Sunday Talks: DHS Secretary John Kelly -vs- Dana Bash…

The Department of Homeland Security Secretary John Kelly sits down for an interview with John King’s ex-wife Dana Bash.  The primary topic was border security;

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46 Responses to Sunday Talks: DHS Secretary John Kelly -vs- Dana Bash…

  1. Bob says:

    News flash — there are all here illegally and therefore criminals. Very disappointed with Kelly. All show and no go.

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    • Dana Bash’s concern seem to be on again, the “poor illegal ” who might, again just might, become the victim of a rape or an attack of some kind.

      She wanted John Kelly to give assurances that these poor illegal aliens who might and I stress might, become victims would be safe from the authorities if they came forward to report this crime.


      John Kelly is in charge of Homeland Defense, He is in charge of keeping the CITIZENS of the US safe.

      Not some illegal alien who has managed to break our laws by sneaking into our country and then continue to break many, many more by staying here.

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      • Shadrach says:

        Unfortunately, those decisions….whether to report a crime like rape….is part and parcel of being here illegally. That is why illegals are targeted for rape, burglary, robbery, muggings, etc.

        That’s why it’s a bad idea to be here illegally. But those people knew the risks they were taking when they broke our laws to come here.

        I don’t feel sorry, or not sorry, for those women. They made their choice already. What they don’t have the right to do is to try to make us pity them when the consequences are bad, and now they don’t have the recourse they would have if they were legal immigrants.

        That’s like buying a $5 video game from a guy selling it out of the trunk of his car and then complaining when it doesn’t work.

        Yes, that sounds hard-hearted. But it is life.

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        • mopar2016 says:

          I’m tired of all the concern for the poor little illegal aliens that we the taxpayers are FORCED to support against our will. What part of the word “illegal” don’t they get?
          And anchor babies are subjects of the country that their illegal parents came from.
          They’re not Americans either.

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        • I see you point Shadrach.

          As human beings of course we don’t like to see anyone hurt but the reason we have laws is to hopefully keep the lawbreaker (rapists, murders, brutal thugs) in their place.

          When these illegal aliens break our immigration laws and put themselves outside our legal boundaries then of course there is only so much we can do.

          Your point about the $5 video game is just excellent.

          Like I said before we don’t like people being raped, murdered and brutalized but if they did not come here it would not happen here.

          They would be able to appeal the the legal authorities in their own countries without fear.

          I have no sympathy for the Los Angeles Chief of police. He responsibility is to the citizens of Los Angeles. Or it should be.

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        • Beryl Bomb says:

          Of course you feel sorry for them if a bad thing happens. So sorry that you are willing to take your time to point out to them that if they go the h377 home and strive to make their home country a better place then this won’t happen to them, or their daughters, or their granddaughters.

          Oh, and, as always, a sternly worded #hashtag campaign should fix everything.

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    • snaggletooths says:

      They are focusing on the worse of the illegals right now if you listen to Kelly and Jeff sessions interview they both are with PDJT in removing the worse of the illegals first but all illegals are subject to removal. Like Jeff sessions said we don’t have a system set up to deport everyone at once.

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    • redtreesquirrel says:

      Aside from these people being here illegally, we are paying for them through our taxes. The Obama administration (and maybe Bush?) turned a blind eye to the tax refunds claimed by Paco for his 10 children, even though his SS# is stolen and he never paid a dime of Fed income tax. Some Mexicans file Returns who never even set foot in the U.S.
      The avg return for Mexicans totaled up up to $8000. This $$ offsets the low wages paid by their rich employers, eh?

      Then there is my county in NC… Our property taxes will go up because the county needs to build a new high school to offset the overcrowding CAUSED BY ALL THE NEW IMMIGRANTS who by the way, are also taking away our jobs and committing crimes.

      So ask me if I care about all those illegal aliens flooding across the border (thankfully a lot less under President Trump). I know news anchors are too busy to do their own house cleaning and such – and are enjoying the practically free maids they have, but the middle class has had enough pillaging!

