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Why ObamaCare Cannot Simply Be Repealed…

FACT: ObamaCare was passed, using the original legislative vehicle, at 1:38am on 12/24/09 with 60 votes in the Senate (see below).  The House then approved that Senate Bill without changes; and in February 2010 created a secondary bill which created … Continue reading

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Winning Level – Wolverine Grandmaster: Secretary Ross Imposes $1.19 Billion Fine Against Chinese Company…

Commerce Secretary Wilbur “Wolverine” Ross put the trade world on notice today when he announced a staggering $1.19 billion penalty on Chinese company ZTE for violating U.S. sanctions and selling electronics to Iran and North Korea. China’s ZTE has agreed … Continue reading

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ObamaCare Repeal – President Trump Meets With House Whip – Paul Ryan Holds Press Conference…

Two important videos containing two important aspects to advancing legislation.  In the first video President Trump is meeting with Republican House “whip team”.  The role of the House Majority Whip, Steve Scalise, is to get the various republicans factions to … Continue reading

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Repealing and Replacing ObamaCare – Much Confusion is in “The Process”…

There are bazillions of opinions on the current ObamaCare repeal and replace efforts. Many people are rightly concerned their wants, wishes or needs do not seem addressed within the Price/Ryan bill announced last night. CTH is far from a SME … Continue reading

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WikiLeaks Releases “Vault7” Details of CIA Data Intrusion, Monitoring, Tracking and Collection…

(Via WikiLeaks) Today, Tuesday 7 March 2017, WikiLeaks begins its new series of leaks on the U.S. Central Intelligence Agency. Code-named “Vault 7” by WikiLeaks, it is the largest ever publication of confidential documents on the agency. The first full … Continue reading

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Sean Spicer White House Press Briefing – March 7th, 2017 (Live Stream)…

White House Press Secretary, Sean Spicer, will be delivering the latest press briefing today at approximately 1:30pm.  Live Stream Link – Alternate Live stream #1 – Alternate #2

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March 7th – 2017 Presidential Politics – Trump Administration Day #47

In an effort to keep the Daily Open Thread a little more open topic we are going to start a new daily thread for “Presidential Politics”. Please use this thread to post anything relating to the Donald Trump Administration and … Continue reading

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