mueller says:

      Really depends on who is donating to it, doesn’t it?

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    • jackphatz says:

      Makes sense. Trump may very well decide to make it a one timer then be off to play golf and enjoy his children and grandchildren.


  11. trapper says:

    The message is the same message I have been stating since Trump announced: there is infinitely more money to be made investing in strong, manufacturing oriented, nationalist American capitalism, the very system globalism has been undermining for the past half century, than can be made in crony-capitalist New American Fascism or internationalist regulated globalism. There just is. At this point it is not necessary for Trump to battle the globalist ideologues head on if he can simply outflank them by going where the money is and winning it over.

    Unregulated American capitalism was built on the bedrock foundation of manufacturing. It is what formed the American middle class. And nothing about that will change with regards to Trump’s 21st Century American capitalism. It will still be built upon a manufacturing base, but utilizing 21st Century technologies, such as robotics and AI. And it is the picture of that 21st Century American manufacturing which has yet to come into focus. We don’t yet know what that will look like. But it is precisely the men and women at this meeting who will form it, who will think it, and who will build it. We just have to put the incentives in place for them to form it and build it in America.

    American corporate CEO’s are not and never have been the enemy. They sent American manufacturing jobs overseas because they were incentivized to do so by the federal government. It is now up to Trump and his team to incentivize them to rebuild manufacturing in America. We need them. We need to speak to them. We need to get them on board.

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    • E C says:

      Good analysis.

      Liked by 2 people

    • kpm58 says:

      I think Vice-President Pence was speaking to the people in the room other than Donohue.
      Very nicely he laid out how things will be better for them by getting on the Trump Train instead of standing on the tracks like they have been doing on the advice of Donohue. Some might start to question the path they have taken and who has been leading them.

      Liked by 3 people

      • trapper says:


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      • Kathy says:

        Agreed. My sense is that VP Pence was personally relaying the specifics of President Trump’s agenda (to clarify any COC interpretations, rumors in the media, etc.). In other words, here’s what PDJT intends to do — whether you like it or not — but please be assured that PDJT’s plan will open up a treasure trove of NEW places to invest your money.

        I also noticed VP Pence emphasized Tax Reform, so I wonder if the subtle message was this: We know everyone in this room has Dem and Rep puppets in Washington. We know you all like the idea of Tax Reform. We can get to Tax Reform a lot sooner if your puppets stop their resistance to everything ahead of it.


    • trapper says:

      P.S. I trust Pence only as far as the length of his leash, which must be kept short.

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    • trialbytruth says:

      Excellent post

      One more thing The world is chaotic America is a safe haven nobody walks in and takes your manufacturing plant and puts it up for auction because the government is broke. Your executives don’t have to live in fortresses and your kids taken to school by a security team.


    • JC says:

      Excellent post, Trapper. Thanks.


  12. dustahl says:

    Never trusted Pence, he is a typical republican politician, in bed with all the wrong people.
    so if I am fair I give Pence a C minus, Trump A+++

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    • rvsueandcrew says:

      I give Pence an A. He’s a man of good character and integrity.

      Liked by 1 person

      • BMG says:

        I get bad vibes from Pence ever since Trump chose him for the VP slot. Has got some Uriah Heep in him.

        Should change his first name to Romney.

        Romney Pence, VPOTUS.

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    • MVW says:

      DC is spooksville. Everything is being run by spooks. Obama was deep into the unmasking and using everything the spooks could see, hear, or smell. Who killed Seth? The Clintons and Bush’s are tied together with drug trafficking by the CIA all the way back to the Arkansas days with convenient accidents and unsolved murders going back 4 decades. Smells like CIA wetworks.

      Trump needs top spooks, and Flynn was it. Who was the first targeted? Flynn. Who pulled it off? Pence. And anyone going after Pence? If he is so good, why not?

      Does not take a genius to see, it takes blindness to not see.

      PS Pence is good buds with Ryan.

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  13. From the Multinational/G7 thread…
    Oldskool says:
    May 15, 2017 at 4:40 pm
    One would think that a critical partner to PTrump would be the U.S. Chamber of Commerce but I have not read about any involvement by them with any of the many meetings with industry execs or foreign reps or even meeting with the President concerning developing business. Let’s guess why. It is apparently an organization who’s “pay to play” business model was copied by the Clinton Foundation. They funnel payola and drafted legislation to politicians for in exchange for votes. Want to drain the swamp, launch a RICO investigation against that entity.

