Sunday Talks – H.R. McMaster -vs- Chris Wallace…

National Security Adviser H.R. McMaster appears on Fox News Sunday for an interview with swamp guardian Chris Wallace.

Previously, some people, stimulated by the worries of annoying arbitrary gnat nonsense, expressed concern that McMaster might be inclined to lean the President Trump administration further toward an interventionist foreign policy.

If you listen to the numerous interviews McMaster has given since taking on the role of National Security Adviser you can clearly sense that President Trump has clear eyes and a firm grip on any McMaster lean.

Secretary T-Rex is the preferred policy point, and doing brilliantly.  McMaster represents the AWACS covering Tillerson’s travel, and Mattis is the archangel on his shoulder.

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69 Responses to Sunday Talks – H.R. McMaster -vs- Chris Wallace…

  1. SpanglishKC says:

    Ok I’ll watch Wallace’s show clip. But onlyt becasue SD has me curious

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    • Bob says:

      With the way the Sunday media beat up on PDJT and his team, perhaps it’s time for them to just blow these yahoos out and not attend this nonsense. Stay home, go to church and enjoy their family. Of course the Media will bitch… what….

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      • ALEX says:

        You obviously haven’t watched any of the interviews…You might try that

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      • snaggletooths says:

        PDJT did great in his interview with Dickerson , HR.MCMasters did great also the media wants the Trump admin to run & hide so then they can claim they are not transparent or that they refuse to come on the show, they have nothing to run from its the media that looks like fools not PDJT or administration.

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    • mitrom says:

      It’s obvious from McMaster’s comments and the way he said it that he truly respects President Trump’s vision, decisions, and strategic vision. The U.S. is truly in the right hands. This is totally opposite from the military views of Obama during the past 8 years.

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    • Scott says:

      Every Sunday upon Wallace’s arrival on my TV, I finally turn it off and get something done around the house . . . OK, I catch up with the few TV shows I watch ;-)!

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  2. jrapdx says:

    Wallace sure knows how to ask leading, provocative questions. McMaster answered questions pretty much according to the standard script, didn’t seem at all a “warmonger” as some people have been pushing. If anything Wallace seems to be the one pushing war over NK.

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    • LULU says:

      Wallace is a snarky little twit. Sits there with that little smirk and tries to set traps. Just too clever by half. Smart people can smell jokers like him a mile away.

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      • Cee says:

        Wallace represents an aged depressed and non-objective news personality. His questions represent his personal paranoia. He reminds me of the old USSR mindset. He needs to go.

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      • Scott says:

        “Smell” Heck, he and his snark is so predictable that he’s actually boring to watch.


      • DD More says:

        Every Trump Official should watch what happened to Chris’ dad, Mike Wallace, when he interviewed a Marine. Excellent background on the Wallace family history in parts.

        Take an expample of “Mike Wallace Debates a Marine” –
        First,.. Colonel Connell goes straight for the Liberal jugular, and simply describes his gut emotional reaction to Wallace’s position, and implies it should be every other individual’s response as well.
        Second, and even more important, Colonel Connell “out-groups” Mike Wallace. Wallace isn’t in the in-group anymore – he is a traitor on the outside of our group. Liberals are innately programmed to fear this. This is devastating to the Narcissist’s necessary self-image of being the superior individual (a similar trait to the Liberal’s need to feel superior to the Conservative in some fashion, despite their laughable patheity). Notice, Colonel Connell presents this with no debate, as almost an irrelevant afterthought to another, more important issue. Most people wouldn’t even register it, but Wallace did, and even worse, he never even got to argue with the portrayal. Deep down, every Liberal ideologue knows they are a psychological pansy in a species which reviles such – and the characterization hurts them far more than we can imagine.

