Jinping: “What is this ‘Win, Win, Win’ You Speak of?….


Speaking to a technology company in Ontario, Trudeau said he would defend the national interest.

“Standing up for Canada’s interests is what my job is, whether it’s softwood or software,” Trudeau said, prompting applause and cheers.

The dispute sideswiped the Canadian currency, reflecting the importance of lumber to the nation’s economy. The Canadian dollar weakened to C$1.3613 to the greenback, or 73.46 U.S. cents, nearly a full Canadian cent weaker than Monday’s close.

While Carr said he was confident the two countries could come to an agreement on softwood lumber, he said Ottawa would make a “renewed effort” to expand exports to other markets, particularly China, with aggressive marketing. (link)

Wait…. wha… Eh?

“complicated business folks,…. complicated business”



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201 Responses to Jinping: “What is this ‘Win, Win, Win’ You Speak of?….

  1. ZurichMike says:

    OMG. Watching Ross smack the press pool into next week was an absolute joy.

    And thanks for posting the Monty Python song. It takes me back. Waaaaaaay back! LOL!

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  2. dbethd says:

    I’ve never seen/heard the Lumberjack video/song before. Love it!


  3. JBrickley says:

    FYI, both Monty Python and the Carol Burnett Show have almost all their content posted to YouTube official channels. It’s a gold mine of comedic classics.



  4. Robert says:

    These comments are so fun to read. The pic is hilarious bc everyone obviously notices Trudeau (poser) is sitting exactly like merkel was, wanting to shake hands but Trump is like not having it. Fan mail to my Secretary of Commerce, that is hilarious bc Mr. Wilberine is so awesome. Trudeau being a dumb puppet i.e.Obama, Macron, etc it does seem to appear that these leaders of globalism are simple puppets or actors following orders. This could lead one to believe they are the children of the elite, whom probably have been abused as kids i.e. sexually, mentally, etc like Hollywood child actors we hear about being controlled and manipulated by sexual abuse. Just a thought. I love reading me some Sundance. Thanks!


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