President Trump and VP Pence Introduce XO Enhancing Accountability and Whistleblower Protection…

As an outcome of the systemic corruption and administrative malfeasance uncovered by whistleblowers in the Veterans Affairs healthcare system, President Trump and Vice-President Pence participate in an Executive Order signing to enhance the accountability and whistleblower protections within federal government.

President Trump creates the VA Accountability Office.  This is a major campaign promise to veterans fulfilled.  You can tell by the intensity of delivery this is a very important reform objective to President Trump personally.


[TRANSCRIPT] 4:44 P.M. EDT – THE PRESIDENT: Thank you very much. And, Mike, you’ve been so magnificent as our Vice President that we very much appreciate it. Thank you very much.

I’m pleased to be here. And we’re joined by so many members of Congress. It’s been really a fantastic period of time for me. And I’m honored also to be at the Department of Veterans Affairs, because I will tell you this has been something, right from the beginning of the campaign — does not get any more important for me than making life really great for our phenomenal veterans. That I can say.

So we’re sharing the stage with a lot of great people, a lot of great friends. A couple of my friends are out in the audience today — Ike Perlmutter, Laurie Perlmutter. Where are they? Where are they? Where are they? These are incredible people, incredibly successful people. And they just have an affinity for helping the veterans and for helping David. And I want to thank them. Unbelievable. (Applause.) Thank you. Dr. Moskowitz, also. (Applause.)

And we’re going to protect those who protect. And we’re going to protect the people that are protecting us. First of all, Secretary Shulkin — and I call him the 100-to-nothing man, because in a totally obstructionist group of Democrats — we say that with affection — (laughter) — he got not only the Republicans but he got all of the Democrat votes. And he won at a 100-to-nothing clip. So I guess — boy, do they know. I hope they’re right, you know. (Applause.)

But David is doing a phenomenal job. He was voted unanimously out of the United States Senate, and he’s worked ever since then, day and night, to reform and improve the VA.

I’m also pleased that we’re joined by so many members of Congress. We have with us Senators Ernst — where’s Joni Ernst? Where is Joni? What a tremendous woman. And right from the beginning, she has been — (applause) — and she knows more about veterans than anybody. Thanks, Joni. Really appreciate it.

Senator Isakson — thank you, Senator. Thank you very much. (Applause.) Senator Moran and Senator Tester. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you, all. (Applause.) Along with Congressmen Arrington, Bergman, Bridenstine, Dent, Roe, and Wenstrup. I look forward to serving our veterans with all of you.

And I can tell you, this group, whether they’re Democrat or Republican, they’re here to help. And we’re going to help, and we’re going to make this so good, it’s going to be one of our crown jewels. And it’s happening already.

As part of that process, Secretary Shulkin has carried out a really thorough review — he had some very inside understanding of the VA because he’s been here — but a thorough review of the VA to uncover all of the problems and challenges that we inherited, of which there are so many. Based on those findings, we’re putting plans into place to fix those problems and give our veterans the healthcare they need and the healthcare they deserve.

And they were so for me during this recent election, and I can promise them, and they know it’s going to happen — we’re not going to let them down. We have a team the likes of which has never, ever been assembled. That includes outside people who are so brilliant and so good — like Ike and Laurie. And they’re helping us. And they don’t fail.

Much work lies ahead, but we will not rest until this job is totally done. During these first 100 days — which, as you know, I’ve been saying there’s a very extreme emphasis placed on these 100 days, Joni. It’s not quite as big as they’re saying. But we have really laid a foundation — had a lot of legislation passed, which nobody understands. I think it’s 28 bills as of this moment. Somebody said, by the time it ends, it’s 32 bills. And tremendous legislation. But we’ve already made huge strides to improve the VA and the VA services.

We’ve imposed new standards of accountability and transparency, including a new website that publishes wait times at every VA hospital. This is a website that works. This is not the $5 billion Obamacare website. Do we remember that? Nobody remembers that. Does anybody remember the $5 billion website? No, I don’t think so. We don’t have to remember it anymore.

