Geert Wilders Has a Message for Turkey…

No-one will ever accuse Geert of nuance.  After years of continually growing Muslim violence in Holland, and against the backdrop of political violence yesterday in Rotterdam, Geert Wilders direct message to Turkish Prime Minister Recep Erdogan has a new resonance:


In response the Turks and Islamists promise even more violence, and hold political rallies showcasing themselves stabbing oranges. The orange is the representative image of Holland, familiar to those who have watched the Olympics and the bright orange colors.

The national election in Holland is scheduled for March 15th.

A proud and unashamed nationalist, Geert Wilders was executing the Donald Trump sovereignty playbook long before the U.S. president started his insurgent campaign for the White House. And in Dutch elections coming Wednesday, Wilders has a strong chance to come out on top, cementing the influence of a politician who wants to ban the Koran, shut down mosques and upend his nation’s sleepy political scene.

Nervous leaders across Europe are looking to the Netherlands this week for clues about elections this year in France and Germany.

There are, anti-Islamist, anti-European Union nationalists surging throughout Europe as the continent burns down due to failed multi-cultural social advocacy toward Muslim refugees and economic migrants.

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290 Responses to Geert Wilders Has a Message for Turkey…

  1. wyntre says:

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  2. wyntre says:

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  3. wyntre says:

    Once they get started the Dutch Police don’t play games.

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  4. Micharl says:

    For a few decades it has been my opinion the Dutch are the worst bad tempered people on earth. Wonderful company until they lose it. W stabbing oranges is probably a good way to get sent home.

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  5. Meatzilla says:

    Am I missing something else here….? That video – originally – is nearly a year and a half old. Check the upload date on this upload of the same video statement.

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    • darththulhu says:

      Like many things on the internet, it is experiencing a vibrant second life. Pro-Wilders people recirculate it for its prescience, and it predictably spawns further rioting.

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      • Wavetheshales says:

        Yep. Sixth-century slimeballs gotta riot….. what else do they do? They haven’t contributed ONE SINGLE THING to society and the world in 1400+ years.
        Like their father the Devil, they cannot create; they can only destroy…..

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  6. Phil aka Felipe says:

    ‘Muslims Are Already Worshipping Erdogan. Is Erdogan The Antichrist? Does He Fit All The Scriptural Proofs?’

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  7. Mickey Wasp says:

    It is not just Geert and the Netherlands that have had a gut-full of Muslims …

    Armed vigilantes patrol Turkish border to keep migrants out of Europe “BNO Sipka”

    Bulgaria — Figures in camouflage and ski masks gather at a fishing lodge. Many are armed with long knives, bayonets and hatchets. The 35 men and women are on the hunt in Strandzha Massif, a forested mountain range on Bulgaria’s border with Turkey. A coat of arms bearing a snarling wolf’s head framed by Cyrillic text — proclaim them to be members of the Bulgarian National Movement Shipka, abbreviated in Bulgarian as “BNO Shipka.”

    Vladimir Rusev, speaks. A former colonel who says he fought in Chechnya as a volunteer alongside Russians, Rusev declares his support for a man they admire: President Donald Trump. “The CIA is trying to undermine Trump,” said Rusev, a compact 58-year-old with a neat mustache and short-cropped hair. “They want to destroy him. We offer our support to him.” Trump’s hard-line stance on immigration and vocal criticism of Islam finds an appreciative audience here. Rusev claims they have as many as 50,000 members.

    “I’m not nationalistic or anything like that. I’m just a patriot,” said Nikolai Ivanov, a 34-year-old who was one of the group’s founding members in 2014. “Many of these immigrants are not just some guys who are trying to run away from war. They are from age 17 to 35, with good physiques and training,” Ivanov added. Asked if he is afraid Bulgaria is losing its identity, founding member Ivanov nods. “If we don’t do something soon,” he said. “It’s not just Bulgaria, but all of Europe.”

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  8. rsanchez1990 says:

    Turkey is a dangerous country to have in NATO. They have provoked Russia before and they even have a history of fighting with other NATO member states. They previously came close to war with Greece over Cyprus in the 70s.

