May 13th – 2017 Presidential Politics – Trump Administration Day #114

In an effort to keep the Daily Open Thread a little more open topic we are going to start a new daily thread for “Presidential Politics”. Please use this thread to post anything relating to the Donald Trump Administration and Presidency.


This thread will refresh daily and appear above the Open Discussion Thread.

President Trump Twitter @POTUS / Vice President Pence Twitter @VP

Sean Spicer Twitter @PressSec

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606 Responses to May 13th – 2017 Presidential Politics – Trump Administration Day #114

  1. benifranlkin says:

    I was hoping SD would do a thread on the FBI Director candidates so we could all throw our 2 cents in…I think it would be fun for a rainy Saturday night.

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    • rumpole2 says:

      Need a questionnaire a bit like initial selection/elimination in Jury selection… or perhaps the second round in selecting a Jury where the Death Penalty is sought.

      QUESTION: Do you think Hillary Rotten Clinton should be indicted. Would you be prepared to recommend to The Justice Department a Grand Jury be convened/warrant issued for her arrest.

      With a yes to that question those that remain can be assessed further.

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  2. benifranlkin says:

    Whatever happened to the Treeper from NH?..NHVoter I think. She was really good and I enjoyed reading her posts.

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  3. sunnydaze says:

    Donald Trump ,Jr. at Helena rally for Zinke’s replacement in MT.

    DT, Jr. starts at 22 min.

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  4. patrickhenrycensored says:

    NBC News: U.S. sources confirmed that North Korea launched a KN-15 missile

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  5. Rejuvenated says:

    Good breakdown of a liberal article by the Guardian that aired last week about Brennan colluding with foreign powers to take out President Trump’s then-bid for the presidency:

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  6. M33 says:

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  7. TwoLaine says:

    ICYMI: SO WRONG, on SO MANY LEVELS. But hey, they’ve screwed everything else up. Go ahead, finish off the schools.

    Noncitizens Will Soon Be Able To Vote In San Francisco — For School Board
    3 May 2017

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  8. Sandra-VA says:

    Wow! Dems really have lost it …

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    • M33 says:

      That billboard must have cost BIG BUCKS.
      Wouldnt vote for them now even if I were.
      Pure waste!


    • keebler AC says:

      Yea, getting desperate they have nothing to run on except fake news and celebrity worshiping pablum-fed democrat party voters.


    • Plain Jane says:

      Wonder if there is a run on Amazon and Netflix for The Russians Are Coming. Am tempted to rent it if available. 🙂


      • sunnydaze says:

        I think it’d be great if they brought it back to the Theaters for a run.

        Bet a lot of people would go to see it on the big screen. I know I would and I haven’t gone to the movies in *years*.

        Great movie and so relevant for our times!


  9. Dora says:

    Big Scoop.

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  10. M33 says:

    So everyone has a clear idea of how brainwashed the left has become, here is a 16-bit video game style artwork that pretty much sums up what they have been led to believe:

    While I commend the creativity of the person who made it, the reality of how far gone they are is really really sad.
    Even W didn’t get this level of hatred & venom.

    Wonder if they will ever come around…

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    • Howie says:

      The democrat leftist cabal can no longer be considered as loyal americans. They are saboteurs. A clear and present danger to national security.

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    • sunnydaze says:

      It’s so far-gone now that the ones who *do* Wake Up will be forever repelled by the Dem Party no matter what they do.

      And the ones who *don’t* Wake Up will vote to nuke NYC if that’s what the Dem Party wants.


  11. M33 says:

    Still love this one:

    Anyone know any updates about the bidding that went on for it?

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  12. jeans2nd says:

    More Astana. Tillerson-Lavrov, POTUS-Putin key to Syria.
    turcopolier sees what we see, methinks.

    More North Korea – there may be more going on than we realized.
    Don’t scoff at Trump-Kim meeting. It may happen
    “China helped arrange the US-North Korean interaction”

    Our POTUS is def walking the tightrope. My bitcoin is on My POTUS.
    We Crazy People are too crazy to quit.

    When I woke up this morning, things were lookin’ bad
    Seem like total silence was the only friend I had
    Bowl of oatmeal tried to stare me down… and won
    And it was twelve o’clock before I realized
    That I was havin’… no fun
    Sometimes it seems like the bottom
    Is the only place I’ve been
    Chased a rainbow down a one-way street…dead end…
    John Prine

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  13. Howie says:

    Norks launch TBM missile. Leftists are worried. Not worried about Japan and S. Korea getting nuked. Worried Trump may use it to distract from their fake Russia Scheme. Folks, they are dangerous now. A danger to our country.