        Colonel Connell also reinforced this effect through his use of the word contempt. The words angry, saddened, infuriated, etc all portray to a Narcissist (and a Liberal ideologue) their own power to evoke such emotions in their adversary, as well as their adversary’s ability to be emotionally unbalanced and controlled. Always denigrate the Liberal’s importance and power within the social environment, and never imply they are important enough to warrant a real emotion. In the language of Heartiste, this would be referred to as “frame.” You are so awesome, and the Liberal such a pathetic peon, you really could care less about them, beyond a passing feeling of contempt when they cross your radar.
        Many have noted that Narcissists are like children. Offer them two options to explain their behavior, both bad, and those are the only two options they will see. “Either you are [bad option one] or you are [bad option two]? Which is it?” Whatever it is about their personality quirk, this will trip them up quite reliably, especially if you offer some fact, however tenuous, supporting the idea that one of the two bad options must be true. I have used it, and it is incredible how they will limit their thought processes to the two options, and panic if neither is acceptable. They actually do not have the ability in the midst of debate to find their way to a third option which would rescue them from their conundrum. Of course, Colonel Connell’s’ delivery, totally unemotional, with slit thin eyes delivering a death stare of hatred, was perfect. It even carried just the right amount of a subconscious air of violent conflict. Not so much Wallace could portray Colonel Connell as an extremist who might kill him, but enough Wallace knew that a battlefield execution for such disloyalty might be a possibility in Colonel Connell’s world.


  3. Minnie says:

    With all due respect to Mr. McMaster, I can’t watch Wallace, nope, just can’t do it.

    I do rely on your presentation though, Sundance

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  4. sorry SD I can’t watch wallace unless you tell me someone beat him down!

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  5. But I trust your opinions! and other reviews here! Cannot stand his arrogance!

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  6. Dekester says:

    Yes Wallace is one the worst. As he hides behind the fox brand.

    We appreciate the clips though. Thank you.

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    • Texian says:

      FOX brand sucks just like the rest of them. Wallace doesn’t have to hide, he’s a Prius and fits right in. FOX was just a slow motion train wreck to slowly lure conservatives towards leftism and Phase II has recently commenced. O’Reilly, a Uniparty Cadillac has essentially retired and who do they put in his place – not a Corvette conservative Judge Jeanine who would maintain the high ratings for the prime slot – but a tamed man in a mini-van, Tucker.

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  7. BG2 says:

    Just heard an interview on radio of Trump and a voice I don’t know.
    Trump allowed this fellow to talk all over him…..would have made headlines if it had happened to Obama. Don’s doing great but needs to use “please let me finish if you interrupt me continually we’ll get nowhere” more often. If he allows disrespect he’ll get as much as he wants.


  8. ALEX says:

    Excellent job by McMaster…The Trump team is all on same page and obviously thinking all this out as Sundance is pointing out with excellent article after excellent article…

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  9. Humble says:

    I can not watch Wallace, so depend on analysis from Sundance.


  10. missmarple2 says:

    All of you people who cannot watch Wallace, please, just quit telling us you won’t watch.

    You might consider sucking it up and doing so in order to support our President and his team. I mean, if McMaster can go on and deal with Wallace face to face, couldn’t you all TRY and watch?

    If you can’t bear to make the sacrifice, could you please quite TELLING us?

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    • Minnie says:

      Alrighty then 😘

      Thank you all for the summation of this interview.


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    • E C says:

      Okay. I took one for the team. I think McMaster did good in reiterating the points he wanted to make.

      I watched the interview Bret Bauer did with T-Rex and perhaps he could give Chris a lesson on how to conduct himself so that the interviewee is not made to give the same answer over and over. But that would require listening. That would be my biggest beef with this interview.

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    • laurelmarycecilia says:

      if Wallace’s audience were reduced – not obliterated – he would be toast; just businenss……. don’t watch


      • waicool says:

        if chris wallace is the “journalist” of choice we all must “watch” to get our information regarding national security, the enemedia adversaries, wallace included, are apparently desperate for effective communication talent or complicit with the industry of false narratives (aka fake news). the bias is subtle but thick with Chrissy and the bubble works from.


    • Deep Blue C says:

      Comment deleted by Admin…


  11. janc1955 says:

    The swamp guardian moniker makes me howl every single time I read it SD! LMAO!

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  12. Shadrach says:

    Not too bad of an interview. It didn’t tell us anything we don’t already know….but that’s because we’re all outside the OODA loop, courtesy of SD 🙂

    I guess the only message worth mentioning in the interview is that McMasters clearly stated that military intervention is not our preferred response. That’s Mr. Obvious Man to me, but given all the “McMasters is a neocon warmonger” propaganda it’s good he said it in public.

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    • AmyB says:

      Yes and he said it several times. Like Sundance said, President Trump controls which way NSA Director McMaster leans. It appears clear to me that he fully intends to competently and faithfully execute President Trump’s strategies and mission.

