Sunday Talks: AG Jeff Sessions -vs- George Stephanopoulos..

Attorney General Jeff Sessions appeared on This Week with former Clinton White House staff George Stephanopoulos to discuss current political events. Attorney General Sessions and Homeland Security Secretary Kelly spent three days this past week touring the Southern U.S. Border and listening to border patrol officers:

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46 Responses to Sunday Talks: AG Jeff Sessions -vs- George Stephanopoulos..

  1. Sentient says:

    If no Wall, shut ‘er down!

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    • ECM says:

      How about just shutting it down for a full year just to prove we don’t need it?

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      • oldschool64 says:

        Yep, which is why it can **NEVER** be shut down more than two or three weeks.

        Be sure, if there is no funding for the Wall Trump will shut it down!

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      • mike says:

        This time no “monument police”. Simply disappear the employees without their paychecks. No work, no “authority”, no pay, no payoff as paid vacation later. See how long Congress holds out.

        Let federal lands simply revert to a natural state with perhaps a suggestion of positive entreprenurial activity welcome for security. e.g. national parks’ facilities operated by tour companies and hikers simply welcome.

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        • jdvalk says:

          I’ll never forget under that shutdown of Barry’s when they put up cones and then barriers to the WWII memorial in DC, which is completely open air and requires no staffing.

          Another favorite from that time was visiting assateague island and the wild ponies. The feds tried to gum that part up for visitors too. The problem was that the ponies strolled right past the federal part onto the state part where they grazed, so people weren’t denied access like the feds wanted.

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        • Ozzie says:

          If you have to deal with government employees on a regular basis you know sending them home WITH pay is still a net positive. It’s just welfare pay anyway, they accomplish nothing only hinder. And again, why do we need a healthcare bill??? Flush the toilet, I mean swamp already.

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    • Bob says:

      If no wall and no complete repeal of Obamacare, there will be hell to pay. The RNC should have had a real plan that could have been rolled out on Jan 21st.

      Fixing the tax code could be a piece of cake. The Fair Tax is the remedy, it’s been in the works for more than 20 years plus, with more than 20 million $ of private money. It’s ready to go….the only impedance is the politicians.

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      • mike says:

        No action on the wall is a red line issue, even if it only represents part of the source of illegals. Crossing illegally is illegal from the moment of entry – an action “born” with criminal intent. Overstays at least enter with documentation and are better subject to identification, collection and control. So yes, a new wall has to start, after 30 years of broken promises.

        Congress critters who think otherwise need to be removed. Gitmo works for me…

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    • wheatietoo says:

      The President has full discretionary spending during a ‘shut down’.

      We saw this under Bill Clinton.
      The President can authorize which agencies stay open, Social Security payments continue to flow, etc.

      Clinton even authorized the Agriculture Dept to stay open & funded!

      We have never had a Patriot President during a ‘shut down’.
      Pres Trump could do amazing things…with full discretionary spending.

      We get to see who are “Non-Essential Personnel” during a shut down, remember?

      During a shut down, the President could conceivably authorize full funding for The Wall.

      There is a bill that was passed to authorize “a barrier” on our southern border.
      That bill did not specify how it would be built.
      It authorized funding for it, which has never been followed through.

      A ‘shut down’ under Pres Trump could be an amazing thing.

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      • fleporeblog says:

        Wow wheatietoo if that is true our President has leverage beyond what one could imagine.

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        • wheatietoo says:

          It is true.

          And the media has always blame ‘Congress’ for a shut down.

          It has never been “the President’s fault”.

          The swamp creatures really should give Pres Trump whatever he wants…in order to avoid a shut down!

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          • fleporeblog says:

            wheatietoo I was asking a couple of days back what if they decide to continue with the BS Continuing Resolutions that were abused by Barry and the Uniparty. Couldn’t our President decide Hat thanks for all that money but we will go forward with our cuts to save a trillion dollars internally.

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            • wheatietoo says:

              Yes, I remember…and that’s a good question.

