Senate Confirms Judge Neil Gorsuch 54-45

With Vice President Mike Pence presiding over the Senate Chamber, Judge Neil Gorsuch was confirmed by a vote of 54-45 as the newest associate justice of the Supreme Court. Judge Neil Gorsuch now occupies the former Supreme Court seat of Justice Antonin Scalia.

Three Democrats, Joe Donnelly (Indiana), Heidi Heitkamp (North Dakota) and Joe Manchin (West Virginia) voted in support of the confirmation, along with all senate republicans.  Senator Johnny Isakson (R-Georgia) did not vote as he is recovering from back surgery.

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170 Responses to Senate Confirms Judge Neil Gorsuch 54-45

  1. JMC says:

    3 Dems voted for him. Bipartisan Vote! Bipartisan! Say it loud and say it proud. The Dems sure would’ve.

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  2. tuskyou says:

    Supreme Court picks were at the top of the “reason list” for many Trump voters.

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  3. marcyo13 says:

    A great man is stepping up to bat in the Supreme Court. Thank you God for the great men and women in our wonderful country. Thank you, President Trump for doing a great job and taking on the burdens of running this country at this time of grave danger to freedom at home and abroad. Thank you is so inadequate, but words truly fail to convey the gratitude I feel.

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  4. Bob Thoms says:

    The Trump Movement people (we know who we are), deserve a whole heck of credit for electing President Trump and saving SCOTUS.

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  5. shirley49 says:

    I would recommend that the Conservative Judges not go vacationing without Secret service protection and maybe even better hire your own security,

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  6. belle says:

    A lot of prayers have been answered. Thank you Lord, our Savior Jesus Christ!

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  7. Bob Thoms says:

    I just gotta post it on this wonderful day………………..

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  8. Summer says:

    McTurtle delivered. Let that sink in.

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  9. teaforall says:

    Congrats SCJ Gorsuch……..

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  10. psadie says:

    Ok Good…now what has happened to the rest of PTrump’s Cabinet that still is waiting to be “confirmed?” Also what about AG Sessions two top deputies that are awaiting confirmation also…this is really getting tiresome with these Congressional clowns!

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  11. indiana08 says:

    I don’t always trust what the Supreme Court will do (Roberts,Kennedy) but I feel so so much better with Gorsuch on the court than Garland. I hope that Pres. Trump will be able to stack the court with people who will up hold our Constitution.

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  12. This is a great day… This is the #1 Reason I voted for President Trump!

    If you were to ask me about Syria – I really don’t know enough yet to make an informed decision about all that. I know some people are upset about it. I like Rand Paul, but I think he’s an idiot when it comes to making statements about it being illegal for the president to do what he did. President Trump is The Commander In Chief – and sometimes needs to make decisive actions to be effective. This wasn’t an act of war – it was a message, if I understand it correctly. Still, I accept I don’t know everything yet to make a full informed opinion on Syria.

    However – Gorsuch confirmed as Supreme Court Justice makes me feel absolutely thrilled about my Trump vote – and If I could go back in time I’d do it again. And now in less than four years – I’m looking so forward to doing it AGAIN.

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  13. Thank you Lord! It just hit me how amazing it is that God made this possible – tears of joy.

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  14. Liberal tears, son! Nothing else in the world smells like it!

    I remember this one time, we forced a vote on a totally non-controversial Supreme Court pick, and when it was over we went through twitter and we didn’t find a single NeverTrumper, not one stinkin’ tweet from Bill Kristol…

    And I remember the smell of the liberal tears… It smelled like… Like… Victory.

    Some day this presidency’s gonna end.

    (looks away sadly, almost tears up)

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  15. bessie2003 says:

    This is a nice write-up of the history and tradition of the swearing in ceremonies the Supreme Court Justices experience.

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  16. WeThePeople2016 says:

    This is one of the reasons among many that We The People fought so hard to elect President Trump. This is a good day for the United States of America. I also keep hearing on TV that another Justice is going to be leaving soon. We may be going through this entire process all over again in the near future.

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  17. Katherine McCoun says:

    Breyer, 1938/79 yrs
    Kennedy/1936/81 yrs
    Ginsberg/1933/84 yrs

    I believe President Trump may have the opportunity to appoint more judges as surely some of the judges who are 79 – 84 yrs old now, and will be 77-92 yrs old by the end of President Trump’s 2nd term will surely retire to enjoy their last yrs or health will force the issue.

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  18. WSB says:

    So thrilled at this day, but a word of caution to all. My gut tells me that Justice Roberts was compromised. I guess we’ll see if the evidence can be exposed.

    We all need to remain vigilant about any attempt to compromise Justice Gorsuch. Because, Roberts’ predicament cost us all a lot of lives and money.

    Had Roberts been like Donald J. Trump, he might have come clean and exposed any malfeasance. Would Gorsuch?

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    • Coldeadhands says:

      I keep seeing references to Roberts having compromised himself in a fishy adoption of his Irish children. If he did as has been suggested, that act would be enough to set him up for extortion and blackmail.
      If he has been turned, it will be to his everlasting shame. More sunlight!
      There doesn’t appear to be any shiftiness to Gorsuch and the ferocious confirmation should have exposed any hidden malfeasance. He seems to genuinely value the Constitution.

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      • WSB says:

        I completely agree. Roberts was fine for years. It was only after Obama started opening up history on his targets, that they were compromised.

        That is my single point. It could be done again. Not necessarily through this administration but through outside forces.

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  19. RJ says:

    President Trump just saved the 2nd Amendment with his selection of Justice Gorsuch. Thank you President Trump!

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