White House – “First 100″…

In his first 100 days, President Donald J. Trump has taken bold action to restore prosperity, keep Americans safe and secure, and hold government accountable. At an historic pace, this President has enacted more legislation and signed more executive orders than any other president in over a half century. With a focus on rebuilding the military, ending illegal immigration, and restoring confidence in our economy, the President is keeping his promises to the American people.

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  1. The Boss says:

    What a 100 days it’s been!
    Not anywhere near tired of winning yet.

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  2. Socrates says:

    Just think what the next 1000 can bring 🙂

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  3. Sentient says:

    As long as he builds the wall and stays out of stupid wars his first term will be a success to me.

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    • Agreed….SCOTUS, ME migrants, the 2nd amendment, plants in the deep state and the wall were my main issues for supporting Trump. He has fixed three out of the five issues, and I see the wall on the way. Also, I understand why he is cutting the budgets on the ABC agencies, there are some massive layoffs coming. It was on the news this morning that T-rex will trim 2300 jobs……That is a Trump purge….. and has been a very productive 100 days. Anything else this President does for me I will consider as extra gravy.

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  4. mysticrose80 says:

    Congrats, Mr. President. It has been quite a ride, these past 100 days. Plenty of wins with some rocky moments in-between. In the end, I have not an ounce of regret voting for you. It is a nice feeling to know that I can go to bed at nights and know that we have a President (while not perfect, but who the hell is perfect tbh) who genuinely loves this country and is working tirelessly to make it great again 🙂.

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  5. Socrates says:

    Good First 100 Days. No major legislative achievements, Not Trump’s fault. But look at the horizon for the next 100 days. Looks like the GOP has a bill they can agree with the Democrats on. Giving Amnesty to Venezuelans because things are so called too dangerous in Venezuela. NOT OUR PROBLEM

    WTF happened to America First. So I guess we can’t send Somalis back because it’s too dangerous. Then it’s Afghanis. And it never ends. Etc.

    America First means America First

    House bill to give Venezuelans path to legal US residency has bipartisan support


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    • Socrates says:

      “A bipartisan group of U.S. representatives has re-introduced a bill to let Venezuelans either fleeing their country’s violence and poverty or already here illegally gain legal permanent residency status.”

      Ryan better not bring this crap to the floor. And if so, Trump better veto this crap. No more of but the children garbage. Heard that with the Syrian intervention over Muslims killing Muslims, as well as keeping DACA active and still flooding the country with 30 year old DACA gangbangers. Think of the children.

      Yeah American children.

      America First FOR ONCE

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      • Socrates says:

        Just ask Minnesota how well it has worked with the Somalis as they have raise in TB and now a Measles outbreak.Why the hell do we have to take in every person that has a fear of their country. i have a fear of my govt where can I go.

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        • BigMamaTEA says:

          Slow down Socrates……deep breath, in – deep breath out……

          This legislation that you speak of. .. is called: H.R. 2161. You can read a copy of the bill here: https://www.govtrack.us/congress/bills/115/hr2161/text

          Now, I just scanned through it briefly, but it looks like it just applies to Venezuelans who are ALREADY here. The Sponsors appear to want to be able to change any legal status of those here since 2013; but you’ll have to read more carefully.

          Now, for my part, I put a tracker on this bill, so I will receive notifications as it starts the process. First, anybody can file any bill. (I could tell you stories from over the years, you would not believe some of the crap some come up with!)

          Then, it is assigned to a least one committee. This bill was just sent to the House Judiciary committee. So that committee will have to have hearings on it. (Trust me, when you follow this like I do, it mostly is a slow process! It can be killed in Committee too)

          Heck, sign yourself up at govtrack.us – anybody. It’s a great service that I’ve been using for a long time. You can set it up to get notifications on everything you’d want to know about just one bill, or a thousand. Or even just what “your guy” is doing.


    • thetrain2016 says:

      What do you men “no major legislative achievements”? No President in recent history had more enemies and roadblocks than Trump, regardless, he was able to pass most legislations and executive orders compare to Obama, Bush and Clinton. He was able to destroy well over 50% of Obama’s so called “legacy”, turn the Supreme Court toward Constitutional authority, make many former loudmouth world figures major buyers of adult diapers, turn the MSM and the Democrat Party to laughing stocks and so on…

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      • 4bleu says:

        remember that the overwhelming majority of the media, academia and ‘experts’ take a 100 days to write the first outline of a report or a paper.
        That’s their measure of ‘production’ and what they know to critique. Words on paper.

