Fox News Pulls Judge Napolitano Off Air Due To Prior Comments on UK Trump Surveillance…

Apparently Rupert Murdoch has taken action against Judge Andrew Napolitano as an outcome of his broadcast report on British Intelligence coordinating surveillance activity with the NSA – Backstory HERE –  A few weeks earlier Napolitano was on Fox Business News saying President Trump was the first president to confront The Deep State.

Then again, Murdoch’s motive couldn’t be THIS TRANSPARENT could it?

…Earlier this month, Mr Murdoch’s company formally notified the European Commission that it is bidding nearly £12bn for the European pay-TV company. [aka British SKY TV]

(Via LA Times) Fox News senior judicial analyst Judge Andrew Napolitano is being kept off the air indefinitely amid the controversy over his unverified claims that British intelligence wiretapped Trump Tower at the behest of former President Obama.

Fox News did not respond to inquiries about Napolitano’s status Monday. Napolitano was conspicuously missing from the network’s coverage of the confirmation hearings on Supreme Court nominee Neil Gorsuch — an event in which he typically would have played a significant role. He has not been on the air since Thursday.

People familiar with the situation who could speak only on the condition of anonymity said Napolitano is not expected to be on Fox News Channel any time in the near future. Napolitano was not available for comment. (read more)

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217 Responses to Fox News Pulls Judge Napolitano Off Air Due To Prior Comments on UK Trump Surveillance…

  1. LKA in LA says:

    One by one folks. We need to let Fox know how we feel. You know what to do!

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  2. carterzest says:

    The deep state does not like being exposed.

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  3. FofBW says:

    HAL needs to be unplugged.

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  4. Rudy Bowen says:

    Smoke…fire, big fire.
    Civil war time.

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  5. citizen817 says:

    No surprise here. Faux, like all the other cable news outlets, is not interested in getting/letting truth out. They only want their employees to “spin” the facts the way they would like them to be.

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  6. mike says:

    Yes, people also disappeared in the USSR for saying inconvenient things…
    Fox shoots itself in the paw, again.
    But my once-a-week dinner group quit watching Fox well before the election.
    Murdouch and sons need to be returned to Australia.

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  7. freepetta says:

    Pretty soon CNN and Fox News are going to be the same.

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  8. MrE says:

    Risky move. Murdoch’s getting desperate.

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  9. christinewjc says:

    I had a suspicious feeling that Fox News would do that to Judge Napolitano. The “powers that be” and the “media of mass deception” do NOT want the nefarious deeds of the Deep State revealed! Is it an ideological thing or a “follow the money” situation that is involved here? Probably both…

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  10. Sa_Bi says:

    The British GCHQ spies on everyone. There are even less constitutional restraints in the UK than in the US, especially as far as US citizens are concerned. It is also a close partner of US authorities (5 eyes).

    It seems logical that, if any US authority did an investigation of Trump (US citizen), they would request intel from the British.

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  11. How’s that

    [“watching it so you don’t have to” then running here chicken little style to tell the people who don’t want to know what the latest lies of the lugenpresse are]

    working out for you?

    Napolitano has an entire online world he can address if he chooses to, Fox “news” be damned.

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  12. General P. Malaise says:

    FOX news is worse than CNN because it lures a lot of conservatives to watch it’s propaganda on the premise that someone at FOX is actually a conservative. NONE of them are.

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    • maiingankwe says:

      Lou Dobbs is a yuuge President Trump supporter along with Judge Jenine. I like the both of them and watch them too.

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    • General P. Malaise says:

      granted there are a few supporters of Trump in the FOX stable but how conservative are you when you give a platform to the enemies of freedom.

      therefore I repeat FOX is not conservative at all. if those few “conservatives” were full bore freedom lovers they would be like Judge Nap. lose their show or get ditched routinely.


  13. smartyjones1 says:

    Disappointed to see this move by the Deep State loving Murdoch crew.
    Worse, Larry Johnson’s website, NoQuartersUSA appears to be gone. He was one source, a former CIA official of Judge Napolitano.

    So what’s up with that?

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    • Spencer's Mom says:

      Wow what a shock – NoQuarter is gone?
      Could it just be down for maintenance?


      • jane says:

        No. It’s not down for maintenance. Larry’s Twitter account has been destroyed, and KenoshaMarge, who used to help Larry, her website has also been cleaned of content.

