Sean Spicer White House Press Briefing May 15th 1:30pm…

White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer delivers the press beating for May 15th:

Update – Video Added:

WH Livestream linkRSBN Livestream linkAlternate Livestream link

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175 Responses to Sean Spicer White House Press Briefing May 15th 1:30pm…

  1. Summer says:

    Presstitute: what do we want?
    Sheep: the ta-a-apes and the ta-a-ape reco-o-order!
    Presstitute: when do we want’em?
    Sheep: no-a-a-a-ow!

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    • MakeAmericaGreat says:

      I still have to watch about 20 minutes of this press conference and I’m BLOWN AWAY by how good Spicer was. Clear shift in strategy from the communications team.

      – Absolutely calm throughout the entire time. Perfect. No defensiveness at all.
      – Repetitive questions are shut down immediately.
      – Putting the burden on the media and making them look like petulant children when they repeat and shout questions
      – Refusing to give long answers on foolish questions

      This is freaking GREAT. This is what we’ve been waiting for Spicer to do. The boss is going to be very pleased tonight, I’m sure.

      This is the blueprint. If Spicer does this every day, Trump will benefit greatly.

      Great job, Sean!

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  2. repsort says:

    I’d last 1 day, well less than that even, with these traitorous bastards..
    I really can’t accurately convey to you all how much I hate them.

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  3. JoD says:

    A special shout-out to Jim Acosta of CNN sucks.
    I have been observing his behavior at these press play dates for months.
    He never comes equipped with paper and pen. No IPAD and rarely has a cell-phone.
    He is inattentive and preoccupied with his empty hands and fingernails.
    But, today he found something that interested him enough to stop squirming in his chair.
    A women seated to his left had a pile of papers in her lap and was furiously taking notes.
    Mr Jim was repeatedly peering over to read what she was writing….What a jerk!
    It is my high honor to bestow the Ron Burgundy Award to Jim Acosta…CN and N sucks!

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  4. KBR says:

    I watched the brief. No longer plan to bother with the pres questions afterwards.

    If we who have tv and watch it there, turn the question sessions OFF, the networks might get the picture.

    No one likes these sharks.

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  5. KBR says:

    I am dissappointed that there was no clear change in the structure of press briefing.
    Other than Sean looking stern.

    I also listened carefully to the actual briefing. It is monotone. It is rushed. That made it somewhat hard to follow. It’s as if Sean is “getting that over with” so the battle can begin.

    But the brief is the message from POTUS to the people. That is the important part, not the gladiator crap against the rabid-chihuahua ankle-biting fake-press. That second part? I’ m over it.

    I am NOT entertained. Are y’all?


    • KBR says:

      Picture this gladiator fighting ankle biting rabid chihuahaus, then asking the famous question in Sean Spicer monotone.

      I am NOT entertained. (I am also not, by this briefing, much better informed.)

      Gladiator | Are You Not Entertained? | Russell Crowe and Oliver Reed – YouTube


    • MVW says:

      “Other than Sean looking stern.”
      Sean is reading to the group of jackals not to the American people. That needs to change. The repeat of questions over and over is pure harassment.

      Harassment needs to be addressed on the credential level. It is not professional. The credentials need to be dependent on professional behavior.

      And to answer KBR’s question, this is not a sporting event, this is to inform the American people on our policy and actions.

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      • Rick says:

        Spicer isn’t really adept at rocking these folks back on their heels. It’s like he dribbles past the opening of his presser to get ready for the them to make a fool out of him. Spicer may be a great guy but his Mid-Western style & good nature is dog food for these jackals.

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      • Ditto. I think Sean was amazing! He needs to keep this up. It will drive them nuts!


    • Shadrach says:

      KBR, I think you nailed it. Spicer rushes through the introductory information.

      He should speak slowly, and savor every word. The press briefings should be a fixed length….say half an hour. That would cut out on a lot of the stupid repetitive questions. It would also cut out the multiple questions. If there’s only time for, say 5 questions from everyone, then the press will police themselves. Plus move the one polite guy (Newsmax with the low voice) to the front row. He earned a spot of privilege.