        A builder easily can erect a steel building half the size of a football field, close it in and have the doors open for business in that same amount of time. A typical auto repair shop will have easily received 400 dis-functioning vehicles needing 1000 disparate and distinct new parts and gotten them all back on the road, so the owners can get their daily work done. A grocery store will have ordered, received, stocked and sold enough food to easily feed 50,000 households in that same time.

        President Trump comes from a world of construction where 100 companies are choreographed to deliver the exact amount of precision-built and measured supplies on time needed for precisely that day’s work, because there’s no place to store anything on a five acre space for a building that’s going 80 stories up and five stories down.

        But we’re supposed to listen to the essay-writers.

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      • tellthetruth2016 says:

        The TRUMP Train is a Great ride …… Keep going Mr. President ….


      • BigMamaTEA says:

        There have been 29 signed bills by President Trump to date.

        Read about them here: https://www.govtrack.us/congress/bills/browse?status=28,29,32,33&sort=-current_status_date


        • garysut says:

          “There have been 29 signed bills by President Trump to date.”
          Many of these were in process under the Obama Administration.


          • BigMamaTEA says:

            Uh, no. A lot of those bills are the un-doing of Obie’s regulations.


          • StaleDale says:

            Not true .. Only 7 of the 29 Signed bills were in process in Jan 2017 before Trump took office.
            The remaining 22 bills (majority, not ‘Many” ) were introduced after Jan 20th.


    • repsort says:

      But beautiful Venezuelan women are on youtube crying! Have you no heart?!

      America first (unless pictures of dead kids are flashed at the UN or youtubes of crying women are produced)

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    • WSB says:

      Well, this is what’s happening to the first 4000. They are being returned…to Somalia.


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  6. Patti Cirzan says:

    Best wishes to our great 45th President and Melaia, too!
    You have made America great already, despite the nay sayers.

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  7. LKA in LA says:

    God bless you President Trump! We love you and your family. Thank you for fighting and having faith in the USA to move us in the right direction. Thank you for truth. If you read this post sir, know you are loved and respected. The deplorables are with you through thick, thin, and to the end.

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  8. Pam says:

    Congratulations Mr. President! 😀

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  9. NJF says:

    Ha. This will never get old.

    What the hell were they thinking????

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  10. NJF says:

    Aside from all his accomplishments thus far, what im happiest about is how he has completely exposed how useless & self serving the Uniparty and FSM is.

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    • ilcon says:

      FSM? fake stream media. Both very “useful”. They do the job they’re instructed to do.


    • Rebnstx says:

      NJF, yes how he exposed the uniparty, MSM, is by far one of the greatest accomplishments. I think about how i use to stay up & watch Fox & all the other crap then find out they play the same game. Lie, cheat & are so proud because they get to go to the same parties. Thank God for that revelation.

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  11. mcclainra says:

    This was posted on FB earlier today & is certainly appropriate to go here!

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  12. snaggletooths says:

    I am so impressed with this first 100 days can’t imagine what I will feel at the end of 4-8 Years. If we can elect some better people in congress replace the speaker President Trump has the chance then to really go to work fixing all that is wrong with this country.

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  13. yy4u says:

    Just imagine what he could have accomplished had he had a Republican House and Senate.

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    • Most of what Trump has accomplished is in spite of a Republican House and Senate.

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      • camulla says:

        Gorsuch would not have been confirmed had Democrats controlled Congress, and none of his appointments would have been confirmed.

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        • All American Snowflake says:

          I said “most” LOL

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          • camulla says:

            I just think we need to remember that voting out Republicans would mean voting in Democrats who would attempt an impeachment. I think most people here agree that on a few issues, the two parties are similar, but we need to remember that on a vast number of additional issues Democrats being in power would be a disaster. It would not just be a case of votes not coming to the floor.

            Democrats would work to undermine the administration, far more so than the Republicans are now. Judges would not be confirmed because the Democrats are far left. Treaties in the Senate that were signed under the previous administration could be ratified with 51 votes with Democrats in power. The repercussions would be horrible and irreversible.

            If people don’t like the current representatives and don’t like Democrats, it’s going to be essential to start finding candidates now and canvassing districts so those good candidates can get name recognition, and it’s also going to be essential to start going to Republican meetings (I know how hard that is with work!), so we need to start rearranging our priorities.

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    • LMAO! 😀 😀 😀

      Perfect yy4u. Just imagine…..