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  15. Sandra-VA says:

    I swear, Louise Mensch has completely and totally lost it. She is now declaring that Orin Hatch is getting security briefings as President, that President Trump was ousted on May 9th. She has a cadre of similarly affected following her like rabid dogs. I have never ever seen anyone so unhinged, making a complete fool of themselves, being allowed to continue publicly displaying their mental degradation without someone interceding! This is truly shocking.

    I fervently hope that her bid to become a US Citizen is denied on mental health grounds, let alone seditious activity! There is no way she is of sound mind.

    It is quite sad to see this rapid mental degeneration. She needs help. She certainly needs to be restrained from Twitter! Her musings are very dangerous.

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  16. Kyrissaean says:

    mexico send illegals to manipulate consensus+Aclu help defend them while stage incidents/nazi break glass=collision with mexico.

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    John Roos, 62, of Medford, Ore., had threatened on Twitter to kill Obama and his family on Facebook and to shoot FBI agents with hunting rifles. According to the Mail Tribune’s review of court documents, Roos said he did not intend to carry out the threats but that they were meant to “blow off steam.” According to an affidavit written by FBI Special Agent Jeffrey Gray, and reported by the Oregonian, Roos said that given the chance he would “punch Obama in the nose” because Obama “pisses him off.”

    “Violent social media posts are every bit as serious as those made in other venues,” U.S. Attorney Billy Williams said in a statement. “We will continue to vigorously investigate and prosecute similar crimes.”


    • wheatietoo says:

      So, how many have been arrested for making death threats against Pres Trump?

      Social media is full of them.
      Is the FBI going after all of those?

      Maybe now that Comey is gone, they will start doing it.


  18. fedback says:

    Watching the interview. Judge Jeanine needs to stop behaving like she knows better than the President.
    The liberal media attacks him, the conservative media thinks they know better, Coulter, Jeanine etc. It’s all the same

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  19. rebel53blog says:

    BREAKING: Fox Star Tucker Carlson In Critical Condition After Head On Collision Driving Home
    Update: Tucker Carlson has Died.


  20. jeans2nd says:

    We are correct, re: North Korea-POTUS detente.

    Official: North Korea open to US talks under conditions
    “Choe Son Hui, director general for North American Affairs at the Foreign Ministry, spoke briefly to reporters in Beijing en route to Pyongyang. She was traveling from Norway, where she led a delegation that held an informal meeting with former U.S. officials and scholars.”

    The North Korea missile firing today cannot be coincidence.

    Plus, this –
    North Korea sent a letter to Congress. That doesn’t happen everyday.
    This letter was protesting the recent sanctions.

    They cannot beat Our POTUS.

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  21. citizen817 says:

    President Trump Interview

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  22. Just Scott says:

    38North (new long but not that interesting article)

    “Assessing China’s Leadership in the North Korean Crisis
    The ongoing nuclear crisis on the Korean Peninsula is testing Beijing’s ability to assume Northeast Asian leadership in the interest of its own security and regional stability. ”

    “However, Beijing is relying on an old crisis diplomacy playbook in which inducements to Pyongyang are the preferred tool, and dialogue and restraint on the part of Washington and its allies remain the principal goal. ”


  23. patrickhenrycensored says:
  24. citizen817 says:

    Trump interview Pt2

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  25. citizen817 says:

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  26. roxiellTX says:

    If the fake newers and dims hadn’t created such a division between the US and Russia, I believe it would be easier for the two countries to work together to help solve the problem of N.Korea. Their foolishness is putting the world at risk.

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    Since the first undocumented aliens made their way across the Bering Land Bridge to enter North America more than 12,000 years ago, our precious land has been plagued by immigration problems. Within just a few years, prehistorically speaking, families of the Spirit Cave Man, the Kennewick Man and the Wizards Beach Man found their way into our land. The Spirit Cave Man settled here in the Great Basin just a few miles east of Fallon. He and the others mentioned above created quite a stir with the local natives because not only did they not have valid passports, they were Caucasian, a race of people totally alien to the region.

    -skipped to last para.-

    The immigration problems we are having in this country today are just a reflection of what has happened throughout our history. The more things change, the more they seem to stay the same. Governments are no more able to come to grips with this problem today than they were 500 years ago. There is likely to be peace in the Middle East before we are able to stop illegal immigration in our own country. Just the thought of all this leaves a bad taste in my mouth. Before you know it, illegal aliens will be coming to abduct all the good-looking people. Most of you will be safe. I am just writing this to say goodbye.


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