April 23th – 2017 Presidential Politics – Trump Administration Day #94

In an effort to keep the Daily Open Thread a little more open topic we are going to start a new daily thread for “Presidential Politics”. Please use this thread to post anything relating to the Donald Trump Administration and Presidency.


This thread will refresh daily and appear above the Open Discussion Thread.

President Trump Twitter @POTUS / Vice President Pence Twitter @VP

Sean Spicer Twitter @PressSec

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808 Responses to April 23th – 2017 Presidential Politics – Trump Administration Day #94

  1. Pam says:

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  2. Just Scott says:

    I don’t think people are taking the North Korea situation seriously enough. Do y’all realize that we are angering a spiteful God? Kim Jung-Un Doesn’t Pee or Poo like us mere mortals.


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  3. big bad mike says:

    Since the wussified Germans look like they will make Angela Merkel their leader again surpassing Hitler’s term as Chancellor, President Trump must demand that the United States be paid back for rebuilding their miserable country and make sure we get paid back Bigly in 2017 dollars for saving their sorry arses from starving to death by implementing the Marshall Plan. Show me the money Hun! We demand you pay us back!

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    • Rhodri says:

      Wrong on so many levels it’s hard to know where to start. I’ll address a few points…
      – Merkel is by no means guaranteed to get reelected.
      – Germany was not the recipient of Marshall Plan money, West Germany was; however they only received 11% of the then $13bn money – UK and France both received more. Are you planning to ignorantly ask for it back from them too or are you just being xenophobic?
      11% of that 13bn (1.43bn at the time) is now worth about $14.3bn in today’s money.
      – Germany paid back around 31bn Marks of aid and debt in the following 30 years.
      – The purpose of Marshall Plan money was to restore and promote trade and it came with a plethora of conditions regarding employment and trade, but at the time it was mainly seen as an anti-communist plan with the added benefit of stimulating the US economy at the same time.

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    • singingsoul says:

      Germany did pay US war reporation. Germany is diving they own grave.


  4. Pam says:

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    • Sedanka says:

      I honestly never heard the term “Second Lady” before Karen Pence, but I like it.

      Melania is glamorous and a supermodel and everything, she fits perfectly with our larger than life President, but Mrs. Pence is more my type. Our Vice President is a man with good taste. 🙂


  5. Pam says:

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  6. Pam says:

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  7. Pam says:


  8. Pam says:

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  9. NJF says:

    Rut Roh….

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  10. rebel53blog says:

    While I was active duty US Army, I travelled to France once back in the mid-80’s. My feeling about France is that I really don’t care what happens to them, I’m more concerned about the Safety & Security of America. We need to support President Trump in fixing this mess that he has to deal with, Border Security, Healthcare, Tax Reform, US Military, etc. The EU is a mess and may take decades even if it has the will to do so.

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    • I spent a few years there as a kid, got my first intro to Socialism at the hands of parasitic French teachers and their students on a joint outing; tried to collect all US kids’ pocket money and “redistribute” it to the “french fries” as we called them. Thieving french jerks.

      Come to think of it, my first intro to untrustable authority too – our US teachers had left us with them. Why?!! Public employee jerks.

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  11. NJF says:

    Is this new??? I might have missed this.

    NYT: FBI Refused To Pay $50K For FISA-Linked Trump Dossier After Former MI6 Agent Failed To Corroborate Claims | Zero Hedge

    In part:

    Up until now, the dossier has been considered discredited since virtually all of it’s wide-ranging claims of financial collusion and lascivious leverage between President Trump, his advisors, and Russia were unproven. Now, however, we know that the FBI had such a low level of confidence in the document that they were unwilling to pay for it.

    Where this story takes an even more troublesome turn is the fact that this uncorroborated ‘low confidence’ document was used as the basis for a FISA warrant against former Trump campaign associate Carter Page – an international financier specializing in Russia’s oil and gas markets, and who had a very limited role on a Trump campaign foreign policy advisory committee last March. This means that while the FBI felt the dossier’s claims weren’t solid enough to pay for, they turned around and used it as evidence of probable cause for a September FISA warrant request to spy on Carter Page (which presumably included ‘incidental’ surveillance of anyone he spoke with).


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  12. wheatietoo says:


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  13. wheatietoo says:

    MSNBC actually issued a statement saying that Madcow was “wrong” to blame Pres Trump for what is going on in Venezuela.

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  14. janc1955 says:

    Apologies if this has already been posted (I’ve been reading here on and off all day and haven’t seen it – plus I think it’s new on BB):
    The Russians Hacked Democrats’ Plans to Cheat in the General Election, Too

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  15. John22 says:


    Time to boycott Fox this is a hit job to take it left probably supported by those idot brothers.


    • Tejas Rob says:

      Well, it’s pretty clear the lefts plan is to take down all the main conservative voices to silence dissent. Tucker, Rush, Levin, they’ll go after them all. I hope Sundance is making plans for us all to gather elsewhere when they come for him. We’re going to have to go to war with these people, like it or not.

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      • Gil says:

        I think the murdoch brothers are looking for excuses to get rid of every conservative. Sean needs to leave to oann and a few others could follow. Itll come down to money without having enough integrity.


      • cozette says:

        They are already combing the records for any sexist or inappropriate comments Tucker Carlson made as well.


    • 7delta says:

      Well, gee. Who’s going to help the little boys still traumatized by Anderson Cooper or the ladies who know Matt Lauer’s “backstage” well or the cute interns Rachel Maddow hit on? And, there was that incident when Wolf blitzed the poor dog. Don’t we have a Gloria Allred that will defend these poor imaginary victims? Wonder how much it costs to get a “victimized” German Shepherd, or would a poodle be cheaper?

      This is ridiculous. Of course, considering progressives are relativists and can flip their moral outrage, according to need, I’m sure all of the progressive media are absolute paragons of virtue…signaling. These people aren’t even creative…one trick ponies. More importantly, it makes a mockery of real victims, but then, to the left, victims, real and imagined, exist only for their usefulness. They’re so transparently evil, they’re pathetic caricatures.


  16. citizen817 says:


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