Sean Spicer White House Press Briefing – April 19th (video)

White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer delivers the Press Briefing for April 19th 2017:

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24 Responses to Sean Spicer White House Press Briefing – April 19th (video)

  1. snaggletooths says:

    Sean has a good sense of humor liked it when he was interrupted By the Patriot player. Rob Gronkowski .

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  2. America’s Pathetic Press.
    What a charade.

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  3. MIKE says:

    “Roughing the Presser!” – “that penalty has been declined!”

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  4. Press Secretary Spicer: Let’s create some PRESS ACCOUNTABILITY

    Post each day’s Press Questions on the White House website:
    – Question
    – Questioner
    – Organization

    Give America the opportunity to VOTE on each:
    – Added Value
    – Added No Value
    – Wasted America’s Time

    Keep Tabs by Questioner & by Organization:
    – # Questions Asked
    – # Votes Received
    – % Votes in each of above categories

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  5. jrapdx says:

    Amazing, the “reporters” giving Spicer a hard time over the location of the ships headed toward Korea. Accusing Spicer for “misleading” them because the vessels were further way than their impression of where the ships were. Spicer says he only said the ships were on the way, but the press insists they weren’t told the “truth”. Talk about “gotcha questions”, seems nothing actually newsworthy there, just implicit criticism of Spicer and Trump.

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    • fleporeblog says:

      jrapdx very well said! I watch these press conferences daily and to me, this had to be the lowest point for them. I could not believe for a minute that they were badgering him over and over about providing wrong information. One of them had the nerve to wonder what our allies in the region will feel about our word.

      I would have told her that our allies in the region are doing back flips because America has a President that stands up for his people and will do everything in his power to protect them as well as his friends in the region. They have been dying for the day that Obozo would leave office for good.

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    • fangdog says:

      Such a stupid issue to bring up. By the time the question was asked the ships were probably already there. Anyway, why would the ship’s want anyone to know where they are located.

      Columbus discovered America. Did anyone care the ship’s location before he got there. In fact, Columbus didn’t even know where there was. What difference did it make in the overall theme of things.

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      • Xroads says:

        It is pathetic. Why would the military give any specific info about their assets location to anyone outside of the military? If the media in WWII disclosed specific info like they do today we might still be fighting.

        Remember the DDay invasion scene in the movie “The Longest Day” when the fog cleared and the Germans got their 1st look at the massive invasion fleet? Now consider if Ike had called Hitler or Rommel and said we’ll be there at dawn on 6/6/1944.

        Media idiots! = Mediots?

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      • armie says:

        At the time the announcement was made, those of us who took a moment to do a search online knew the last port of call had been Singapore. We also knew the Reagan was based in Japan, which would make it the first responder for Korea. So under any circumstances, the Vinson would have been second on scene. The navy had planned that Aussie exercise for quite some time and apparently decided to complete it before heading for Korea. The media hyped the urgency of the redeployment, apparently spent two weeks reporting on their own hype, without bothering to ask where the Vinson actually was, now are blaming the White House for their own lack of reportorial skills.

        “I fell for my own hype and it’s all YOUR fault!!!”


  6. no-nonsense-nancy says:

    Sean does a great job handling those childish “reporters”, I could never do his job and keep my cool and be polite to those creeps.

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  7. Re: msm …….Keep in mind always, these worthless pieces of human debris are 97% lib dems that HATE PDJT and us.
    Oh, and they are LIARS

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  8. Is anyone besides I who is disappointed to date by no reapelling of OBAMASCARE, no tax cuts, no reworking of the tax code, etc. or am I being to impatient?

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  9. PDJT has this. It ain’t microwave ……….( Space oven)


  10. All American Snowflake says:

    The fat, black woman that sits in the center of the gaggle doesn’t always show up. Could it be she’s getting embarrassed because she has ask so many “stupit” questions?


  11. chbailey says:

    I’m motivated for some reason to comment with a fictional question to Press Secretary Sean Spicer as if I were there.
    Sean Spicer: Clare, go ahead.
    I stand up and say: Clare Bailey from ‘WinePress Commentary’. Thank you, Sean. My question is this:
    Does the Secretary of the Interior, Ryan Zinke, plan to review the operations of the National Park Service in order to bring the Service into line with President Trump’s America First policies? For instance, is the National Park Service saddled with adverse rules and regulations? Has the Service been previously made to comply with contrary political agendas during the Clinton through Obama years where taxpayer money has and is being squandered? Or perhaps unlawful changes were made to the Service during that time period without congressional approval…that kind of review, sir.
    I sit down, sit up and listen intently to the answer …no elaboration is necessary because Sean answers. If elaboration is needed, the question was not framed succinctly.
    Cases in point: John “the two weeks ago” man regarding the President’s relationship with Rome…who is he? I would like to respond to him directly about this topic but where can I respond? It is Sean himself who followed up and gave his last name, Gizzy! It is left to me to look him up and see who he represents. And typically, at the end, they are all yammering…they didn’t get their turn because the few bogarted all the allotted time with two, three, four more questions each! This lack of protocol, manners and upright intent in American pressers caused the Russian rebuke.

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