Protecting Deep State: Republicans and Democrats Refuse To Review Oversight Intelligence…

Following up on THIS EXPLAINER.

♦ Obviously Chairman Devin Nunes has placed himself outside the rails of Deep State.  ♦ The UniParty now wants him removed.  ♦ Nunes has become a risk.  ♦ Brutally obvious questions being ignored by media become focus of wider electorate.

2017 Congressional Intelligence Oversight “Gang of Eight”

Chairman Nunes is the only member of the Intelligence Oversight Gang-of-Eight who has reviewed the executive level intelligence product which caused him concern.  Nunes alleged in the last week he received evidence that Obama administration political figures gained access to unmasked American identities through foreign intercepts involving the Trump transition team between November 2016 and January 2017.

Media and congressional leadership intentionally skip the obvious questions:

♦ Why don’t the other seven members also go look at the same executive intel?

• Why, instead of looking at the same data, does the entire UniParty political apparatus and DC media now seem intent on eliminating Devin Nunes?

• Why doesn’t Adam Schiff, Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer or Mark Warner simply go look at the same executive intelligence product?

• Why doesn’t Paul Ryan, Mitch McConnell or Richard Burr simply go look at the same executive intelligence product?

• Why doesn’t any member of the DC media ask such brutally obvious questions?

• Why is the DC UniParty both intent on not looking at the intelligence and simultaneously intent on removing Nunes, and getting the investigation removed from the House Intelligence Committee (Nunes/Schiff) and over to the Senate Intelligence Committee (Burr/Warner)?

• What is it about that Executive Office Level Intelligence Product the gang-of-eight are all so desperately afraid of?

• Why would the Senate launch another entire congressional intelligence inquiry, when the head of the Senate Intelligence Committees, Burr and Warner, are desperate NOT to see the intelligence product that causes Nunes such concern?

• What does that say about the intent of a committee when they refuse to even look at the intelligence reports they are supposed to be investigating?

These are all simple questions that hang above the political chaff and countermeasures.

These are also simply questions that explain why President Trump made this simple request:

Notice how in the three months since that request was made by President-Elect Donald Trump, only one member of congress has actually done what was requested.  That member is Devin Nunes.

Now look at what’s happening around Devin Nunes.

The brutally obvious reality behind these simple questions highlights something much more than the simple SWAMP.  The reactive behavior is not confined to current DC politicians or the media surrounding DC.

What we see now, is a response by multiple elements more aptly called “Deep State“.

Carly Fiorina, a former member of the CIA advisory board, calling for an independent commission seems rather odd when you accept the reality that current congressional oversight officials are refusing to even look at the current intelligence.

Odd, that is, until you realize such a request is a way for a Deeper State to protect itself.

Devin Nunes is the only official who has viewed the intelligence, therefore Devin Nunes is now a risk – he must be removed.  Similarly, the committee which Devin Nunes chairs is also a risk; because if Nunes is successful his committee will not be able to look away from the intelligence product(s) he puts in front of them.

Effective this week, the UniParty has deployed Senator Richard Burr and Senator Mark Warner as countermeasures. –EXPLAINER HERE

Richard Burr needs to play the role formerly occupied by: Darryl Issa, Jason Chaffetz and Trey Gowdy:

The countermeasure or controlled opposition role was originally assigned to Chairman Devin Nunes.

Unfortunately Mr. Nunes did not comply with his role, he took a greater loyalty to the presidency, and to his oath-of-office, than to the UniParty/deep-state, and thus Nunes must be removed in favor of Senator Burr.

Senator Richard Burr will now play the role of political countermeasures.

Nothing more.

Once you see the strings on the Marionettes, it’s impossible to go back to a time when you couldn’t see them.

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552 Responses to Protecting Deep State: Republicans and Democrats Refuse To Review Oversight Intelligence…

  1. 0 is off pretending to be Paul Gauguin and hoping no one recognizes him…

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  2. screwauger says:

    Their entire schtick is pretending they don’t know what they know. This gives them that plausible deniability.

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  3. Bruce says:

    Don’t buy newspapers, cut the cable/sat. service off….that’s just for starters….oh yes, sleep with your favorite semi auto pistol under your pillow.

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  4. jeans2nd says:

    All this fussing and hand-wringing.

