Kellyanne Conway Monday Morning Interview…

Former campaign manager and now Senior adviser to the President, Kellyanne Conway, appeared on Fox and Friends morning broadcast to discuss current administration efforts to cut through the media firestorm in the aftermath of a weekend filled with discussions of “wire tapping” and “FISA court” surveillance surrounding President Trump.

(link to previous New York Times article)

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37 Responses to Kellyanne Conway Monday Morning Interview…

  1. susiepuma says:

    So, 10 days to become effective…………wonder how many muslim infiltrators will be sneaking in and getting ready for more mayhem in our Country……………………..wish Trump would just shut the whole damm thing down… refugees, no immigrants, no VISAs, no nothing until we get the this mess cleaned up. He has the right to do that, so do it.

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  2. Katherine McCoun says:

    Love the logic and the demand for equal application of coverage – asking why unnamed sources and no proof is ok for anti Trump “news” but not for Pro Trump or negative press for Obama. Love it when she says that as campaign manager she was talking to people in Michigan not Russia. That is a good comeback on several levels – so clever

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  3. yohio says:

    What if Russia isn’t “Russia”. I think “Russia” is Wikileaks. If you look at what media says about Wikileaks they keep saying that the Russians hacked Podesta and DNC and used Wikileaks to release them. We all know that isn’t true. 16 or so days after the first FISA order Bill and Hillary met on the tarmac (this was right around the time of the DNCLeaks (Podesta leaks came later). 16 days afyer October 16 (FISA request #2) Hillary tweets about the “computer scientists. On that same day, October 16, 2016 three things happened. FISA request, John Kerry is in the UK and Assange tweeted out that cryptic message (Assange then goes dark because they took his internet access away). I think with the 2nd FISA request they used the Ecuadorian Embassy as the Foreign Intelligence to get the warrant granted and this is how they tapped Trump Tower. It was never Russia. This is why they call Wikileaks working for the Russians (another cover),

    `Also regarding the first tap maybe Obama had tapped Trump Tower in late 2015 without warrant. They go to get a FISA warrant for said wiretap and it isn’t granted because the Tower was already tapped illegally. So the courts refuse the warrant. The 2nd warrant, with the Ecuadorian Embassy , isn’t the actual target, it’s meant for Trump Tower since Assange had no internet,
    If you go back to late 2015 Trump talks about leaks getting out of his phone conversations when no one was in the room. I think he knew then and I think Mike Pompeo and John Kelly know as well. Thoughts anyone?
    Credit @Marc_Smash

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    • PatriotKate says:

      I believe that President Trump knew then, as he knows now, that rampant spying is done at all levels. After all, it was revealed by Edward Snowden that they can listen in on a mobile phone through its microphone, even if it’s not turned on. It’s also been revealed since then that the same applies to our computers and televisions. And, do you recall General Petreaus testifying that even our microwaves could be used? They have been planning on putting in place every available means for a total surveillance state.

      Mike Zullo, of the famed birth certificate investigation, revealed over the weekend that President Trump knew that Obama spied on him as far back as 2013 I believe he said.

      The surveillance state has gotten out of hand and I hope all these revelations will be used to make a move on stopping all this illegal spying on all of us. We should be demanding that.

      On the positive side, I haven’t seen anyone mention that Keith, President Trump’s former head of security, is probably in place as his primary gatekeeper for this reason. It would not surprise me if President Trump doesn’t have a “Faraday Cage” room at his Palm Beach home and probably one of the reasons he goes there on the weekends.

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    • mariner says:

      The scenario you describe fits what we know, and I wouldn’t be at all surprised if it’s true.


  4. emet says:

    Meanwhile on CNN: Putin hacked the FISA warrants

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  5. The Boss says:

    Most interesting tidbit was KAC stating that Trump said “I’ll be proven right!” in response to one of the questions. I’ve believed since he started tweeting the other day that he knows what happened and can prove it beyond any doubt.

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  6. Kellyanne did a great job with the q&a, she looks well and rested and her hair looked extra fabulous.

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  7. Tonawanda says:

    “Video is private”

    What does that mean?

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  8. Bob Thoms says:

    Trump’s Saturday Tweet:…”…I just found out….”

    So who was with President Trump Friday-early Saturday? Jeff Sessions I think.


  9. Joe Knuckles says:

    How is Hillary, and then the FBI, paying a British spy for (fake) Dirt on Trump not as bad or worse than Russia hacking thè DNC (if they even did)?

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    • Summer says:

      Don’t forget that the “dirt” was originally requested by good ole’ Jeb. Please clap.

      Some UniParty trolls, by the way, spin all the mysterious deaths, including the suicide of that British spy and the untimely demise of the Russian Ambassador to the UN as “Putin’s cover-up of his illegal dealings with Trump.” I am not kidding. Next will be “Trump killing the Russians to hide the hacking of the elections” or something similarly ridiculous.


  10. youme says:

    Many of the New York Times articles concerning wiretapped conversations, FISA, and Trump were written by Michael S. Schmidt.
    Schmidt was caught twice making stuff up and the NYT was forced to apologize for it


  11. maiingankwe says:

    When I click on the video clip, it says, “This video is private.” Does anyone know how I can work around this on my iPhone? Is anyone else having any problems that are not using an iPhone?

    Thank you.


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