April 25th – 2017 Presidential Politics – Trump Administration Day #96

In an effort to keep the Daily Open Thread a little more open topic we are going to start a new daily thread for “Presidential Politics”. Please use this thread to post anything relating to the Donald Trump Administration and Presidency.


This thread will refresh daily and appear above the Open Discussion Thread.

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1,123 Responses to April 25th – 2017 Presidential Politics – Trump Administration Day #96

  1. Just Scott says:

    “U.S. experts call for ‘secondary sanctions’ on China to get Beijing to exercise real pressure on N.K.” – 2017/04/26 06:19

    “(Yonhap) — China is unlikely to exercise enough pressure on North Korea to make it rethink its weapons programs, and the U.S. should aggressively pursue “secondary sanctions” on Chinese firms doing business with the North in order to get Beijing moving, U.S. experts said Tuesday.”

    “Cha also said Beijing could be “more receptive” to U.S. demands for pressure on the North than before.

    ‘This situation is a little bit different now because the Chinese are desperate for some sort of diplomacy to take place. They really don’t understand what President Trump might do, and they feel they have no control over North Korea. So they may be more receptive than they were in the past,’ he said.”


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  2. Just Scott says:


    “U.S., Allies Preparing ‘Shock Therapy’ for N.Korea”

    The U.S., Japan and South Korea have agreed to prepare a “shock therapy package” for North Korea in case it conducts another nuclear or missile test, officials here said Monday.

    “Seoul, Washington, and Tokyo are going to discuss concrete ways to take punitive actions against the North in case it carries out a further provocation,” a Foreign Ministry official here said. “Talk of shock therapy itself is sends a strong deterrent message.”

    “Beijing has already given consent to the idea,” another Foreign Ministry official claimed. “The key point is to cut off the North’s sources of hard currency with the help of China, while the three countries are mulling their own sanctions like the U.S. designating the North as a state sponsor of terrorism and a secondary boycott.”



  3. WSB says:

    “Dear President Trump, Lou Dobbs had a poll tonight. It had you at 40% to 20% favorability rating. Where is the undecided?”

    My other taller half chuckled. Lou Dobbs should just change it to 80% favorable and 12% unfavorable.

    Because no one knows math anymore.

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  4. Just Scott says:

    So can we finally acknowledge that yes, China has more troops on the NK border?
    Another piece of the play book: “no troops on the ground.” Sorry, invastion-concern-types.

    “Chinese Troops at Border with N.Korea Put in High Alert

    China has put troops stationed along its border with North Korea on high alert in case a war breaks out on the Korean Peninsula, Japan’s Yomiuri Shimbun daily reported Tuesday.

    The daily said this is the second highest of the People’s Liberation Army’s three alert stages, which goes into effect when a direct military threat has reached a certain level. It means weapons and troops are prepared for battle and all leave is canceled.

    Sources told the paper the alert went into force around the middle of this month, and an extra 100,000 troops have been moved to the border.

    China’s state-run Global Times said in a recent editorial that Chinese military intervention would be “unnecessary” if the U.S. chooses to launch a surgical strike against North Korea’s nuclear facilities, but added the red line would be U.S. or South Korean troops on the ground.



  5. Just Scott says:

    This is old – from last Tuesday. But seems significant.

    “N.Korea Snubbed Chinese Diplomats

    North Korea did not respond this month to requests from senior Chinese diplomats, including the country’s foreign minister, to meet North Korean counterparts, amid rising tension with the United States, Bloomberg reported on Monday.”



  6. Just Scott says:

    THAAD went hot yesterday in South Korea, six mobile launchers, 48 interceptors, an AN/TPY-2 radar and the fire & control unit.


  7. Just Scott says:


    “US Imperialist Pigs” blaa-blaa-blaa “is seriously mistaken” blaa-blaa-blaa “beheading operation” blaa-blaa-blaa “dare threaten DPRK” blaa-blaa-blaa “unbreakable shield” blaa-blaa-blaa “will mercilessly foil every ferocious move” blaa-blaa-blaa “iron hooves of Mallima” (?WTF?)

    Typical kimmy carp. No link, nobody wants to read it.
    Done. GN.


  8. Nchadwick says:

    Trump Timeline —

    Awhile back someone was asking if anyone knew a site that was tracking the what Trump has accomplished. The only one at that time I knew of was the Track Trump. The First 100 days, which is tracking the progress on the 100 day promises..

    I recently came across a site that is very basic in design, however tracks the accomplishments, by day (and other important details on that day).
    Then breaks info out into :

    INCLUDES PERSONAL STORY – Well worth the read, explaining his journey from the left to the right!

    The site is simple in design – but the information he has compiled (with links), and they way he is tracking the information is priceless!


  9. A2 says:

    This is where the China/North Korean negotiations stand. China has successfully deterred NK from firing a missile or conducting a nuclear test for the time being. The counter offer from NK is that it wants no new sanctions if they suspend their nuclear programme and want to bargain at the table (i.e. what do we get for suspending our nuclear ambitions). This of course puts China in a bind.

    Nothing new here, same old. China wants the ‘carrot’ approach, and downplays the stick. President Xi is also facing a backlash from his hard left- want to return to the Neo- Stalinism faction and he needs to appease them if he wants to be anointed at the up-coming Party congress.

    So, in essence Xi has succeeded short-term, but may be failing long-term. It is a breathing space. Unless, after this brief respite he does not support his and China’s previously stated position–no nuclearisation– he will have to decide where he stands against his increasingly united Asian neighbors.

    Big fail, morally, nationally, internationally if he acts against China’s oft expressed position on North Korea’s nuclearisation. We shall see.


  10. TwoLaine says:

    Just Ask Dan Report… 🙂


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