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  2. I’m so sick of the “innocent invaders” narrative. If they’re so great for the economy, then it follows that they could help their home economy, as well.

    There is nothing intrinsically valuable about importing 3rd-Worlders, other than cheap labor: which, if you think about this in the context of our real unemployment situation ( of 22.5%, makes horrible sense.

    I do feel sympathy for other’s plights, but that being said, I have more of a heart for our own Citizen’s situation/s. Let’s get the wall built, enforce the law, and bring other people into our Country (or not) on OUR terms, not those who are just looking to make a buck off of a flawed system, and the “feel-good” vibe of the idiots. As we say, “you put your own gasmask on first.”

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  3. Rick says:

    Folks, think about it:
    Only a strong America (at home) and abroad (military) can save humanity from itself.
    A weak America (Globalist desire) leaves humanity in Mad Max reality.

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  4. MrE says:

    WSJ says none of the members of Congress who represent the territory on the southwest border support the request for wall construction funding.

    In other words, the representatives of the areas containing the most illegals are against a border wall. Shocking!

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    • MrE says:

      California – Dianne Feinstein (D), Kamala Harris (D)
      Arizona – John McCain (R), Jeff Flake (R)
      New Mexico – Tom Udall (D), Martin Heinrich (D)
      Texas – Ted Cruz (R), John Cornyn (R)

      House – All but one district went to Crooked in November.

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    • singingsoul says:

      All the people who fight the wall because claiming compassion for the illegals have no compassion for American citizens. They do not care that crime has risen and Americans are victims.
      They do not that gangs roam the street and dole out drugs.
      They do not care that American youth are the victims and their lives are ruined.
      Congress has more empathy for illegals and the drugs they bring in and crimes they commit than uS citizens.
      Every person who does not want a wall wants drugs, wants crime and wants a drain on US resources that should go to Vets and the US born poor. Actually black people should be mad at the democrats for betraying them.
      The congress is failing the citizens of the United Stats and Ryan is a traitor..

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      • Donna in Oregon says:

        Or, the people that don’t support the border wall on the US border could be paid off by the Cartels. Maybe DOJ should look into that. The Cartels buy off politicians and whatever else is in their way. Maybe….who knows. Are these people American citizens? Are they here legally? Have no idea what the situation on the ground is.

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        • Shar says:

          Cartel payoff–possible. But companies in their districts get a LOT of state and federal money based on the headcounts for various services. But whatever the reason or combination of reasons, you can be certain to find them if you just “follow the money”.


    • mopar2016 says:

      Kelly said that he doesn’t know why all those politicians on the border states are against building the wall. The politicians in the border states see this problem up close.
      Yet they condone it, obviously they’re against fixing the problem.
      Gee I wonder why.

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  5. QuestGirl says:

    Yep, she kicked him outta the house alright! I’m still LAUGHING OUT LOUD!!!

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  6. Donna in Oregon says:

    Texas residents don’t want the border wall? Wha??!!!???

    Texas voted for President Trump. This is another MSM Crapfest….Globalist scam….fake news.

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  7. jackphatz says:

    I don’t about Kelley but locally our ICE folks are deporting illegals. One woman, Mother of four, had been here for 12 years…out. Even Portman could not stop this. Kelley needs to be clearer on what the goal is, he sounds like they are only going after the hard core criminal element.

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  8. starfcker says:

    As much crap as Dana Bash throws at him, and as dry as General Kelly’s answers are, there are some wonderful human moments starting at 7:30, and they both end the interview on a high note. Thumbs up to both.

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  9. All American Snowflake says:

    Let me get this straight…. If some strangers moved into Dana’s house and said, “You know I like here. I think I’ll just stay.” Then can they be raped and feel comfortable to report the crime if she doesn’t report them as breaking, entering, and squatting?


  10. US says:

    I liked the part when the General said the President would have to deal with something before starting his second term. Dana Bash looked as surprised as if she had swallowed a frog.