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  14. duchess01 says:


    President Trump’s First 100 Days
    In his first 100 days, President Donald J. Trump has taken bold action to restore prosperity, keep Americans safe and secure, and hold government accountable. At an historic pace, this President has enacted more legislation and signed more executive orders than any other president in over a half century. With a focus on rebuilding the military, ending illegal immigration, and restoring confidence in our economy, the President is keeping his promises to the American people.


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  15. flounder, rebel, vulgarian, deplorable, winner says:

    Best 100 days of the last 20 years, barring marriage and births. Congratulations, Americans.

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  16. SteveInCO says:

    And we can keep on celebrating tomorrow too.

    Today is his hundredth day, counting inauguration day as his first, but he’ll complete a hundred days of 24 hours, total 2400 hours, tomorrow at 1PM eastern time.

    Party all weekend!!

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  17. tax2much says:

    Considering he has had to fight 535 corrupt scoundrels, I’d say he accomplished more in the first 10 days than most do in their first term. He has brought hope to millions of us and we will not lose faith in the first President since Reagan to actually care more about this country than his or his cronies’ bank accounts.

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  18. getfitnow says:

    …even with a do-nothing GOPe-lead congress.
    I copied this list from elsewhere.
    ~ Nominated constitutional conservative Neil Gorsuch to SCOTUS
    ~ Instituted 5-year lobbying ban for all Executive branch appointees.
    ~ Instituted permanent lobbying ban for foreign governments for all Executive branch appointees.
    ~ Implemented federal government hiring freeze (except military).
    ~ Regulatory freeze on all federal governmental agencies.
    ~ Directed each agency to establish Regulatory Reform Task Force to identify costly/ unnecessary regulations in need of modification or repeal.
    ~ E.O. requiring federal agencies cut 2 regulations for every new reg.
    ~ Disassembled 90 federal State regulations in his first month
    ~ Withdrew U.S. from the TPP
    ~ Directed Dep’t of Commerce to streamline Federal permitting processes for domestic manufacturing.
    ~ E.O. Reducing Regulation and Controlling Regulatory Costs
    ~ Approved Dakota Access Pipeline (create jobs/energy independence).
    ~ Approved Keystone Pipeline.
    ~ E.O. requiring Pipelines use American-made steel.
    ~ E.O. ending Obama’s onerous regulations on coal industry.
    ~ Convinced China to Discontinue N. Korean Coal Imports
    ~ E.O. Restoring the Rule of Law, Federalism, and Economic Growth by Reviewing the “Waters of the United States” Rule
    ~ E.O. Instructing Federal agencies to minimize burden of Obamacare on Americans.
    ~ All-Time Record 13th Daily Close at an All Time High for the DOW.
    ~ The DOW hit another record new high with first time the DOW broke 21,000.
    ~ Consumer confidence at 16-year-high of 124.9
    ~ Manufacturing is at its most robust since 1984.
    ~ Manufacturing ‘Optimism’ Hits ’20-Year Record High’
    ~ U.S. construction at 10 year high.
    ~ E.O. on Core Principles for Regulating the United States Financial System
    ~ NFIB Small Business Optimism Index at highest level since 2004.
    ~ Business Roundtable’s CEO Economic Outlook Index (a measure of expectations for revenue, capital spending & employment) jumped 19.1 points to 93.3.
    ~ U.S. employers added jobs beyond expectations in both January (238,000) and February (235,000), unemployment rate fell to 4.7%, wages grew 2.8%.
    ~ EO Expediting Environmental Reviews and Approvals for High Priority Infrastructure Projects
    ~ Reduced National Debt by $100 Billion in First 2 Months in Office
    ~ Negotiated with Boeing to reduce price of Air Force One
    ~ Negotiated with Lockheed to cut $600 million from F-35 order.
    ~ Returned power to make decisions on “transgender bathrooms” to states.
    ~ Repealed Obama EO that enacted a social security gun ban
    ~ Banned aid helping foreign countries provide abortions (Mexico City Policy).
    ~ Memorandum Barring international non-governmental organizations that perform or promote abortions from receiving US government funding
    ~ Vowed to end human trafficking “epidemic”,” and arrested “an unprecedented number of sexual predators involved in child sex trafficking rings in the United States.” https://townhall.com/column