We’ve implemented same-day mental health services at all 168 VA medical centers, so that the veterans in crisis can find help at the VA, without any delay.

Last week, I signed the Veterans Choice Improvement Act — very proud of that — so that more veterans can see the doctor of their choice, and don’t have to travel long distances or wait forever for VA care. They were waiting on lines for seven days, eight days, nine days, two weeks. Some instances were horrible. They we’re waiting so long — they had a very curable problem and they died before they got to see the doctor. It’s not going to happen any longer.

Already this year, using the Choice Program, veterans have received 42 percent more approvals to see the doctor of their choosing. But that’s just the very beginning of what we have planned. So much more is coming.

Today, we’re taking another bold step forward. I’m signing an executive order to create an Office of Accountability and Whistleblower Protection at the Department of Veterans Affairs. (Applause.) This executive order makes it clear that we will never, ever tolerate substandard care for our great veterans. With the creation of this office, we are sending a strong message: Those who fail our veterans will be held, for the first time, accountable.

At the same time, we will reward and retain the many VA employees who do a fantastic job — of which we have many. And I will tell you, some of the doctors in the VA, I’ve heard it from so many people, they’re the finest in the world. These are great, great people. We have to get our vets to those doctors. But we have some of the finest doctors in the world.

We have also some of the most honest employees, and some of them expose wrongdoing, and we will make sure that they’re protected.

We’re also calling on the Senate to pass legislation to give the Secretary the authority he needs to ensure all VA employees are held accountable for how they treat our veterans.

Today’s action is historic. But it is only the start of our reforms. Our veterans have secured this nation with their blood, sweat and tears, and we will not let them down. These are our great, great people. We will always stand with those who stood for freedom and who stood for us. They protected us. They’ve made it all possible, and now we’re going to protect and take care of them. (Applause.)

So I’d like to thank David and his family, and all of the people that are working so hard at the VA. They haven’t had enthusiasm — David was just telling me — like this for many, many years. And the veterans see what’s happening — because I’m getting so many different messages through all forms of communication, of which we now have many. But they’re very, very happy, very pleased with what’s going on.

So, David, we want to God bless you and your family. We want to wish you a lot of luck, with a lot of talent, because you have a big job ahead.

I want to wish everybody Godspeed. And we will do a fantastic job at the VA, rest assured. Thank you very much. And we’re going to sign right now. Thank you very much. (Applause.) Thank you.

(The executive order is signed.)

END – 4:53 P.M. EDT

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39 Responses to President Trump and VP Pence Introduce XO Enhancing Accountability and Whistleblower Protection…

  1. Pam says:

    When you look at those two photos of the wounded vets above, this is why POTUS feels so importantly about this issue. It’s not so much in what he says but in his actions and actions speak louder than words.

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    • olderwiser21 says:

      It is so wonderful to have a President who actually LOVES our military instead of just pretending to. You can see it in his face when he talks to those who have been wounded in action. Totally loves these soldiers and does not want to let them down!!!

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    • The last picture of the young man is not a veteran. That rally was in Rock hill, SC which we worked and stood next to him. He was born that way, and then candidate Trump didn’t know he wasn’t a veteran, but the young man took advantage of all the media so he traveled to several more rallies within SC. We alerted the Trump team regarding the whole situation and the young man wasn’t allowed to sit in front rows anymore. My girlfriend ran Trump’s campaign for our State.

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  2. ANOTHER awesome day of WINNING! This is something that should have been done a long time ago.

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  3. Sentient says:

    If the president wants to protect whistleblowers, he should tell Pompeo to call off the dogs he sic’d on Assange.

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    • deanbrh says:

      I think Pompeo/Trump doesn’t understand what really happened that got Hillary’s e-mails dumped by Assange, since the Libtards don’t differentiate between “Leaked” and “Hacked”. Who gets through to Trump….the White House web site where anyone can get to him, supposedly, is no doubt over-run by the left spewing hate. I’m worried that we all think some other person is getting through to Trump so no one really is. i feel like saving Assange is only a teensy bit less important than saving Trump from the hail of hate that keeps raining down and threatens to completely derail both of them.