    POTUS is busy fulfilling the campaign promises made to the American people. There are 1,391 more days to expose the bad guys. If the bad guys have anything on Nunes (doubtful), it will come out soon.

    Melania was in town today. Ivana was added to WH Staff as an advisor today. Jared is already an advisor. Bannon is…crazy.

    Don’t discount the Trump Team quite yet. The bad guys need time to fully expose themselves. They still have their shorts, you know.

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  5. wheatietoo says:

    In reading around in comments around the web…I am seeing “Farkas” used as a Verb.

    “He just Farkassed himself.”

    As in…’shot oneself in the foot’.
    Or…’stupidly blurted out the truth by mistake’.

    Hah! I love it.

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  6. Gabriel says:

    “Why don’t the other seven members also go look at the same executive intel?”

    Plausible deniability. My guess is that this is so over-the-top disgusting, that those whose names were unmasked will most likely be livid that this has been happening. Until the reports are looked at, the Go8 – 1 will try to deny even having knowledge of this.

    Once it crosses the line where Schiff, for example, goes and looks at the report, any normal person looking at that report would be just as disturbed, if not more, as Nunes is, and would demand not only answers as to “why”, but action as well.

    Not only were Americans names unmasked, but it seems that their day-to-day activities were shared as well.

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  7. Trumppin says:

    When is Obama due back to the states? Anyone want to bet on “IF” he’ll return or not?

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  8. dustahl says:

    Trump needs to keep on the offense every day, make them scramble. Get after Hillory and Obama, Sessions get to work

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  9. Publius2016 says:

    We need to remember that Wikileaks has shown that the powers of the “deep state” are unlimited in regards to,surveillance. Every electronic device is a weapon ready to be employed against their enemies and yet, President Trump stands tall. Whether Obama and/or Crooked Hillary hangs will not matter for the next generation. Our President wants to forget the past if the opposition accepts defeat and take all of us to our quarter millennial celebrating ou return as a Constitutional Republic. MAGA!

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    • 3x1 says:

      I hope they are enjoying photos of my lavatorial art.

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      • jeans2nd says:

        They are still chasing my old group (we’re alive again, couple three weeks ago). Perhaps your pics are slowing them down. Thanks!


        • 3x1 says:

          Encrypted files draw attention like magnets.

          Next time you find a Port-o-Let, preserve its magnificent art (good enough for MoMa, right?), double-encrypt the image, then send it from a local library to some EU muckity-muck in Brussels as an attachment. Use verbiage like “Fed release for tomorrow” which should set off every alarm. They’ll get some poor SOB at NSA / CIA or GCHQ to decrypt it and Ta-Da!


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  10. Scotty19541 says:

    So with the Healthcare fiasco still hanging over Ryan’s head will he now cave on Nunes?

    The 49-member Congressional Black Caucus (CBC) Wednesday called on House Speaker Paul Ryan, R-Wis., to remove Rep. Devin Nunes, R-Calif., from the House intelligence committee after Nunes refused to recuse himself from the committee’s investigation of possible ties between Russia and President Trump’s campaign.


    • bofh says:

      So… Nunes’ offense is now a Black Thing? He’s a raysiss? SMH…

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    • Gabriel says:

      I think Ryan may of had a change of heart recently, I know many here will disagree but it does happen. Ryan was only trying to push through the healthcare bill that Trump wanted, he was helping Trump, not work against him.

      Wasn’t it odd, that in the days after Ryan pulled the bill, everyone was asking that he step down as Speaker, no different than what’s happening with Nunes ?


    • OmegaManBlue says:

      If the republicans give the democrats what they want here it won’t garner them any good will. In fact it will probably make things worse for them. The democrats, feeling empowered, will call for someone else scalp. The democrats won’t stop even if they get Trump removed from office.


      • cwf60 says:

        Time for the Republicans to act like winners. Not sure that is possible, because I am seeing the Democrats act as if nothing has changed in their world. The Republicans continue to think they should get along with their Democrat colleagues instead of acting like winners and doing the job they were elected to do. This is getting frustrating.

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  11. 3x1 says:

    I hope OPM is keeping a record of people with clearances suddenly putting in for retirement.

