Rep. Adam Schiff Responds To White House Challenge To Review Obama Surveillance…

If you’ve been following along you’ll note ranking member of the intelligence committee  Adam Schiff (pictured above) didn’t want to see the ‘Gang-of-Eight’ level intelligence previously reviewed by Intel Chairman Devin Nunes.

However, as a result of President Trump publicly sending a letter to Adam Schiff and Senator Mark Warner, ranking member Schiff no longer has an option to keep looking away.  If he refused to look at the surveillance intelligence Schiff would be exposing his political motivations – an entrenched ideology attempting to protect President Obama.

Trump smartly positions Schiff where his only play is to accept the invitation from the White House.   Thus the press conference below and his answers to the questions.  You only need to watch the first 10:00 minutes to get a sense of Shiff’s understanding of where he is:


However, that said, the moment at 08:08 is very revealing in that Adam Schiff states he wants to conduct an additional intelligence hearing with three specific people:  Former CIA Director John Brennan, former DNI James Clapper, and former interim Asst. Attorney General Sally Yates.

We already know that Clapper, Brennan and Yates are the three biggest black hats, within the Obama administration, who conspired to create and manufacture the “Muh Russian” controversy centered around General Mike Flynn.

Notice in that section of the presser Adam Schiff doesn’t mention the type of testimony, open or closed.  Obviously Schiff would prefer to have a public and well orchestrated political spectacle for a Clapper, Brennan and Yates hearing.

The problem for Adam Schiff is the need to control (try to hide) the content that confirms surveillance of President-Elect Trump and his transition team.  Simultaneous to that objective he needs to create/maintain a false narrative in a Russian Conspiracy.

In order for Schiff to maintain his public protestations, entirely based on politics, he must mislead about the rules and laws surrounding the intelligence product.  Schiff must also keep the committee from seeing the full executive intelligence report that is concerning to Devin Nunes.  The intelligence product is “Go8” level, but has the support of the NSA to share with the full committee.

Chairman Devin Nunes and the White House are holding the higher hand because they have the truth on their side and they are welcoming transparency and openness regarding the facts.  So long as Devin Nunes stands firm and also doesn’t flinch in the face of his political opponents, he will win.   Nunes will win because the truth is on his side, he only needs assistance in letting it out.

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349 Responses to Rep. Adam Schiff Responds To White House Challenge To Review Obama Surveillance…

  1. Another Scott says:

    It’s delightful watching all the Schiffs in the Swamp slowly hoist themselves on their own petards. Thank you President Trump, you are brilliant.

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  2. mariposa232 says:

    I have a feeling Trump is going to drop a big surprise on all of them. Hey ,maybe the evidence of Muslim brotherhood subversion of the state dept, but that would be too good to be true. There must be some thing that he’s holding back on , that will put an end to Russia Russia Russia.

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    • Alexsandra says:

      I think PRESIDENT Trump and Vlad would enjoy some golf together at the Winter White House. Bring it on. China this month, Russia next — would be great. Hehe

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      • Joe Knuckles says:

        I can picture it already, Putin shirtless on horseback riding alongside Trumps golf cart.

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      • Maquis says:

        I’m with you. Two strong men trying to save their nations, capable of working to eliminate Islamic extremism together.

        Trump, and a pragmatist like Le Pen, could help reduce the tension that fools like McCain have created by pushing NATO to the Red Square.

        Trump could work with Putin to end ISIS, with prejudice, and maybe seek some moderation on Syria’s support for Hezbollah in exchange for the partnership, and acceptance of Russia’s naval facility there.

        Pu****s like Obama can only posture and preen and ef the world up. Trump is a President that is thousands of orders of magnitude stronger, smarter, and confident than Obama could ever be. “Lead from behind?” Really? Only a lonely goat-herder thinks that way.

        At the Winter White House, they’d be laughing at the Dems’ hysteria and fabrications from the first hole to the last!

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        • Shark24 says:

          It is amazing that people with same mindset that loved and supported Stalin now hate Putin. Maybe Mr. Putin is just not evil enough for their support now.

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          • Maquis says:

            Maybe he doesn’t have enough gulags, or any at all?

            Solzhenitsyn, the writer of The Gulag Archipelago, no stranger to the worst of Soviet Russia, was an early supporter of Putin as President of Russia. That is a huge endorsement.