    Turkey is a liability. If we can’t disband NATO outright, we should at least kick Turkey out.

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    • Dindosit says:

      We at least need to get our Nukes out of that country.

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      • They have been out since last summer

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        • James W Crawford says:

          I hope that you are correct. I am not confident that Obama might not have exploited the sieges of our troops at Incirlik airbase in Turkey as an opportunity to enable the Turkish military to gain possession of those nukes and the control codes to arm them. President Trump should immediately summon the USAF officer who was in commsnd during those incidents to brief him on the didposition of the dozens of nukes that were stored there.


        • SomebodyNobody says:

          They claimed to have removed them after the increase in Al Qaeda activity within turkish borders, then the coup happened. If they didn’t pull them out then, then I assume they want them to fall into Turkish hands.

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          • At the height of the coup, I was down in La taking care of my dad (he lives about a mile from Barksdale . Around 2am one night, there were 4 B-52’s that MITO’d at full military power right over his house.


      • Jedi9 says:

        Yes I have been saying that for awhile now. It would have to be done in the dead of night in extreme secrecy. if it hasn’t been done already, nobody would know about it anyway. When the staged Cou happened, they managed to shut down the US base while the BS played out. I say BS, because I believe Erdogan staged the entire event to empower himself with the optic spectacle!

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      • Wavetheshales says:

        Should have let a few off before pulling them…..


    • mopar2016 says:

      You’re right, Turkey doesn’t belong in NATO. NATO is pretty much useless these days.
      NATO was created to protect Europe. It wasn’t created to protect islam.
      And Europe is well on its way to becoming a part of the islamic caliphate.
      I’m sure that there are plenty of EU member states that would welcome Turkey.
      That’s how stupid they are.

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  9. Realist says:

    The Crusades only happened after 400 YEARS of Islamic violence, invasion and attacks on Europe but its more dangerous now Western Politicians and especially MERKEL have allowed a TROJAN HORSE inside the gates full of INVADERS.

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  10. Here is some more truth about Islam from a widely read orthodox Roman Catholic online website:

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  11. Les says:

    I remember visiting Holland and being completely shocked at the high-rise slums FULL of Muslims. That was 20 years ago. What must Holland be like now?

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    • I’ve never been to Holland, but from pictures and videos I always thought it was beautiful and clean. It has changed dramatically. I didn’t know it was full of Sharia Law and muslims 20 years ago. I remember Geert speaking about the muslim problems in I think 2008. So the problem apparently has been bad for longer than I thought.

      THE HAGUE, HOLLAND – DECEMBER 5, 2011: Shiite Muslims Practice Self-flagellation…

      “In Holland, where “Muhammad” is now the most common name for boys born in its largest four cities (Amsterdam, Rotterdam, The Hague, Utrecht), death sentences against Sharia law-breakers actually have been carried out. High profile victims include Theo van Gogh and Pim Fortuyn, both killed for criticizing the self-proclaimed “Religion of Peace.””

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      • Dixie says:

        Those men in that picture look like they were having convulsions…disgusting.

        I have been to Holland and it was beautiful and clean 30 years ago.

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      • Esperanza says:

        I have taken to saying I was going to the Medina when I go to Paris, which I still do twice a week. It’s striking when you leave. Inside it’s like being a frog in a pan of water.


      • Mr. Morris says:

        Theo Van Gogh co wrote a TV film titled “Submission” that accurately described Islam, the political philosophy. Islamists are intolerant of any other religion or philosophy. Mr. Van Gogh was murdered November 2004 in Amsterdam by an Islamist who held joint Dutch and Moroccan citizenship. He shot Theo Van Gogh multiple times and then inflicted multiple stab wounds leaving the knife with a koranic verse in the body.
        One would think the Dutch, French and other Europeans would awaken because of the violence committed by the intolerant Islamists who desire a Caliphate around the world.
        Islam has declared war on the West. Will the West continue their submission?