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  13. cyn3wulf says:

    McMaster does a, ahem, masterful job of communicating what the Trump administration is about while talking it up. He genuinely looks like he believes in what he is doing rather than going through the motions because it’s his job. The interview ends with Wallace saying that McMaster is a straight-talker. I don’t see how that’s not winning on an epic scale.

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  14. US says:

    General McMasters talks too much for my liking.

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    • Lucille says:

      Which answers bothered you? IMO, General McMasters answered the questions with just the right amount of authority and knowledge/fact dissemination. So, perhaps you could give us examples of where he overstepped or was inadequate.

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    • Really? You were expecting him to give one sentence answers to a refined and sophisticated foreign policy? I thought it was perfect.

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  15. We should watch these interviews now and then. Sharpens us for rels, friends, neighbors, etc. We need more skin, not less.

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  16. A2 says:

    In my opinion the interview was one of the better ones, including the questions. Not saying this is the beginning of a trend, but perhaps the issues are now taken seriously instead of just political posturing and having to ad nauseam deliver the sub rosa #nevertrump message whilst pretending to be a ‘journalist’.

    I was particularly interested in Gen McMaster’s responses to Wallace’s questions on the NK sanctions and FM Wang Yi’s apparent ‘divergence’ at the UN from the understanding that the administration has of the cordial meeting with President Xi.

    Gen McMaster knew these questions would be asked and his answers were in line with WH policy and gave nothing away. This leads me to believe the US is in a holding pattern to give China time to deliver on its expressed policy stance and at the same time tightening the ring of allies and partners to force China to act instead of deflect on NK.

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  17. FLEEVY says:

    Haters, keep hatin’. Baldy McMaster is our guy

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  18. Donna in Oregon says:

    The Trump admin. is determining the direction of the country, not the media. President Trump explained everything last night in Harrisburg. MSM continues to pretend that they set the agenda.

    We no longer have that government. Nostalgia for Lefties every Sunday is not good for the soul. It is dying a slow, painfully obvious death.

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  19. Bull Durham says:

    The US interpretation of events and historical context is always brutally flawed.
    Syria is a murderous regime.
    The ME chaos is Iran’s fault.
    Putin is selling out the Russian people.
    China has to solve the NK problem.

    Beyond this list of four topics is laughable, it doesn’t work as foreign policy.

    It was 13 minutes without a word on the US fight against radical Islamic terror.
    So, what the hell are we doing with the Trillions of dollars spent to fight AQ and ISIS?

    A Nerf match by Wallace and McMaster.
    Softball, underhand tosses.
    Nothing about Mosul or Raqqa or hundreds of thousands of young men in Europe ready to turned into an urban war.

    Nothing of Ukraine other than Russia is bad. They stole Crimea and they have invaded Ukraine (apparently convincing the people of Donbass to fight to protect the invaders who have remained invisible for three years).

    Utter US hegemonic nonsense, in my opinion.

    The one indicator of Trump’s ideas in all this is our allies are going to pay up.
    How much or when is unknown. Most likely, they will just buy our weapons systems.

    The good thing is this stuff doesn’t come out of the mouth of the President.

    For the entire campaign, nearly all Trump voters had a very clear notion of what our foreign policy would be. I see very little of that so far, nor see how we will get to Peace through Strength and working with Russia to destroy ISIS and AQ. It isn’t even spoken about.

    There is no intention to crush ISIS and AQ. Cosmetic changes in coalition and behind the scenes rearming al Nusra and ISIS by CIA and the Sunni nations of the Gulf, while the US military arms the Kurds to split up Syria and Iraq and rearms the radicals we choose to call “moderates” again.

    Well, time ahead will tell the story. The generals have it. Trump will have to fix it when they stop shoveling the hole deeper.

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    • xyzlatin says:

      A salad bowl of complaints. Did you seriously expect all of the nuances of all of those areas of conflict to be discussed in 10 minutes on a Sunday morning programme? And Pres Trump clearly stated more than once during the campaign that he would not tell everyone what he was doing, and he would give the military the power to win. As for the invasion of Europe by muslims, until those countries change their leaders, they will not do anything about it, so why should Pres Trump?

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    • You heard the interview completely different from me. You were waiting to hear big bombastic stuff, but what is going on is much more subtle and detailed. He is pulling together the diplomacy with the military…maybe it is the first time that a Defense Secretary and the Sec of State have worked together this closely….no one is getting it..but Wallace started to get it.

      It’s like congress…our diplomacy according to them, is to threaten violence and/or offer flowers…no delicacy, no finesse just bombs away or walk away offering welfare payments…we are talking sophisticated tactics here….really…listen to it again Bull….