              I do know that govt departments are apportioned their own funds.
              They always try to spend all their funds, too, for fear that they will get cut back if they don’t spend it all!

              This has to change.

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        • mike says:

          The Senate and Congress perks especially need to be shut down. Including medical insurance – no f’g medical compensations.

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    • fleporeblog says:

      Sentient that is the reality for the Uniparty. They are bringing out Obozo the clown as well tomorrow to lecture us. He is the President. He won on the wall. Even their BS poll today’s shows him beating the beast by 3 points if the election were held today. $1.5 Billion dollars will not break the bank especially since our President saved that money on the F-35 and new Air Force One through his negotiating.

      Let them force his hand and they will all be in for a rude awakening. As the government is shut down you run ad after ad of the poor parents that lost a love one to border crossers. Parents that have lost love ones to drugs. Show the stats state by state of the MS-13 killings and the butchery involved. By that point in time his approval rating will be near 70%!

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    • mopar2016 says:

      Sessions is right again. What does Hawaii know about border security?
      They are an island state, thousands of miles away from mainland USA.
      There’s less than 1.5 million people in Hawaii. Yet Hawaii put all other states at risk.
      Some of us were around before Hawaii was a state.
      I still have an American flag with only 48 stars on it.


  2. duchess01 says:

    Smart mouth, Stephie – Dimms are not the only ones against the wall – the House does not support it – Attorney General Sessions – just ignores his objections – you sound very confident Mexico is going to pay for this wall – explains – how you going to get that money – the Mexican government is not going to pay for this wall at all – talking about ‘dreamers’ – has the President broken his promise – this is not about what Attorney General Sessions is talking – Stephie hardly listens to what the Attorney General is saying – he wants to make his point – ‘so they can rest easy’ – not pertinent –

    Stephie keeps trying to change the subject – talking about withholding federal funds – nothing extreme or unreasonable about that – says Attorney General Sessions – gee – I cannot stand him – he keeps twisting what Attorney General Sessions says – talking about two different concepts –


  3. Sentient says:

    Sessions was perfectly right to point out that the judge who’d ruled against the travel ban was on “an island in the Pacific”. Of course, Hawaii is a state, but unlike the lower 48, it’s a state that you can’t just walk or drive into. Because it’s expensive and time consuming to travel to, it’s inherently safer from terror strikes than are the other “lower 48”. No wonder that judge brushed off the risks of allowing entry from war zones.

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    • Donna in Oregon says:

      Mmmmm, I keep thinking about all those ‘refugees’ that Australia banned to an island and Obama agreed to take. Wouldn’t be ironic if they all went to Hawaii? I believe the Feds under Obama put refugees anywhere they wanted without notification.

      Didn’t Obama buy a big house in Hawaii? Oh my. Hawaii may be a way for the mainland to avoid those refugees wandering around loose…it could be karma…..just sayin’

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    • mike says:

      They need to start some “catch and release” right in front of the judge’s house. Even minor release volumes would send a big message.

      Tell the releasees they might find food, bed spaces, or a free phone call nearby.

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      • mamadogsite says:

        Well..the solution would be to send 50,000 refugees from the mainland US to Hawaii, let their economy and tourism fail, and maybe…just maybe, the residents of Hawaii can plop their liberal butts in front of the 9th Court Judge’s residence in revolt.

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  4. CathyMAGA says:

    And every single one of those people who DON’T vote to fund it, need to be VOTED OUT. Regardless of party.

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  5. snaggletooths says:

    Jeff Sessions was the absolute best choice for AG. As or George another moon bat hack to bad he never bothered to hold the last 2 administrations -8 years accountable for anything they did. Which was mostly awful for our country.

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  6. OnlyInAmerica says:


    Can you tell us why Prez. Trump would now want to go after Julian Assange? In my opinion, wikileaks was a big reason for Trump winning the White House. I am really baffled by this one. Thanks

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  7. MrE says:

    Poor little Georgie’s having a bad day. AG Sessions squashed him like the cockroach he is.

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  8. nimrodman says:

    Looks like Sessions has those fraudulent child-tax-credits by illegals dead center in his firing picture.