    • Cathie says:

      I was in Holland in 1991 with hubby on his business trip. We spent a couple of days in Amsterdam (which was actually fairly dirty–buildings covered with decades of dirt and soot) and the rest of the week in Arnhem, which is mostly an industrial city. I remember sitting at a cafe outside the train station and watching the commuters getting on and off. It was pretty shocking that the majority looked to be from third world countries. Very sad to see and not at all what I expected.


  12. Texian says:

    I will stand and fight alongside the Dutch any day of the week. I’ve worked with the Dutch (and Germans) offshore. I always ended up hanging with the Dutch team off-shift and during breakfast and dinner. They were a great fun bunch of guys, hard workers and damn good salvage mariners too. I ended up marrying a smart German-Dutch girl as well. This Texan stands with the Dutch and Geert Wilders.

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    • It’s sort of amazing that if there was a real threat for America to go to war it would be in EUROPE fighting against Islam instead of busy-bodying around the Middle East in fraudulent wars.

      Sadly, US keeps perpetrating this islam myth about how MUSLIM is just another religion. Odd that we don’t stop and think why we’re are not fighting the scourge and invasion by muslims in Europe instead of the globalist’s and CIA’s wars in the Middle East. TeLIEvision mind programming and our politicians make sure that question is never raised.

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      • In all fairness, I hear we are letting in another 50,000 of these terrorists. So in all fairness to Europe, I must also include USA in the above. We are in fact doing similar. It’s always easier to see what others are doing wrong than what we are doing wrong and permissive of their presence in our country.

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        • The number was 100,000 and Trump cut it in half right off the bat. I suspect the 50,000 number will not stand. On the 16th the number of “refugees” goes to ZERO for 4 months. Once at zero, I think it will go up slowly over time but not to 50,000. Praise Jesus and Our President Donald John Trump!

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    • sunnydaze says:

      Seriously wish that any American men who are willing and eager to go fight over there would just settle down and stay here Stateside.

      Guys, we may NEED you here at some point.

      Admirable to want to help the Europeans but I’m going to be selfish here and say: Let’s let the Europeans help themselves, if they even care to, which is not clear to me at all that they *DO* want to change the trajectory.


    • Jedi9 says:

      The amazing thing about the Dutch is their history in Navigation and commerce. They more than any other culture ever were master merchants who were also the most efficient at Navigating the Oceans, and the stock market concept based on the Tulips found it’s origins from the Dutch. So sad to see how things have become today as the Muslims are the scourge of humanity. Gert is a beautiful Human being, one who is extremely brave to speak and stand up for what is right. He was one of the first to be an open critic of the EU and has advocated for it’s dismantling which I think has to be done if democracy is to survive both in Europe and around the World! I stand with Gert any day too!


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  14. IT’S A SMALL WORLD RIDE at DiSNEYLAND is now more of a MUSEUM rather than a tour through the different cultures and peoples of the world.

    Holland is displayed with the windmills and pretty yellow-haired girls in wooden shoes singing in Dutch, and the gorgeous tulips. Take a watch, it takes on a very sinister {{creepy}} meaning now. Not just Holland but the French, German, Italian, Greek, Spain, and the rest too. I remember seeing it as a child to get a feel at what each country is like. But now it feels like I’m watching a display of what countries used to be…BEFORE THE SCOURGE OF THE RETURN OF THE DARK AGE OF ISLAM.

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    • Dixie says:

      Yep. We’re all losing our countries to that horde of barbarians. I had hoped DJT would be able to put a complete halt to it. We’ve already got enough to cause massive problems without taking 50,000 more.


    • Wavetheshales says:

      Yep. Before long they’ll change it to just folks in Black body-bag (Hefty-bag?) Burkas, tear down everything (and everyone) except the minarets, and change the song to:

      It’s Sharia after all,
      It’s Sharia after all,
      It’s Sharia after all,
      It’s Sha-ri-a aft-er all. (they’re not creative at lyrics, either)…..


      • v4ni11ista says:

        It’s a world of fatwas, a world of tears
        It’s a world of jihadis, a world of fears
        There’s so much that we Shar-
        -ia, time to beware. See
        Allah’s world after all.
        It’s Allah’s world after all
        Gonna see Vienna fall
        It’s Allah’s world after all
        It’s Allah-la’s world

        There is just one God who shall be obeyed
        And all infidels, they should be afraid
        Yes, the penalty’s high
        You will submit or die
        It’s Allah’s world after all.
        It’s Allah’s world after all
        On our way to bomb the mall
        It’s Allah’s world after all
        It’s Allah-la’s world.