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  12. entagor says:

    In another TreeHouse thread, fleporeblog posted a comment from trapper Wolfmoon1776

    wolfmoon1776 put together three rumors
    1. Election night when Hillary was beginning to lose Pennsylvania, CNN held back reporting numbers. The rumor:
    Well, supposedly, at that point, the White Hats noticed massive data between CIA headquarters and those states. That was when they allegedly told the CIA “cut it out, or we send planes and bomb your HQ.” wolfmoon1776
    2. a rumor about Florida registration uploads
    3. A rumor that an Ohio server had been altered to aid Bush

    What if the fix was in so good they even bought a fireworks show but then Pennsylvania went wacko? It would explain deer in the headlights at CNN. What if the Black Hats were threatened by White Hats? That would explain a move to CYA

    That would explain why Obama was so off-guard after the election, racing through a bunch of things like EOs and EAs. He had NO reason to believe Trump could possibly win, because he didn’t know that Trump likely knew a LOT about Montgomery.

    OMG – and one more reason. Just realized this. After Trump beat them, and CIA got called out., Obama knew Trump knew things. He HAD to spy to see how much Trump knew while he still had access to the tools. Sneaky! wolfmoon1776

    Trump recited The Snake at many rallies. It was the song of the woman who rescues a snake only to get bitten by the laughing snake. At the time, I thought Trump was letting the little guy know he understood how they felt

    Now I believe when Trump recited The Snake slowly and loudly, he was talking to the DC establishment over the heads of his audiences. Listen to Trump recite that song. He was telling them “I know who you are”

    the Snake is tryng to bite Nunes

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    • The only way anyone could have been so certain Hillary would win is if the election was rigged. Otherwise, it makes no sense. It was a Republican year; 8 years of one party is the norm…it always flips to the other party after 8 years. Just how it is. So for anyone to be so certain that Hillary would win means the fix was in. It is the only explanation.

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    • Sam Houston says:

      I have ALWAYS been of the opinion that the shock and awe on election night wasn’t bc of “polls” that told them she would win, but bc they knew that the CIA could control the outcome. I also believe that’s why HRC was lazy about campaigning. I had a friend in DC the night of the election. He’s well connected and said that the next morning at breakfast he literally had to convince everyone there that they were awake and that Trump had won bc they just couldn’t believe it. They were literally in denial. He had been there a couple days before election as well and told me that we needed to prepare ourselves bc HRC was going to win. I said bc of rigging? He said yes, that was his belief after listening to how sure people in DC were.

      One day I hope there is an honest book or movie about what went on behind the scenes with the white hats and black hats. I’m sure it was insane.

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    • Lottacats says:

      Gosh I HATE SNAKES!

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    • OmegaManBlue says:

      You brought up the fireworks. If you go back to the day before the election day you will see Hillary canceled the fireworks before the election started the next day. I believe her internal numbers showed the election being way closer than any of us will ever know.


  13. Nationalist says:

    Why does the Trump administration always seem to be on defense–and almost never on offense when it comes to dealing with these rampaging bullies?

    Will this administration ever rise up and fight back with a vengeance–or will they just keep absorbing vicious body blows, one after another?

    It’s extremely demoralizing waiting and hoping for someone/anyone to get punished…but not seeing anything done.

    Am I the only one out here getting really frustrated?

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    • 3x1 says:

      Not frustrated in the slightest.

      More work is getting done than gets reported.

      Remember Trump works Herculean hours. The rest of the Russians! nonsense peppers the headlines, but meetings and orders are being knocked out like clockwork.

      Congress, on the other hand is slothlike. Heavily medicated sloth-like.

      These dingdongs like ruckus or fracas or whatever her name is will wreck themselves without Trumps help.

      It’s all good 🙂

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    • Niagara Frontier says:

      In military terms I think both sides are on the offense and using a “bait and bleed” strategy. This strategy more than others takes time to play out to a conclusion.

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    • Bob Kalle says:

      He is rope a doping, letting them wear themselves out making more mistakes and then we will have the christening scene from the Godfather.

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    • Oldschool says:

      I am EXTREMELY frustrated by all you mention, but that may be my impatience and longing for justice. Trump, SD and most of the Treepers know far more than I, so I continue to read the posts and pray justice will be served. I feel your pain!

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    • WSB says:

      It’s the Trump way. Let everyone hit you, and then counterpunch the heck out of them. Takes longer, but lasts longer too.

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    • seekingthetruth2 says:

      Didn’t you write an opus a day or two ago? That is rhetorical, you need not answer.