    Liked by you and 6 other people

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  14. xyzlatin says:

    No organisation is 100% for the leadership. The COC may be lead by a globalist, but many members are there to hobnob and mingle, network for their own business, and they keep their mouths shut politically. Being a great networker, Pres Trump knows this, which is why he goes into the lion’s den everywhere. It is a way to contact everybody in an organisation, not just the heads.

    Also, personal contact will change minds and hearts. It is our human nature. Trump has a gift for personal contact. So does Pence. That’s why Pres Trump uses him in partnership, it doubles Trump’s influence. For him to achieve anything, he has to win over a percentage of people formerly on the fence, or actively opposed. He wouldn’t win them by confronting them.

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  15. Summer says:

    Well, Trump always give people the benefit of the doubt and he always appeal to their supposed decency and patriotism or, for the lack thereof, their pocketbooks before giving up.

    He called the Clintons “good people” who he “did not want to hurt” because the poor dears had already suffered so much.
    He went to the failing NYT and expressed his admiration. He invited Bezos (!) and other openly hostile techies into the WH and expressed his willingness to help them get even richer.

    There is nothing, absolutely nothing unusual in the fact that Pence is sent to the Snake Pit to praise the snakes.

    This Vice President is actually WORKING on behalf of President Trump, not just loitering around and groping young females on stage. It is already a progress.

    I am not a trusting sort (to put it mildly) but I haven’t seen a shred of evidence of disloyalty from VP Pence since he became Trump’s running mate. None.

    As for Mnuchin, he is Goldman Sachs; what did we expect, a knight in shining armor?

    However, words are cheap. Watch for what is being DONE.

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    • El Torito says:

      Thanks for this post. Sane.

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    • rvsueandcrew says:

      ” I haven’t seen a shred of evidence of disloyalty from VP Pence since he became Trump’s running mate. None.”

      Thank you, Summer!


      • MVW says:

        You would never make it as a mole hunter. Pence showed himself only once, for the one critical kill, to take Flynn out. Don’t expect him to do another overt act.

        Expect him to do a lot of show, with ‘Honor’, with no substance.

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        • Lulu says:

          Exactly. And Flynn opened the gates to renovate and neocon McMaster

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        • rvsueandcrew says:

          Maybe I wouldn’t make it as a “mole hunter.” However, I do know not to throw accusations at people without evidence. Also, if I decide to become a member of a team (such as boarding the Trump Train), I’m careful that my words and actions don’t work against the team. Negativity hurts people and weakens causes. That’s my feeling. Others obviously disagree.

          Do I ever have doubts about people? Sure. But I keep my mouth shut about those doubts because voicing them serves no good purpose until there’s evidence.

          As the saying goes, with friends like these (the Pence bashers), who needs enemies.

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  16. bluesky says:

    I am sure there are a lot of people that would cheer if Pence became President so I am open to being suspicious, however Pence’s speech was a Trump speech delivered to a group that would never have listened to Trump.

    So this could be a very strategic move by the Administration. There is a stall of legislature in the pipeline, yet maybe some written legislature can be tweaked to fit Trump’s America First policy and the lobbyists salvage their jobs and a portion of their investments.

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  17. C-Low says:

    That Mnuchin quote about “too big to fail” “too big to regulate” really puts my hair up very worrying if that is actually what was said or endorsed. The 08–bailouts followed by the never ending stimulus, quantitative easing, etc…will one day be recognized as the biggest outright theft in the history of governments/elites vs the people.

    The Pense article I read in full didn’t see anything bad pretty standard and kept the emphasis on American interest works & benefit. No one has said ending NAFTA is our goal. The goal has always been taking a unfair trade deal (like most negotiated last 40yrs) and renegotiating it into something that is fair with emphasis on american benefit.

    Pence is a solid conservative, dry toast for sure but solid on the economics.


    • trialbytruth says:

      I havnt seen the mnuchen quote perhaps to big to fail to big to regulate, means just right size to break up


  18. mopar2016 says:

    It’ll remain “open season” on president Trump. And he can handle it.
    The Clintons and 0bama are finally working together.
    But they won’t bring down Mr. Trump.
    And Russiagate only makes our president more determined.
    I’ve never been a Pence fan, but I’m not worried about his loyalty.
    I’m not very religious, but I think there was some divine intervention in play from the start.
    I’m ready for another Trump rally.