    ~ Greenlit construction of wall along the U.S. border with Mexico
    ~ Stripped federal funding from sanctuary cities that harbor criminal illegals.
    ~ Ended “catch and release” policy.
    ~ Implemented new protections against foreign terrorists entering our country.
    ~ E.O. Enforcing Federal Law with Respect to Transnational Criminal Organizations and Preventing International Trafficking
    ~ Announces Hiring of 50 New Immigration Judges
    ~ E.O. On Border Security and Immigration Enforcement Improvements
    ~ Authorized DHS to hire 10,000 ICE officers & 5,000 border patrol agents.
    ~ Illegals self-deporting (illegal immigration from Mexico down 70%).
    ~ E.O. Enhancing Public Safety in the Interior of the United States
    ~ E.O. Preventing Violence Against Federal, State, Tribal, and Local Law Enforcement Officers
    ~ E.O. Forming a Task Force on Crime Reduction and Public Safety
    ~ Appropriated funds to build up military and take care of veterans
    ~ Ordered/received a plan to defeat ISIS designed by Mattis, et. al.
    ~ Imposed New Sanctions on Iran
    ~ Minimizing the Economic Burden of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act Pending Repeal
    ~ E.O. strengthening/repositioning Historically Black Colleges and Universities initiatives within White House to foster better opportunities in higher education.
    ~ Launched United States-Canada Council for Advancement of Women Entrepreneurs and Business Leaders with Canadian PM Justin Trudeau.
    ~ Signed an executive memorandum ordering the Secretary of Commerce Wilbur Ross to investigate steel imports.
    ~ E.O. Promoting Energy Independence and Economic Growth
    ~ E.O. Promoting Buy American and Hire American
    ~ E.O. Establishing Enhanced Collection and Enforcement of Antidumping and Countervailing Duties and Violations of Trade and Customs Laws
    ~ Signed into law the Promoting Women in Entrepreneurship Act to encourage the National Science Foundation’s entrepreneurial programs to recruit and support women to extend their focus beyond the laboratory and into the commercial world.
    ~ Signed into law the Inspiring the Next Space Pioneers, Innovators, Researchers, and Explorers (INSPIRE) Women Act to encourage women to study science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM), pursue careers in aerospace, and further advance nation’s space science and exploration efforts.
    ~ E.O. Establishing the President’s Commission on Combating Drug Addiction and the Opioid Crisis
    ~ Promised to investigate voter fraud in the U.S.
    ~ Opened up White House press briefings to non-MSM outlets.
    ~ Returned bust of UK PM Winston Churchill to Oval Office.
    ~ Picked the most conservative cabinet in recent U.S. history (unorthodox cabinet of true conservatives, small-government proponents, and outsiders)
    ~ Successfully prevented CIA officer Sabrina de Sousa from being extradited to Italy after 3 years of detainment in Egypt. She has now been freed and released.
    ~ Worked with private sector to create many new jobs – i.e.:
    ** BAYER: will invest $8 billion in the U.S. and create 3,000 high-tech jobs.
    ** CARRIER: Trump helped prevent Carrier plant in IN from relocating to Mexico, saving about 1,000 jobs.
    ** EXXON: moving jobs back to the U.S. as a result of Trump’s election (will spend $20 billion over 10 years on 11 plants along the Gulf Coast, creating 45,000 jobs)
    ** FIAT: will invest $1 billion in U.S. factories in Toledo/Detroit, creating 2,000 jobs
    ** FORD: cancelled new plant in Mexico, announced 700 new jobs to build electric/hybrid vehicles at a plant in Michigan
    ** HASBRO: start making play-doh in U.S. in MA factory (instead of China/Turkey)
    ** HYUNDAI: will invest $3.1 billion over 5 years in US, might build new plant in US.
    ** IBM: 25,000 new jobs in the US in the next four years, 6,000 of those in 2017
    ** INTEL: will invest $7 billion to build a new AZ factory creating around 3,000 jobs (“the tax cuts and deregulatory policies pushed by Mr. Trump prompted the company to move forward with its plans”)
    ** LOCKHEED MARTIN: pledged to add 1,800 jobs in TX after meeting with Trump
    ** SAMSUNG: moving jobs back to U.S. as a result of Trump’s election (will invest $300 million in expanding U.S. production facilities, creating ~ 500 jobs)
    ** SOFTBANK (Japanese conglomerate): will invest $1.2 billion in OneWeb, which makes satellites, creating nearly 3,000 jobs.
    ** SPRINT: will add 5,000 jobs (customer service and sales)
    ** TOYOTA: will add 400 jobs at IN plant that builds Highlanders
    ** WALMART: will create about 10,000 jobs at 60 new stores
    Can you imagine Hillary’s first 100 days?

