Washington Post Creates Fake News Timed-Release Story Intended to Capture Evening News Lede…

Always remember the basic rule that has been proven accurate 100% of the time:

  • When the CIA wants to leak a damaging story they coordinate with the Washington Post and ABC. (and vice-versa).
  • When the State Dept. or FBI/DOJ wants to leak a damaging story they coordinate with CNN and the New York Times. (and vice-versa)

This consistent pattern has NEVER been broken.

Tonight using “unnamed” and the most vague descriptions of  “anonymous sources” The Washington Post creates a fake news story specifically timed to release at the 5pm hour to hit President Donald Trump.

Transparent Media Agenda:

  • First indication is the timing of the Washington Post news release (5:02pm EDT).
  • Second indication coordination with NYT for immediate follow (6:26pm EDT)
  • Third indication – Same exact pattern as Flynn intelligence leaks. Identical timing.
  • Fourth indication – Same use of entirely anonymous sources: “former American government official” ie. an Obama official.
  • Only 3 U.S. Officials actually in the room with first-hand information:  National Security Advisor HR McMaster, Secretary of State Rex Tillerson and Senior Adviser for policy, Dina Powell.
  • Publication motive/intent – The Washington Post never contacted anyone in the White House for questions, nor did they ask McMaster, Tillerson or Powell for comment before publication.  All three call the Post article – fake News.

National Security Advisor HR McMaster speaks to the media:


The Washington Post states it:

“is withholding most plot details, including the name of the city, at the urging of officials who warned that revealing them would jeopardize important intelligence capabilities.”

Right there you see the same “officials” who are leaking the story to the Washington Post are telling the Washington Post not to publish details of a classified intelligence report they are leaking.

This is NOT the White House or on-the-record sources telling the Washington Post not to publish the details, this is “the intelligence leaker” telling the Post not to publish the details. Notice how the Post tries to conflate that reality.

This statement from the Washington Post itself, a self-admission, indicates that current or former “U.S. officials” have leaked classified information to the Post and told them to retract part of the report being leaked and cited.

Ironically this is the exact same classified intelligence information they claim Trump put the nation at risk by revealing (which he didn’t).

See how that works?


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867 Responses to Washington Post Creates Fake News Timed-Release Story Intended to Capture Evening News Lede…

  1. Howie says:

    Sen. Bob Corker (R-Tenn.) issued a rare rebuke of President Donald Trump’s administration Monday evening, telling reporters the White House must find a way to reverse its “downward spiral.”

    Corker, a Trump ally who chairs the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, made the criticism following reports that the president revealed “highly classified” information during a meeting with Russian officials last week.

    “The White House has got to do something soon to bring itself under control and in order. It’s got to happen,” Corker said on Capitol Hill.

    “Obviously, they’re in a downward spiral right now, and they’ve got to figure out a way to come to grips all that’s happening,” he added.

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  2. Coast says:

    I got on the ABC website and sent them a strong message. If thousands did this they might change. If millions did this they would.

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    • Rick says:

      It will never change.

      Not until Trump/DOJ/FBI coordinate to prosecute the Deep State traitors that are trying to upend this Administration. Once Prosecutions and sentencing begins, America will see that Law & Order is being re-established.

      While lighting up the WH blue is a show of respect…..prosecuting the Obama/Clinton cabal is bring Justice home to roost.

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  3. MfM says:

    During the campaign numerous times the media would go ballistic about something Trump did or said. What did Trump do? He doubled down on it and used it to his advantage. Mexico not sending it’s best? Trump brought people to rallies who had lost loved ones.

    Moslems celebrating 9 – 11? He made people remember that they did.

    Over and Trump turned a down side to a positive. That’s why I knew in my gut that this is a false story. Instead of denials Trump would have done a release saying something like as President I am empowered to share whatever top secret information I need to get the job done. Then he would have attacked the leaker, because leaking something like this is a problem.