    Liked by 6 people

  19. “Foreign direct investment means jobs and opportunities for Americans”…

    Still, not America First. Sounds exactly like…


    But hey, I have watched thousands and thousands of foreign born people replace Americans for the last twenty years. I could be biased. I know I am pi$$ed.

    Liked by 2 people

  20. Albertus Magnus says:

    this is the first night since the election that I am going to head to bed discouraged and feeling hopeless. If Sundance thinks this is the beginning of the end, its just time to accept it.

    Liked by 2 people

    • Dixie says:

      Rest easy. This is NOT the end. Just a little bump along the way.


    • Sylvia Avery says:

      Be of good cheer, Albertus Magnus. That wasn’t what Sundance said. He’s just watching. It will be okay.


    • Weeper says:

      Cheer up Albert

      Sundance never said it was the beginning of the end…he just said we need to keep our eyes and ears open. The only people talking about the “beginning of an end” are the same people,that have been doing it for two years. To hear them tell it PDJTs END would be so YUGE by now….he wouldn’t be able to get into Ait Force One 😉

      Treeper ❤️

      Liked by 1 person

    • judyw says:

      Hang on and think on James O’Keefe’s wisdom….
      “Trying to imagine a scenario where potus is elected on the platform of draining the swamp, starts, and is loved by the D.C. Media. Can you?”

      Liked by 1 person

    • CiscoKid says:

      Here’s how I look at it Al.
      Never accept surrender.
      I hope this makes sense.
      Watching Ken Burns History of WW II there was a interview with a Marine Corps vet heavily involved in the Pacific “island” battles.
      Speaking about the tenacity of the Imperial Japanese soldiers, he had this first hand observation.
      He noted that at a time when German soldiers were surrendering thousands, sometimes 10 of thousands at a time, if there was 3 or 4 Japanese soldiers dug in somewhere, he and his fellow Marines had to go in face to face and eliminate them. Some probably surrendered elsewhere, but that wasn’t his experience.
      So I got long winded to simply say, never give up.
      Once you commit yourself ya’ gotta stay in till it’s over.
      As we learned in the last SuperBowl, it ain’t over till it’s over.
      So said the greatest Yankee of all times, Yogi Berra.

      Liked by 1 person

  21. Kathleen Rady says:

    I trust VP Pence. He and the President make a great team. Trump is a unique President it makes sense that he would give Pence a broader role than other VPs. I also absolutely trust the President. He’s playing the game, but he’s playing to win and he will.

    Liked by 4 people

  22. Dixie says:

    It was nauseating, especially all the accolades he laid on Tom Donahue. He was stroking the fur of the enemy with a little too much pressure.

    Pence has eyes on the oval office and was really talking to his cohorts in that room and not necessarily on the President’s behalf.

    As far as we, here at CTH, the listener’s/reader’s personality has a lot to do with how this comes across to them. Some people are capable of “working” those who have scorned and mocked them (maybe winners), while to others, it’s too much like begging (maybe losers).

    Just my opinion.

    Liked by 2 people

    • bsdetector4u says:

      Haven’t you heard President Trump say the same things about people who are definitely not on his side. “So and so is a really great guy and we’re going to do great things together.” Perhaps Vice President Pence is taking a cue from The Donald in how he deals with these unsavory individuals.

      Liked by 6 people

  23. lo says:

    Never liked Pence. Always thought all the picks in administration were picks that would fit in seamlessly with Pence as president, not Trump! Have been saying this from the beginning!!! My intuition is never wrong!

    Liked by 3 people

  24. trialbytruth says:

    I didn’t read anything alarming in the transcript. Bilateral trade American jobs. Treating Donahue as a leader in frount of his funders makes sense So does speaking directly to the funders. Swaying the funders to support Trumps policies to make millions as opposed to the Donahue plan. I don’t think the C.o.c funders are all true believers.I think they will follow the money.

    Liked by 3 people

    • Vince says:

      “I don’t think the C.o.c funders are all true believers.I think they will follow the money.”

      I feel the same and have posted similar thoughts. People are concerned that after Trump is no longer president, everything will go back to what it was like in Obama’s administration. But in the next 4-8 years, many people will have new, better jobs because of Trump. Businesses will be started and grow. Some people will become millionaires during the Trump administration. All that will build its own inertia. They will lobby to keep Trump’s policies in place.