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    • All American Snowflake says:

      I’m praying that President Trump doesn’t exhaust himself. … and the media begrudges him weekends at Mar-a-Largo.

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      • The media is a nutjob on Mar-a-Largo. The reason he goes there all the time is for security and the Secret Service loves it because they don’t have to shut down half of a city’s streets when he travels. It’s just more Trump common sense.

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        • G. Combs says:

          Mar-a-Largo is where Trump KNOWS there are no hostile EARS and EYES.

          And that boys and girls is WHY the Yellow Stream Media is bashing him about it.

          No one bashed Obummer and Moooshell about all their golfing, shopping and partying.

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          • garysut says:

            “Mar-a-Largo is where Trump KNOWS there are no hostile EARS and EYES.”

            Let us not forget that it is also a weapon. He gets free, and on-call, transportation while anyone who wants to participate will have to pay, and set up their own transportation, for the 1000 mile trip.

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    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Thank you, getfitnow! That list is a super antidote to the negativity in a few posts near the top of this thread.

      Today is a day to be jubilant and proud of all that our dear President and his team have accomplished in the first 100 days! No grumpy grumping…. It’s rally day!


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    • Minnie says:

      There are none so blind (Libs, GOPe, MSM) than those that will not see (ALL of OUR President’s stellar accomplishments) in spite of the obstructiveness heaped on him.

      MAGA on 🚂

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    • fleporeblog says:

      getfitnow you are absolutely my hero putting that incredible list together! It is truly breathtaking to be honest. I had a tear run down my cheek as I read everything Our Lion has done for us in just his first 100 days!

      I am emailing this to everyone I know!

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  19. US says:

    Best President I can remember. Done TPP, coal, Keystone and Dakota pipelines, ideal cabinet, changed our relationship with China, Japan, Egypt Jordan and Britain, Tomahawks, Moab, overturned much of the Obama Legacy, 2 for 1 regulations, no common core.

    Clear legislative programs for Obamacare repeal, Taxes for when Speaker Paul Ryan is replaced.

    Completely loyal and happy basket of deplorable Trumpheads supporting every move of this giant National chess game to defeat our Commie compatriots. Opposition reduced to wearing Vagina hats.

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  20. jefcool64 says:

    Everyday with Trump is a ‘first 100 days’

    Always interesting!

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  21. Bonitabaycane says:

    Thank you Mr. President! The American people know that you are fighting to MAGA. God bless you, sir!!

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  22. Dora says:

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  23. MfM says:

    I’m confused. Has anyone else noticed the left and the media and their dichotomy with Trump and his first 100 days?

    On one hand they say he’s done nothing… on the other… how terrible he’s been and list their complaints about his policies.

    So really Trump has done a lot, it’s just not anything they think has any value.

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    • mysticrose80 says:

      They suffer from the extreme form of Trump Derangement Syndrome, which causes significant loss of clear, rational thinking. They know fully well that the President, in spite of the roadblocks, nonstop negative coverage, and a do-nothing Congress, has accomplished quite a lot in 100 days. Due to the fact that they do suffer from TDS, they are quite in a predicament in terms of how to best diminish his accomplishments. Hence the mixed messages.


  24. Alison says:

    This makes me think back to those harried, anxious days when Martin would post the # of days until each state primary and we’d all be in a frenzy of encouragement to that state’s voters to get out the vote, all while dreading the #FakeNewsPolls that never showed Trump beating Cruz or other unmentionables.

    I was so appreciative of Martin’s weekly post, even though some of those dates seemed painfully far in the future. None of us could have then imagined the swift accomplishments of these past 100 days.

    For those who continue to post your doubts about certain appointees or disappointment that Trump hasn’t met your personal criteria, he has more than met the expectations I felt from the moment he announced his candidacy. Trump has been a winner all his life; I am grateful he is my champion.

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    • WSB says:

      I remember staying up to see Martin’s post at the first of every morning! Like it was yesterday…how far PDJT and we have come, and what intense work to start!

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    • G. Combs says:

      My personal criteria was to kill TPP.

      For the whiners read: Trans-Pacific Partnership Synopsis FROM THE US GOVERNMENT

      Passage of the Trans-Pacific Partnership would literally end the USA.