    • Sandra says:

      Look at the group of “kids” at 0:48. They all look happy except that sad prisoner girl in the white face and head covering. Is she a Muslim or did she just have major face and head surgery?


  15. David R. Graham says:

    You know, I think Jihad comes down to enjoyment of sadism. I cannot be the first to have seen that.

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    • M33 says:

      As Ive said before, when you read their books, they are clearly a death and sex cult… a really big one.


    • Blade says:

      Truth. And for every Sadist there exists at least one Masochist. They go together like peanut butter and jelly.

      Masochism is the root curriculum of the education bureaucracy in our oh-so superior western civilization. Brainwashing. Teach our young skulls full of mush Self-Hatred. It is mental self-flagellation. And the enemy itself couldn’t plan a more insidious plot to overthrow us.

      Patriotic “nationalists” are the obvious response because they insist on firm borders and extreme vetting. And this simple fact highlights the remarkable resistance from our so-called allies like Mark Levin whose voice drips with contempt when he sarcastically pronounces words like populist, nationalist and agrarian almost daily. His kneejerk cold war attitude toward Russia ( himself being descended from them ) shows his complete lack of situational awareness by not recognizing their important position as the northern firewall against Islam. Indeed, if Levintards and their alleged mortal enemies, the Leftists ever succeed in neutralizing nationalism in the West, Russia may well be the last nation standing at the end of days.

      In ancient times it took far more clever or forceful methods for one army to defeat another, schemes ranging from trojan horses to flinging diseased corpses over the wall. We’ve got to hand it to the Moslem enemy today, for they have found the Achilles Heel of the civilized world … somehow convince them up front to not just leave the gates unguarded, but to fling the doors open and shower the invaders with the cash and goods and services of their victims. Ingenious.

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  16. mopar2016 says:

    This Erdogan sounds like a pompous fool.
    If islam is so great, why don’t they stay home in their 7th century dumps?
    The civilized world had better wake up fast.

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    • sunnydaze says:

      Yeah but why stay in your “7th century dump” when you can go live in a more advanced Western country where all the Politicians will fold to your every command/demand and you can carry on as before, only with all the modern conveniences and a very compliant population?

      Shite, who can blame them? Western Politicians, on both Local and National Levels, have shown them they will cave to every demand and whimsy they ask for.


  17. Hector says:

    True to their violence permeated death cult they pull knifes to stab oranges. Pity the ignoramuses here in the US that openly embrace an invasion of our homeland.


  18. M33 says:

    Interculturalism is good.
    Multiculturalism is very very very bad.


    • John Denney says:

      I enjoy cultural differences in architecture, art, food, drink, song, dance, and style of dress . . .

      as long as they hold these truths to be self evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these Rights are Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of Happiness, . . .

      and are willing to defend the rights of others.


  19. sDee says:

    Erdogan is another globalist puppet, cut form the same soiled cloth as Obama. Erdogan would not have been able to seize political control of Turkey without the support of Obama.

    What we see here are desperate attempts to maintain islamist intimidation of islams beachhead in Europe.

    May the people of Turkey ignore the globalist media and seek the truth. They must rid themselves of a weakend Erdogan, and return military and judicial firewalls against islamisim.


  20. Nordic Breed says:

    In 1982 I was in Europe on business and pleasure. One stop was the human resources department of Ford motor company in Germany. I was shocked to learn that they were importing large numbers of Turks to work on their assembly lines. At that time the scourge of Islam was far from my mind. Instead I was surprised that the Germans didn’t have workers enough for those jobs. Then I learned that Ford could get the Turks to work for less. This importation of Islam has been going on a lot longer than we realize.


  21. Indian says:

    Language suggests; This guy is not fooling around.

    Suggestion to dame muslims; get straight back to your own shit hole country before he gets on to power.


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