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    • skifflegirl says:

      Those that watch CNN, MSNBC, etc. have a completely different view of (un)reality. They believe the Trump Administration is on it’s last legs. I see tweets from them all the time. This country is split between those who are asleep under the influence of Rachel Maddow, and the awakened.


    • Tejas Rob says:

      >Am I the only one out here getting really frustrated?

      I’m so mad I could shit in my hand and rub it in my hair, but not at President Trump. I’m mad at the spineless GOPe Uni-Partiers who won’t stand and fight.

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  14. Never Say Anything says:

    To be fair to the “deepstate,” Devin Nunes has a source in the executive branch. It could be inside the White House or it could be inside an intel agency. Either way, the other members of the Gang of Eight do not know who his source is, so they cannot go look at the information. They would need to know what to look for and where to get it. This information must be viewed in a secure room (SCIF) and cannot leave the premises.

    The problem Nunes is having is one of security clearance. The only other person on the House Intel Committee with the proper clearance is Democrat Adam Schiff. Obviously, Nunes is not going to take him to meet a secret source that is exposing the Obama administration.

    The best Nunes can do right now is verbally explain what he saw to his Republican committee members like Peter King and Trey Gowdy. However, neither of them have the proper clearance to view the documents themselves. One must remember that not all members of the Intel committee have the same clearance. The chair and ranking are the only ones with access to it all.

    So Nunes is kind of stuck at the moment. There is no one he trusts that has the clearance to view the documents. Paul Ryan has the clearance (Ryan is on the Gang of Eight). However, Ryan is not on the Intel Committee, so he might not want to get involved in this during an investigation.

    One thing that might confuse some people is that not all members of the Gang of Eight are on the intel committees. The only other person on the House Intel Committee with the clearance is Adam Schiff.

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    • Gabriel says:

      Nunes mentioned that he shared what he knew with Speaker Ryan before talking to PDJT.

      That may have been all that Ryan needed to hear and at that time, he was trying to get the healthcare bill passed.

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    • 3x1 says:

      Schiff should be hammered with, “why aren’t you going to the WH to look at EVERYTHING???”

      Puts him in a pickle.

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      • whoseyore says:

        That is exactly what I have been thinking! Perhaps Spicer could tell the press to ask Schiff when he plans to seek the the information that was sought by Nunes.

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        • Tejas Rob says:

          >Perhaps Spicer could tell the press

          We have no press in that sense. What we have are a bunch of wanna be TV stars who are as vapid and they are self-absorbed. They live in their own little circle and worry about where they are going to dinner tonight and vacationing in Cabo. They don’t do work. People like Sundance, and us too, do the work.


  15. Trump's Aussie Mates says:

    Why doesn’t Sean Spicer feed the press gallery the necessary questions as per SD’s detailed analysis? If the WH continue to promote the questions they want answered then surely some journalist somewhere will ask the relevant parties…?

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  16. Elroy says:

    Why doesn’t Nunes publicly state that the other gang of 8 members have the ability to view the same material he did?

    At the very least, he could suggest, during his next interview, that some inquiring member of the media should ask the other gang members Why haven’t reviewed the same material.

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    • Never Say Anything says:

      They don’t know where to get it. They would need Nunes to take them over to the Eisenhower building and show them the data on the secured computers. And to do that, Nunes might be exposing his source who wishes to remain anonymous for now. To even view this information, you have to be signed in, go through security checks, scanners, etc. And you cannot record any of it — it is for viewing with “eyes only” as they say.

      Of course, there’s the chance that Nunes and Trump are conspiring to make this all up. I doubt it, but it’s possible. However, I just don’t see Nunes making himself a patsy for Trump. He has a long career ahead of him and I just don’t see him risking it all over this.


      • 3x1 says:


        We’ve had documented examples by both official (CIA) and unknown-loyalty actors (the Flying Awan Brothers)

        Face it. Congress has ZERO technical horsepower. They always rely on someone else for IT security.

        Congress is permitted the illusion of secure rooms. I’d bet every bit of the TPP was in the IC before the first critter laid eyes on it. So they leak precious little. But they know everything. Everywhere. Bars. Homes. Hotels. Everywhere.

        I’d bet Washington DC has more bugs per square inch than Madonna.