            Russia is seeking her way in the World, stepping on toes, but is no longer Marx’s playground and so has fallen from that special place in their hearts.

            On to the next shiny object: Globalism!

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            • Larry Bates says:

              Don’t fool yourself about Putin. He is no boy scout. The only thing that makes him better than Stalin is that he likes his shiny toys too much to want them erased.

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              • CC says:

                Bull&^%. Putin only cares for Mother Russia. And he doesn’t put up with the likes of Soros and Co. meddling and trying to socialize all of Europe with their globalist horse dung. Hence, Soros is not allowed in Russia. And if he’s found in Russia, Putin would dispense of him like he should be, (probably at the bottom of a wood chipper). That’s the difference between Putin and others. Putin has no qualms about getting rid of threats to his country in any way he deems fit. Frankly, I find it refreshing after years of capitulating to these globalists who have almost RUINED and raped this country.


          • eagledriver50 says:

            That is the HISTORIC View by the Deep State to pick OUR pocketbooks…NOTHING ELSE, NOTHING MORE!!!

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        • Throw in Nigel Farage with that smile to photo bomb in all the pictures…it would be Epic!

          Loved your post Maquis especially “Lead from behind?” Really? Only a lonely goat-herder thinks that way.” Litterally LOL’d 😂😂😂


  3. jameswlee2014 says:

    Apparently, “Do not place the bomb under your own chair”, got left out of the training manual the democrats used in their plan to blow up Trump.

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  4. Trumppin says:

    it’s all about the timing – even shifty noted the timing of it all …
    Shifty KNOWS President Trump has it all already and it’s being orchestrated drip by drip with all the I’s dotted and T’s crossed.
    Shifty was trying his darnedest to shift focus in that presser and make the 8 month russia russia russia with out any evidence found seem like it was more pertinent investigation than that of Obama spying on President Trump where evidence is being found – felonies have been committed.
    Funniest part was when he admitted he was caught off guard and “anything can happen” to change the course in a day…Time for popcorn!

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    • Alexsandra says:

      Very entertaining almost 2 years, more to come. Best docudrama ever.

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    • Remington...... says:

      Aren’t you glad you’re not playing one of those drinking games where you have to down a shot every time a democrap mentions Russia. Your be embalmed by now.

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    • TPW says:

      I took note that Shifty tried to imply that what was offered for him to view may not be the same materials Nunes viewed…….So they may be trying to pull a fast one by offering more proof in addition to what Nunes viewed? What an idiot turd bird. Shifty went on further to say that the timing was suspictious in light of the NYT article…..?????? Timing has nothing to do with the fact that their is evidence that Trump was spied on…….IDIOT

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  5. andi lee says:

    Security clearances are possibly still current for Clinton staff?

    Grassley sent letter to State Department to find out.

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  6. Anne says:

    Some people will go to jail, says Jeff Sessions!

    Sessions: Convictions likely needed to end government leaks

    Attorney General Jeff Sessions indicated Thursday evening that the Trump administration would pursue criminal charges to end alleged leaks from U.S. agencies.

    “This is not right. We’ve never seen this kind of leaking,” Sessions continued. “It’s almost as if people think they have a right to violate the law.”

    “This has got to end and it will probably take some convictions to put an end to it.”

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  7. waltherppk says:

    Hey Schiff, Look up! A flower pot is on its way down to you ……

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  8. andi lee says:

    6 of Clinton’s staffers security clearances current status is the subject of Grassley’s letter to Secretary Tillerson.

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  9. citizen817 says:

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    • CaptainNonno says:

      Note to Schiff: if you’re in a water tank and there’s a grate a foot above you are you worrying about how the water could be rising or by whom or are you going to try to figure out how to open the grate?

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  10. Just learned on Wikipedia that his wife’s name is Eve; I kid you not.

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    • bertdilbert says:

      I read Wiki as well. It took him 3 trials to get a guilty verdict on an FBI agent dealing with Russia. He introduced legislation with Mike Pence.

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  11. EV22 says:

    Could someone explain something to me please? Why can’t the documents purporting to show that Trump or his associates were spied on have the sensitive information and names of private citizens redacted and the rest be made public? While you wouldn’t want to show how it was done for national security purposes, the fact that it was done doesn’t need to be kept secret and should be made public. All this secrecy is just plain nonsense when it comes to the surveillance of Trump. It’s such a colossal waste of time with the Congressional hearings that never get to the bottom of anything, blah, blah, blah, etc.