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  11. alliwantissometruth says:

    Yeah, the stolen American jobs, the billions the taxpayers are forced to pay for the illegals care, the dumbing down of our schools & the sub-par educations are own children are forced to endure, those are bad enough, but there’s a bigger problem in all this

    Illegal aliens, “refugees” & even legal foreigners are being used as a tool to take down the middle class & destroy the unique American culture & system

    An ongoing free society based on the rule of law & fairness relies on a specific mindset within the populace. The people need to believe in the system, believe in law & order & believe in the principles of equality & fairness. They have to be intelligent enough to make it work & they need to oversee the system

    Allowing massive numbers of foreigners in from countries not steeped in American principles & who hold the idea that government is the cure for everything will ultimately take down what Americans have built since it’s beginning

    Being an American is so much more than just living on a particular landmass. It’s a mindset based on freedom, personal responsibility & the principle of government should “get out of our way & leave us alone”

    America herself will be lost if this illegal & legal invasion isn’t stopped dead in it’s tracks

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    • nimrodman says:

      “An ongoing free society based on the rule of law & fairness relies on a specific mindset within the populace.”

      Right on the money, truth. It’s been said before, in very similar wording.

      “Our Constitution was made only for a moral and religious people. It is wholly inadequate to the government of any other.” — John Adams

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  12. nimrodman says:

    Looks like Sessions has those fraudulent child-tax-credits by illegals dead center in his firing picture, potentially as a funding source to “build the wall”.

    Sessions: Improper Tax Credit Payments to ‘Mostly Mexicans’ Could Fund Border Wall

    Sessions points out the cost of these fraudulent claims that IRS pays out without question or investigation was estimated at $4 Billion a year by the Obama administration. He further points out that $4 Billion over 10 years equals $40 Billion, which may be the rough figure tossed around as cost of the wall (I won’t bother to check just now).

    For further links on the fraudulent child-tax-credit claims and a video news report on it, see my post on the “Sunday Talks: AG Jeff Sessions -vs- George Stephanopoulos” thread, near the bottom of the comments. Ah, hell, here’s the explicit link:

    I am very, very gratified that this issue of illegals filing fraudulent tax returns has not gone forgotten by the Trump administration. Did I mention gratified?

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    • nimrodman says:

      Ah, hell, here’s the video link so it shows as a video here. Some folks might not follow the link over to the other thread.


  13. carnan43 says:

    It goes without saying, those who represent the SW states are part of the cesspool of DC. If they oppose the wall they are advocating for more of the same and benefit the drug cartels big time. Most Americans should accept the fact drugs the are hurting Americans can only get here in the quantities we are seeing if politicians lack the will or by ignoring corruption.

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  14. trumpsbamagirl says:

    Read between the lines- Kelly said that they should feel comfortable reporting crime “as long as they are not criminals.”

    Here illegally = criminal


  15. Bonitabaycane says:

    The traitorous Dishonest Media fighting for illegal immigrants and illegal immigration instead of American citizens. And the Dishonest Media wonders why they are despised by Americans?


  16. Mike diamond says:

    CNN = the communist news net work ! Nuff said !!!


  17. aqua says:

    Secretary Kelly impresses me. He also lost a son in Afghanistan in 2013, which I had not known until recently. You never get over a loss like this.

    The wall funding could be paid for multiple times over by having a wall in the first place. Just look at the ridiculous cost of schools alone, and how much could be saved, an aspect no liberal ever wants to talk about. But paying for foreign language teachers in 60+ languages (look at many large city schools) comes at a huge cost.

    I just keep thinking that liberals who deny the wall must be either stupid or in someone’s back pocket. Or they just love spending other people’s money.

    The politicians are all of the above.


  18. Jo Ann Lyle says:

    It is good t o hear someone speak who is mature and not blowing smoke and mirrors all the time. Thank you DJT for your selections in picking your cabinet.


  19. fleporeblog says:

    Sean Spicer ✔@PressSec
    .@POTUS Trump opposes including #Obamacare subsidies in spending bill: Mulvaney@Reuters
    10:23 PM – 25 Apr 2017
    Photo published for Trump opposes including Obamacare subsidies in spending bill: Mulvaney


  20. fleporeblog says:


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