President Trump and VP Mike Pence Meet With Republican Study Committee on Healthcare…

The White House has been in 24/7 negotiations with Republican leadership and committee members in the House of Representatives over the healthcare bill.  Those negotiations continued throughout the night with members and key staff.

Modifications to the Price/Ryan Healthcare bill have been made with the input from multiple concerned House Republicans.  Earlier today they held a brief presser in the oval office to discuss their support.  Previous opposition now supporting the modified bill.

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58 Responses to President Trump and VP Mike Pence Meet With Republican Study Committee on Healthcare…

  1. Kelly says:

    Negotiating like a Boss.

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  2. filia.aurea says:

    They’re all getting schooled by our President. “Impressive” is an understatement.

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  3. Carlos says:

    It is time to stand up to the FAKE NEWS. Please share with friends

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  4. Peter G. says:

    If anyone can make chicken salad, out of Obama’s chicken sh*t, it is DJT.

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    • rvsueandcrew says:

      And turn NOs into YESses!

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    • mike says:

      #1 is that We and Our money, have the right to opt out of any gubermint healthcare scheme. Government controlled, government required healthcare is a crime called treason, against the We the People.

      Governmwnt healthcare is not about how the world ends, it’s about how you end. I’ve already been through this with state and Medicare controlled/regulated nursing homes with a parent. If I had let them, they would have been faster and deadlier than Hitler’s T4 program. They fought dirty and deadly. I had to arrange a nurse and caregivers at home to create a happy, safe, sustaining, advanced medical environment.

      Likewise there are a number of family medical fubars over the years.
      I am not kidding. Any flavor of coercive medicine can or will KILL YOU.

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  5. Orygun says:

    If all these people are so smart and are the darlings of the GOPe why didn’t they run for President? After my President does all the heavy lifting they come out of the woodwork telling him how to be successful after years of defeatism.
    I am so glad to have someone represent me for a change.

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  6. snaggletooths says:

    I am glad they made modifications but I did not hear what exactly what all the modifications are I like the state block grant let the states run their own that is good what is going on with the 30% charge the Insurance companies can charge if you lapse on your policy that one I really like gone.

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    • Joshua2415 says:

      The Ryan bill says that insurance companies must charge a 30% premium increase for people who allow their coverage to lapse. Change one word from “must” to “may” and what do you think of it?


      • snaggletooths says:

        I was clear in my post I want that changed .


      • Oldschool says:

        What needs to be changed or defined is “lapsed”. You simply cannot allow people to not carry insurance until they get sick. Even 30% isn’t enough. Try that with auto insurance once you had the accident. However, if you lose your job or some other event causes a true lapse, well that could be handled differently.

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      • mike says:

        Fine with me. I plan to permanently lapse gubermint anything
        ACA didn’t offer what I want and we’ve got better care, with small limits insurance.


    • osage44 says:

      I really like the elimination of the individual and employer mandates. The 30% charge should go for political reasons, but I assume this measure is the cost of bringing the health insurance industry on board. Like it or not, we can live with this charge if it means getting rid of the ACA.

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      • mike says:

        A re-entry charge is reasonable, for the “moral hazards” aspect. We’re prepared to do without government anything. We do primarily cash with doctors, and family based care.

        Since we took care of our parents, we have a room with more than half the equipment of an ICU. Oxygen, various normal hospital equipment…

        Much better food and nutrients.

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        • TPW says:

          Glad you can afford such good care for your parents plus have the time. In Canada they do not have the restriction for elder care facilities so most can afford a place for their parents to be cared for……of course there is a waiting list….but the restrictions placed by government cause the high cost here. In Alabama I can’t even pay out of pocket for physical rehab (cause parent has history of depression) without state permission for Mother to enter the buiding and must have doctors recommendation…….


  7. MIKE says:

    I don’t mind that the President is walking the American people through the process, and pointing out the MSM (mostly soros media) and all their lies and omissions. I think he is holding some REAL good cards in the surveillance controversy. I’d Love to see the Kenyan doing a long stretch at San Luis Obispo.

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    • fred2w says:

      Excellent point, Mike.

      This reminds me President Trump using the Trump Tower meetings to instruct the public on the process of assembling a Cabinet.

      President Trump is inspiring the government transparency that was nonexistent under Obama.

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      • deplorabledaveinsocal says:

        “This reminds me President Trump using the Trump Tower meetings to instruct the public on the process of assembling a Cabinet.”