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  4. nimrodman says:

    About these leaks: TIME FOR POLYGRAPHS

    Across the board.
    Staff, aides, principals, intelligence guys all the way to the top, and most importantly – holdovers.
    Carefully worded questions, multiple variations of each to catch all possibilities.

    Ask if you’ve leaked, have you provided info to someone else who leaked, do you have first-hand knowledge of any leaks, even by others? Do you have second- or third-hand knowledge of leaks.

    Have you heard anyone discussing material later found to have leaked?

    Are you loyal to carrying out the policies of the President? Have you ever done or participated in any betrayal of the President or his interests or policies? Do you hold greater loyalty to our former President Obama than our current President Donald Trump?

    Have you taken staples or copier paper home? Have you ever falsified ANYTHING on your travel voucher, expense account? Have you ever used your government credit card for a personal purchase or otherwise improperly? Have you misused govt computers or phones?

    Just brainstorming examples, there are experts who know how to do this.

    Way past time for a mass polygraph campaign.

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  5. Minnie says:

    Hannity played a clip of today’s CNN coverage.

    If it wasn’t so nauseating it would be laughable!!

    I know of mental illness, these MSM loons are certifiable, holy cow!!

    How can anyone watch or believe the crap coming out of their pie holes, it’s thoroughly stunning.

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    • Weeper says:

      They’ve lsot control of their narrative. It HAS to be ANTI Trump, all the time. With nothing there….they make shxt up…..scoops of ice cream…REALLY, now this. Bizarre!!

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      • Melanie says:

        I can’t even watch my local news here in West Palm Beach. The parroting of the Main Stream Media is becoming the norm. Will this ever stop?

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    • Rick says:

      Hannity confuses me. If you listen to his radio & TV shows, he’s always plugging the FAKE NEWS replays of narratives that are anti-TRUMP. Why does he continue to use this propaganda to set up his arguments? Seems like he gives the opposition a lot of free exposure…..anyone agree?

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      • Dekester says:

        Agreed. I think he should trash them without the clips.

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      • janc1955 says:

        Absolutely agree. He also causes me to mute the TV when he does it, and very often I get caught up with something else and never unmute him. Stupid move.

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        • Rick says:

          Sean has a good heart but he’s to impulsive as well. He interrupts his guests far too often and when they are really on to something he interrupts and acts like he knows what they’re talking about and the rest of their message is lost. I often find myself yelling, “Sean, sthu an let the person finish their thought” GEEZ oh whiz!

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      • fightthepols says:

        Breitbart also gives too much free exposure to never Trumpers and FAKE NEWS. We need to tell these news outlets and radio shows to STOP.

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  6. graffety says:

    Actual recording:
    Mr. President, we can’t be candid, we believe your intelligence people monitor your conversations.
    Ambassador, we are fully aware that all my conversations are monitored.

    CIA note:. POTUS released TS-Natsec to Russian diplomat. Refer to Congressional leadership.

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    • wheatietoo says:

      What is your source for this?

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      • Niagara Frontier says:

        I think it’s a tongue-in-cheek hypothetical. The funny thing is that it’s also 100% plausible.

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        • wheatietoo says:

          Heh…I considered that possibility.

          But then it should read: “Possible recording”…instead of ‘Actual‘.

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          • JimWVa says:

            Don’t discount the likelihood that the inside source of the false news story on last week’s meeting is Lavrov, giving false information to John Kerry or another former State Department official to embarrass President Trump. President Trump doesn’t share Putin’s view on Ukraine or Syria, and let’s him know it. Losing 21 Russian-made fighter aircraft in the ground last month and last week’s tweet with pictures of the Ukrainian foreign minister split screen with Lavrov, gives Putin motivation to back-door Trump through Kerry, et al.

            No matter the source of the false story (I believe it’s Lavrov), it is the Washington Post that is publically disclosing secret intelligence information.


