President Trump Weekly Address – April 7th, 2017

[Transcript] My Fellow Americans,

We’re only 11 weeks in, but already my administration has achieved historic progress for the American people – in fact, 93% of our domestic manufacturers have expressed optimism in the future, a record.

The confidence we are seeing in our Nation is about jobs and opportunity – but it’s also about safety and security.

Security begins at the border – as a candidate, I pledged to take swift and decisive action to secure the border, and that is exactly what I have done.  We inherited a full-fledged border crisis – it was a disaster.  Yet, with quick and bold steps, we have so far exceeded even the most bullish predictions for the progress we could make in so short a period of time.  Last month, we saw a 64% reduction in illegal immigration on our southern border.

At the same time, we are conducting enforcement actions across the country to remove dangerous criminal aliens from our society – and they’ll be gone.  In just the last few days our Nation’s ICE officers have arrested 153 criminal aliens in south Texas, 84 criminal aliens in the Pacific Northwest, and 31 criminal aliens in Long Island, New York – these arrests include aliens convicted of robbery, burglary, aggravated assault, sexual assault against a child, smuggling, drug dealing, and many more.

Much work needs to be done to reverse decades of harm caused by open border policies from Washington – but, with time, dedication, and effort, we will get the job done, and save countless lives in the process.

Providing security for the American People also means restoring America’s standing in the world.

From the very start of my Presidency, I have worked to strengthen our alliances and improve our relationships all around the globe.

This week, I was honored to welcome the President of Egypt and the King of Jordan to the White House. Now, I am hosting a summit with President Xi of China at the Southern White House to address the many critical issues affecting our two peoples.

In our dealings with other nations, our conversations have been candid, open, and grounded in mutual respect.

I have been clear about advocating for the national interests of the United States, something so important to me, and so important to our people – one of the reasons, certainly, that I got elected. And I want to ensure that the decisions we make truly serve the safety and security of our citizens.

In matters both economic and military, we understand that a strong America is in the best interests of the world – that is why it is so important that as we strengthen international partnerships, we ensure these partnerships deliver real results for Americans and the American people.

Our decisions will be guided by our values and our goals – and we will reject the path of inflexible ideology that too often leads to unintended consequences.

A future of peace, safety, and prosperity – that is our guiding light, and always will be.

Together, we will bring about this future for the land we love, and for the people who call it home.

We love our country, and we love the American people. Thank you.


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54 Responses to President Trump Weekly Address – April 7th, 2017

  1. “Our decisions will be guided by our values and our goals – and we will reject the path of inflexible ideology that too often leads to unintended consequences.”

    love, love LOVE this from My President.

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    • jwingermany says:

      I guess I should have read your post before I posted. Great minds think alike! 😀

      People are going to have to get used to the fact that the President’s mind does not live in an ideological box. Sometimes, he’s going to do things that people who do live in a box don’t like.

      However, after watching the President closely since June of 2015…I have come to trust his judgement. Measured…not blindly.

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      • setup2100 says:

        Key word ‘Measured” NOT blindly. TRUMP is not perfect and needs some criticism and if you do it on here you sometimes get BLASTED. BLIND followers are as bad as NO followers. TRUMP will make mistakes and those should be pointed out and some may agree with you and some may not and that is what makes this forum great. NO matter how bad he screws up in anyone ‘s opine just think who the other person could be running this country??? All of a sudden he did not screw up that bad -)

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        • jwingermany says:

          All I would add is that there will also be times where the perceived mistake…will at a later time be vindicated as a full success.

          President Trump’s is a complex world. Sometimes things aren’t as they seem to be.

          Because of our President, I am learning to be more patient in reaching conclusions. He truly is a chess master…thinking many moves ahead. What at first seems like a blatant error…so often turns out to be a brilliant move. It’s no accident.

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        • No President in history has come close to President Trump’s ability to turn ADVERSITY to ADVANTAGE.

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      • annieoakley says:

        Like. I trust him also. He said, “I will never let you down.” I believe he means what he says.

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      • John says:

        I hope so,JW. However, for me, the jury is out until he fulfills all his promises: controlling illegal immigration, repealing Obamacare, protecting religious liberty, avoiding stupid neo-con wars, etc. He’s done some great things but there are worrying signs of backsliding – too many RINOs circling around him. Hope I’m wrong.