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      • Josephine says:

        Thinking the same thing this morning — that Spicer needs to sell the president’s events and fast moving actions and accomplishments as the successes and accomplishments they are, and to do so with plenty of color, confidence and pride. Never read through these big deals as if they were were a list of insecticide products, while make the daily dump press corp the main performance.

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        • EV22 says:

          I’ve never understood why the White House couldn’t provide a couple of graphs and graphics to go along with the introductory statements. Just some nice bright, simple graphics and pictures. Today, for example, the announcement on housing was huge – but it got lost in the shuffle. Just a simple ten year, 2007-2017, graph showing housing finally have an upturn. This is not rocket science. People remember pictures.

          A few weeks back, it was rather sad that when Sean was discussing the funding on the wall for the replacement of old fencing, the White House staff couldn’t even manage to show four photographs properly and Sean had to keep looking to see if they’d managed to get the right ones up as he was explaining the new levee replacements, etc.

          This is kindergarden stuff from a techie’s POV but huge from a PR perspective. Obama spent more than a billion dollars on PR. POTUS might consider the value of spending $500/day (if that) for the press briefings. Yuge ROI guaranteed!

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          • dbethd says:

            I keep wondering if some of the “technical difficulties” are planned (since 90% of D.C voted for Hillary). Maybe I’m just too cynical.


    • Oldschool says:

      Not at all KBR, not at all. From my perch, I thought Spicer looked solemn, like a boy taken to the woodshed and afraid he might say something wrong. He appeared a few times to slip towards his natural inclination of overspeak. I turned it off. Won’t be watching unless the adminstration makes some changes.


    • WeThePeople2016 says:

      I was going to post the exact same thing. Sean has NO enthusiasm when he reads on the Trump Administration’s accomplishments for the day/week. He is very monotone and it is boring. Also, I was disappointed that he didn’t take command of the Press conference like he did when he first started out. He seemed rather timid, IMHO. He basically hid behind the podium. I have been a fan of Spicer’s but something is just not right anymore. I really think Katrina would make a better Press secretary at this point.


  6. rumpole2 says:

    Those were the days….

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  7. G3 says:

    No,I don’t want to be entertained. I’m tired of the behavioral problems among the press. Mr. Spicer approached the podium with professionalism- they were briefed,questions were asked, answered, and stopped when repeated. Good job, Mr. Spicer.

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    • chbailey says:

      Spicier, like Bossart, speaks from the brain better than reading from the page. Really brainy people have to…. s l o w w a y d o w n…. to read and it is laborious to them so they burn through reading. But when they converse, their brains engage and that’s why they are quick and really showcase, if you will, their intelligence when speaking.

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  8. MVW says:

    It was mentioned above that until there is a change in attendees there will be no improvement in questions.

    I would suggest that instead, questions should be limited to the days subjects, or schedule plans. Any other questions should be submitted ahead of time in writing. If the attendees don’t adhere to that format, pull their credentials.

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  9. Howie says:

    They are simply trying to assassinate the president. Not a good idea to try to kill the king and fail.

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  10. MakeAmericaGreat says:

    This was a brilliant, brilliant display today. I am really encouraged. Please see my response to the first comment above.

    Team Trump and Spicer are making the changes they’ve needed to make. Finally. Now they can be the ‘adult’ to the media ‘children.’

    Very positive developments.

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  11. blessdog says:

    what a difference a few days make – and The President putting the foul deep state WH press corp on notice, threatening to pull the plug on the daily.
    Spicer wasn’t having any mess either, and the animals actually seemed like they got the message – when they didn’t, he just shut them down…
    all in all, a good day for the good guys ‘o’

    no question that Trump should shut it down – just tweet, give daily written briefings, and come out and smack the press around every couple of weeks or as necessary
    i think the way they treated Sarah HS really got him steamed


  12. Dekester says:

    Just on the Gateway Pundit. Interesting piece on Rat face Ryan and the latest Wa Post PDJT smear…General McMaster has put out a statement too.

    Looking forward to hearing what you informed folks think.


  13. Dekester says:

    Oops..wrong thread possibly. Although it is media related. My apologies.


  14. blessdog says:



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