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Reminder – Daylight Saving Time Begins Tonight…

Don’t Forget – Set your clocks forward one hour tonight.  Or at 2:00am tomorrow.

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Turkish Islamists Riot in Rotterdam Holland After Turkish Minister Refused Entry…

On Saturday the Dutch government withdrew landing permission for a Turkish foreign minister’s aircraft, sparking a furious reaction by Turkish president Recep Erdogan and escalating a diplomatic dispute between the two NATO allies. The primary concern of the Dutch was … Continue reading

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Chaz Bono’s Mexican Houskeeper Has an Illegal Alien Butler…

Put this in the ‘you-can’t-make-this-up‘ file.   Taking the concept of limo-liberalism to new stratospheric heights of modernity, Chaz Bono’s housekeeper has an illegal “helper”. We have now reached a period of exponential Fabian Socialism where the carefully designed “underclass” are … Continue reading

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No, Waiting for ObamaCare to Implode is Not an Option Either…

As more people begin seeing through the fog of political “talking points”, the next response from those suffering from battered conservative syndrome is to say: well, do nothing, and allow ObamaCare to simply self-destruct. Unfortunately, this is not an option.  … Continue reading

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Syrian President Bashar Al-Assad Interview With Chinese Media…

Don’t listen to the Western media version of what Syrian President Bashar al-Assad says. It is important to listen to his words directly: . CNN has intentionally broadcast a filtered version of this interview focusing on the “foreign invaders” perspective. … Continue reading

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Smart Move – Trump Takes Key Cabinet Team To Secure Location….

Last night President Trump had a lengthy dinner and conversation with Secretary of State Rex Tillerson in advance of several upcoming foreign emissary visits to the White House, and T-Rex’s strategic trip to Asia. Today President Trump took Secretary Kelly … Continue reading

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Vice President Mike Pence Healthcare Speech In Louisville Kentucky…

On Saturday in Louisville, Ky., Vice President Mike Pence spoke about President Donald Trump’s plan to repeal and replace ObamaCare.  Anyone else notice Kentucky Senators Mitch McConnell and Rand Paul were not present? . “The ObamaCare nightmare is about to … Continue reading

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