      • JMScott says:

        Wheatie, if things ever get bad, I want you at my house holding a 12G loaded with magnum 00! But, in this case, I think he was joking. 🙂

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  7. Giant Ground Sloth says:

    I don’t understand why so many people are dying to restart the Cold War when our real adversary (both economically and militarily) is clearly China. It’s beyond stupid.

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    • SR says:

      Military industrial complex and contracting companies love war and stealing tax payer $. There are so many senators, retired generals and congressmen are on their payroll. Terrorism is a gift to these people for stealing money.

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  8. This is a total fabrication. The loony left knows the Russia story is on life support…so they made this crap up just like the entire Russian narrative is made up. They are trying to keep it alive.

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    • Rex says:

      Absolutely, the scum that made this up know it’s a lie.

      The purpose is to keep the useful idiots agitated, so their feeble minds remain susceptible to even greater falsehood.

      “My people perish for lack of knowledge” says the Good Book.

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    • wolfmoon1776 says:

      I think Trump needs to arrest journalists so that they can find the leakers. Even if the journalists don’t reveal the leakers, they need to push it so the truth can fully come out, leaving the journalists and leakers looking like the scum they are.

      I’ll bet Comey was pushing back on doing what was needed to stop these leaks, too. He did it for Obama, but not for Trump. Typical Comey.


  9. jupitercomm says:

    This does raise an interesting question, which I’m sure has been partially answered: who else was in the room?


    • ladysforest says:

      Aides were in the room. And the Russian photographer/journo. WH aides and Russian aides.


    • wheatietoo says:

      Doesn’t matter.
      The media and the Dems are making things up out of thin air.

      And in this case, it is laughable because the President has final say on what is ‘classified’ or not.

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      • jupitercomm says:

        It does matter as far as narrowing down source of the leak, & goes some ways towards answering my other question which is: can we eliminate the possibility Trump set up the leak himself to smoke out opposition?

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        • dayallaxeded says:

          Except in this instance the enemedia are completely fabrcating. no leak or leaker needed. just make shiite up. this is severe desperation at work.


        • armie says:

          The story credits an official of a former administration. I have a feeling it’s an Obamanoid releasing classified info, and trying to blame it on Trump. The story indicates their source asked them to withhold some of the info, which I attribute to him/her realizing it pointed back to him or her.

          Another indication that they made the Bush administration mistake of retaining disloyal employees of the prior administration. A thorough housecleaning is overdue.


    • wyntre says:

      McMasters, Tillerson, Powell, each with an aide.
      Lavrov and the other guy, each with an aide.
      The photographer and Trump.

      12 people or so, including POTUS. At least that’s what I came up with on the basis of several accounts.

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      • Southern Son says:

        Even Without All those other people present, does anyone with a Sound Mind, believe President Trump would be so Stupid, as to reveal Classified or Top Secret Information?
        Not. A. Chance!
        Fake, Fake, Fake…


  10. Steve says:

    The fake news machines keep churning. Here the media is very upset about President Trump “revealing classified information” to the Russians.
    You have to read to the end of the article before they point out the obvious – that the way classified information becomes unclassified is that the President deems it as such.
    The Washington Compost is clearly upset that Trump is in charge, not them, and about how he keeps second guessing their warped view of the world. He gets to decide what they should know, not the reporters. And if this was so top secret, why exactly is the newspaper publishing this information? The Russians didn’t publish it, the Post did.
    And lastly, when did we declare that the Russians are not allies? Are they enemies now? Who decided that? Fake news.

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  11. wheatietoo says:

    The Dems are terrified that Pres Trump will succeed in improving the Economy, stimulating massive Job Growth…and sealing our Borders.

    His success will make them look bad.

    This is why they are desperate to stop him.
    They don’t care about our country…if they did, they would be cheering him on.

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  12. Mr. Morris says:

    President Trump notified only a few people that FBI Director James Comey would be fired when he was in California. That was smart. There were no leaks.
    We know that many fabulists exist in the Obama/ Hillary orbit. They have some RINOS allies. If a yarn is spun by some of them and published in Bezos’ rag the misinformation will travel far and wide. It is time to smoke out the traitors who traffic in fake news that damage our Republic.

