May 1st – 2017 Presidential Politics – Trump Administration Day #102

In an effort to keep the Daily Open Thread a little more open topic we are going to start a new daily thread for “Presidential Politics”. Please use this thread to post anything relating to the Donald Trump Administration and Presidency.


This thread will refresh daily and appear above the Open Discussion Thread.

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961 Responses to May 1st – 2017 Presidential Politics – Trump Administration Day #102

  1. MakeAmericaGreat says:

    I’m very disappointed in the people who do not trust Trump. All of his moves — including the CR — are part of a larger strategic plan.

    If there is one thing we’ve seen with Trump over the years, he maps out his plans long in advance.

    Now is not the time for a shutdown. And this is like a 5-month bill, until Fiscal Year 2017 is finished, I believe.

    I just don’t understand how people can be enthused from a rally on Saturday night yet already, on Monday, giving in to MSM propaganda and crumbling into fear.

    Remember, Trump is not a king. He can’t just do whatever he wants. He has to negotiate the process.

    The CR is part of that negotiation.

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    • Albertus Magnus says:


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      • Dekester says:

        Of corse you are absolutely correct.

        The challenge is in the messaging. I was just over at The Gateway Pundit, and a headline is how the Dems are fundraising on Ryan’s failure to deliver.

        Sure it may be click bait, but the Republican messaging is tragic.

        Thank you

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        • soozword says:

          There would be better Republican messaging if there wasn’t a total failure in legislative performance in the first place.


        • MakeAmericaGreat says:

          Fair point.

          But remember — the media is the opposition party. No matter what Trump does, they will paint it as a failure.

          So, for example, instead of saying about the CR something like “Trump works with moderates” or “Trump reaches out to other side,” it’s junk like “Democrats beat Trump!” and “Trump loses!”

          People have to understand they are being played by the media, on both sides. Both part of The Swamp that wants to pull away Trump’s base from him.

          The media is poison. And places like Brietbart and even Drudge aren’t infallible, either. Everyone has his own agenda.

          I just wish people wouldn’t get on the emotional roller coaster. Don’t ride the highs and lows. Trust Trump and stay steady.

          It’s going to take time. But like 6 weeks ago the Dems thought they would impeach him fast.

          One step at a time.

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          • MakeAmericaGreat says:

            Also, many in the “GOP” are against Trump. They don’t want to help him, which means their messaging is not going to be favorable towards him, either.

            Trump is taking on both sides, taking on the entirety of The Swamp.

            The Swamp controls the media.

            That’s why The Treehouse is “the last refuge;” that’s why we’re here.

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            • LoveofUSA says:

              MakeAmericaGreat- thank you for saying what needs to be said, again. There are many on TCTH that just flip flops. You’ve said everything I’ve said and wanted to say. I’m getting tired of having to remind them President Trump got this.

              Treepers: Do NOT worry or fret.
              The corruption has been going on for more than forty years and will NOT be corrected quickly. This is the long game we are watching President Trump doing.

              There are layers and layers of corruptions and deceits that needs to be peeled back and tossed aside before President Trump can reset our system to MAGA.
              —Tune out anything ‘Hollywood” They are irrelevant. They were used as an distraction.
              —Stop clicking to Fake News if you can’t handle your flip-flopping emotions.
              —Stop trying to figure out what President Trump’s next move is going to be. He isn’t going to let you know what his next move. It is this strategy that is driving the all Opposition groups batty. Instead, use this as a form of entertainment.
              —Don’t take any word from Dems and most of Repubs in Congress. They are fighting hard to keep themselves relevant. They all mean nuthin’ to us. They have proven over and over again they are liars. They are NOT going to change .
              —-Stay sharp on what President Trump is saying. He sometimes speaks in Codes/clues/reminders. Based on them, do something about it. President Trump cannot solve all of our problems by himself. He needs our help in any way we can do for him or our country. Listen to him carefully for anything he needs from us.
              —Keep praying for President Trump. He has asked for it.
              —Keep reading Sundance’s excellent postings to stay sharp and focused..
              —Thank the Lord daily for everything good that happens on that day. Do this everyday!!
              —This is a great time to be alive and to witness new history in the making.
              —Embrace this Movement to Make America Great Again.