      There were a lot of business people against President Trump, but now we’ve gone four months, and the economy is doing fine, better than Obama’s economy. Foreign businesses are coming here. The dire hysterical predictions are not coming true. President Trump is not alienating us internationally like they predicted either. All reports show him getting along with world leaders and making progress on trade. Business leaders would be smart at this stage to put away their fears of November and take a fresh reassessment of their plans.

      So the C.O.C is now in a corner where they can either be ideological and lose out on 4% growth for the next 4-8 years, and fade into irrelevancy as others gain by following Trump, or they can be practical and hop on the train.

      Liked by 3 people

  25. bessie2003 says:

    I do remember during the campaign, then candidate Trump said on a few occasions that he wants to bring America back into one, united, people. In order to do that it is necessary to keep the lines of communication open to those who oppose his Administration, who would be more perfect for that job than VP Pence?

    But, the image of Suspicious Cat instantly came to mind when reading yesterday about the PAC that the VP set up the other day.

    So glad Sundance and others are noticing the fuzzy image; I’m trusting that Pres. Trump has this, until the picture comes into better focus.

    Liked by 2 people

  26. james23 says:

    well, well, well


  27. yohio says:

    I know SD you’re always presenting things the way you see them, and my inclination is to believe you’re right. You said a while back that the Elite would do everything to marginalize & replace. Four months in and a Special Prosecutor appointed and Pence being pushed. None of it can be seen as good. My only problem is I hate when I’m feeling this way, CTH is my Refuge against the negativity

    Liked by 4 people

    • Reality-actuality isn’t always sunshine and warm fuzzies.

      The world is filled with evil people and a LOT of them are in “politics”.

      Now is not the time to simply “trust Trump, he’s got this.”

      Now is the time to act as concerned Americans. I said act, not sit around concerned.

      The globalist cartel and its minions are certainly very active.

      Liked by 3 people

    • yucki says:

      Yeah, me too. And there was a concern troll on a previous thread.
      First time I took the bait! I’m still sniffling…


  28. Kevin Ashley says:

    A good CEO always mentors/grooms his replacement. I’m sure PDJT is doing the same with VPP. Maybe PDJT doesn’t want to deal with another 4 years. Maybe they are getting VVP ready just in case something happens to PDJT. A well prepared VP is now likely to won reelection if he ends up being the replacement. When in doubt, I have always trusted Trump.

    As far As globalism goes, I don’t have a problem with it as long as the manufacturing happens within our borders and the borders are secure.


  29. Marygrace Powers says:

    Who knows WTH is going on with Pence. Sure didn’t like
    the visual of VP Pence at the Super Bowl surrounded by the
    Bush Cartel. Shortly thereafter the Trump/Pence alliance
    appeared fractured to me. No doubt the Bush Cartel made
    Pence an offer he couldn’t refuse. Just saying.

    Here’s a headline I saw right after the Super Bowl.

    Baker Planning Coup To Make Jeb VP? French Intel Reports/
    Saturday, February 11, 2017 13:34

    Liked by 1 person

  30. deplorabledooku says:

    President Trump left too many insiders and let too many into the inner sanctum. I have been suspicious of Priebus (tied to Ryan), and the internal staffing of the WH was left up to him and some insider named DeStefano, who has ties to Boehner. The President was willing to make nice with the GOP which just days before election, they wanted or did strip away funds. Spicer is an insider. The same is true of the VP. The very first thing that came to mind when he was selected was Bush as Reagan’s VP, as a way for the Deep State to have a hold on a “cowboy” (erratic, not-part-of-the-insider-club, outsider). Then there’s McMaster and his hire of Dina Powell with her ties to Valerie Jarrett. I’m no expert, but with the Comey firing, I wonder if it would have been better to have given all holdovers pink slips by the end of January. As it stands now in late May, there’s still many open slots unfilled for 4+ months, and many who have been on since January, have employment that ends on May 20. IMO President Trump thought by being agreeable to who was inside that they would reciprocate the niceties, or he would gain some favorability. He mistakenly thought that “everyone” wanted Comey fired and so would gain across-the-aisle support. Same with today’s luncheon with TV talking heads. There’s no changing what side they’re on, no matter the pleasantries. Unless everything is a total game.

    Liked by 2 people

  31. Theo West says:

    I didn’t need to read the article to tell you this: I have not trusted Pence from the start. I was an early Trump supporter in NeverTrump Colorado, bucked GOP leadership here to fight for him. Was very taken aback when he selected Pence as VP, due to Pence’s globalist connections. I thought he was likely picked to appease the NeverTrump/Evangelical crowd, which he did, which helped Trump win the election.