      You are looking for bombs….PTrump is working for peaceful resolution of problems with our friends/new friends, whatever…I think it is brilliant and this is the first interviewee who has really clearly explained it.

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    • I’ll share some heat and agree with you, but rather that wait for them to stop shoveling the globalist MIC hole deeper, Trump needs to stop them NOW and let’s get it fixed once and for all of his time in office.

      These guys are not used to the goal being actually winning and despite all those wonderful opinions based on no dissent, no questions, just support… they are going to have to get some heavy winning done and done in record time to show the globalists they’re out. The globalists, and their political puppets like juan diablo mcwarhawknesty, are the real terrorists. The actors are simply mainly useful idiot proxies and or paid to do a “job”. No tyn foil hat required folks. Sometimes it is just conspiracy. Most of the time at this point, in fact.

      As for any heat some may wish to share, I’ll clear it up now on my end. I’m not going along for the ride, I am one of the lawful owners of government and I expect results. Results like quickly crushing the dyncorp/cia/deep state’s terror brigade of isis, and the end of the false song of globalism, and the protection of American and individual sovereignty. That is a YUGE part of why I voted for Donald J. Trump.


    • AmyB says:

      Hey, Bull. With all due respect, you missed one. McMaster should have threatened Russia for arming the Taliban. Or, is it different because it’s Russia? I actually believe much of what you wrote is true and, if so, then President Trump knows it’s true, too. But, if McMaster’s, or anyone in President Trump’s administration, started telling the American people and the rest of the world how our government has lied to us and about the crimes that have been committed across the world, in our name, by the CIA, he would lose all the goodwill that he has so painstakingly built up over the last few months. His entire mission would go up in smoke. He can’t do that. Not now.

      Nevertheless, I can’t think of anything he was backtracked on. Okay, one thing – designating China a currency manipulator. But if he can pull off a miracle, with China’s help, vis-a-vis North Korea, well then, I will say, he’s got his priorities in order. Just because he is not blowing the whistle on your list doesn’t mean that, behind the scenes, he’s not trying to right the ship. Look, you obviously know a lot more than me about this stuff, but anyway, that’s just my take. Seriously, with all due respect.


  20. xyzlatin says:

    One of the interesting little side throwaways by Gen McMasters was the comment about the three helicopters. Must be a sore point about the previous regime. I wonder what the back story is there?


      • maiingankwe says:

        Every time I see those two words, Extortion 17, my heart becomes instantly cold and my anger comes front and center.

        I will never forgive the idiot and his team for what they did to our SEALs and fellow fighters. Never.

        I look forward to them one day burning hell since I don’t think they will ever to pay for all of the American blood on their hands.

        I know it’s not Christian, and I know I should at least have the capacity to forgive, but not on this one. It’s the only thing I have to temper my anger, and that’s knowing if they don’t pay for it for their time here on earth, they will pay for it soon after and for eternity.

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  21. That was an excellent interview. He really, for the first time I think, explained what PTrump is doing in terms of working the military and the diplomatic together. And, actually , I think Chris W actually started to get it. He is a good interview, unlike Preibus, who just can’t seem to explain anything clearly.

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  22. labrat says:

    This insufferable man needs a new moniker too. Chris Weasle?
    Any other ideas?

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  23. sobriquet4u says:

    I hid behind the couch and watched …sorry…I had to duck back behind it when Wallace appeared. Next time I’m doing “closed caption” because I cannot stand his voice. Worth watching just to see how Gen McMasters handled the interview.

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  24. maiingankwe says:

    Sorry, but when McMasters said, “It’s a pleasure to be here.” at the very beginning my drink went all over the place. It’s a good thing I was cleaning at the same time, much easier to clean up.

    I did like how Chris called him a straight shooter and wanted him back. I’d like to see and hear more of him too. I think he did an excellent job in explaining things in a simple, easy to understand manner.

    I may not like these blowhard so-called journalists, but I do think we need to hear from the WH, so Americans can easier understand what is going on and what our President is doing. McMaster didn’t give any secrets away, and it would be difficult or more likely impossible to do so. He’s a smart cookie and he is on our Trump Train. Love having him on board with us and keeping us safe by following our President’s plans.

    Be well and may all enjoy their Sunday,

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  25. Mike diamondm says:

    Wallace seems lost, ?


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