      The Trans-Pacific Partnership would allow an international Tribunal to TRUMP THE US SUPREME COURT. The Trans-Pacific Partnership says ANY treaty signed by the USA is covered and gives enforcement to treaties that up until now had no teeth to force compliance. The Trans-Pacific Partnership would provide the teeth. Remember international law sees no difference between an executive agreement, a congressional agreement or an actual Constitutional treaty. This means all those treaties that Obummer had signed,but were never ratified, like the UN small arms treaty, all of a sudden could be enforced by an international tribunal with no regard to the US Constitution, Supreme Court or international sovereignty.

      The Groniad says this about the Trans-Pacific Partnership trade agreement:

      Leading arbitration lawyer, George Kahale (chairman of Curtis, Mallet-Provost, Colt & Mosie LLP, an international law firm) says there are critical loopholes in the Trans-Pacific Partnership’s investment chapter that leave Australia wide open:

      “….an MFN clause is tantamount to a classic wipeout move. It would enable foreign corporations from TPP states to make a claim against Australia based on the ISDS provisions in any other trade deal Australia has signed, no matter which country it was signed with. That means it does not matter how carefully the TPP is drafted: foreign investors can cherrypick another treaty Australia has signed, and sue the Australian government based on the provisions included in that treaty…..

      We really dodged the bullet on that one!

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  25. Sedanka says:

    100 days of President Trump has made my life much, much better – literally in the bottom line sense, also emotionally and mentally. I feel hope again. I feel positivity again. I feel like we’re winning. I feel like our country is returning to its ideals and our enemies are leaving the playing field with their defeated ideology. We have a future again.

    That’s in just 100 days with ALL enemies massed against us, foreign and domestic, both parties, Marxists, “true conservatives,” etc. And we get about 10 more “100 days” – and very likely another four years’ worth of “100 days” after that.

    I’m grateful to Trump, to all my fellow fighters for MAGA, and to God.

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    • FL_Guy says:

      I know what you mean. I don’t think I would have lived very long if HilLIARy had managed to steal the Presidency. I would not have been able to take it. Thank God for President Trump! In my case, a real life saver.

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    • SteveInCO says:

      And we get about 10 more “100 days” – and very likely another four years’ worth of “100 days” after that.

      Happy to break the news to you that we get about 13.6 more “100 days” after the first one, and another 14.6 in a second term. (Exact number: 1461 days per term every term from 1901 to 2097.)

      Not that I’m counting, mind you.

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  26. India Maria says:

    Mah MAN, in PA TONIGHT!! MAGA………Let us all tune in. Support TRUMP, OPPOSE THE UNIPARTY!

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  27. G3 says:

    I love being on this journey with President Trump!
    God Bless him, his family, and the USA!

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  28. barton2016 says:

    He’s done more in his 1st 100 days for the middle class than the last 5 presidents combined.

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    • barton2016 says:

      (Yes that includes Raygun Reagan)

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      • G. Combs says:

        Reagan really screwed the USA when he listened to ‘Free Market’ advocates.

        He allowed hostile takeovers/Leveraged buyouts that wiped out most mid size AMERICAN companies.

        From my notes from a decade ago:

        Statistics (courtesy of Bridgewater) showed in 1990,before WTO was ratified, foreign ownership of U.S. assets amounted to 33% of U.S. GDP. By 2002 this had increased to over 70% of U.S. GDP.
        (old dead link (wwwDOT)fame.org/HTM/greg%20Pickup%201%2010%2003%20report.htm)

        January 29, 1989
        […] Of mergers and acquisitions each costing $1 million or more, there were just 10 in 1970; in 1980, there were 94; in 1986, there were 346. A third of such deals in the 1980’s were hostile. The 1980’s also saw a wave of giant leveraged buyouts. Mergers, acquisitions and L.B.O.’s, which had accounted for less than 5 percent of the profits of Wall Street brokerage houses in 1978, ballooned into an estimated 50 percent of profits by 1988…

        THROUGH ALL THIS, THE HISTORIC RELATIONSHIP between product and paper has been turned upside down. Investment bankers no longer think of themselves as working for the corporations with which they do business. These days, corporations seem to exist for the investment bankers…. In fact, investment banks are replacing the publicly held industrial corporations as the largest and most powerful economic institutions in America. […]

        Corporate raiders transfer to themselves, and other shareholders, part of the income of employees by forcing the latter to agree to lower wages. […]