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      • armie says:

        Remember all those Clinton era documents that went “missing” from the national archives? Could be that avoiding the computer equivalent of the Berger incident figures in Nunez’s decisions. If no one else knows where everything is, it’ll be harder for an Obama holdover to “accidentally” erase all of it. Getting it handed directly to the committee by FBI and NSA eliminates any chance of an engineered single point failure.


    • whoseyore says:

      From all that I have read, I believe that Nunes is being forced to address this issue, so I doubt he is going to challenge his buddies. I don’t think he even wants to be in this position, so his heart is not in it.

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  17. jakegr says:

    If you know how blackmail works, (and Kushner family knows something about it), then a portion of the intel Obama likely ordered deals with *intimate* details of the Trump families lives.

    They knew there was no Russia stuff. So what were they looking for? Financial stuff, obv. But also this: Every Trump and associate was being monitored for intimate activities (to look for cheating, deviancy, etc). That includes the men, the women,…. and god help them if they tried to monitor youngsters.

    Nunes may have walked out of that intel black room knowing the Trumps a lot more personally than he ever thought he would.

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    • Oldschool says:

      I believe substantial surveillance was of the private nature. One of POTUS’ tweets on this surveillance issue ended with the word “sick”.

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      • missmarple2 says:

        This is the conclusion I came to as well. I also believe the President saw the information (whether through a leaker or discovering it himself by reading the PDB’s in the months of the transition) and that triggered that absolutely visceral reaction on Twitter.

        “Bad (or sick)” is how he described it. The PDB briefings containing the information would be why he laid it on Obama (as opposed to Brennan or Comey).

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    • any1one says:

      ..and notice that Judge Napolitano is back at FOX and he’s not backing down one bit..sticking by his allegations because he knows the truth..Obammy could have scrubbed some but not all evidence..he probably requested the uppers to do it but got resistence aftr the election..jail does not appeal to most people, especially upper pros..obammy knew it would all come down on his head..hitlery, too..dems are forcing hitlery to come out of the woods and make good on for all the all the donations that went to her and the foundation..and there she is..the gooses have hung themselves and they know it..many one way tickets purchased to somewhere..just wait..just patient

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    • psadie says:

      Oh without a doubt for in the very beginning of the “surveillance” on Trump someone in the media asked “what would Trump do if he knew he was being watched via his cellphone?” So CIA was watching and listening to him all the while. What would make Trump go ballistic…sex tape of him/Melania in their private quarters, nude photos of Trump (shower), photos of Barron and other things. Remember when SS took photos of Don Jr. son while he was sleeping?
      Trump has to hit EVERYONE hard and take down the whole damn government once and for all!


  18. John Doe says:

    Schiff for brains just admitted he refused to sign the letter for the closed hearing with Comey and Rodgers from Tuesday. Holy Canolli!!!!!

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    • Never Say Anything says:

      Schiff doesn’t want to force Comey to answer the charge Nunes is making. In a closed hearing Comey would have to answer these questions which is why the Democrats don’t want closed hearings. The want open nothing burger hearings where Comey just says “no comment” over and over again.

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    • jamesmacalistair says:

      Where? Link?


  19. Kelly says:

    For once, typical Alinsky tactics will not stop the oncoming freight train for all of those involved in illegal surveillance for political gain and those who are aiding and abetting the criminals. Why? Nunes only represents one head of the hydra. Demonize and neutralize Nunes and there are twelve more behind him – many who are not in the public eye. This will not go well for the Uniparty.

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    • jmbuck says:

      I am sorry, what other 12? Looks like one sticks his head up and they take him down. I am trying to keep my hopes up, but good heavens, both political parties, the media, the deep state all on the airways spreading BS and propaganda all day. Maddow’s rating are through the roof. Fox has had it’s best 1st quarter yet. They are not losing anything.

      I live in a community full of clueless morons who cannot think for themselves. They believe this stuff, ALL of it. Most of them still haven’t gotten over the election, still crying.

      I am to the point where I do not think they deserve any liberty, let them have what they want. Problem is there is no place for me to go away from this nightmare. It just feels hopeless right now. The ignorance around me is infuriating.

      I fear this will be swept away just like everything else in the last 8 years has been. The corruption is just too deep and pervasive. Too much money involved and not enough in the way of morality, character, honesty, or patriotism. Just selfishness and greed.