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      • Sentient says:

        I think Pompeo knows exactly what has transpired, especially about Vault 7, the latest leaks of CIA procedures. Some might say that all CIA secrets should stay secret, but Vault 7 tells how they can hack and pretend to be, say, Russians. Still some black hats there.

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  4. Niagara Frontier says:

    It’s so tragic in so many ways that this move became necessary. Procedures were in place that could have prevented nearly every bit of wrongdoing that occurred in the Department. They were ignored, managers, supervisors and senior executives refused to do their jobs, and nobody was held accountable for anything. Veterans suffered, many died.

    I hope this serves as a warning shot across the bow of every other agency and department in the federal government.

    The Civil Service Reform Act of 1978 is in need of serious repair. It is totally broken and I know that from having been on the inside.

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  5. wheatietoo says:

    So this protects ‘all’ Whistleblowers? ….Good!

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  6. Donna in Oregon says:

    Saw the speech, President Trump is very tired. He needs to take a break. He is pushing himself very hard while the weasels and bloodsuckers sit around and criticize him. The VA cannot be fixed until the Senate acts……..tick tock……..tick tock…… bad employees…..tick tock…..tick tock.

    I have been watching America One news so I don’t have to listen to the MSM chatter. Fox News is no better than the MSM, they ride President Trump like Seabiscuit on the VA and everything else in his first 100 days. It is exhausting to listen to the propaganda of the bottomfeeders in the press and progressive political machine.

    Fox News is being dismantled as punishment for the election. Watching for a new conservative media outlet, there should be one. The Globalists should never have taken out O’Reilly like they did. I think a payback coming. “Killing Globalist Propaganda” is coming soon.

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    • ALEX says:

      I watch a few personalities on FOX….You couldn’t pay me to watch any of their news…By this time next year FOX will be behind MSNBC….There just can’t be that many nevertrumpers, but who knows…

      From my circle of friends who all used to watch FOX, nobody likes them anymore…They can lie about ratings only so long…

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      • Donna in Oregon says:

        Fox News committed suicide on the evening of August 6, 2015 (Me-Again Kelly)
        They are just bleeding out.

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        • dobbsfan says:

          Fox Business’ Lou Dobbs was railing against speaker Ryan last night on Hannity. I LOVED that! Whatever happens to Fox over the next year, I hope Dobbs can come out of it unscathed. And I believe/hope some other Conservative Media will rise to the top and replace Fox’s void they created.

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          • NewOrleans says:

            Lou is a godsend!

            He pretty much rails against Paul Ryan every night on his show. It’s the only Fox show that is must-watch every day.

            He should’ve been given Bill O’ or Tucker’s PrimeTime spot on FoxNews.

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      • olderwiser21 says:

        I literally canceled my cable contract when Fox took O’Reilly off the air. Not so much because I love the guy, but because I can see what’s coming. Sean will be next, then Jeannine, then Lou. They are just like all the other networks now. So disappointing.

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  7. Yippeekiyay says:

    After the last eight years, it is so great to see our veterans getting the support and appreciation that they deserve. President Trump understands what our vets sacrifice and endure. So happy that our current service members have him as their Commander In Chief.

    Many thanks to all our veterans and current service members.

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  8. Stringy theory says:

    We owe all our veterans so much, in so many ways, and I am certain President Trump will do his best to make sure they receive all that they have earned. God bless our veterans and President Trump.

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  9. Kaco says:

    Bravo, President Trump! Thank you for taking care of our vets!

    My friend’s neighbor was a vet who did pass away at his own hand, she said he was waiting in line for care. Very sad!!

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  10. fleporeblog says:

    What I admire most about our President is his genuine love and admiration for our men and women in active duty as well as our veterans.

    Liked by 5 people

    • Jeff C-C says:

      One of his first trips as president was down to Dover AFB to be present for the returning body of the soldier killed in Yemen. I think that made a deep impression on him. Just what we need from a commander in chief!