        It is how you build trust, credibility, and display integrity. First you say what you are going to do, then do what you say while along the way to give those in doubt reassurance about the changes.

        Each day is fascinating. President Trump is no politician. He is a change agent in the business sense.

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      • Ghostrider says:

        I admire President Trump a great deal. At the beginning of the video, he looked patiently bored with these GOP dingleberries.


      • QuestGirl says:

        Transparency existed under Obama…to our enemies.


    • Southern Son says:

      Excuse me, is San Luis Obispo like a golf course? Or Guantanimo?
      I really don’t know.
      If it’s a golf course…then NO!


  8. Pjcab says:

    Is there a link to where I can read the bill or its revisions as I have read this bill punishes those seniors who are not on medicare yet ( higher costs) and still gives illegals tax credits. I would like to educate myself…so any links would be helpful thank you!


    • mike says:

      For those of us working or who worked overseas, timeout of the US medical system with any insurance should count as “good time” for Medicare. In many cases, Medicare is vastly inferior to options in less corrupted medical systems. However, we usually pay cash.

      The real problem becomes even visiting the US with foreign insurance because US medical practices and prices are so friggen insane.


  9. JT says:

    my eyes feels strange and weird…I’ve never seen leadership like this before.

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  10. Abster says:

    President Trump is a phenomenal negotiator. Hope everyone has on their listening ears.

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  11. Andrew E. says:

    So what are the changes that are now in the bill that weren’t before? The video doesn’t really say.

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  12. Disgusted says:

    Right. Where are we supposed to go to FIND this thing to be able to READ it? President trump, I adore you and want to back you here, but will you PLEASE not suck up to these politicians and especially don’t ask us to THANK them or ryan. No way. No way. We do not want government trying to run our lives. YOU KNOW THIS, MAN! You KNOW THIS! YOu will never lose us, but you also will NEVER sell us on these jerk politicians. This is exactly why we voted for YOU!

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  13. Summer says:

    Well, the Principled ™ were rallying today. They still demand a “full repeal.” I really want them to explain how they expect it to pass in in the Senate. Just more grandstanding from the likes of Lyin’ Ted and Rand Paul.


    • JT says:

      Rand will cut a deal he’s just having too much fun throwing rallies and being in front of cameras. can’t even hate on him for that.


      • Summer says:

        Maybe his attention whoring is “just having fun,” I don’t know. What I do know, though, is BB is being overrun with trolls inspired by this “rally.”


      • Ghostrider says:

        Rand Paul is a phony, and a wannabe important person


        • Sharon says:

          No he isn’t! Rand Paul is one of the best considering all the crimnal politians we have in congress! How many good congressman do we actually have?? Be thankful for Rand Paul. Obama lite is obama lite!


  14. parteagirl says:

    With Trump, you will be won over or run over. Looks like these guys are catching on.

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  15. markstoval says:

    ” …. Modifications to the Price/Ryan Healthcare bill …”

    Any bill that has “Ryan” attached to it is highly suspect in my view. This “fixing” of ObamaCare seems to miss the point. We need to get government out of the insurance business and out of the healthcare business as much as we can. It will take a while, and I hope this process leads to a first step in that direction, but it is hard to be optimistic.

    By the way, we do not have health care in this country — we have sick care. The AMA and big pharma is against any sort of preventive medicine. (but we do keep costs up nicely for them don’t we?)


    • mike says:

      The FDA is a huge problem, preventing competition on prices, and not allowing known, good medicines on the US market. In my family, we have been injured by availability or FDA approval problems several times now for good, cheap old drugs.


  16. WE KNEW …. didn’t we. We knew he would do this, like the amazingly successful boss he’s been for 40 years. Who else can build and run 510 successful businesses? Only this genius … So proud of our guy!

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  17. Timmy-the-Ute says:

    I don’t see Paul Ryan at this session. Ryan could negotiate if his life depended on it.


  18. William Ford says:

    Was that Mitch McConnell under the couch? Spying.

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  19. Pam says:


  20. citizen817 says:


  21. weddingcake411 says:

    So proud to be able to witness a true “hands on working” President! This is great role modeling and tremendous leadership! Bravo President Donald J. Trump! Praying for your success!!

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  22. deplorabledaveinsocal says:

    1:24 / 5:16 Fake news put down… I forgot to mention that in my comment above. I have been taking notes for my own improvement since President Trump first became candidate Trump


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