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    • Maquis says:

      Getting to the bottom of the obstructors is essential to moving anything forward at all.

      Don’t worry, PDJT is just softening them up right now.

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    • Maquis says:

      Once the fools have to acknowledge the Watergate to the Ten-Thousandth-Power that will become the focus of a real investigation, one that I hope puts Schiff behind bars himself. This is freaking nuclear, and the H-bomb is sitting under HRC’s ample derrière, and Obama’s ample Ego.

      Schiff’s charade with the Black Hats of Obama’s Old Guard won’t get far if they are the ones behind bars. He can’t keep lying to the people about process and laws, they are wising up. He is digging his own trap. An accomplished liar, sure, it churns my gut to listen to him lie and twist and obfuscate. It won’t win. He has no truth.

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    • SAFVet says:

      The problem would be the risk of inadvertently revealing “sources and methods” by which the info was gathered. Just the knowledge that a certain piece of info was obtained leads to the fact that is was (is!) possible to acquire (collect) more info like that. Pulling the thread leads analytical types to pretty well postulate how it was done. So, that’s why those who are/have worked in Intel are *very* careful about what is released to the public. In the extreme, real damage to our national security could occur or someone could die.

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      • EV22 says:

        Thank you both, Maquis and SAFVet.

        Personally, I’d be satisfied with a simple list: date, time, subject. 😉


      • navysquid says:

        Exactly SAFVet…
        The answer to EV22’s question is take a look at even the very little information Director Comey let out about his Twitter was enough for someone to track down his anonymous account. A great analyst only needs 2-3 bits of information to direct him/her down the correct path. Once an analyst knows which of the hundreds of thousands of paths to go one is more than likely to find the pot of gold.

        The difficult part is knowing which path to start and the reason why releasing ANY information about national security is a bad idea is because of the above. We do not want someone to know WHERE to start looking. Let them flounder in looking…

        I was involved in something on a national scale that you all are aware of if I mentioned it and I tracked it down by these small thin threads that led me down the right path…and a great source!!

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    • georgiafl says:

      SO FAR – We know about the ‘Obama is Bad’ part – illegal surveillance for political purposes – but we do not know about the (or Sick) part yet.

      It is likely President Trump does NOT want to expose the material on his wife, family (or children or grandchildren) that Obama and his operatives were surveilling – to the public.

      It’s enough for me to know the Obama MO did not change from day one of his evil tenure in our highest office. At no time did he ever care about the law, balance of powers or the well-being of the American people – even the black people he purported to be representing.

      Obama was and is a thug and a terrorist. No doubt in my mind, he was part of Ayers terrorist crew.

      No doubt in my mind, Obama was surveilling Trump and family from the first time Trump cast doubt on his birth certificate.

      Long list of Obama’s unconstitutional actions and abuses of power:

      List is continually updated and backed by links/data. Doug Ross deserves an award for collating this list.

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  12. Gov Jay says:

    Most of us know that the Marxist filth known as the democrats will do anything… anything… to win an election… Therefore, you can bet if they had any credible intel against then candidate Trump, they would have certainly used it before the election… without hesitation…

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  13. waltherppk says:

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  14. Joe Knuckles says:

    Those MSM reporters follow him around like flies on Schiff.

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  15. Troublemaker says:

    Spokesman for House cook help fence Committee Says Flynn Did Not Ask For Immunity Deal

    ABC John Parkinson tweets second verification “A House Intel Dem aide agrees: “HPSCI Dems have not received an offer to testify to the committee for immunity.”

    Flynn lawyer: Client wants assurances against ‘witch-hunt’ prosecution

    A Statement From Counsel To Gen Flynn

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    • Troublemaker says:

      First link title is supposed to say “Spokesman for House Intelligence Committee Says Flynn Did NOT ask for Immunity Deal”. Mea culpa for not checking auto correct craziness before I hit enter. Lol

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  16. realcapedcrusader says:

    The Donald & The Duke had a lot in common.

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  17. angryduc says:

    Mr. Schiff do you support a firing squad for Evelyn Farkas and barry soetero aka zero?

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  18. PBR Street Gang says:

    Schiff looks like a deer in the headlights! He knows the Russia meme is BS and now his entire evil plan is about to go BOOM.