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  11. Sean Supsky says:

    Remember ye thy warriors lest ye lose thine freedoms.

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  12. ALEX says:

    Another good idea….I like the way he is using EO on these things…It’s very purpose driven and gives an deadline for action,…That is very rare in government and I think the various administrators appreciate it….BRAVO

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  13. justfactsplz says:

    God bless all of our veterans. Now they can get the good care they so deserve. May all of those wrong doers at the VA pay for playing with our heroes’ lives and well being. A special shout out to all of our Wolverine vets and a big thank you for your service.

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  14. TwoLaine says:

    SO GOOD to see things getting done. This CRAP has been going on since FOREVER. Back to Gates time, because he said it was one of his greatest regrets, that was unable to fix it.

    One thing that President TRUMP & BOR had in common was the vets. They both looked out for them BIGLY. I hope BOR will continue. I know that BOR got involved in helping a lot of vets get the all terrain track chairs at $15k a pop.

    I hope TRUMP can negotiate a better deal and get these rolling rapidly off the manufacturing lines for anyone who is waiting.

    Nonprofits help veterans who lost multiple limbs, buying them all-terrain wheelchairs
    by Jennifer Griffin
    5 Jul 2013

    “Veterans Affairs is supposed to provide a “power chair” for every double, triple or quadruple amputee. But the wait is so long that none of the amputees to whom Fox News spoke had been able to navigate the process.”

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    • olderwiser21 says:

      Yes, say what you will about BOR, he was magnificent at raising funds for the vets through this trax project as well as Wounded Warriors, Fisher House and other individual projects. He donated all the money from his books to charity. I would have liked to see him at least have a chance to defend himself against these harassment charges before he was fired.

      Liked by 2 people

      • TwoLaine says:

        AGREED. I was not at all a BOR fan, EXCEPT in this area.

        He was/is a pompous axx who tho’t he was better than, and more knowledgeable, than the rest of us.

        He deserved a hearing, but then again, so did many of the FEmales who have been DUMPED unfairly, illegally, and unceremoniously by FAUX.


  15. Janice says:

    God Bless America!


  16. Rickster says:

    This President is doing so many good things, but, unless our do-nothing Congress passes bills to back up these great exec. orders they are temporary. With the uni-party circling the wagons it is going to take all of us to help the President.

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  17. Gov Jay says:

    The military is finally getting the attention and respect that they deserve!… a polar shift from the Marxist community organizer who hated them…

    Liked by 2 people

  18. LibertyVibe says:

    Hey Mr. Trump: If the Established Government is so corrupt towards the vets (to the point where you would need to protect Whistleblowers), just imagine what they are doing to the average citizens behind your back?


  19. litlbit2 says:

    The Whistleblower protection should be expanded to all government agencies state, local, federal including Congress. Both houses.
    I am enjoying waking up each day reading real news as our President Trump battles his way through the greedy impire of MSM, Soros, DNC, GOPe, the McConnell’s, Ryan’s, McCains, Graham’s, hired thugs etc.

    It is the constant chaos, deception, violence, promoted by the left?
    Not really, these groups must be described as “very greedy” people organized against the American folks. All in the name of open border policies, more corruption protecting their profits.

    The Greedy Establishment is the true hate groups, individuals and organizations hidden by the very wrong label, liberals or leftists.

    Greedy Establishment.

    Liked by 2 people

  20. litlbit2 says:

    Thanks again Sundance.
    You need a bigger stage!

    Liked by 1 person

  21. JLG 🇺🇸 says:

    President Trump is simply awesome. I’m so proud of him – and so thankful. 🇺🇸

    Liked by 3 people

  22. Mary P says:

    He was born that way, and then candidate Trump didn’t know he wasn’t a veteran, but the young man took advantage of all the media so he traveled to several more rallies within SC.
    He pretty much rails against Paul Ryan every night on his show.


  23. markmhamann says:

    The last picture of the young man is not a veteran. Whatever happens to Fox over the next year, I hope Dobbs can come out of it unscathed.


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