Sunday Talks: OMB Director Mick Mulvaney -vs- John Dickerson…

Office of Management and Budget Director Mick Mulvaney appears on Disgrace the Nation to discuss the ongoing ObamaCare reform efforts against the House passage of the repeal and replace legislation.

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57 Responses to Sunday Talks: OMB Director Mick Mulvaney -vs- John Dickerson…

  1. maiingankwe says:

    Yes, “Don’t underestimate the President.” Right on for the last words of this interview.

    I didn’t know Mulvaney was under obama care. Huh…no wonder why he’s fighting for the People. He understands it better.

    Last thing, I finally got it, took me awhile, and I don’t know how many times Mulvaney has said it or explained it, but the light bulb is now on and bright. I finally got that this new bill is not insurance, which is what obama care was, this is a health bill that will hopefully ensure people will get what they need. The insurance was too expensive, so the people couldn’t get the health care they needed. Now that was easy enough, have no idea why it took me this long.

    Thanks Mulvaney, you, T-Rex, and especially Wilbur Ross can sit and talk for hours, it’s always interesting and has me sad whenever it ends. At least I can look forward to the next time.

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  2. Lawrence says:

    John Dickerson…was there ever a media figure with a more appropriate name? He pretends not to know so much.

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    • JC says:

      My thoughts exactly, Lawrence. Smarmy attitude, drippy voice; surprised he doesn’t hiss after each word. I despise his interviews but stepped right up for this one. Mulvaney’s every answer right on the money. I grinned like an idiot at Mulvaney’s parting shot, “Don’t ever underestimate the President.” Mulvaney is the best of the best, imho.

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  3. Deadbeat says:

    Who the hell is John Dickerson? The guy is such a sleazeball setting up strawmen and posing lame-ass poison-the-well type questions. Of course “everyone” won’t have coverage. All Dickerson has to do is find some homeless person living under a bridge or someone undergoing some emotional or financial hardship and then use that optic to exaggerate the problem — which is a classic Marxist ploy. The MSM is extremely dishonest and clearly is the opposition party.

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  4. duchess01 says:

    “Don’t every underestimate the President!” – Director Mick Mulvaney

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  5. In AZ says:

    I decided to read some communist liberal “Christian” blogs that talk about the dismantling of Obamatollah Care.
    The Commie Liberals are livid ; many are calling for a literal shooting war which I believe the Soros controlled politicians and groups are wanting ; they talk of killing Ptesident Trump; it is obvious these Commies believe the mainstream propaganda ; it is obvious they do not understand economics and do not believe any facts or truth. They absolutely believe the government should control every aspect of our lives regardless of costs and freedoms lost.
    Too many are brainwashed beyond help. It is very, very disturbing to read what these people say and believe.

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  6. fleporeblog says:

    The biggest gift in this CR in my opinion was the fact that our President and Mick Mulvaney negotiated the the wall payment “Brick and Mortar” for the Obamacare subsidy payments. The Democrats were completely shortsighted. Their fear of the wall made them give up the fight for the subsidy payments. By doing so, we saw the ramifications the day after Mick tore the sh…t out of the MSM and Democrats.

    Aetna announced they were leaving in the state of Iowa and Virginia. Medica announced they were pulling out of Iowa because of the uncertainty of the subsidy payments. Anthem stated they were pulling out of Virginia because of the uncertainty surrounding the subsidy payments. The House Republicans faced this reality. Especially the two morons in Iowa that were a NO. 93 out of 99 counties in Iowa will have NO Provider next year. 23 counties in Virginia will have no provider next year. The tsunami effect had just begun and believe me will get worse over the coming months.

    Thank you Barry from Hawaii for your arrogance of never implementing a budget which allowed President Trump a chance at the 2017 fiscal year funding. You banked on HRC winning and you LOST. Thank you Democrats for fighting the “Bricks and Mortar” because you thought you won but you LOST and put the final nail in the one piece of legislation that had Barry’s name attached to it.

    The MSM like Deface the Nation will do everything to save Barry’s legacy but they know they can’t. Mick threw it in their face that Obamacare is dead. By the time our President signs the bill, there will be over 24,000,000+ without insurance. The reason being is what has already happened in Iowa and 24 counties in Virginia. Those folks have a card and nowhere to go with it. They can’t win the fight because Barry played his hand and LOST miserably.

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    • fleporeblog says:

      More proof they screwed themselves. From the article:

      Of the five insurers, the Kaiser Foundation Health Plan of the Mid-Atlantic States had the lowest average requested increase for their plans, at 18.08%. The highest was CareFirst of Maryland, with an average increase request of 58.80%, which would bring the baseline monthly premium payment for the plans up to $714.95.

      The maximum requested premium increases were similarly striking. The biggest proposed jump came from Cigna, which requested a 150.83% hike for a plan on the high end.

      Also at issue is the uncertainty of whether Obamacare’s cost-sharing reduction (CSR) payments are ceased.