    But I’ve worried this pick might come back to bite him – and Pence himself hasn’t given me any real reason not to to worry, lately has only increased my worries. So I repeat: I Don’t Trust Him. And I hope Trump is smart enough to recognize the danger, if the danger does indeed exist, and is ready to neutralize him if necessary.

    Liked by 3 people

  32. I will never give up the Country I love💖  I will never give up our President that I cherish💖  I will never abandon my Lord and Saviour who died on The Cross for us, He is mighty and my resolve remains mighty in Him💖 Amen


  33. eric says:

    We need to stop shooting our own.
    President Trump knows what he is doing.
    He’s got this.

    Push back against the phony news.
    Hold our elected leadrs accountable.

    Team Trump is not the enemy……The Swamp and Fake News are……lets handle our business…..hard to fight the swamp critters if your fighting your own.

    Liked by 2 people

  34. daughnworks247 says:

    I STILL think our Ft. Sumpter moment should come with a shot aimed directly at the Chamber of Commerce.


  35. Sandra-VA says:

    I have made note of how prominent VP has been.. all over the place doing appearance/speeches everywhere while President Trump seems to be sidelined.

    Then noises about a Pres Pence start suddenly appearing.

    Saw a reporter on Twitter who was the NBC embed for Pence campaign noting that per an insider, Pence is being kept far away from the Flynn issue – not even being briefed. So, he is being kept “clean”.

    It has been bothering me, then I see SD’s post….

    I was happy when Pres. Trump chose Pence for VP, but gotta keep an eye out, that is for sure.

    Liked by 2 people

  36. LEET says:

    What the heck! harm to NAFTA?! How about Do no Harm to Americans! And consult congress?!?! How about CONSULT THE AMERICAN PEOPLE! What a POS that Donahue is!

    Liked by 1 person

  37. SR says:

    Russian story has no value after independent investigation so fake MSM wants to divide WH. They will put Pence on top and he is a savior. Divide and kill one by one.

    Liked by 1 person

  38. justfactsplz says:

    I have been a suspicious cat all along where Pence is concerned. I got a lot of flack, snarky remarks, and called a troll every time I would voice my opinion of Pence. I have had my eyes wide open and watch Pence closely. He is establishment and a globalist. President Trump was convinced to choose Pence. I don’t like the way the whole Flynn thing happened. Pence is close to Reince and Ryan and I don’t trust them either. There are too many around President Trump that would undermine him and his agenda at the first chance they get. Pence is being groomed in case they are successful in getting rid of President Trump. May that never ever happen.

    All of this up front and center of Pence is for the purpose of winning over President Trump’s base. I am not buying what he’s selling. If it turns out I am wrong I will be the first one to admit it. For now I believe that President Trump needs a thorough house cleaning in his inner circle. In my opinion he has several leakers within that circle. There is a soft ongoing coup taking place. Keep Bannon and Miller and the rest at arms length at least. Just where and when is the Chief of Staff standing up for President Trump? Crickets.

    Liked by 4 people

  39. Kristin says:

    Tonight we had dinner at our house with good friends. President Trump and his cabinet were prayed for in the grace saying and we had a candle burning for him and his family, his cabinet and for this wonderful country and her people that are just waiting to be greater again.
    Let’s see what tomorrow brings.

    Liked by 3 people

  40. jmclever says:

    The best way to defeat the narcissistic BPD swamp is to stroke their collective ego and make them think they have succeeded in their deception. Then while they are high on their own sense of grandiosity and are congratulating themselves in how clever they are to have fooled you, you move in for the kill, or at the very least, you do what you want without them noticing.


  41. Dalisu says:

    I’m not worried. We’ve heard Trump praise Ryan. It’s what they do. They’re strategic in the relationships they build and the compromises they make. I can imagine Trump sending Pence to go buddy up to whoever he needs to make a deal with next.


  42. MaineCoon says:

    Just yesterday SD wrote the article where nothing they throw at P45 sticks because they “are based on the false premise that President Trump is carrying a malicious intent…they are not familiar with facing a political opponent who is absent of career self-interest, influence or power.”

    Conversely, since Pence is NOT “absent of career self-interest, influence or power” for those who are suspicious of his intent, it looks like it is going to stick o some degree with some people.