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  2. My favorite line
    “one of the reasons, certainly, that I got elected. And I want to ensure that the decisions we make truly serve the safety and security of our citizens”
    Donald j. Trump

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    • jwingermany says:

      I believe him when he says that. I bet it burns in his heart that he can’t tell his supporters everything that he knows.

      After watching ALL of his rallies and countless interviews…after reading the Art of the Deal…I am convinced that President Trump’s heart is in the right place, and it beats red, white, and blue.

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  3. DHarvey says:

    Thank God for Donald Trump and his patriotism. He’s bringing us back from the ‘edge of the cliff’ (courtesy of Obama/Clinton/Bush) and I am convinced will truly MAGA.

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  4. jwingermany says:

    “We will reject the path of inflexible ideology that too often leads to unintended consequences.”

    YES! We did not elect President Trump to be an ideologue…not a liberal…not a conservative…not a libertarian………just an American. He’s going to do what he believes is right and not based on ideology.

    I can live with that. Respect.

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  5. dekester says:

    Great post Jmany.

    This is what your MSM muppets, and assorted talking heads, either don’t get, or refuse to acknowledge.

    Your President. Is obviously not an ideologue. His loyalty is to what is decent and right.

    Hence the reason so many millions, and it is millions , of folks worldwide adore and more importantly, respect your PDJT. Although the MSM will never acknowledge this. As their ideology will not allow it.

    We have been subjected to, and force fed Pablum for years. This ceased with the election of PDJT.

    For the record, our MSM in Canada is worse than yours.

    God bless PDJT

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    • jwingermany says:

      I am an American living in Germany. I bet the German media would give the Canadian media a run for it’s corporate globalist money. Hahaha!

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    • JC says:

      Well-said, Dekester. “We have been subjected to and force fed pablum for years.” Pablum laced with poison and broken glass. It was the ineptitude combined with the sinister and destructive that brought us to the utter mess that President Trump inherited. We are blessed indeed that our President has what it takes to move quickly and efficiently with integrity and has made such an enormous difference worldwide in fewer than 80 days in office. This past week alone has surpassed all hope and expectation. Thank God.

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    • Derek Hagen says:

      I haven’t watched Canadian news, except for Sun News when we were allowed to see it, since 2003. Stopped MSM USA sometime last summer. The information I now get seems to fit what happens on the ground much better than the info I used to get.


  6. dalethorn says:

    “….only a few people are awake, and they live in a state of constant total amazement.” — Meg Ryan in Joe Versus The Volcano (1988).

    It’s that little movie clip that comes to mind when I see the continuing accomplishments of this amazing president.

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  7. John Huxley says:

    If i recall, Trump spent nearly half of his rallies saying he would take the oil from middle-eastern countries to deprive ISIS of said oil.

    So whomever thought Trump was a simpleton ideologue obviously wasn’t listening to anything he ever said.

    Trump is a problem solver and the President of the United States.

    He is going to flex military muscle when he needs too, for America’s benefit, and he will pull back to America’s benefit too.

    If you can’t analyze a situation, but fall back to simplistic principles and shoe-horn that as a solution to every problem a President encounters, you will never be happy with Donald Trump and in fact you would never like any leader.

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    • dilonsfo says:

      I too find this amazing: It seems that many people only heard what was their “key issue” when listening to then candidate Trump said. Yet so far, President Trump has kept is stated promises, stood my his stated principles and embarrassed his critics when they said it could not be done. This man is truly a man’s man who is not affected by the perils of the office. God’s speed to President Trump.


      • aqua says:

        President Trump was accused of so many horrible things during the election, but one I remember well was when the liberal news said he wasn’t transparent. No one who had heard one of his speeches or rallies could possibly give this any credence, because we knew what he valued, what he wanted to do to fix this country.

        I hope many liberals are starting to understand the disconnect between the words of the liberal press and the actions of our fine President.


  8. George Wallace says:

    We’re looking at a great POTUS. No question.

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  9. Abster says:

    I feel PTrump has continued on course of fulfilling all campaign promises. He obviously has nothing but the best interest of America and its citizens in mind. God bless him. He continues to give us his all. MAGA

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  10. Sweep says:

    Reassuring speech amid the constant background noise of the collective media portraying the President negatively. He is unwavering on principle and gives me the impression that future achievements for the better are infinite.