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        • Bull Durham says:

          This is the hi tech industry lords of the Internet taking out every voice that backs Trump or exposes the Deep State and the Cult of Liberalism.

          Yesterday, a Russian site, Katehon was redirecting to a loop, local server address, There are FB pages disappearing, Twitter bans, all the major Obama supporters are using their platforms, Google, the worse, with YouTube censorship, Google Search blocking real search. They are all traitors to Freedom and American values.

          They want a totalitarian world of only their deviant ideology.

          They will silence everyone. It’s a simple thing for them. They are mining the big data they have and the government is looking the other way.


    • trumpsbamagirl says:

      I wondered if anyone else noticed this- When I saw that his blog AND twitter had virtually vanished, I was sick to my stomach.

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    • John Galt says:

      The hits on Larry Johnson and Judge Nap are linked.

      Trump cites Judge Nap:

      “Asked about the issue at a joint press conference with visiting German Chancellor Angela Merkel, Mr Trump replied: “We said nothing. All we did was quote a certain very talented legal mind who was the one responsible for saying that on television, I didn’t make an opinion on it. You shouldn’t be talking to me. You should be talking to Fox.”

      “On 6 March, the week after Mr Trump first accused Mr Obama of being responsible for the wiretap, Mr Johnson “revealed” in an interview with Russian state sponsored network Russia Today that there was a conspiracy between US intelligence and “Britain’s own GHCQ (sic)” to derail Donald Trump’s election campaign. He said he had repeated this to Andrew Napolitano, a retired judge, who made it a basis for his own accusation against Mr Obama and GCHQ on Fox News earlier this week.”


  14. kltk1 says:

    Judge Nap is a pretty straight up guy. If he believes his sources, that’s good enough for me. I think POTUS is getting a first-hand look at how dirty the swamp really is. He can’t rely on anyone to get him clear, accurate information. In defense of Judge Nap, POTUS could have and should have, gone to his folks quietly before heading to Twitter. This was an avoidable public embarrassment. In the end, it would be in POTUS’ best interest take seriously the notion he’s being trolled because they know he’s going to lash out on Twitter. I wanna believe this incident opened his eyes.

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    • patternpuzzler says:

      Silence from POTUS in some Twitter hashtags would put the fear of God into the lot of them!!

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    • The phrasing of the Tweets, implies he was informed by someone on his team. The whole of President Trump’s history, shows his actions and his Tweets are never without cause, or good reason.

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      • SteveFrench says:

        Perfectly said Rodney. If Trump hasnt earned your benefit of the doubt yet on matters like these, you havent been paying close enough attention.

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        • I’ll repeat what I said when this began. The President accused his immediate predecessor of being a criminal. That’s extraordinary and transcends campaign rhetoric. I am certain President Trump would not have done that haphazardly of without proof. But he’s simply lining up the billiard balls for the right moment to sink them. To do that and win, you need to think beyond the moment and further into the future.

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      • deanbrh says:

        Rodney C. Johnson. BRAVO! EVERY day there is stuff on the internet, and my spouse, telling me Trump lied about Obama wire tapping him. I say, “He holds the Trump card and knows EXACTLY when to play it. Just wait and see. He isn’t so stupid that he would make such an inflammatory Tweet without solid evidence in HIS hands.” I think Judge Nap was saying the same thing, in essence. There IS a there THERE!

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        • Well we know Comey isn’t to be trusted, the weasel he is. History, is on the President’s side. I mean the Obama Administration did tap James Rosen and Sharyl Atkinson surely thought her computer got hacked by the (Obama) government.

          You couldn’t pay me enough to navigate this political minefield.

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  15. Hanya says:

    Does anyone know what happened to Larry Johnson’s webpage and his twitter account? The “Site Not Available” when you go to the link.
    Larry (retired CIA) was one of the Judge’s confirmation for how the British Intelligence intercepted and bugged the President.

    Is this merely coincidence? Both are not available today?

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  16. jupitercomm says:

    “Normalcy bias” is one of my least favorite terms – the idea that people normalize crises or threat-situations seems at once so obvious doesn’t seem to be served by jargon – but this is one case where I’ll say it applies.

    Connect the dots, all of them: this war b/w Trump & the deep state just intensified, reached a critical point, underwent a “state change” – it’s more real than any of us have seen it yet in our lifetimes

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  17. kinthenorthwest says:

    Soon it we will have to seek out alternative news sites like here, Dennis Michael lynch, you tube and ???
    Getting scary out there

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  18. andi lee says:

    Tomi Lahren, too. Weird.