    Liked by 1 person

  43. Let’s consider how President Trump might END-RUN the Globalist Cabal Donors:

    Massively multiply INVESTMENT in AMERICA – before the 2018 Election.
    Investor Companies and Individuals then have a YUGE STAKE in AMERICA.

    Patriot Politicians – and Patriot Primary Challengers – then have an ALTERNATIVE DONOR GROUP to support them and neutralize the RINOs’ historical funding advantage.

    All President Trump need do is point out Who to Fund and Who the Trump Supportors (60% of America by then) can trust to MAGA with their VOTES!


    Liked by 3 people

  44. ronheinzkaboot says:

    When I hear Paul Ryan’s press conference, I can’t help thinking that he thinks he is the President.
    His new slogan is “Fixing the People’s Problems”
    Replaces his “Better Way”
    Funny, how he doesn’t realize he only picks condescending slogans.
    Paul Ryan’s press conference today, seemed to send the message that he is doing all the executive work, house committees are his cabinet and it doesn’t matter if Trump is just dealing with media dumpster fires because Ryan is “solving people’s problems” I’m surprised Ryan didn’t announce a foreign trip to met with World leaders. Ryan did his factory visits–of course unlike Trump its not about creating jobs but a skills gap which can only be remedied by H1B visas and maybe a vocational education, but probably more so by H1B visas.
    “Fixing people’s problems” Ryan sees how successful Trump’s message was of saving the middle class and America First, but the Chamber of Commerce would never approve of “America First” but they do want to “fix” things.

    I’m going to give Pence the benefit of the doubt that his new PAC and this CoC visit was actually pro Trump and needed to be done because Ryan screwed up so bad on the Obamacare appeal. Ryan made it impossible for the Trump tax or infrastructure agenda to get done before 2018, so Pence has to do these things for the sake of getting the Trump Agenda done.

    Liked by 1 person

  45. Raffaella says:

    I have been saying repeatedly here for a long time that I do not trust Pence. I have never trusted him.

    He better be careful. He could end up the most hated person in the US if he betrays our President. I would vote for anyone but will not vote for Pence.


    • Lburg says:

      “He could end up the most hated person in the US if he betrays our President.”
      This is one very good reason that we shouldn’t be worried at this moment in time.

      Surely Pence knows that he would be seen as a traitor. And he’s seen up close and personal what the media will do to him. I see Pence as being more risk averse than Trump, knows that right now using risk as a carefully calculated weapon is what PDT is doing and knows he isn’t capable of the same calculations.


  46. I think Pence’s good words about Tom Donohue were just standard politeness towards the organizer of the event. The whole speech was as Trump Train as they get. The accolades for Donohue were the only beauty flaw in the speech, but then again, when Stalin died, the then Prime Minister of Finland (and future President) Urho Kekkonen gave a radio speech praising him. He was not in the least a Communist (actually he said to Khrushchev’s face that if the rest of the world became Communist, he’d still maintain a free democracy in Finland and Khrushchev just took it), and everybody in Finland knew the speech was just for show. The speech was supposedly directed to the Finnish people, but the true audience were the Russians. He made a point of saying how Stalin had been respecting Finland and had a special relationship with Finland (although Stalin started Winter War). He did it because the Russians liked pomp and circumstance and would expect such behavior at the passing of their leader. It was also to point out to the upcoming new leadership that they should continue to develop good relationships with Finland, hoping to keep the new leader from trying to re-ignite war or lesser oppressive actions. All public speeches given by major politicians were translated and sent to Moscow by the Russian Embassy in Finland, so he knew the message would be delivered to its target audience. It was a politically expedient speech, just like accolades to Tom Donohue were politically expedient. They were the price to pay for Pence to get a chance to deliver the Trump Train message to the foreign investor audience. In my eyes, that’s all they were.


  47. JoAnn Leichliter says:

    Investment banking is important and needed, but it is by its nature high-risk and should never have been mingled with savings and loan institutions. This may prove to be a gigantic disappointment.
    So what is “a 21st Century Glass-Steagall”? I think he could have been a lot clearer.


  48. trumptea says:

    I am leery of Pence, his “deep friendship” with Paul Ryan, all of the “whispers of President Pence” on Capitol Hill, and now Pence’s formation of a PAC are the reasons.

    I’m not bashing Pence, he appears to be an honorable person and a kind fellow, but I absolutely do not trust the CoC.


  49. John Denney says:

    Could be teamwork; Trump drawing all the attention as a diversion while Pence quietly accomplishes an objective.


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