      OK, I’ve had my pity party. I’ll shut up now.

      Goodnight, I am going to pray again for President Trump and his team.

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      • Kelly says:

        Friend, you are suffering from a severe case of gaslighting. What other 12? The same who made us aware of what is happening. Sometimes unplugging for a bit helps with the gaslighting.


  20. Trump's Aussie Mates says:

    Is all this really going to be hushed up?

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  21. Howie says:

    As far as I can tell the KuKu leftists are having a Mock Impeachment Party. A pathetic pitiful fantasy. Kind of like Halloween and Kwansa all rolled in to one last extravaganza.

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  22. any1one says:

    just wait..

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  23. These are comments from the researchers on George Webb-Awan Bros. day 157.
    Paul in Denver2 hours ago
    Judge Nap stands by his claims!
    Before Vault 7, before Snowden, before Wikileaks, before the Patriot Act, go back to 1999 and refresh your background on the Five Eyes (UK, US, Canada, Australia, New Zealand) and the spying in country for each other, known as (and leaked by an Australian official who disapproved of the arrangement) Project Echelon. After it was leaked, it was denied and claimed shut down (just like in the Bourne movies) but reemerged as Project Carnivore. Under this arrangement 1200 UK agents in a building in the US could do keyword searches and intercepts, with the Five Eyes arrangement that if any ‘incidental information on US citizens’ was discovered, it could be passed on to the US intelligence community. The US had similar outposts in UK. This totally bypassed the restrictions passed after the Church Committee hearings, FISA court warrants, and laws prohibiting the spy agencies “spying on American citizens”.
    There is no paper trail, and what the Judge is insinuating, is that a Five Eyes arrangement still exists almost two decades later.
    After 911 and the Patriot Act, the IC has expanded authority, but no proof exists that the Five Eyes/Echelon/Carnivore arrangements no longer exist. Judge Nap insists his sources prove they do.
    and from another commenter Chiquita Banana1 hour ago

    The basis for the co-operation between the Anglosphere countries is tied to the 1948 agreement called the UKUSA Agreement.

    National Security Policy in Australia and NZ revolves around this agreement. It really is the “tie that binds us”. It’s also one of the most important cold war documents.

    Pine Gap – the US SIGINT base in Australia has been one of my obsessions for a long time.

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    • 3x1 says:

      Aside from having a handy location for satellite / listening stations, the land down under has much to lose from this whole 5 eyes, let’s spy on each other’s people nudge nudge wink wink gig. Canada and the UK too.

      If there’s really sick personal stuff being intercepted (like people’s kids) I’d offer an immediate abrogation of the agreement and pulling diplomats.

      Seriously. They need us WAY WAY more than we need them. UK is poised to be overrun by moslems. So undermine your best ally against that? Fine. BYE. Good luck. Don’t forget to write. Australia? NZ? Want protection from Chinese expansion? After snooping on our elected officials kids? How about NO? Canada? Our traffic interchange just stopped. We’ll manage without your lumber, oil and poutine. Go stalk somebody else’s kids, eh? Take off. Hosers.

      Boom. And right there you restore the rights of your citizens from being stalked by our so-called “Allies”

      I might not make a two-term President, or even one full-term, but by golly I’d rattle some cages and red pill the country like a wild man.

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      • dutzie60 says:

        This is probably going to be THE stupidest question yet, but I’m snoop/intercept ignorant. How or what mechanisms would be used to snoop on kids? The TV? Most are too young for telephone use. Maybe computer cameras?


        • gsonline2 says:

          tablets and smartphones


        • 3x1 says:

          Webcams can be readily hacked.

          Our dear .gov partnered with Apple and Gewwwgle to access smartphone cams and mics and Samsung TV’s, even while they appear to be off.

          They call it security. Others call it Perverts Stalking and collecting Blackmail material.

          Don’t let this happen to you!

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  24. Enlightened Vulgarian says:

    So many puppets, and all the time in the world.

    “If you wanna see me do my thing, pull my string….”


    • 3x1 says:

      Strikes a resonant chord, n’est ce pas?

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      • O.M.G. – I remember that episode!!! I’ve only had TV in my life a few years and none now, so imagine my surprise! Robert Wagner looks so young! And I love the 5th Dimension – thanks for this trip down Memory Lane, 3/1!!!