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    • platypus says:

      Fake conservative IMO. Supports babykilling for profit. She calls it pro-choice even though the baby doesn’t have a choice.

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    • Marc says:

      Fox is currently promoting(pimping) Tomi now. Has she jumped ship from The Blaze yet? And, as platypus said, she’s a “pro-choice” conservative which basically means a RINO that has to appeal to a niche market. Much like Megyn McShame and Abby Huntsman who both pushed for a federal ruling FOR gay marriage.

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      • deanbrh says:

        Marc, Tomi didn’t jump ship, she was fired by Beck, is the way I heard it.


        • Marc says:

          Hmm…I wonder why? Maybe because she’s “pro-choice”?


          • deanbrh says:

            Seems like everything else about her was perfect but that was a stumbling block.


            • Marc says:

              As I’ve read into it more, the outrage is that she has called abortion “baby murder” but then calls herself pro-choice when she goes on leftist craphole The View. Hypocrisy at it’s worst and shows that she’s very opportunistic and will call herself conservative, libertarian, progressive, liberal, etc to fit the bill at the moment.


  19. Summer says:

    How many contributors have they banned in recent years? Palin — gone. Coulter — gone. Tantaros — gone. Some bimbos fondled by the elderly dude — gone, the dude himself — gone.

    BUT Shep and Juan are still there, fat junkie Bob was rehired, a few more flaming radicals were hired to spread the propaganda…

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  20. kinthenorthwest says:

    Will Judge Pirro be next?? 😮 😮

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    • wheatietoo says:

      She’s getting another show, on the Fox Network Channel…I saw a blurb about it on that channel while watching a movie.

      I don’t know if that means she’s losing her FNC show, or what.

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      • deanbrh says:

        They’re giving Judge Jeanine a show like Watter’s World. She was tested on-the-street, and I thought it a cryin’ shame to subject that LADY to interviewing street-people. My guess is the show and she will be gone in short order. Too bad Trump didn’t take her to the White House with him.

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  21. kinthenorthwest says:

    Twitter is saying it is because he won’t give up the names of his sources.

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  22. JoD says:

    Amusing the way FOX constantly refers to MSM as some disconnected entity.
    Hello…..FOX, you is them!!
    The FOX in the sucker’s henhouse!

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  23. Regina says:

    It’s not the first time –

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  24. WSB says:

    We are OBVIOUSLY now in a police state.

    Mr. Lou Dobbs, we have lost Andrea Tantaro, and now Judge Napolitano for what? Saying the sky is pink when others wanted it to be purple?

    Oh, my.

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  25. Albertus Magnus says:

    I guess I am always the contrarian. I remember last summer when Judge N was all over FOX News saying that he knew Jim Comey very well and that Comey was a man of integrity and that he WOULD be bringing charges against Hillary.

    I think a lot of the judge. His sources, not so much.

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  26. Rex says:

    Murdoch was never our friend.

    And there ain’t no Santa Claus, either.

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  27. Keln says:

    Yep. Murdoch owns Sky News in the UK.

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  28. I take it by this action, Judge Andrew Napolitano is sticking to his guns. Good.

    He should shout what he knows from the highest platform. Its also very likely the President is paying attention.

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  29. Thorfinnr says:

    I know one thing. If the President’s allies and supporters continue to drop like flies and get left hanging, there won’t be anymore supporters. Sucking up to the likes of McConnell and Ryan while letting Flynn, Judge Nap, Manafort, Roger Stone and others drown says a lot about who’s really in control and who really feels threatened.

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    • WSB says:

      The good news is that NO ONE is a questionable character like you and would even THINK of dropping like a fly.

      The archives at CTH are really handy, if you want to learn something.

      Best regards!

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  30. justfactsplz says:

    Judge N. must have been right on the money or Faux wouldn’t have let him go. Things happen to people who try to expose the Deep State. The swamp of the Deep State isn’t just in D.C. either. It is in every state of our nation because their are Congress Critters from these states that condone the existence of the Deep State and all to happy to provide cover for them. Follow the money as usual.

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  31. ALEX says:

    His sons are in charge now I think. I think folks need to keep things in context. O’Reilly is the number one rated show and he averages barely four million people. They are not popular in the grand scheme..