        America was quietly sold off piece by piece. This is a sampling of the industries with over 50% foreign ownership, according to Source Watch several years ago. http://www.sourcewatch.org/index.php?title=Foreign_ownership_of_U.S._corporations

        * Sound recording industries – 97%
        * Commodity contracts dealing and brokerage – 79%
        * Motion picture and sound recording industries – 75%
        * Metal ore mining – 65%
        * Wineries and distilleries – 64%
        * Database, directory, Book and other publishers – 63%
        * Cement, concrete, lime, and gypsum product – 62%
        * Engine, turbine and power transmission equipment – 57%
        * Rubber product – 53%
        * Nonmetallic mineral product manufacturing – 53%
        * Plastics and rubber products manufacturing – 52%
        * Other insurance related activities – 51%
        * Boiler, tank, and shipping container – 50%
        * Glass and glass product – 48%
        * Coal mining – 48%

        A real eye opener isn’t it. But it gets worse. The Department of Homeland Security says 80% of our ports are operated by Foreigners and they are buying and running US bridges and toll roads.


  29. wyntre says:

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  30. Doug says:

    Id argue so much of his first 100 has been about laying the groundwork for massive amounts of success in the next 100. the first 100 has been great but I dont think weve seen anything yet!

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  31. snaggletooths says:

    I just received a Trump agenda survey from the RNC in the mail it asks you to list by importance things PDJT & congress can so to turn the nation around. They give a list also they ask if your in agreement with certain things say infrastructure rebuilding the last question was interesting asking if PDJT should issue a E.O.to suspend Government unions so that his admin can move quickly to fire Federal employees who are unnecessary, incompetent, or unresponsive to their mission of serving the American people. I liked this idea very much and told them so.

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    • An American says:

      Snaggletooth…that RNC survey is a bunch of nothing just like the R NC, Paul Lyin Ryan and McTurtle. They don’t care what you think, they are after your money. Tell the idiots Ryan has to go!


      • wondering999 says:

        Yes this is something I’ve been wondering about. I’ve been getting email after email plus snail mail asking for donations. (I did donate during the campaign, beyond my budget but made the sacrifice because of the importance). Now I can’t see the point of donating to the GOP — I’m sure Paul Ryan and many others receive more money in a day than I do in a work week. So…

        It probably makes more sense for me to send any donations to local efforts to bolster our community; also to do things like donate blood or volunteer labor

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      • snaggletooths says:

        If you have that attitude and do not hold the RNC accountable then the mess continues people need to continue to stand up letting the party know what is wrong and what needs to change.


  32. MfM says:

    Priebus, Hicks, Bannon and Miller are reported to be on Marine One with Trump on the way to the airport and then Harrisburg.

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  33. Howie says:

    Trump is battling the GOP to try and get tax cuts. Republicans must not want their taxes cut.


  34. Minnie says:

    I’ve lost count of the # of Trump/Pence bumper stickers recently observed here in liberal NY.

    God bless you, Mr. President, you’re list of humble supporters grows daily.

    Thank you for renewing my faith in our government, as we continue to overcome the horrendous past 8+ years.

    Liked by 3 people

    • Dekester says:

      I don’t know about that. Faith in PDJT, several of his cabinet, and inner circle.

      Government seems to have been exposed a having been utter frauds, and anti PDJT.

      As Many state, there is little government. Special interests appear to rule the U.S. The even write legislation.

      PDJT MAGA.

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  35. Dora says:

    Liked by 1 person

  36. rvsueandcrew says:

    That guy who ran on stage to hug Candidate Trump, the one who tried several times to be first in line for a rally, was that In Pennsylvania? I was wondering if he’d be there tonight. Love that photo of him…


  37. defendtrump says:

    We have Yellen and weak dollar now – was that what Trump ran on? Anyone? Wanna answer that before “soros troll” comment?
    His exact words were that Yellen needed to go and we need a strong dollar. The betrayal doesn’t stop there however.

    McCain/McMasters are running middle east policy,Shulkin who every Veteran hates with a passion form the Obama era is running our VA and being priased by Trump.
    Bannon is tied up in the basement with a ball gag.

    Daca Trump said would be gone the first days is now “a matter of the heart” (his words) Now according to his pick Devos, Common core isn’t really a thing?
    Paris Climate accord ok now Trumps Exxon Mobil guys say that he will stay in that.

    No funds for wall in the budget and thats ok with Trump now. No more pulling out of NAFTA- thats on Trump now.