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  19. PBR Street Gang says:

    sundance, thank you for breaking this story. Also, thanks for the timeline details. You may have began a proccess that leads to AG Sessions convening a Grand Jury. I see some deep state libtard perp walks coming soon!

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  20. CJ says:

    I think Farkas was fed information by the anti Trump forces on the Russian meme so she could repeat it to the fake media. Her area of expertise is Russian, Ukraine and Eurasia. Thus she has street cred on Russia. Plus she is “Dr Farkas” more cred. She has appeared on various fake news program to answer policy questions, so she is familiar to many reporters. Because of these factors she was the ideal candidate to receive and disseminate information.

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    • CJ says:

      Rep.Schiff is probably familiar with the info that was given to Farkas and the sources.

      I think it is a little creepy that Schiff’s first name is Adam and his wife’s name is Eve.


  21. The Boss says:

    Schiff is a useful idiot (See Tuco & Blondie comment above) whose usefulness is about to end. And he knows it. This presser was as much about positioning himself for self-preservation and loss mitigation as it was a desperate effort to continue a false narrative and introduce another. Lowlife!

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  22. melski says:

    “Mr. Schiff for brains” says he cannot understand why this matter is being handled like it is. Perhaps it is because “our President” is playing 5-d chess with the Dems while the Dems continue to play checkers.

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    • eagledriver50 says:

      I hate to break it too you, but “Mr Shiff for brains” still might be mentally challenged even for checkers…what is the game called when you throw a ball up in the air and scoop some poo?

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  23. TrustyHaste says:

    Anyone else think Sally Yates will be blamed for the unmasking and anything illegal found? Please, comment on that.


    • Notmeagain says:

      Nothing she won’t richly deserve, if so. She was supposed to be an IED in the road to justice. I personally hope the squealing of the other rats makes it hard for her not to Farkas herself.

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  24. jeans2nd says:

    Apologies if this has already been said. tried to read all the comments.
    Schiff, by holding a public inquiry with Clapper, Brennan, and Yates obviously is attempting to further the Russia narrative, and turning attention away from the fact that Americans were illegally unmasked.

    An open hearing risks the exposure of sources and methods, so will be nothing but another dog and pony show for the media and DC’s amusement. All three “witnesses” will willingly participate in the show, and the public’s attention will be averted from the truth. Nothing will be accomplished.

    Schiff is also apparently attempting to put the two NSC members – and prob the White House – on trial by questioning why/how the two NSC members originally saw these documents.

    That answer is easy. POTUS watches Morning Curly and MoeJoe; POTUS most likely saw the revelation by Farkas on 2 Mar 2017. NSC was attempting to determine if Farkas was the original leaker to NY Times.

    Schiff and Schiff’s antics are a bad joke. That said, my money is still on the Trump Team. Crazy People are inherently unpredictable. Making Crazy People Great Again, one Crazy Person at a time..

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  25. Southern Son says:

    Another Day of Sunshine!
    Is Shiff for Brains a Lawyer?
    I know, They are All Lawyers.
    But on what Level.
    Every Profession has different Levels of Competence. And they have numbers.
    I LIKE McGhann!
    He even has the Lions Mane.
    I knew when he came on board the Trump Train, that he was Hired for his Competance.
    His Competance, is what is
    Important in This 5D Chessmatch.
    I Like Our Chances!
    I Respect President Trump MORE Every Day!
    He is a Finisher, who Will Not Back Down!
    The Lion, is leading His Pride, to Take Back Our Territory.
    WE will Not Be Denied!
    It’s about to get bloody.
    They will have it No other way!
    Let’s get it On!
    Was it Napoleon who said;
    A flock of Sheep, led by a Lion, will Always Defeat a pride of Lions, led by a Sheep.

    We have “THE LION!”leading Us!

    Press ON!

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  26. jakeandcrew says:


  27. LibertyVibe says:

    I was trying to explain the “Farkas Frakas” to my spouse last night. I had put a narrative together on my blog for him. When I looked it over, I realized it really is a tribute to Sundance. I thought my fellow Treepers might appreciate it.
    “…but the people that do know their God shall be strong, and do exploits.”
    Daniel 11:32

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    • litlbit2 says:

      Very good. May I add that I also believe long before Trump was President Trump, “I know many more things”, there are many still getting checks that have exposed themselves. Not only in the security apparatus but also in congress.