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              • MakeAmericaGreat says:

                Amen, LoveOfUSA. We all have to stick together, help each other, and be our own solution. Including passing the news along, so we don’t need the idiot media.


                • LoveofUSA says:

                  I agree and I’m so glad that you have the same understanding and passion of preserving our President/country. You said it so well up thread–just know that I have your back when you do make your comments here. We do our best to read as much as we can here, since we dumped the lying media 2 years ago.

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  2. “A senior Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs official in the know on Israeli-US relations told Al-Monitor that in recent days Israel has been approached by senior officials in the Trump administration about a possible US policy initiative related to the region and to Israeli-Palestinian peacemaking. Trump’s staff is currently preparing his first official visit to Israel (apparently on May 22), yet these preliminary contacts were exploratory in nature. The US officials emphasized to their Israeli counterparts that no decision has been made yet by Trump’s Middle Eastern team and his associates, including secretaries of the State and Defense departments, head of the National Security Council, and advisers Jared Kushner and Jason Greenblatt.”

    Read more:

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  3. Interesting.. a lot of reconciliation activities going on.. ”
    “Coptic Catholic Bishop Emmanuel Ayad of Luxor, the head of the organizing committee for the pope’s visit to Egypt, told Al-Monitor, “The restart of the Christian-Muslim dialogue does not mean that things are back to normal, but the visit of Pope Francis is a new breakthrough,” asserting that the visit pushed the dialogue forward.

    He said, “Now there is a genuine will to hold a sincere dialogue. The most important thing is to spread this culture of dialogue among Christian and Muslim populations.” He denied, however, that any direct agreement was reached during the visit on a mechanism to disseminate this culture among citizens, through sermons at mosques or churches.

    He added, “The feeling of anger among Christians following the twin Coptic church bombings will not discourage Christians from accepting interfaith dialogue. The bombings stirred anger among Christians and Muslims alike. The dialogue’s main objective is to create a common refusal of terrorism and extremism. This is the key for the success of the dialogue.”

    Read more:

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    This patriots’ letter to Ryno is going viral, Some coarse language so I’ll just link.

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    • psadie says:

      My sentiments exactly!

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    • wheatietoo says:

      Great letter!

      It needs a little bit of editing, because the author keeps switching back-and-forth between addressing Ryno directly…to talking about him in the same paragraph.
      So that is a little confusing.

      Still a great letter, though.
      The ‘coarse language’ is really pretty mild…I was expecting it to be worse.


  5. Kathy says:

    Dear Treepers … I noticed many of you voicing irritation about Rush Limbaugh’s recent broadcasts. So I’d like to help by offering Sundance’s own words — pulled directly from today’s TCTH article entitled, *Explaining Why Republicans in Congress Need to Undercut Trump’s Budget Objectives, Wilbur Ross and NAFTA*

    “When Rush Limbaugh begins to tell his audience about the legislative construct within DC that is controlled by the UniParty apparatus, that’s a good thing. Because that level of understanding is what will be needed in the future if the larger U.S. electorate are ever going to comprehend the challenge and opposition. It does not matter that Limbaugh cites or recognizes our research and insight; what matters is that a larger audience begins to comprehend the scope and scale of the problem.”

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  6. psadie says:

    WHEAT just went through the roof due to the huge snow storm in the Mid-West. Better grab what you can in bread and pasta!


    PATRICK J. BUCHANAN (conclusion- excerpt:)

    Trump is being hammered as no other president before him, except perhaps Nixon during Watergate. It is hard to reach any other conclusion than that the mainstream media loathe him and intend to oust him, as they relished in helping to oust Nixon.

    If this war ends well for Trump, it ends badly for his enemies in the press. If Trump goes down, the media will feel for a long time the hostility and hatred of those tens of millions who put their faith and placed their hopes in Trump.

    For the mainstream media, seeking to recover the lost confidence of its countrymen, this war looks like a lose-lose.

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  8. and on another thread homeless people banded together and put the run on antifa in Seattle. Didn’t want them ruining their home. The link had language.

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  9. NJF says:

    Love it.

    She is definitely playing from our man’s playbook.


  10. NJF says:

    The evil scum who killed this beautiful kid. He is someone’s son, and they don’t care the hate they are inspiring.


    UPDATE: University of Texas Stabber Reenacted White Genocide


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