Intel Chairman Devin Nunes: President-Elect Trump Was Under Surveillance By Obama Intel Community…

The House Intelligence Committee Chairman, Devin Nunes, held a brief press conference (video also included below) at approximately 1:00pm EDT and stated he has been provided intelligence reports brought to him by unnamed sources include ‘significant information’ about President-Elect Trump and his transition team.

1.) …”On numerous occasions the [Obama] intelligence community incidentally collected information about U.S. citizens involved in the Trump transition.”

2.)  “Details about U.S. persons associated with the incoming administration; details with little or no apparent foreign intelligence value were widely disseminated in intelligence community reporting.”

3.) “Third, I have confirmed that additional names of Trump transition members were unmasked.”

4.) “Fourth and finally, I want to be clear; none of this surveillance was related to Russia, or the investigation of Russian activities, or of the Trump team.

“The House Intelligence Committee will thoroughly investigate surveillance and its subsequent dissemination, to determine a few things here that I want to read off:”

  • “Who was aware of it?”
  • “Why it was not disclosed to congress?”
  • “Who requested and authorized the additional unmasking?”
  • “Whether anyone directed the intelligence community to focus on Trump associates?”
  • “And whether any laws, regulations or procedures were violated?”

“I have asked the Directors of the FBI, NSA and CIA to expeditiously comply with my March 15th letter -that you all received a couple of weeks ago- and to provide a full account of these surveillance activities.”

Chairman Nunes said he has briefed House Speaker Paul Ryan earlier today and stated he will soon brief the White House.  ‘It’s all classified information,’ he said, and ‘has nothing to do with any criminal investigation. This is normal incidental collection, at least from what I was able to read.’

Nunes told reporters he was bothered by ‘why people would need to know that about President-Elect Trump or his transition team.’  But he declined to declare that the CIA, FBI or NSA was ‘spying’ on Trump.

“It all depends on one’s definition of spying.” … “I’m not going to get into legal definitions here, but clearly I have a concern.”  VIDEO BELOW:


Yellow Box = White Hat

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1,054 Responses to Intel Chairman Devin Nunes: President-Elect Trump Was Under Surveillance By Obama Intel Community…

  1. MIKE says:

    President Trump is executing his game plan with surgical precision. Some pesky stumbling blocks thrown his way, such as “normal incidental collection”, may slow him down some.
    I can’t wait for his kill shot.

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  2. John Doe says:

    Sen. John McNasty is on Greta on MSNBC…he is in full panic mode…screaming for a select committee…yeah, John…string it out as long as possible. I believe he is in this up to his useless armpits. Says Nunes should’ve gone to Schiff before the WH.

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  3. JAS says:

    Anyone have the precise times of the Nunes press conference and the attack in England. Nunes news is a huge bombshell and all the media is covering is the attack in England. I don’t believe in coincidences.

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  4. George Hicks says:

    This is obviously going to involve a lot of people in very high places.
    The concern is, will these people and their MSM cohorts be able to quash this story?
    Will there be a Woodward and Bernstein?

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  5. Nassim is very smart with a lot of common sense. Rare….

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    • Bert Darrell says:

      Anyone who thinks that PDJT was not absolutely sure that Obama had been spying on him when he tweeted out about it ought to seriously reconsider. They have no idea how PDJT catches flies without a squatter. Those who jumped at the chance to excoriate the president for “over-tweeting” without foundation have now proven to be 1) gullible, 2) crooks, 3) idiots, 4) democrats,5) nevertrumpers or any combination of these.

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  6. L says:

    Here is an old story…. UK – Five Eyes – 1983
    Trump’s ‘utterly ridiculous’ spy story rings a bell

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  7. Trumppin says:

    Comey not responding means he’s lawyering up heavy

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    • marierogers says:

      comey is a lyin POS..TRUMP is onto him and will now watch him carefully..
      too bad he cant throw the bum out and replace him with one of his guys!

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  8. eric says:

    make no mistake…this is a major WIN for our President….completly vindicated…now…let’s continue with the draining of the swamp!!!

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  9. BobW462 says:

    Nobody should be surprised by the information Nunes provided today. POTUS would NEVER have made the claim (and, then, doubled/tripled-down), if he was not 100% sure of the eventual outcome.

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  10. satmfs says:

    It sounds like B. Hussein has some ‘splainin to do. Send U.S. Marshals to handcuff and drag him in so Trump can kick his arse.

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  11. David says:

    Trump and Session should get a copy of Dennis Montgomery whistleblower information regarding NSA and CIA… 47 hard drives and over 600 million pages of information. This would give the Administration enough information to clean the swamp and start a New FBI, CIA and NSA and prosecute those who have broken the law.

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  12. CountryclassVulgarian says:

    So President Trump was telling the truth???? The fake news drive by media and the left were/are lying????


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  13. CountryclassVulgarian says:

    Can AG Sessions unrecuse himself now?

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  14. Harry says:

    Expand any investigation into SOS HRC and POTUS BARRY selling strategic uranium reserves to Russian investment firm partially owned by Vladimir Putin.

    Do this and the rest will be what has gone down. The Trump Russian contacts are media coverage for the Barry uranium deal. Almost as lame as his nuke deal with Iran.


  15. Wow, this is pretty close if not worse, than watergate– an administration spying on an incoming admin., and deliberately ‘unmasking’ parties that are supposedly not the point of the spying? Either way, they are guilty. Is there any use in believing anything the democrats say, or deny, now? All they are interesting in is taking down trump, and distorting anything anyone has to say that would vindicate their accusations, yelling at you, calling you names, defaming you, and being outright dishonest as well as corrupt. Don’t the democrats realize that their overt proclivity for truth denying, chronically, in their desperate, biased, hateful fury to dethrone trump paints them as totally untrustworthy?

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  16. Well that’s it! Trump is finished for sure this time!

    😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀


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  17. Dawn says:

    I think it is a shame that the Demos have acted like the criminals we are trying to stop and the corruption they are doing to cause Mr. Trump to fail Maybe they should ask themselves “who casts the first stone”. They are probably not familiar with where this appears. Maybe they should google and read it all.

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  18. b4im2old says:

    …and the cockroaches in the gov are all scrambling back into their dark corners to collectively decide how to spin this, while the fake news jumps the gun with their spin and public exposure of their splodey heads… IMO I don’t think Nunes would have “come out” at all absent Klayman’s letter and Montgomery’s tons of evidence! Sure hope Klayman and Montgomery have good security! I also wonder if O will ever return from his month-long bachelor trip… I read someplace (?) that where he currently is (brain fart) has no extradition agreement with the U.S.. IMO the only thing that could top this battle win would be taking down all the pedos in DC (and elsewhere!)

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  19. MaFreeman says:

    Body Language: Wiretap Hearing .. Comey / Rogers


  20. Don’t these traitors realize that they are inching us closer to a revolution? Do they realize that they will lose if that happens? Do they realize that the more they do their traitorous acts that the less sympathy they will receive once the shooting starts? Do they realize that they will be the first to be strung up and their bodies proudly displayed as a warning to all traitors?

    I’m afraid that in order to drain the swamp that it will take a total overthrow of the illegitimate government bureaucracy and for us to put in further safe guards into the Constitution to prevent it from happening again. Sorry, but classification of information and all these alphabet soup agencies do not have any grounding in the Constitution of the United States.

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  21. Rebel Mope says:

    Here’s a clue. First name starts with a B. Last name starts with an Obama.

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  22. All American Snowflake says:

    Good to know there is a decent man like Rep Devin Nunes with power to drain the swamp.


  23. moe ham head says:

    dont worry folks im sure the lame stream media will spin it


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