      All in due time!

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  28. Larry Bates says:

    Typical pretzel-tongue Democrat.
    He is asked to review the documents and it takes him 21 minutes to say OK.
    Furthermore, in his mind, after all of the leaking about Donald Trump, there is a leak TO him and suddenly THAT is outrageous.
    Apparently, all of the contrived “The Russians made me do it” nonsense, is valid and newsworthy, but actual proof that the Obama regime spied on America’s elected President Elect and his transition team, no, that is irrelevant.

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  29. sobriquet4u says:

    Schiff and Farkas both have “dead eyes”.

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  30. blessdog says:

    transparent, soul-less, pathologically lying, deep state thug puppet actors like Schiff do not deserve to be rewarded – i agree

    but who knows? ever since they learned that mind control, FEAR porn, and propaganda were the most effective tools to achieve the “distract, divide, control, repeat” paradigm they were seeking to inflict on mutually oppressed groups, thug puppet government and media agents of the deep state psychopath globalists have been practicing it relentlessly…
    …starting with the Holy Roman Empire generally, and perfected with great focus for the last couple of centuries.

    The thing is, they never would have been able to succeed to the extent they have, were it not for the co-operation and complicity of the masses of regular citizens, EAGER to divide and control themselves, so assigning blame is complex for me.

    the truth SHOULD be victorious, and those who seek only it SHOULD be rewarded, but i think the reward can only be in the battle, not the results

    it’s said that in a righteous battle, a warrior may be injured or even killed, but that they will feel no pain

    i have to believe that…


  31. Tyler McKinley says:

    Sundance. What is the protocol for the nsc sharing info with the WH? If the nsc had info they thought important to the investigation of how intelligence was collected – masking and unmasking – why would they go thru Nunes? Why wouldn’t they walk across the plaza and share it directly with the WH?


    • Eaglemom says:

      Nunes’s source is NOT the two white officials who let him look at documents on the White House grounds. There were only two places for him to go look at documents – the White House SCIF or the place where is source is located. Nunes was not going to go where his source is located to look at documents.

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  32. beaujest says:

    Schiff Stain is California’s gift from the Commies in Massachusetts!


  33. Watcher says:

    Schiff is trying to take the WH classified information provided narrative to his narrative “how these materials were found in the ordinarily course of business”.
    He mentioned this twice in his letter to WH.

    I say at this point, what difference does it make!


    • TPW says:

      Timing of materials(proof) and who found them does not change the content of the material……..See ……Russia hacked the DNC computers


  34. Glenn Stehle says:

    Imagine this: The UniParty is involved in a massive cover-up in an attempt to hide its failed attempt to use the US’s vast security aparatus (aka “Deep State”) to undermine the Trump campaign. And despite it all, there are a small handful — Ezra Cohen-Watnick, Michael Ellis and Nunes — willing to come forward to speak truth to power.

    It very much reminds me of this passage from Hannah Arendt’s Eichmann in Jerusalem: A Report on the Banality of evil:

    It is true that totalitarian domination tried to establish these holes of oblivion into which all deeds, good and evil, would disappear, but just as the Nazis’ feverish attempts, from June, 1942, on, to erase all traces of the massacres — through cremation, through burning in open pits, through the use of explosives and flame-throwers and bone-crushing machinery — were doomed to failure, so all efforts to let their opponents “disappear in silent anonymity” were in vain.

    The holes of oblivion do not exist. Nothing human is that perfect, and there are simply too many people in the world to make oblivion possible.

    One man will always be left alive to tell the story….

    Politically speaking, it is that under conditions of terror most people will comply but some people will not, just as the lesson of the countries to which the Final Solution was proposed is that “it could happen” in most places but it did not happen everywhere. Humanly speaking, no more is required, and no more can be reasonably asked, for this planet to remain a place fit for human habitation.

    — HANNAH ARENDT, Eichman in Jeruslalem: A Report on the Banality of Evil

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  35. jeans2nd says:

    Confirming some pieces of what you already know –

    Schiff, 7:30, “I’m prepared to work with whoever I need to.” Obviously not true.

    14:25 Schiff elucidates the procedures for a true whistleblower to follow. Shiff states that these procedures were not followed in this instance. Schiff is incorrect.