    Moves like this narrow their base by the day. That Emanuel clown and Maria Harf etc show us the future of that network…I like Dobbs,Hannity, Judge Jeanine and would never watch them through the day or weekends…Its a fake news site with an agenda…

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  32. So… accusing the UK of assisting Obama with interfering in our election with “no evidence” is an offense requiring immediate termination?

    LOL That’s rich coming from the network that has been accusing Russia of interfering in our election with absolutely no evidence for months. {rolls eyes}

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  33. A point I I always remember. President Trump, and FOX were at war from the beginning. FOX as a corporate entity was actively working against President Trump. They were all about JEB! There was only a kind of semi peace making following the election. Done probably on the part of the President out of necessity, and of course the handful of good eggs there.

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  34. 3x1 says:

    Rupert has been OWNED by the IC for FIVE YEARS.


    They could have destroyed him and dismantled his empire. Instead, he got a token fine.

    PURELY COINCIDENTALLY at the same time, long time conservative news outlet Fox suddenly softened coverage on the Kenyan, and subtly, then overtly worked to destroy conservative candidates. JUST A COINCIDENCE THOUGH.

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    • The Boss says:

      Evidently the judge’s commentary picked the scab off of Murdoch’s old self-inflicted spying wound at an inopportune time.


  35. wheatietoo says:

    What gives credence to Judge Napolitano’s claims…is the fact that the Director of British Intel Agency GCHQ, Robert Hannigan, resigned 3 days after Pres Trump’s inauguration.

    Judge Napolitano mentioned this here:

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  36. bazmaca says:

    Someone from outside the MSM needs to expose Murdoch and his lobby interests and the influence he has on American politics. He’s no better than Soros.

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  37. wheatietoo says:

    Judge Napolitano mentioned this again here:

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  38. daughnworks247 says:

    Huh? This sounds like confirmation to me. Let Judge Nap go.
    From CNN:
    STELTER: “Let me ask you about this thing.”
    JOHNSON: “Sure.”
    STELTER: “So my sense is that on Monday, Napolitano says this on TV, he says he has Intel sources who believe this is true. You’re saying you were one of those sources, but you didn’t know Napolitano was going to use you like that?”
    JOHNSON: “What happened was I communicated, when Donald Trump tweeted what he did Saturday two weeks ago, the next day I was interviewed on Russia today. I had known about the fact that the British, through ghcq were information back channel, this was not at the behest of Barack Obama, let’s be clear about that. But it was done with the full knowledge of people like John Brennan and Jake clapper. Two people I flow within the intelligence community in January, they were very concerned about this because they saw it as an unfair meddling in the politics, but it was a way to get around the issue of American intelligence agencies not collecting.”
    STELTER: “To be clear, you have this secondhand? So you didn’t get this information directly, you’re hearing from others.
    JOHNSON: “I’m hearing it from people who are in a position to know, that’s correct.”

    Here is the link:

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  39. andyocoregon says:

    ‪Russia stated it has stopped all attempts to undermine the USA. The Russian spokesperson said that this is due to the Democrats are doing a better job at it.‬

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  40. Pam says:

    Just look at who is behind the polling at the network for example, Daron Shaw. The polls were slanted against POTUS when he was candidate Trump and it’s gotten ten times worse since the election. Don’t forget that of course Murdoch’s sons are pulling a lot of the strings. Most of the anchors, not all of them, are very willing to spew out these fake polls in an instant. We might not agree with him all the time, but make no mistake about it, Napolitano knows the law inside and out.

    We all know Murdoch was behind Megyn’s Kelly’s sabotage against Trump in that infamous debate. It makes you wonder who may be next and gutsy enough to go after the swamp and is fired before the truth can fully be disclosed.

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  41. jane says:

    There’s definitely a Deep State war going on right now. David Seaman posts a warning that his source says people are going to get murdered…Michael Savage gets a beat down…Roger Stone gets t-boned by a hit-and-run driver…Larry C Johnson is DISAPPEARED off the Internet in one day…(BTW, they took down his personal Twitter, but an account for his blog has been “hacked” by Russians posting porn links.) SCARY!!!

    Praying for everyone’s safety…especially Larry’s and of course Trump’s!

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  42. 4Beagles says:

    Judge Napalitono must directly over target as evidenced by all this flak.

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  43. Athena the Warrior says:

    Murdoch pulled Judge Napolitano from the air and confirmed what he said about Deep State and GCHQ. The Uniparty/cabal would never allow such an a confirmation unless what he could further reveal was so much deeper and so much worse.

    I just tried going to No Quarter and got this:

    This site can’t be reached’s server DNS address could not be found.