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  13. milo minderbinder says:

    F the CIA, FBI, NSA, et al. All anti American groups.

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  14. MaineCoon says:

    This is the real story of the day which thw WaPo Fake News is meant to cover up.

    Seth Rich in touch with WikiLeaks …what we suspected.


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  15. Plain Jane says:

    I’s sorry for being trite, but I could imagine McMaster saying “Stuff it,” under his breath as he walked away from the press gaggle. I would have.

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    • MfM says:

      If I was Tillerson, McMaster or Powell right now I’ve gone from supporting the President to not having the slightest doubt about him.

      They were in that room, they heard what was said and the media lied. Why is the swamp so stupid? They keep doing this, saying things that if not entirely false are exaggerations and the people involved know it. They are making it so that no one in Trump’s sphere believe anything the media says.

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  16. IMO says:

    The commie libtard globalist demons are going scorched earth on us. I feel something big on the horizon that will destroy these devils.

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  17. Steele81 says:

    I’m doubling down on the prayers for our President Trump and our country.

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  18. Mr. Morris says:

    Drudge is reporting that Seth Rich the murdered DNC staffer was in contact with Wikileaks. Remember the Democratic National Committee’s computers were compromised. The DNC refused to allow FBI Director Comey to examine their computers but turned the computers over to a very liberal Democrat organization, I believe it is Crowdstrike, for analysis. The analysts said Russia hacked the DNC computers. That story may be fake.

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  19. ladysforest says:

    They are terrified about the incoming head of the FBI.
    This is a message to Trump that he can be set up very easily – and that the media WILL spread what the deep state wants spread.
    We know that President Trump doesn’t let his “plans” out. Hell, he kept the firing of Comey quite secret didn’t he? Now we are to believe that he just blabbed away all sorts of very classified info – possibly outing a source (or whatever) in a braggadocios way. Because he is just a big fat dumb bragger who doesn’t know how to keep a classified piece of information classified. Like he is too stupid to understand that when he is being read into this info – it is indeed very secret.
    They are terrified about who he will put into the FBI, and what will be uncovered. THAT is what I think is behind this. They had the weekend to regroup and form a plan. This is going to be a very bad week I predict.

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    • JoD says:

      All this talk about the possibility of the Comey replacement pursuing Clinton, HER “Foundation”, the surveillance, the Obama/Rice unmasking and the intelligence leaks has them $hittin’ biscuits!!

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  20. Anne says:

    Alex Jones says that HR McMaster is probably the leaker, and that there is a plan to take Trump out by saying he suffers from Alzheimer. .

    My God, make this insanity stop!

    The election of Donald Trump was an act of the Divine Providence. It is my strong conviction. God won’t let him down.

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  21. p'odwats says:

    I’ve never seen anything like this in my entire life. The so-called mainstream media have gone leftist Bizzaro World crazy and is taking a page out of Moonbat publications like this one.


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  22. citizen817 says:

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  23. Martin says:

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  24. Martin says:

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  25. Ziiggii says:

    Hey SD saw you post this

    Been talking this through with a buddy – just wondering if this could have been the reason for the WaPo story?

    Podesta is at the WaPo now…. could he be trying to cover for the Clinton’s?

    This line in the FoxDC story is curious

    Again, I don’t think it comes from the chief’s office, but I do believe there is a correlation between the mayor’s office and the DNC and that is the information that will come out [Tuesday].