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    • R-C says:

      Perhaps it’s time to stop exposing yourself to the “constant background noise of the collective media”. They can’t reach you if you refuse to be reached.

      I urge you to turn the TV off. Better yet, CUT THE CABLE entirely. I did just that, quite a while ago now. When I did, my life improved greatly in several ways:

      (1) I was no longer exposed to the “constant background noise”;
      (2) I gained much valuable time, which really is the most valuable commodity on the planet, since we live finite lives. I no longer gravitate to the TV to fill my time. Now I’m spending time with my children, reading books, or completing projects. And,
      (3) I retained control of a large chunk of income that had been otherwise wasted on ‘300 channels of NOTHING on’. That income is now put to much better use.

      Turn off their faucet and they can’t soak you in their negative messages. YOU are in control of this.


      • ronheinzkaboot says:

        I need MLB TV.
        But you are right. It’s almost like the access to media, our phones or tablets, have made us consume it mindlessly. Our brains become bloated like our guts from too much sugar.
        The news has become too much sugar and no sustaining protein. Our own reasoning muscles soft and useless. Cable news is the equivalent of the plastic gimmick exercise equipment that promises to give you six pack abs. In the end you just lay on it while watch tv.
        I think he did a great job on this address. I think this is what scares the DNC and 2020 candidate Clinton the most, a man that looks presidential and talks like the Commander in Chief.


  11. Susan Youngquist says:

    Agree with all the above. Nitpick: who was the doofus who kept changing the camera angle to a side shot? Poor idea. I like when he looks right at us.

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    • hellinahandbasket says:

      @Susan Youngquist ….HA! – My thoughts exactly with the camera-angle.
      From a photography/video production perspective …they did this to give it a little “behind the scenes” look to the Presidential Address. I understand where they were coming from in the idea of it (to give the video a more personalized, you-are-there-with-him feel), but they FAILED miserably. Instead of the desired outcome, it looked more like we were seeing POTUS through the eyes of a predatory animal.
      They would have been successful, if they pulled-back, and showed the entirety of it all, then doing a slow walk, around the back of the lights, camera, director, etc – begin on the (L)side, swoop all the way around in a half-circle, ending on the (R) side, then inserting a few portions of that in the head-on shot, formal portion of the video.
      But hey … everyone thinks they’re “creatively edgy” …but clearly, this video shows they are not!

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      • buzzybee says:

        Yep. I have to agree with the camera angle/side view thing. It distracted me from the message. Did nothing to enhance it. Hope the future ones stay on task with just the president facing we the people. Maybe pull back from front close up a bit, but the switching angles back and forth was a distraction. Like the cameraman had ADHD or something. Aside from that, his message was great as always. And an encouragement too, which I’m sure we’ve all needed for some time. One of the things I love about our POTUS is he never wavers from his assertive stance when he speaks. He obviously knows what’s at stake.


    • cmscarpa says:

      Yes, what IS that blue thing?


  12. hellinahandbasket says:

    …Is it weird to blow-kisses at the screen when watching President Trump’s weekly-address videos?
    I love MY President!

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  13. Rudy Bowen says:

    Yeah, but you guys KNOW the Deep State GOT to Donald, right? Right?

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    • dilonsfo says:

      It is great that you remind people of the writings of many posters this week. Many shift with wind on a daily and sometimes hourly basis. This shifting by some reminds me of the difficult job President Trump faces when doing business for this country and the confidence he shows while facing critics. God’s strength to President Trump,


      • R-C says:

        The reason I support President Trump is that very thing.

        Having researched the man and his accomplishments, I know–truly KNOW, through measured analysis–that this man has a firm grasp on the compass, and his path is unwavering. His actions speak louder than his words (which are refreshingly direct in their own right).

        Donald Trump is NOT weather vane; he’s firm, he’s sure, and he’s resolute. A true LEADER, in every respect.