        • 3x1 says:

          Old TV was fun! 🙂

          New TV is dreadful.


        • 3x1 says:

          Every boy growing up wanted to be Alexander Mundy or Mannix or Sgt. Saunders the like. All Alpha males.

          It started going downhill I’d guess in the late 70’s.

          It returned for the first season of “24” which quickly became neutered. I think Kiefer Sutherlands DUI was probably designed to delegitimize him as a role model who dispatched bad guys, many moslem, in an expeitious manner. I say this because connected people *never* get DUI’s. They get a courtesy ride home, unless it’s a witnessed wreck where people are hurt. Look at DC cops scooting Patrick Kennedy out of a potentially career ending bender.

          He was under the influence, NO FST administered.

          System is rigged and rotten.

          Anyway, the old shows were fun and wonderfully pc-free.

          Marilyn McCoo was beautiful.


  25. Bubba says:

    I don’t know much about Nunes. But, I don’t need to know much about him. Because, I don’t trust anyone that was appointed by the establishment to such an important position as chairman of an intel committee. That’s all I need to know.

    It’s all theater folks. Just like the investigations on Bengahzi, IRS, emails/server, 911, JFK, and on and on and on. It keeps us distracted while they move onto the next crime. It’s also meant to give us some hope that something will eventually be done to the criminals. They need to keep our pitch forks in the barn until we move on and get distracted by the next scandal. Rinse and repeat.

    Everything is now rigged against the people and for the powerful & connected few in gov’t, media, industry, religion, etc. It took them decades to get to this point and their tentacles are everywhere. It’s not fixable because the riggers won’t allow it. They will burn it all down before they’ll allow it.

    Sometimes, you have to burn down a forest completely in order to preserve it with renewed growth. We’re either going to have a controlled burn managed by Trump or an out of control burn lit by the establishment. There’s no other way for renewal for such an out of control, over grown forest.

    Liked by 2 people

    • shadowcole says:

      I agree with you about congress and their “investigations” but Sessions is in control of the DOJ now which is new for DC. There hasn’t been a real attorney general in decades and I am not so sure that these “investigations” by congress won’t go anywhere. Sessions can use any of the information gained in the show put on by congress. So we will have to wait and see. I think it needs to be burned down and start from scorched earth to rebuild.


  26. sagatel says:

    I hope McCain gets UTI, Prostate problems and all kind of other health related problems so I wont have to see his ugly demented face on TV stabbing fellow Republicans in the back.

    Liked by 1 person

  27. jameswlee2014 says:

    Sundance, you perform an invaluable service but there is one more thing you could do that would be a significant force multiplier. WHO ARE THEY? Can someone put a name with the labels. We need to know. If we can find out who they are, we can make our displeasure known to them. They are the enemy and they are right here among us. But, remember this; they do not live in castles. They believe we are sheep and treat us with contempt. I think they may have misjudged. I just want names. Where can we get the name?


  28. In Az says:

    Past time for “Athens 1946”. It will take millions of true Patriots.


  29. UKExpat says:

    The Washington Bubble Uni Party closing ranks to protect the GUILTY as HELL


  30. Snellville Bob says:

    it is very likely that Adam Schiff, Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer and Mark Warner were part of the original distribution list so they have no reason to re-read them.


  31. SafeSpace says:

    Why don’t the other members look at the intelligence? Because it might expose truths that contradict their narratives, and because they are more concerned with protecting their candy asses than they are with serving their employers, the citizens of the USA. I don’t think there are asshats large enough to fit the heads of folks like Smidge McConnell and Nancy Putrosi.


  32. nm says:

    Trump now must go on the offensive and use his bully pulpit. He needs to demand daily that the Congress and DOJ investigate the surveillance, unmasking and leaking for political purposes. So long ago that the Congress was demanding Trump show proof that he was under surveillance. Now that the proof is being uncovered the Congress does not want to see it………..


  33. Linda says:

    It upsets me greatly when I as a lay person can view and read these articles and actually know intuitively there are many lies being told or set up to be told! This frightens me more than Russia! Now because Devin Nunes has answered the request of President Trump and in good faith is doing just what he is entrusted to do, there is fallout all over congress and this group of 8 whatever trying to put the screws to Devin Nunes. What the hell is going on in D.C.?


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