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  26. Marica says:

    1. God has this.
    2. Sundance is a True Patriot and is NEVER wrong.
    3. Our President Trump is brilliant.
    4. All his Cabinet picks are brilliant.
    5. I have a funny story to share…

    My son got married in New Orleans on 4/1/2017– He met his wife at Tulane–bastion of liberalism–Navy Officer-we are from Kentucky and his wife is from New York–At the rehearsal dinner at Tableau–yum– Family gave toasts–Our Family –mostly Catholic–her family from New York–Fishkill–mostly Jewish– SO I had enough cocktails to make a speech which included the couple sending us to their favorite restaurant for breakfast–but it was closed for breakfast…I asked “does this qualify as FAKE NEWS?” I had a standing ovation from the New York contingency!–SO…
    Americans are really more informed than the stupid press wants everyone to believe! MAGA! Treepers–stay calm! its just noise out there…

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    • Plain Jane says:

      I love to hear/read real “man on the street” stories about PDT. I still wear my Swarovsky crystal Trump broach nearly everywhere I go, and every time strangers acknowledge it with a smile, nod or positive comment.

      I believe Joe Blow knows.


    • Today seemed to aim on the handling of classified information’s by DT
      Who sets the rules for declassifications or disclosures?


      • armie says:

        Note the Times trying to prop up the Post story by referring to it as if it’s true. This one/two has been a regular feature of anti-administration fake news stories.


    • Theresa Anne says:

      This is great! I love it! I live on a small island in the Pacific and we speak a language only spoken by around 60,000 people. Even we have a term for “Fake News” = “Kapas Maaken” and we use it to refer to CNN International.


  27. I hope this provides a pick-me-up for everyone in remembering the grace, kindness and Patriotism of Presidebt trump just saw this on his twitter posred 1 hr ago

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  28. Martin says:

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  29. Taffie says:

    This is not just fake news or leaks. It is the continuation of a concerted effort to destroy the United States. Many of those who hold an elected office are so unethical that it means nothing to them to bring shame to our country by showing disrespect for the president. They want attention so desperately that it is their faces of ridicule slung around the globe. Instead of feeding the beast (MSM), they should be silencing it by shutting their own mouth.

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  30. jat says:

    and President Trump will duck and weave this latest fake news fable without messing one little hair on his well coiffed head..
    They are beyond unhinged and pathetic in their desperate quest to take down the Lion.

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  31. AndrewJackson says:

    A fellow kindrid treeper spirit mentioned this story to me when it broke (I had somehow found a way to go out of the loop for two days). Was slightly “concerned” until I saw what the actual content was. hahahah Trump talks about ISIS laptop bombs according to an anonymous source. OMG impeach him now! Oh and it is so important that the information stay top secret, that the WA Post and the anonymous sources felt that everyone should know. #FakeNews

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  32. SR says:

    RINO Paul Ryan was the first to jump on news and give statement. Ryan may be too long in politics but bad politician. Trump has good memory and some day Ryan will pay price.

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  33. Steven Hitt says:

    Time to polygraph, at a minimum, every CIA officer and staff person. The guilty will balk or leave on their own. Time to clean house. Also would use the CIA budget funds to pay for the hunt.


  34. andi lee says:

    Hm. The White House is looking for “the leaker”.

    Word-play. Odd? Not odd? 🤔


  35. HarryJ says:

    After spending some time,
    Reading news, here are two possibilities:
    1) the story is false as claimed by WH. In that case, leak must be from WH side, otherwise intel community will know about it. This is unlikely.
    2) the story is partially true. Trump might have discussed important info and it is legal. Then to minimize impact, WH may have called intel and the story leaked from that point onward. If this is the case, the media making it more serious than it is and trying to make trump equivalent to hillary in terms of classified info. There should be some firing at intel agecy leakers tonight.


  36. TexasDude says:

    The laptop ban has been on in effect since mid-March. It has been widely reported on since, even to the point of stating the ban was due to credible threats that ISIS has been able to obtain advanced airport security equipment and are developing devices that appear to operate normally, but are really bombs. It has been reported since at least 2013, that same guy who developed the underwear bomb has shared knowledge to groups within Yemen and Syria (ISIS) at the very least.

    All this and more has been shared with our allies.

    All this was published in papers throughout the world before the Russian meeting.

