Shots Fired At Ferguson Market After CNN Broadcasts Fake News and Edited CCTV Footage…

CNN’s Fake News is going to get someone killed.

As we shared last night, CNN is promoting a highly charged false claim about new, heavily edited CCTV footage from the Ferguson Liquor Market on the night before Mike Brown was shot and killed.  We have thoroughly deconstructed the lies HERE.

CNN is promoting this fake documentary, “Stranger Fruit“,  that uses heavily edited footage of an earlier Mike Brown visit to the store.  According to the documentary Mike Brown was exchanging marijuana for store product at 1:13am the night (early morning) prior to his return and strong arm robbery of the same store.  The footage is edited to give the appearance of store employees accepting weed as barter for product.  This is false.

Secondarily, the producer of the video, Jason Pollock, is claiming the police never released the earlier in the day CCTV footage and instead tried to hide it.  Again, this is false.  All of the CCTV video was documented by the police, reviewed, included in all records that were part of the Grand Jury inquiry and given to the FBI. Including footage from the 1:13am visit. However, CNN is promoting the falsehoods by the documentary producers in an effort to stir trouble.

Well, their collective antagonism worked:

FERGUSON –  Shortly before midnight, 7 or 8 shots were heard from an area across the street from the market. There appeared to be no injuries. Someone stuffed a rag in the gas tank of a police car, but the damage was minor.  (read more)

As previously shared, these events are entirely based on Fake News.  The claims by the documentary producers are false:

December 2014 – Grand Jury evidence shows that Mike Brown was one of a group of three people who went to the Ferguson Liquor Market at 1:13am on the same day as the shooting. The Grand Jury saw CCTV evidence of his visit approximately 10 hours before the cigarillo robbery at the same locale – this would have been overnight between Friday 8/8 and Saturday 8/9/14.


(page 172)

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314 Responses to Shots Fired At Ferguson Market After CNN Broadcasts Fake News and Edited CCTV Footage…

  1. Russian Limbaugh says:

    Jason Pollack is a lying far left jew and he knows he is a lying far left jew.

    You fags ever researched COMMUNISM?

    Long story short…

    It was the jews.

    The holohoax is fiction.

    Grow up.

    Stop being faggots…


    • jrapdx says:

      Inevitably, yet another antisemite on the internet. You won’t gain any traction on this site with such stupidity, so take your obviously bigoted trolling somewhere else. I’m sure you’ll find plenty of degenerate leftist places to spew your garbage. But whatever you do, just get out of here.


      • Russian Limbaugh says:

        Nice try jew. Or misguided evangelicuck.

        80% of jews are leftist subversives.

        It is not “anti semitism”.

        It is anti leftism/anti liberalism.

        These are not “coincidences” and recognizing patterns is not a crime yet here in this country.

        Soon it will be.

        You will fit right in…

        Trained like a dog to obey commands and regurgitate namecalling techniques to avoid the point.

        EXACTLY like a liberal leftist scumbag would and does.



    This was utterly fantastic. As an academic, I always appreciate analytics and empirical data over the grandiose outpouring of feelings and cliche dramatics over Mr. Pollack.
    What I find most interesting, in addition to the attempts at monetizing and politicizing the death of Michael Brown Jr. (the mother’s novel, the countless guest appearances, the wrongful death suit), we now see the devestated father, Michael Brown Sr. making the rounds. His quite determination to get justice is beyond touching… except one wonders where he was the first 18 years of his son’s life?
    The mother described him as “a deadbeat dad who refused to pay child support and never came around”. Why the sudden new interest, after his son’s passing I mean? Being a trusting human being, I will give him the benefit of the doubt that he saw the err of his ways and that is why he teemed up with fame seeking huckster…. my apologies… I mean “journalist and activist” Jason Pollack. I am sure it has nothing to do with trying to monetize the tragedy of losing a child.


  3. Steve Burstein says:

    Who saw a Black Woman official on MSNBC warning Blacks that “If you go to Missouri, YOU WILL DIE!” I do like subtlety!


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