    Assange is now a bad guy and the hypocrisy of that is the worst of the worst.
    Merkel and Ivanka are best buddies scheming to flood us with swarthy Somali/Syrian rapist.

    China is not a currency manipulator any longer according to Trump. Thanks to the conveniently timed muh Korea scare, Out of his own mouth Trump is now saying ” “the UN can change the world and solve its problems” – can’t get any more Clintonesque than that.

    NO mention of refugee resettlement program , in fact he has funded it, No Lock Her Up (Nation of Men not Laws) but Arresting Assange is priority 1!,

    Federalized elections are good because he hasnt even whispered about repealing that Obama created assurance that we will NEVER have another Free US election.

    The Propaganda Ban lift is still good , Trump Admin has ignored it even though it would have helped them tremendously to reinstate it with the Rabid Liberal media on their azzes.

    Free Speech is not being defended at all.Cops still stand down on all Marxist hostile rioting just like they stood down for the inaugural. Mandatory Vaccine bills being passed like crazy while we worry about muh North Korea, Muh Russia.

    No more audit the fed, no more voter fraud investigation – Trump went Mum on those.

    Paul Ryan Care is gonna be rammed down our throat and Trump is peeing on the Freedom Caucus for rightfully opposing it.

    Plenty of neo-con war fun brewing and Trump is now priaisng McCain and Lindsey Graham is the happiest RINO in the world.

    Muslim brohood and Cair being catered too rather than labled terrorist organizations.

    9th circuit bosses Trump around he just tweets about it. Mattis hiring some very dubious muslim bro-hood shills that no one is writing about.

    McMasters won’t even say radical islamic terrorism.

    So far Trump has catered to everyone BUT the people who voted for him.

    It can’t be much more Clintonesque without Clinton herself whom he called “a good person” .

    I was happy not to hear Marxist Clinton screech at us before he adopted her policies. I’m sure plenty will disagree with me however I have yet to see anyone address the actual issues I bring to the table which are a 180 degree reversal of 90% of campaign promises and platform.

    I spent 1k and two years supporting President Trump because while I totally disagree that he is fulfilling his campaign promises aside from Gorsuch who the Liberals approved almost unanimously for his Federal Judgeship. The didn’t get rabid until Trump picked him for SCJOTUS

    Globalism not Americanism is Trump’s Post Election Credo`


    • NC PATRIOT says:

      I see you put in a lot of effort on your “twisted list”


      • Minnie says:


        BTW, interesting moniker, especially since I’ve never seen it posted in the Treehouse before now.

        Right now, after OUR President’s address to all Americans – was defendtrump even listening?

        Regardless, I’m still reveling in the afterglow.


    • mysticrose80 says:



    • G. Combs says:

      Thanks for the NEW Soros list of Anti-Trump talking points


    • G. Combs says:

      Thanks for the news Soros list of anti-Trump talking points.

      You just showed how well the Progressive policy of Dumbing Down America has been working.

      […] what we are dealing with now is dead serious. How does this get handled in the general? Secretary Clinton is not an entertainer, and not a celebrity in the Trump, Kardashian mold; what can she do to offset this? I’m certain the poll-directed insiders are sure things will default to policy as soon as the conventions are over, but I think not. And as I’ve mentioned, we’ve all been quite content to demean government, drop civics and in general conspire to produce an unaware and compliant citizenry. The unawareness remains strong but compliance is obviously fading rapidly. This problem demands some serious, serious thinking – and not just poll driven, demographically-inspired messaging.

      Rubio’s press conference yesterday AM was good and should be repeated in its entirety […]
      I fear we are all now trying to navigate a set of forces that cannot be simply explained or fully understood, so it is and will remain interesting!
      Sent with a handshake, Bill [Ivey]

      BIO of Bill Ivey

      ….From 1998 through 2001 Ivey served in the Clinton-Gore administration as Senate-confirmed chairman of the National Endowment for the Arts, and in that capacity is credited with both increasing the agency’s budget and restoring good relations between the NEA and Capitol Hill.
      Bill Ivey is a trustee of the Center for American Progress, and was a Team Leader in the Barack Obama presidential transition….
      Ivey has extensive experience in the music industry.  He was director of Nashville’s Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum for more than two decades, and was twice elected chairman of the National Academy of Recording Arts & Sciences. He is a four-time Grammy Award nominee. He is past president of the American Folklore Society, and today serves the Society as Senior Advisor for China.


  38. eric says:

    Thank You Mr.President…Thank You.


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