    Things are much worse than imagined. Pray for President Trump. Pray for our country.

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    • jane says:

      Yes, they have removed the DNS records for the site. But before, they had replaced the site with a page that said “SITE NOT AVAILABLE.” So this isn’t some standard downtime.


      • Bull Durham says:

        It’s a major hack.

        The cyber war is always against the People first. Deny them access to the Truth, suffocate discussion, limit their knowledge, manipulate them.

        The Deep State, the Obama Shadow Government, the Globalist traitors are all in.

        Power to rule the world and Trillions to steal from Americans.

        They have three major wars primed to exploit if they want real distractions.

        Meanwhile, the are trying to decide: kill him, or frame him for impeachment.


  44. Judge Napalitono is not a loose cannon that goes off on conspiracy theories, I believed him when he first said it and I believe him today.

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  45. azgulch says:

    OK, so when is someone going to make a new news channel with all the fired commentators from Fox, and other outlets? It will kill Fox in a short period of time. There was talk of this by one of Trump’s sons a few months ago, then nothing. Put Lew Dobbs in charge of talent. Judge Judy and Napaitano in charge of lawyers,

    We need one good source of info on TV. Maybe mold it like this web site- here is to you Sundance.


  46. angryduc says:

    I believe the Judge is accurate. I think they used every avenue available to build a construct as soon as they saw the crowds Trump was pulling. Comey needs to be prosecuted for misleading the American people. He clearly knows that Obama was monitoring the President Trump yet smeared the President in surreal power play today. Why do people who have dedicated their life to enforcing the law do such things?

    Unfortunately they do it everyday in court. It is an ingrained character trait that is the plague of millions of great law enforcement people across the nation. So don’t get me wrong with what I am about to say. Most law enforcement never makes a paper trail until they need it. So with most of these avenues there would be no paper trail.

    They know the truth yet parse words in a strange game employed to justify an outcome. Trial lawyers all know this character flaw and seize upon it. Some better than others. The lie is coming 99.8% of the time, you just have wait for it and use it correctly. (or lay the appropriate trap)

    How does this reconcile with his actions a week before the election? Not sure I suspect someone beat him at chess and we only saw the outcome. One of the greatest tells was his affirmation that Putin hated Clinton with a passion. Is he a mind reader? No Comey is just a partisan hack probably compromised both ways. The greatest mistake anyone can make is to attribute super human qualities to a person who wears a uniform or a badge. Everyone is human. Everyone suffers from the bias or compromise at one time or another. People in high places suffer from this more than any other.


    • jupitercomm says:

      Let’s leave aside obvious possibilities like blackmail or a Coppola-esque situation involving a dead hooker. “They” are experts at determining a person’s strengths & vulnerabilities, & sucking that person in without their awareness & they wake up one day too deep to ever go back.

      I believe it happened to a friend of mine – I know it did: he told me about some of the nastier stuff being discussed now on the internet 10 years ago. Said it’s all true, he’s seen it. Guess what kind of background he was from? His mother seduced him at 15. Still he was one of toughest people I’ve ever met & managed to take a lifetime of trauma & hard knocks with cheerfulness & a sneer at the world

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  47. I think the reason why Napolitano got into hot water was his “sources” for the story were not known to him. He based his claim on an internet posting by former CIA officer Larry Johnson who was sharing information relayed to him by current CIA officers. Using second hand information from an online source that you have never met (even though Johnson once worked for FOX) probably does not meet the journalistic standards of FOX.

    Johnson was interviewed on CNN and although he didn’t contradict the essence of Napolitano’s claims – he seemed miffed that Napolitano did not contact him first and he also seems to hold a grudge against FOX after Roger Ailes had him fired for not getting on the Iraq war bandwagon.


  48. teaforall says:

    OK Treepers we know what to do
    Lets do this and make it go viral on social media


  49. SueQ says:

    “There is no such thing as a free press. You know it and I know it. There is not one of you who would dare to write his honest opinions. The business of the journalist is to destroy truth, to lie outright, to pervert, to vilify, to fawn at the feet of Mammon, and to sell himself, his country, and his race, for his daily bread. We are tools and vassals of rich men behind the scenes. We are jumping jacks; they pull the strings, we dance; our talents, our possibilities, and our lives are the property of these men. We are intellectual prostitutes.” ~ John Swinton, Chief editorial writer of the New York Times from 1860 to 1870

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