    If the bomb making city was truly revealed, which people actually at the meeting emphatically deny, then it was probably already known by the Russians and, if not, it would behoove us as allies in the fight against ISIS to share.


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    • Giant Ground Sloth says:

      Even if it was mentioned where ISIS was building laptop bombs, so what? Why should the Russians be kept in the dark? They face the same threat that we do. This is so absurd.


  37. Travis McGee says:

    We need a special prosecutor to investigate Fake News and the leaks, and the Hillary Benghazi lies and the Clinton mishandling of classified documents and Clinton and her Russian deal selling 1/5 of our uranium resources to Russia and the Clinton Foundation and the DNC corruption and murder and Podesta’s Russian ties and Rudy Juliani might be the right man for the job. Start throwing some shit the other way while MAGA.


  38. AndrewJackson says:

    Now CNN is praising the leakers and saying that the fact that they leaked shows how seriously concerned about President Trump’s conduct. These clowns need to just close up shop. It really is getting embarrassing.

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  39. boogywstew says:

    This nonsensical story demands an equivocal response from the President or Sean Spicer. There should be an early morning press conference where the POTUS or Press Secretary show up in a bathrobe, slippers and a big cup of java. I would have a, soon to be regular, violin player play the theme song from “Love Story” ( vapid elevator love sick drool), the perfect accompaniment for whiny MSM reporters, as he makes a statement to the effect that the POTUS has the right and responsibility to use top secret information for the best interests of the United States and if that means sharing with Russians, then the POTUS will share with the Russians and he’s not going to withhold the information from whoever needs it just to please crybaby fake news reporters. Then I’d end the whole charade with a … “Look at what you made me do … I had to get out of bed and come down here to quiet a bunch of whiny crybabies … honestly … my kids were more mature than you clowns when they were 3!


  40. wyntre says:

    Today’s oh-so-coincidental drop of the Trump/Rusia/leaking story falls into context when you consider what the crazed presstitute screamed at Spicer as he stepped off the podium, “When are you going to appoint a Special Prosecutor?”

    It was so bizarre. That and Halley getting all bent out of shape when Spicer refused to take her bait . . . it was so obvious something was up and Sean was pissing them off because he wasn’t contributing to their narrative.

    We didn’t know it, then, but the WaPo story was in the can and the WH presstitute Corp were seeking to pad it more and implicate Trump further.


  41. SR says:

    Cancel all further WH briefings until WaPo officially apologizes with all these fake stories in last 2 weeks.

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  42. Liked by 1 person

    • Anne says:

      I don’t recommend that at all. Such a law will be used mainly against conservative media.

      In Canada, we used to have a provision against “hate speech” and it was mainly used against Christians and conservatives. It was repealed by the government of former Premier Stephen Harper because of its unfair and biased use.

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  43. AndrewJackson says:

    Its clear now that the left is planning on building up a wave of fake news to call for a million man march to impeach trump. They want chaos to undermine President Trump. That is all.

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    • wolfmoon1776 says:

      Doesn’t matter. If we peacefully support Trump, and threaten to vote out any Republican who turns against him, he stays. We just double down in support. Let the monsters on the left burn in their anger. Won’t matter. And if Lindy or McCain turn against Trump and side with the Democrats, we attack THEM viciously.


  44. Realist says:

    Strip out all the DemoncRAT BS out of this and essentially what they are saying is ‘If Trump is sharing information about possible TERRORIST ATTACKS that might feasibly SAVE some CIVILIAN airline passengers lives then he is TRAITOR to the USA” . When of course in reality the LIBTATRDS are being TRAITORS to HUMANITY.

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  45. Anne says:

    WaPo stand by their story:

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  46. keebler AC says:

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  47. keebler AC says:

    This is a good image to print and start distributing in the streets. We need to restart reaching out to the electorate as we did in the 2016 election! We succeeded!

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  48. William Ford says:

    CIA is continuing to eavesdrop on POTUS & cabinet. Strong measures needed to stop it. A real non partisan FBI Director is important.


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