        “Back in the day”, when I occupied leadership posts in the US Army, my personal watchwords were: “If it’s important on Day One, it’s important on Day Ten Thousand”. This, which I repeated to myself daily, guided my thoughts and actions and prevented me from becoming a weather vane. These words provided constancy and regularity, and also prevented me from ‘sweating the small stuff’. These words enabled me to BE the foundation of my organization–subordinates were able to build upon my constancy with confidence; I was not going to ‘bait-and-switch’ them, or undermine them. It is in this way that a leader builds a healthy organization.

        I see in Donald Trump a LEADER who has truly mastered that concept, and who, on a daily basis, displays total mastery of leadership. It’s impressive, and I thank God for Donald J. Trump daily.


  14. It’s sunny, Saturday and DJT is my President! What a great day! 😀

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  15. cmscarpa says:

    I never tire of listening — and thanking God that we’re able to revel in this victory over and over again.


  16. TexasDude says:

    Trump is not an ideologue. He is not Republican, Democrat, conservative, liberal, libertarian, or even populist. He is all and none.

    The ideologues require us to bomb or not bomb, cut or not cut. They all demand Trump to be them no matter what or they walk.

    Moreover, if his sphere, including his own family, is not like them, they deride and try to tear apart, and they walk.

    The Freedom House Caucus is an example of such ideologues. The last thread on Syria is a perfect example.

    Trump will work with those that desire reform and progress no matter the political label.

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  17. Southern Son says:

    Courage and Determination.
    These Virtues I think of, when I consider the Obstruction, and Meager Support the GOPe
    offers him Daily.
    He can Trust Few, even among his Base.
    He Deserves more.
    Yet he just go’s about MAGA!, as he Promised he would.
    He is such a potent Contrast, to the Wimpy, Antagonistic, Spoiled POS that was last
    Resident of the US.
    Thank You!,
    President Donald J. Trump!!

    Press ON! Donnie John!!

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  18. Donna in Oregon says:

    First time in my life listening to Presidential weekly addresses. Now every week I listen. Thanks Sundance 🙂 MAGA!

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  19. mccall1981 says:

    US Spy Agencies have been routinely intercepting and unmasking Congressional figures


  20. Michelle says:

    I just love our president! By the way did Obama use to do weekly addresses too or is that a Trump thing?

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    • muffyroberts says:

      If Obama gave weekly addresses, I would not know, nor would I have cared.


      • Southern Son says:

        Or Anybody Else, for that matter.
        If memory serves me, bozo only used PWA, to Scold somebody (congress, SC, Us), as he never had Good News to tell about.
        Such A Contrast in Administrations!
        Very Refreshing and Uplifting!
        OUR President, acts as a President Should.
        He was a Politician only once.
        Now, he is a
        Professional President.

        Press ON!


    • Old CrewDog says:

      He gave ’em. Such as they were. For eight years I shut the radio off EVERY time I heard Zippy’s voice. (Or PIAPS for that matter.) I simply would not hear what that disingenuous fool had to say. Now that I think about it… I don’t have to do that any more!

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  21. fangdog says:

    IMO, It is becoming more and more apparent Trump is intellectually not a member of any Political party. Trump is an “American” without the hampers of ideology.

    Trumps goals are simple and dealt with pragmatism; Opportunity, Progress, Security and Safety for the American people by the American people. Even the the “useful idiots” benefit immensely in the environment of President Trump.

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  22. MW says:

    Is it just me (cause I’ve been too busy to keep up with his weekly addresses) or is our President growing stronger and more confident in his role? In the beginning he was strong as ever and also humbled by his role – part of why we love him so – but I hear a new strength in his voice now. So proud of him.


  23. It’s beginning look like Congress is entrapped and incapable of delivering anything that will turn our country around.

    • Corrupted with pay-to-play,
    • Owned by those who have surveilled and made book on their corruption to extort and blackmail them with impunity,
    • Lacking the knowhow needed to improve our economy and inspire American self-sufficiency,
    • Incompetent at running campaigns without donor’s consultants and staffing,
    • Consumed with preserving and expanding their perks at the expense working to advance the futures of their constituents,
    • Dependent on donor-written legislation and
    • Bereft of the integrity to produce focused single-issue legislation without buying each other off.

    President Trump was right:
    • America’s only salvation is a DEAL that FORCES them to pass TERM LIMITS and RESIGN in return for a Presidential PARDON for RACKETEERING.

    • Let’s DO IT!


  24. wodiej says:

    Great address.


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