    The leaker who gave the NY Times the info leading to the NY Times article to which Schiff had previously referred in this interview is not mentioned by Schiff. The NY Times leaker obviously broke the law. Curious.

    “The true source of the information,” to which Schiff next refers, is most likely the whistleblower. Said whistleblower is possibly (probably?) POTUS himself, or White House staff. POTUS/staff heard the 2 March 2017 Farkas interview on MSNBC and POTUS/staff called White House NSC, who had clearance to review classified data. White House/POTUS informed Nunes, not the other way around as Schiff states.

    Stopped listening at 16:11 (gave me a headache). Schiff obviously still conflating Illegal Surveillance investigation with Russia investigation. Is Schiff – or anyone – really this stupid?

    Also – is there even a Leaker investigation at this point? Cannot tell at this point.

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  36. Summer says:

    A vote for Rod Rosenstein is scheduled on April 3. Rosenstein will be in charge of Muh Russia “investigation”, that’s why the Democrats were delaying his confirmation.

    Gorsuch and Rosenstein — April 3.


  37. Dan says:

    Who is the hottie standing behind Shiff?


  38. AuntGeek says:



  39. AuntGeek says:



  40. Horsesoldier says:

    Schiff practicing his backstroke, never realizing he’s now swimming upstream where the lion waits.


  41. William Ford says:

    So Nunes needs someone clandestine to leak the docs to a friendly media outlet (not the NY Times) to get it out there in public.


  42. Ziiggii says:

    very important video that needs to be watched….

    looks like the NSC staffers being the ‘sources’ are in fact nothing more than a set up that caught Mrs NeverTrump!


    the person who did the ‘unmasking’ is “someone well known in the IC and someone ‘very’ senior and not from the FBI”…

    taking bets on who the lucky winner is – Brennan or Clapper?


  43. Bubba says:

    Schiff’s goal will increasingly be to discredit the investigation. He’s laying the ground work for that. He’s going to need to try to turn the media focus onto the investigation/process and away from the results of the investigation. Defense attorneys always try to impeach the accusers/witnesses, taint the evidence, and question due process in attempting to get their client off the hook,


  44. mypitztop says:

    Sundance, thank you for the clarity … as always. I learn more in your 2 minute reads than ANY other site.

    Why do you seem to be the only blog/commentator/opinionator who can ‘cut through’ all the extemporaneous fluff in order to ask the pertinent questions and patiently explain an issue without all the DC baggage?


    Even Hannity and Ingraham – although light years removed from the msm – seem to treat their viewers as children with their lazy ‘talking points, i.e., ‘what did the president know and when did …’, and they never seem to be willing to drill down to the actual ‘why?’ and the ‘follow the money and power’ questions. Are their owner/donor/advertiser dollars prohibiting such? Basically it’s the same issue with Limbaugh and O’Reilly who get in their own way, become the story, and stumble over their own egos.

    (Comment edited by Admin…)

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    • G. Combs says:

      Sundance has an ability that is not particularly common in the human population. This is the ability to take a bunch of separate facts and string them together to make a logical whole. Most often this is a multilevel matrix and not just follow the dots. (I have it and got sent out as troubleshooter to various plants by the VP of production, therefore I recognize its rarity.) On top of that talent Sundance has another talent which I and those like me often do not have. The ability to take that multilevel matrix and condense it into a short concise form normal people can follow easily.

      Here is another person who is good at putting together bits and pieces but does not have Sundance’s gift of concise text to illustrate what I mean.
      (One of my favorite sites but not to everyones taste unless you like “Dig HERE” type stuff.)

      Since this talent is most often found in engineering/inventor types, they are going to be found in industry/the business world and not in the media. They are literally going to think in multilevel matrixes and be terrible communicators.

      This is also why Trump is grabing top flight businessmen to stuff into his cabinet positions. He, and our country, NEEDS these people with this compination of skills desparately.

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  45. UKExpat says:

    All the RINO and LIBTATRD cockroaches are being forced out from under their stones and are emerging blinking, stuttering and obfuscating in to the daylight.


  46. UKExpat says:

    Has everyone seen the list of the RINO recipients of Soros money it reads like a who’s who of RINO wimps with McCain, Rubio, Ryan, Kasich and Graham at the top of the list and explains just WHY they are what they are.


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