      The payments, which help defray the cost of providing low-income Americans with cheaper health insurance plans, are seen as critical to ensure the stabilization of the ACA’s individual insurance markets.

      Currently, the payments are appropriated by the White House rather than Congress, and President Donald Trump has threatened to end the payments. The payments are also subject to an ongoing lawsuit between the House and executive branch questioning the legality of their funding without a congressional appropriation. While the Obama administration defended the case, Trump could drop an appeal of a ruling from 2016 in which a court sided with House Republicans.


      In fact, in California, the insurance commission told insurers that the companies could submit plans that assumed CSRs would be paid and a set of rates assuming they went unpaid.

      “I have written President Trump asking that he and his Administration stop undermining the Affordable Care Act and health insurance markets,” read a letter from Dave Jones, the California insurance commissioner, to insurers filing in the state. “Health insurers are legitimately concerned that the President’s actions are undermining the ACA and health insurance markets.”

      We ar winning folks!

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      • JC says:

        Love these two posts, Flepore. Thank you.

        Without harming Americans any more than necessary, President Trump somehow got what he wanted: let OCare fail completely, then step in with a better solution. He didn’t want to take OCare to the bitter end because of the intense suffering it would cause, but the nonviability of it had to be exposed. (What to do, what to do?) The first attempt to pass AHCA failed, but it gave the President ample opportunity and the platform to inform the public that he really wanted the bill to pass to avoid further disaster inflicted on Americans. It also allowed several more weeks for OCare to implode all over itself.

        Swoop in with a hard-fought new version of the AHCA, and he gets to have his cake and eat it, too. Everyone with a brain (and not a leftist sponge in place of actual gray matter) saw OCare careen at breakneck speed to the rim of the abyss, then try to screech to a messy halt before the plunge. Enter the President’s bill on cue. Masterful. We got the point, and we got a new health care bill. As Mulvaney said, it was ugly, but our scrapper President did it. Tons to be done on the bill, and the battle continues, but Phase 1 completed and delivered.

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    • Since previous subsidy payments to insurance companies were deemed unconstitutional, I would be ecstatic if PDJT said he would not release any subsidy funds to insurance companies until all the previously unconstitutional money given was paid back to the American taxpayers.

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  7. dobbsfan says:

    John Dickerson is such a passive aggressive dreg! It’s hard for me to watch him stammer and stutter like he does. But I did watch….because I like listening to Mulvaney, who is another lion.

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  8. SandraOpines says:

    I wuvs Mulvaney…………. but in order to see Mulvaney, I have toendure DICKerson………

    Decisions Decisions

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  9. Donna in Oregon says:

    Every Sunday is the same conversation….same questions…..about the same things. Rain Man conversations. Ten minutes to Wapner……

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    • That’s true but I’ve noticed PDJT’s team are always prepared and answer the annoying questions with facts and figures. They keep the dwebs in line and we don’t see the deer in the headlights reaction, like we endured for so many years, even though an idiot should have been able to point out the problems with BO’s policies. Hopefully the audience is learning the truth on these issue’s. I quit watching them a long time ago, just view the ones posted here.

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  10. As usual SD nailed it with “Disgrace the Nation”. I can’t stand Dickerson and only watch when he has someone on I REALLY like, knowing they will put him in his place and set the record straight. Mulvaney is such an asset to the administration!

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  11. Publius2016 says:

    Yes, the messaging is sharper: Obamacare is already dead so whatever the number the CBO says will be uninsured, it will still be better than the number without healthcare now…you can have a health insurance Obamacard but what good is it if no one will take it; epic!

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  12. The Boss says:

    $880 billion is not a cut. It is the amount of money that will NOT be wasted if obamacrapcare were allowed to continue as is…down the toilet. The CBO is a useless joke, full of Common Core math geniuses.

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  13. TPW says:

    The thing that “concerns” me…..I know …..but seriously……for people that live in states like Alabama it will be a royal screwing if major decisions are left to our state government. Blue Cross Blue Shield has run this state since the beginning ………The poor, elderly, are of no concern here….you know the mindset ” pull yourself up by your boot straps” …..The State’s biggest employer is government so very limited boot straps available. While I am griping LOL……”It is not the governments job to provide healthcare insurance” or “healthcare is not a right”..weeeeeeeeeell if government had not stuck its nose in every aspect of the industry and caused prices to skyrocket then that would be true. But since Government has caused it to be unattainable by many then….either they get completely out with all rules regulations or they must find a way to allow access for all.


  14. Summer says:

    Why are they talking about this bill as a new healthcare bill blah blah? Isn’t it just a modified “reconciliation” thing that failed to pass last time? Only need 51 vote in the Senate, right?


  15. WeThePeople2016 says:

    I love that Mulvaney brought up “School House Rock” to explain how the process of making a Bill takes place. Dickerson kept pushing for final answers on the Bill, and Mulvaney had to remind him of how it all works. lol

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