New Heights in Trump Derangement Syndrome – MSNBC Blames President Trump for Venezuela Protests…

The basic media opposition to President Donald Trump is so severe that most of their representative silliness is now ignored.  However, every once in a while, they goofiest of them find a way to push the scope of their Trump Derangement Syndrome to such a ridiculous level that it becomes noteworthy simply to ridicule the ridiculousness of it all.

Such an example surface from MSNBC and Rachel Maddow who twisted herself into a pretzel to find a way to blame President Trump for the protests in Venezuela.

At the 01:13 moment of this video, for ten seconds, it is possible to look through the stargate into bizzarro world. [Prompted, just hit play]


…”there have been weeks, and weeks, and weeks of rioting and violent protests. And now today Venezuelans are enraged anewby this brand new FEC filing from the White House“..

Yes, somehow, twisted though it may be, Baghdad Maddow is claiming the people on the street in Venezuela are protesting because the owner of Citgo donated to the Trump inauguration fund.  Folks, you just can’t make up this level of moonbattery.

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170 Responses to New Heights in Trump Derangement Syndrome – MSNBC Blames President Trump for Venezuela Protests…

  1. Eskyman says:

    I just tried too, and got “URL not found: We had trouble using the URL you provided. Please try again later.” Fakebook is really clamping down!

    So the censorship is now in full force. Time to try other ways, I’ll get this message out somehow!

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    • remuda2016 says:

      Where’s Sean Penn when ya really need him…?

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    • nimrodman says:

      “Fakebook is really clamping down! … So the censorship is now in full force. Time to try other ways,”

      You probably know these since you mention “other ways”, but for benefit of others:

      If you want to post just the photo, save to a directory and upload it to imgur or other image-hosting site. Then post that small, cryptic link, at least it won’t be recognizable to their bots if they’re censoring against keywords or websites like

      If you want to post article or website link to direct people to articles, copy the article link and paste it into the wayback internet archive at and then use one of their generated links.

      Or drop the article link into and then use the small, cryptic URL that results.

      If their censoring only looks at URLs at a superficial level and testing for keywords or “prohibited sites”, these should work.

      If they’re a 2nd level more sophisticated – tracing where the link actually leads and keyword testing on THAT URL – then they’ll still win.

      If you posted links and getting the refusal you portrayed, it looks like they may be blanket-censoring all treehouse links.

      Or perhaps selectively, like this one article The Left really, really doesn’t want out, by maintaining a list of article URLs that get refused.

      But as you say, looks like censorship is in full swing. Thanks for reporting.


  2. accurite1 says:

    It is not Trump Derangement Syndrome. It is T.U.R.D
    Trump Unacceptance Resistance Disorder. Maddow is a classic carrier.


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