    Sessions: Improper Tax Credit Payments to ‘Mostly Mexicans’ Could Fund Border Wall

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    • nimrodman says:

      Here is a video and a couple links as a refresher / awareness course for those not fully aware of how the child-tax-credit is abused by illegals, with fraudulent claims of as many as 11 or more child dependents, for children not even living in the US, and with tax refunds as much as $15,000 and in one case $30,000 to one household where the address was used by multiple filers, again with none of the children living at that household. Many are not even living in the US, they live in Mexico – if they even exist and are not simply fabricated fraudulently.

      ILLEGAL Immigrants Receive $Billions Yearly From IRS

      “Millions of illegal immigrants are getting a bigger tax refund than you. Eyewitness News shows a massive tax loophole that provides billions of dollars in child tax credits to undocumented workers and, in many cases, people who have never stepped foot in the United States. And you are paying for it!”

      See all follow-up stories here, there are a dozen stories

      $15,000 tax refunds, $30,000 to one address with multiple filings

      Children not even living in the US, they live in Mexico.
      Or perhaps don’t even exist (niece, nephew, niece, niece … etc).

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    • ronheinzkaboot says:

      I really can’t believe he said that on George’s sunday show.
      It really is quite bold. Think of it. This is the guy they went out of their way to tar and feather as racist and he unapologetically says that on their high altar.

      I realize Trump isn’t doing things as quickly or decisively as he said on the stump, but picking Sessions as the AG is just one of the things worth it all. This guy is fearless and it’s so refreshing. Just Sessions saying that makes a dent because it makes them think twice. Just like since Trump’s election and his cabinet picks Kelly and Sessions were announced. has already effected the illegal immigration community and pipeline. They are not taking low wage jobs now because they know they have to make money before the free ride ends.
      The fact that he is saying illegal immigrants abuse of the Earned Income Credit could jeopardize the EIC program for all Americans takes it out of the abstract. I don’t think the American women who get EIC are going to want that money jeopardized to make college kids feel good about themselves. It’s so bold to put that out there.
      I think they realized that if they went after DACA immediately, they would loose votes on tax reform, Obamacare, and any other legislature from weak kneed Republicans. Rest assured Sessions is not part of the swamp.

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  9. I don’t understand why a real man (Sessions) would sit down with a clinton/dem HACK to discuss anything ? Because the “press” says he’s a “news person” doesn’t’ make anything but what he is, a low life clinton scum sucking lib dem…….. Jus sayin……….

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  10. Random Comment says:

    Ending illegal immigration and maintaining border integrity is the only way the government can build confidence in the electorate for any lawful immigration programs (whether skilled workers, family reunion or humanitarian intake).

    Jeff Sessions has been a fantastic pick for AG. No wonder the dimwits and their media foot soldiers fought his nomination so hard.

    Unlike other commentators, I enjoy the juxtaposition of honorable man against shallow shill. It further highlights the embarrassment the media has become. George fails because he lets personal perspective dominate his questioning rather than pursuing the discussion according to the responses he receives. He’s obviously in the wrong job.


  11. He’s had the same job for 20 ish years, he works for the clintons/dems. Only the venue changed slightly.


  12. Buck Turgidson says:

    Jeff Sessions is Trump’s best cabinet pick and one of the best people we have in the US federal government! He is a pleasant, honest, determined, and law-abiding representative that Congress should follow and hold up as a role model. He was my favorite Senator until Trump grabbed him. He shoved all of Georgie’s talking points right up his rear end, with a big smile and forceful, on-point answers. Mr Sessions also showed that you can use the phrase “illegal alien” and not be struck down by lightning. He is terrific and gives me confidence in Trump — who seems to be wavering on some things but I know we have Jeff Sessions @ Justice and that is a wonderful thing

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  13. Mike diamond says:

    Little George the stepho,just a liberal plant!


  14. Loved Jeff Sessions’ reply to “Why not call it the State of Hawaii?”: “Nobody has a sense of humor anymore”.

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